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VIDEO: Surfside Condo Collapse – Controlled Demolition?

VIDEO: Does close examination of the Surfside condo collapse suggest controlled demolition? It absolutely does.

Why is the front end video edited out in every available version of surveillance footage that otherwise should be widely available for examination? Is it because it would depict the obvious detonation of CD charges? Yes, that’s precisely why.

Watch and decide for yourself knowing that there is a reason the aftermath so closely resembles that of 9/11.



  1. myreej July 3, 2021

    Thank you! my was a journeyman carpenter and also worked construction for 30yrs+ and did some Demo work too. When I saw what happen to that condo it looked like a maybe a Demo job…. .? My he RIP, he used describe some of the buildings he worked on.

    • myreej July 3, 2021

      Oops…Sorry I left out husband😎

  2. Wally58 July 30, 2021

    Definitely a CONTROLLED DEMO. All fell into its own footprint. Flashes of charges firing off. Section on far right WAITED to fall untill the LEFT was completely DOWN! Textbook PERFECT controlled demo “crimps” on top of sections before they fell. Witnesses heard 30 seconds of LOUD BANGS before the fall. Complete phony story about being a danger to the rescue workers, so, they dropped the rest of the tower. Of course, the truth is that the ENTIRE complex was WIRED to come down, but like OK City 1995, they had DUDS and that did not happen. Thus, they dropped the Murrah Bldg in a few days LATER to cover up ALL the demolition wiring STILL in the Bldg. EXACT same thing in Miami – COVER UP! The workers were not rescuing anyone THEY WERE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING! But, the TOTAL BRAIN DEAD TV viewing public eat up the official story!

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