The End All, Be All

The “End All, Be All” case is how Jordan Sekulow recently described the Texas case against Pennsylvania and Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. In the past few tumultuous days, we’ve seen one Pennsylvania case denied by the US Supreme Court because it was rendered moot by a case brought by the State of Texas and subsequently docketed. Noteworthy is that the four states are now compelled to respond to the suit by this Thursday.

Before moving in a second direction, we must preface it with a longstanding position. That’s the long-play objective for the President’s enemies to delay all important matters, including the vote result from the stolen 2020 election, past inauguration day and whereby continuity of government protocols would be leveraged to insert Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi into the presidency; while ousting Trump and Pence. Tonight we gain clarity on their contingency or fail-safe plan in that regard and the news is supposed to break on Friday, according to the source, Tore @TweetWordz.

We said in July that Inauguration Day on 20 Jan 21 was the most important date on the calendar with that in mind, suppose that somehow the President is able to emerge victorious from it all and without gutting the whole thing and prosecuting them all – every last one of them. All that does is reload 2016-2020.

It would be like playing essentially the same hand of cards over again. That is but one of a number of simple justifications to gut it all. But if that were to happen, here’s what to expect according to Tore – another impeachment. There is even stated to be the existence of written documentary evidence of this impeachment trap that is situated in a lie in wait posture. We’ll apparently learn more on Friday.

Before that, though, PA, MI, WI and GA will submit their responses to the US Supreme Court by 1500 EST. This falls back on another longstanding premise centered on the looking glass or the discovery process.

Sidney Powell began leveraging it during the Flynn case to deliver needed evidence to the public spectrum. That process will continue in this case with SCOTUS and it should envelop the rampant voter fraud and associated criminality that most certainly ties back to China respective to all four states.

It’s important to recall here that the Texas case is founded on the bulk of evidence from all of the previous Trump litigation ergo, Powell, Wood and Giuliani vector in here.

This is from yesterday and it goes deeper containing a second and longer thread tying the looking glass to Flynn and Powell back to June. More importantly, it introduces the Texas case.

Since the President’s enemies’ fail-safe plan involves taking the stolen election narrative and reshaping it as a function of Trump’s supposed wrongdoing and whereby this presents a constitutional avenue to impeach the President again but with new claims of election interference, he has no choice but to gut it. Fully gut it. No?

Otherwise this is all for naught.

So what will SCOTUS do?

Here’s what I postulated previously; standing by it with a strong suggestion that it is likely to happen. Once again, it’s constitutional in nature.

The Supreme Court does not desire to take a decisive posture in this contested election; even in the light of copious amounts of irrefutable evidence. No one wants to see the election decided by the Court; especially The People and if for no other reason than for the reason that the Framers made it so.

Giving it back to the people becomes difficult, though. The rampant and intentional voter fraud still requires a legal remedy to erase the detrimental impact on the integrity of the vote. It becomes difficult here to both have your cake and eat it, too.

Logical deduction respective to the filing tell us that the more likely avenue may be to expect a ruling that would return the vote to we, The People, but in representative fashion as afforded by the 12th Amendment.

How many times have you heard the President claim that he’s returning the power to the people? Remember, the House is the People’s House. Perhaps his message was an implicit but intentional one..

I saw one recapitulation from Pam Bondi suggestive of a compulsory component requiring each state to submit its one House vote along party lines; however, this work from @PrayingMedic demonstrates that there appears to be no party line component and that’s how we read it as well.

Before we close, think back to the level of infiltration that had to occur in order to compromise judges, election officials, governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state, etc. across the local, county and state levels as compounded by the leviathan corrupt federal apparatus. This explains what Obama was doing for eight years as he “fundamentally changed” America, no?

Don’t forget this very important – if not most important – point. The end runs around Constitutional protections mainly occurred at the local, county & state levels. Election laws were changed outside of state legislatures and before the election. For one, that tells us that federalism most certainly cuts both ways as we pointed to at the very beginning of all of this and for another, it reminds us of the importance of our sense of civic duty; especially relative to local and state engagement.

We’ll close on this note – 18 other states have joined the Texas suit and Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia are stacking their deck as well; making this all the more constitutionally weighty; and as if it could get more so.

With a divided nation being further divided by a fraudulent MSM narrative that Joe Biden is somehow president-elect, we stand upon a precipice of a legitimate second civil war and know that dark plans lie in wait in the backdrop. The violence will be unlike any seen perhaps ever and by design. My nickel is on this getting ugly within a short window and I’m refraining from attaching the exact timeline I have in mind if only for the sake of those types of predictions always blowing-up.

A friend of mine asked me today what I thought the percentage of a Trump second term would be. I responded simply with this.



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