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United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Masked We Submit, Vaccinated We Succumb

In a recent article by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit detailing a critical aspect of Moonshine reporting relative to COVID-19 and its corresponding survival rate of over 99.9% for essentially all age demographics and whereby a new study in England once again demonstrates that the survival rate for children is well in excess of 99.9% [99.995%], he asks a valid question I’ve asked times over in various forms – “Why would authorities push facemasks and vaccines on children for the coronavirus when it is next to impossible for kids to die from this disease?”

There’s a simple answer to this question, which I’ve delineated ad nauseam and in exclusive ways long before anyone else – long before. It’s this. Masking and vaccines have nothing to do with a pandemic or mitigating illness but rather establishing a system of absolute tyrannical control over the population as a de facto enslavement mechanism.

At this juncture, about anyone still participating in this utter bullshit – there are few descriptions better than that despite the profanity – deserves the enslavement brought down upon them. Sorry, but it’s been over a year and half and those who insist on continuing to play dumb games will deservedly continue to win stupid prizes.

Unfortunately though and as I’ve stated repeatedly, if enough of these feeble-minded cowards remain afraid and incapable of independent and critical thought followed by decisive action to rectify and redress their ills, they’ll drag us down with them. It’s at the juncture and whereby the rest of us will stand our ground that this nation will be divided (is divided); and deliberately and intentionally so and as wrought by China, treasonous Americans and others.

Mix in a summer’s worth [2020] of rioting, burning, looting, murdering and fake systemic racism for good measure. Then spice it up by injecting BLM into public education curriculum to ensure it sticks for longevity’s sake.

If you’ve read recent Moonshine articles regarding the McGreevey and Wood matters; especially the last one, you’ll know two things – I steadfastly stand by Mr. Wood and Dr. McGreevey and I’ve shared a little more about my background as a former fraud investigator, which is critical for the point that follows, which is predicated on this – the 2-party political system in America has not existed in decades.

The people analyzing the stolen election, COVID-19, both impeachments, the Capitol “insurrection” event and more – you know the list – through the lens of the 2-party political system will not arrive at the truth because it has little to do with conventional politics as they are thought to be writ large. Instead it has everything to do with fraud explaining why I found it immediately and have since stacked-up the empirical evidence in my favor and in spades.

It is precisely why I’ve been exactly on-point since 27 Dec 19 when COVID-19 was first announced to the world. In article after article I reminded people that the respective body of work relative to the fake pandemic will age like fine wine. Tomorrow it will be better than it is today. And even better the day after that.


It’s simple. The status quo has been delivered by a collectively compromised, bought and paid for cohort of treasonous politicians writ large conspiring with hostile foreign nations to execute one fraudulent construct after another and most prominently China. The mechanism leveraged to deceitfully convert America into a communist, socialist, Marxist nation is FRAUD.

Everything that’s been done to us has been sold as a fraudulent bill of goods. In order to steal America from Americans, the people must be hoodwinked and fooled into believing that the rationale and justification for such a radical transformation (Obama said he was going to “fundamentally change” the country) serves America well. It’s all fodder for the same Kool-Aid drinking and feeble-minded cowards described above.

Kicking a dead horse – I know fraud like the back of my hand and it’s my specialty. On that notion, here’s a question I’ve asked many pandemic believers (especially friends and family) before we start digging into meat and potatoes substance.

If the pandemic is real (12th deadliest year in the last 12 years – how?), why haven’t I gotten sick yet? I’ve never put on a mask deciding instead to remain a free and independent human being by going on unpaid leave and not receiving a paycheck since February since masking was conditional for work. I’ve never practiced social distancing instead going in the other direction by hugging, shaking hands (including complete strangers and often) and living traditionally like a free and independent human being. I’ve never had a flu shot. I’ll never get the vaccine.

Drawing on a recent quote from President Trump, I’ve done everything literally the opposite of what has been suggested and mandated. The net effect is that I’ve not even whiffed at being sick in almost 3 years. You see my point. Fake pandemic. Fraudulent pandemic. Fraud is my specialty. Refuse to participate. Full circle.

The aforementioned quote from President Trump is relative to the detestable and Chinese boot-licking Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, “I often act counter to people’s advice who I don’t respect.” That is fully emblematic of my stance toward COVID-19.

Now just mix in all of the empirical data points I’ve rendered copiously and graphically that fully, irrefutably, undeniably and to a threshold suitable for testimony in a court of law – something I was required to do as a fraud investigator by taking to the stand and testifying as to my sole work product and its methods and findings – and there is a literal a 0% chance that Moonshine broad positions on the pandemic are wrong. Zero.

Despite a group with some big brains existing in the backdrop of Moonshine, I produce all of the work independently (videos, articles, graphics, cover art, etc.) and my point is that Moonshine doesn’t produce news but rather analysis and therefore, I must rely on others to deliver the news for said analysis. Like always, we’ll move forward here with supporting items mostly from The Gateway Pundit and Zero Hedge.

As we go, our title will bear down because as a nation we’re embarking on rounding a corner from which we will never return. The net effect is that America the Constitutional Republic will [has] become Amerika the communist, socialist, Marxist nation. Therein, united we will stand, divided we will fall, masked we will submit and vaccinated we will succumb. We’re taking them out of this order.


Returning to the article introduced at the beginning, why would schools require masking when masks are irrefutably and fully ineffective in mitigating viral infection but whereby they create dangerous levels of carbon dioxide inhalation, cause wholesale unhealthy bacterial growth around the mouth and, at a point that it is critical for children to begin developing necessary and appropriate social skills, masks cover most of the face preventing a child from developing the ability to perceive social cues from changing facial expressions? Why when their survival rate is no less 99.995%.

Find me someone who bets against 99.995% odds and I’ll show you a cash poor idiot who should never be allowed to gamble again for his own sake. I’ll also show you a nation of feeble-minded cowards incapable of independent and critical thinking.

Masking will never work because it has never worked and was never intended to work relative to viruses. That was established and conventionally accepted science before the politically selective pandemic.

So then, the motivations behind masking mandates and suggestions must be heavily scrutinized and for example, why states and municipalities have them despite knowing fully what I just delineated. Shortcut and pro-tip: the mandates and suggestions have nothing to do with viruses, pandemics or similar other. Rather, it’s about exercising control and compelling acquiescence and tyrannical compliance. Period. Ball game.

Moreover, why is Anthony Fauci now stating unequivocally that 2-year olds should “mask-up without a doubt?” Don’t worry. Worry. Don’t Mask. Mask. Mask x 2. How many times has he intentionally provided guidelines contradictory to conventions and accepted science so as to achieve ulterior objectives? He’s the most self-contradicting and least expert expert around and he’s been doing it since 1984. He’s also unelected.

This man should be hanging in the public square and we can use a short rope, a small stool and a low hanging branch for that detestable midget. That is the only fitting end to his story and it’s long overdue. In alignment with rule of law, his military tribunal should be held first but let’s get to it and soon after President Trump’s re-installment.


China engineered the SARS-CoV-2 and then used to it to facilitate the theft of the election to install it’s proxy Joe Biden. Galvanizing this broader construct required fracturing the nation in half and into two distinct and irreconcilable divisions as described above and relative to vaccinated or not.

This approach is deeply rooted in the basic tenets of Sun Tzu doctrine to divide and conquer and win the war without actually fighting it. Rather, they’re trying to fool us into fighting ourselves to our own demise. How Americans can’t comprehend this is a testament to the degradation of the independent and critical thinking nature of traditional Americans and infuriating beyond description; not to mention entirely pathetic.

Create a virus; scare the feeble-minded, order-following, dependent and reliant people into vaccinating v. those who don’t to effectively split the nation into two before stealing it outright. See the status quo. It’s a solid plan that’s working so far.

Succumbing may be mandatory if the vaccination becomes the same. As outlined in this Zero Hedge item featuring a CNN segment, the Chinese News Network was again playing tee-ball setting it up for the home run. The prompt was, “Given where things are going, is it time to move on from saying please to mandating?” The reply was unsurprising in all ways Chinese and a direct recapitulation of what I offered a while back and times over, “I do think it’s time to start mandating vaccines. And I think that the private industry and private organizations will do that.”

Recalling that I have placed the public-private interface, corporations and private equity central to it all, I specifically warned several times that the Biden administration would compartmentalize the culpability for the enforcement of these draconian policies in these particular entities to circumvent constitutional safeguards. This functions exactly like the leveraging of federalism to permit rioting, enforce COVID mitigations, steal the election, etc., as I have delineated comprehensively in myriad articles.

Biden’s administration is also relentlessly working to stifle off-reservation messaging antithetical to China’s best interests for America and weaving a patently fraudulent tale of lies to make it happen.

For one, Biden has declared that Americans are proffering misinformation about COVID online and that it’s causing others to die. How ironic that is given that it’s Biden, Fauci, the CDC, the WHO and China that are actually doing this as evidenced? My work and evidence for this exists irrefutably, stacks-up to the ceiling and is rooted in the CDC’s own empirical data points once parsed-out through the lens of fraud.

For another and in the spirit of the “Patriot” Act being the least patriotic and most unconstitutional bill ever passed and taking note that 3 buildings were dropped in their own footprints in broad daylight to scares us into it, Biden is proclaiming that getting vaccinated is the “most patriotic” thing anyone could do. Again pardoning the expression, but that’s utter bullshit from an illegitimate president.

For yet another, the circle-back hack Psaki recently called for any such off-reservation messengers to be banned from all online platforms. Didn’t that already happen? I was forced to shutter my Twitter account for truth-telling. How many more times do I have to tell people we’re living in World War II Nazi era Germany before they’ll get it?


In another TGP item and recalling all of my previous work pertaining to the CCP’s infiltration of all of U.S. institutions as corresponding to the application of Chinese doctrine [One Belt, One Road], CNN, the Chinese News Network, continues to feature a Chinese born-doctor, Leana Wen, that has been making the rounds on the news and insisting first and previously that vaccines must be mandatory. Now Wen is insisting that those who aren’t vaccinated must complete mandatory paperwork and be tested twice weekly.

Make no mistake about it relative to our irrefutable [see then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s warning last year] positions on Chinese infiltration, Wen is hands-down a CCP operative and an infiltrator. She’s delivering CCP mandates and narrative to Americans and calling on our collectively compromised cohort of politicians to enforce it; especially China’s primary proxy Joe Biden.

To prove my point and in more exclusive work, how is that when I ran down the Surfside collapse, another Chinese-born woman identified as a premier attorney is central to the law firm co-managing the building? Why is it that every time we yank a thread, it pulls on a China? Rhetorical questions.

Any sort of mandatory and compulsory twice-weekly testing program is outright tyranny and de facto enslavement. Now ask yourself why is it coming from China? The same country that printed and delivered fake ballots for the stolen election; that bio-weaponized the SARS-CoV-2 virus that required us to have mail-in ballots; that received all of our manufacturing jobs; and that flooded our nation with opiates? WE’RE IN THE MIDST OF AN ASYMMETRICAL, IRREGULAR and UNDECLARED THIRD WORLD WAR and the Amerikan sheeple are oblivious to it.

Another TGP item informs us of a Department of Justice initiative to further divide the U.S. population by leveraging prosecutorial discretion. Therein, the DOJ is developing a data base to further persecute and prosecute Conservatives relative to the fraudulently constructive Capitol “insurrection” event. You can read that in layman’s terms as selectively prosecuting only those Americans who entered the trap set and managed by Nancy Pelosi as per the statement of Dr. Jonathan McGreevey.

In yet another example of the full might of the federal apparatus being leveraged against the Deep State’s political enemies – all of us – and further along the lines of placing Americans on lists, the Biden Administration is formulating lists for the vaccinated v. those not vaccinated; and they’re sending goons door-to-door as a part of it.

Which division will you be in – the vaccinated or not vaccinated? More importantly the key word is division because it represents an accomplished tactical objective.

Perhaps the most egregious and ominous example of dividing the nation derives from Biden’s CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who recently warned that we are to expect “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This should have your hair on end and have you asking what are they going to do to us next?

If you understand Chinese doctrine and it’s application to America (articles explaining it can be found on the home page), the evidence for these division assertions exists in spades. American education is both compromised and grossly inadequate and so it’s unsurprising that a sizable portion of Americans who are incapable of critical and independent thought are flying blindly and obliviously while latching onto every word of their progressive, liberal Democrat rulers and marching us all to our demise if it continues unfettered.


With the release of the Maricopa County forensic audit results for the 2020 election now under way, there is no better time to broach national unification for it is the only way this Republic will continue to stand. At a point and soon, lost souls will turn to “conspiracy theorists;” otherwise known as people who actually know what in the hell is going on and see my description of an undeclared, asymmetrical and irregular third world war specifically, to understand what was done to them and the rest of us.

They’ll begin to warm-up to the color orange. They’ll realize that those of us hollering about 9/11, COVID-19, the stolen election, etc. were precisely right the entire time. They’ll need good information and all of us – those in the know – must be the arbiters of it. Until legacy media is gutted and restored we are all the news.

For anyone looking to comprehend a fulsome explanation that touches on about every aspect, dish them up some Moonshine. They’ll not find a more comprehensive and empirically evidenced explanation as understood by a veteran fraud investigator and I say that with confidence given that everything they’ve done to us has been underpinned by the construct of fraud.

Politics is essentially ancillary at this point and those clinging to political remedies or explanations will remain fools playing a fool’s game.

It’s all on us – the people. Bear the onus of gleaning a factual understanding. Bear the onus of sharing it with others. Bear the onus of comprehending that UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL, MASKED WE SUBMIT and VACCINATED WE SUCCUMB.


China is emerging more recently as a cornered wild animal; one with the international tables beginning to turn on it. In what appears to be a deliberate step to temper similar notions stateside, Biden has been given slack in his leash of Chinese red ribbon to quell perceptions of the direction in which he is being compelled to take this nation.

National traitor and former Vice President Mike Pence is even getting into the game as he works to establish credibility for his 2024 run as a reward for his actions on 06 Jan 21.

As I first warned in May of 2020 a few short months following the first report of the COVID outbreak, China has engaged us in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared third world war. It began in October of 2019 when the SARS-CoV-2 virus was deliberately released against us and the rest of the world.

Matters are escalating and China is cornered so please keep your eye on the ball. A third world war gone hot would be much more efficient at depopulation efforts than a upper respiratory virus now working to that end and if goes that far, Joe Biden will take a dive because that’s what he’s there to do so long as they haven’t already replaced him with a failed presidential candidate in Kamala Harris.





  1. Ferret Files July 18, 2021

    One small correction: it’s not a respiratory virus, it’s a vascular virus which attacks major organs. Upper respiratory symptoms are what is expressed in the lungs.

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