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Fauci Propaganda Video Perpetuating COVID-19 Forever Would Make Joseph Goebbels Blush With Pride

For any Americans who failed to learn their World War II Nazi Germany era history, they are living through it and are likely completely oblivious to that fact. In a frighteningly prescient manner, this notion was hammered home recently when AG Merrick Garland announced his intentions to target the auditors participating in the Maricopa County forensic audit in Arizona with the full might of the Department of Justice.

Garland’s tactics comport with the D.C. swamp’s 2-tier approach to justice like in the Capitol “insurrection” event, the existing double standard between actual Biden crimes and manufactured crimes fraudulently attributed to Donald Trump and ‘orange man bad’, and to essentially anything else which you care to plug-in.

This perpetuating dynamic wields prosecutorial discretion and subpoena power like a battle axe and of course, all of it is driven by state-sponsored propaganda that would that would make Joseph Goebbels blush with pride. That is what holds our attention today – a recently released Anthony Fauci video at the behest of the Chinese proxy administration of Joe Biden that is representative of the highest order state-sponsored propaganda.

Every single time an item is produced from the politicos and including their un-elected lifetime bureaucratic partners like #FalseFlagFauci, as I branded him long ago; and no matter it be a press release, an interview, an article or other, to ascertain complete and accurate meaning, it must first be consumed on its face and then reconciled against the existing pretext and subtext associated with it.

This is akin to “reading between the lines” and it’s something most Americans appear to be very poor at doing if they even know to do so and quite frankly, they likely don’t have the time, resources or requisite skill set to do it accurately and on a regular basis. Fortunately, we excel at this here at Moonshine.

Before we tackle the very short Fauci video to decipher the implications in it, we have to potentially correct the record and explore a possible alternative fact set relative to a previous article and the emerging development of a second Wuhan Institute of Virology whistleblower.

The Wrong Dong?

Previously, we had reported on the emergence of Li-Meng Yan, who had defected from China to the U.S. via Hong Kong and more recently, we reported that a second whistleblower alleged to be Jingwei Dong, who holds the title of China’s Vice Minister of State Security, is reported to have done the same and has been working with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency to deliver evidence in sequestration from other federal agencies and bureaus.

These assertions are being drawn into question today given that China has recently issued a video featuring the presence of Dong at a meeting of Chinese officials. Something has to give because Dong can’t be in two places at once and the two positions are entirely mutually exclusive.

Our record may require correcting with the image below, which is our cover image for the above linked article.

Our image was intended to include Jingwei Dong’s picture as based upon the availability of photographs of him at the time the image was rendered. It proved difficult finding and verifying his image and it may be that we captured the wrong Dong. Therefore, our reporting will stand as it was written but it will do so in light of the fact that Dong’s defection is now a point of contention.

We’ll continue reporting on Dong’s case to chase it to an accurate end but it won’t matter because his apparent fact sets appear to be mostly corroborating evidence; not necessarily new evidence. Stay tuned.

Anthony Fauci Does His Best Joseph Goebbels

Let’s start with the brief Fauci video and I’ll place it into context with this social media post from earlier today, which recapitulates older, existing and exclusive work.

Our Fauci Goebbels propaganda video was initially sourced from Lin Wood’s Telegram feed and it was first posted publicly today. Take-in the short DETLA VARIANT video altogether and then we’ll parse it out for good measure and an accurate understanding of the contents.

Before getting into those details, allow me to front-load the video with the following so that you can identify the particulars as it plays.

It’s all rooted in the notions of propaganda, social programming (an old topic for Moonshiners) and brain science. Therein, take note of the imagery and sounds (background music.) “Brain science” is being leveraged here akin to the same research that goes into the layout, sights and sounds associated with casinos – particular colors, sounds, tones, combinations, etc. when presented effectively can affect how the brain functions in predictable ways.

You can see the same concepts applied to television commercials and especially pharmaceutical commercials where they all tug on emotional heartstrings – good or bad – and trigger dopamine releases thereby affecting your brain chemistry such that it impacts how you perceive what you are consuming.

We’re in the midst of an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war and this is straight-up propaganda that is part and parcel to that. Here we go.

So what is #FalseFlagFauci really telling us?

Immediately Fauci bails water out of the boat that is his declining reputation and status as brought-on by his undeniable record of getting everything wrong and then making excuses for it as he flip-flops from one guideline and mitigation to the other. It’s important for you to know his position of authority over you so he starts with that to put you back into your place as he unloads the DELTA VARIANT payload.

Of course and exactly as predicted, the DELTA VARIANT is more deadly and dangerous because JUST AS STATES RE-OPEN AND AMERICANS RETURN TO NORMAL, you must be reminded that COVID-19 is not gong anywhere and now that you are comfortable with the status quo, the ante must be upped with more fear.

Fauci knows that the DELTA VAIRANT of SARS-CoV-2 is “transmitted much more efficiently” because they designed it that way with stateside gain of function research that was off-shored to the WIV beginning in 2015.

This is Fauci rolling out the new boogeyman to frighten people into remaining in their homes during the spring and summer seasonal die-off of co-morbidities just like he effectuated the same dynamic about this time last year with similar mid-April shift as outlined above and ad nauseam in all of our work. So here, we define the mechanism (variant), the objective (control) and the tactic (fear). Same playbook, same page, different version of the play.

Of course the DELTA VARIANT is comparatively more virulent than the dominant variant in the U.S. and of course the chances of catching it upon exposure are much greater, too. A booga, booga, booga. It’s the same old boobeyman bullshit for feeble-minded Kool-Aid drinkers.

Of course those “most at risk” are the unvaccinated and the young because those represent the two targeted groups that mostly remain outstanding. Fauci ties them together neatly with a bright red Chinese silk ribbon. Of course all of it hinges on VACCINATION. There’s nothing about natural immunity, effective and proven treatments like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the effects of Vitamin D and sunlight, etc. Only vaccinations are important – experimental vaccinations with unprecedented and ongoing human trials. The sheeple already have their multiple vaccinations – they sprinted to the front of the line – so now it’s time to round up the youth because “vaccinations.” Depopulating, are we?

“Based on the data” for transmission and “danger”, the CDC upgraded the DELTA VARIANT to a variant of concern. I have question. Was it the data that the CDC revised away on 26 Aug 20 as being 94% fraudulent or was it the data on 12 May 21 that the CDC revised away as being 95% fraudulent?

Make no mistake about it. If the CDC is upgrading the DELTA VARIANT to a variant of concern, they intend to USE IT in some capacity in the future. I’m telling you that purpose is the 2021 seasonal bridge to 2021 peak flu as beginning 01 Dec 21.

When asked about the effectiveness of the vaccines relative to the point of the video, which is the emergence of and concern about the DELTA VARIANT, Fauci NEVER ANSWERS THE QUESTION.

Rather, he says, that the vaccines are “over 90% effective” up to “as much as…95% effective, so it’s really good against getting infected and getting sick at all and it’s very good against protecting you against severe disease that might result in hospitalization.”

Did Fauci ever once in his reply mention COVID-19 specifically and relative to the vaccinations? No. He said “severe disease.” The DELTA VARIANT? No.

What then is Fauci saying about the vaccinations? First, he’s indicating that he knows the vaccines won’t effectively work against the DELTA VARIANT the way the public likely believes they will otherwise he would have answered the question forcefully and directly instead of weaving his patented tapestry of arbitrary bullshit. Effectively, he’s leaving one financially viable (for him) option – vaccinations for all.


This is how propaganda works. If people don’t throw-up a wall between it and them, they consume it and convert it to accepted knowledge.

So, we are to believe that Fauci participated in a deliberate and intentional informational video of the highest production quality but when asked about the effectiveness of vaccinations against the emerging DELTA VARIANT, he refuses to answer the question directly BECAUSE HE CAN’T.

But then, when asked directly how to stop the DELTA VARIANT, Fauci advises that “the way to stop” it is to “get vaccinated.” We call this having your cake and eating it, too. It works while sitting for the camera but not in front of a jury, a judge or an attorney worth a damn. Let’s put this tyrannical midget on the stand. Can I get a crack at him?

These can be excruciatingly tedious and arduous details that are difficult parse out as subjectively delivered by Fauci’s minutia and vernacular and they cloud the picture purposefully. More importantly and by typical Fauci methodology, they are also proffered sans a grain of evidence to their backing. It’s all fraud. All of it.

The devil is in the details, though. It is within the application and navigation of these platitudinous and constructed Fauci talking points that the entire pandemic has been propagated and delivered to the front doorstep of every American. There isn’t a damn bit of evidence to the to suggest otherwise and certainly not from cohort of miscreants.

Rather, all they’ve done is propagandize the entire fraudulently constructed “pandemic” as means of ending this nation as we’ve known it.

In light of Fauci’s production, Joseph Goebbels must be blushing with pride.


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  1. roy reneau August 9, 2021

    You 100% correct about him and Pelosi fits the perfect Fascist mold a perfect female Hitler. a expert in lies, misdirection and control.

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