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The Ultimate Red Pill for COVID-19 Believers

We can’t do this for much longer. All of the fake insanity. Engineered insanity being inflicted upon us by our own doing. All of the fake guidelines and fake social distancing that accomplish nothing. All of the fake masks that don’t work and all of the otherwise fake claptrap contraptions and garbage that people are required to append to their faces that do nothing. All of the fake mixing of co-morbidities and selling of fake data to scare people into isolation during the most cherished and important times. All of tyrannical and authoritative governors who impose draconian edicts only to throw it all in our faces by going out into public to intentionally violate them because it’s ‘rules for thee but not for me.’

All of that and much more must come to an immediate halt. Enough is enough. Look around you. The further down the tracks this train gets, the harder it’s going to be to bring it back to the station.

They are clearly intent on driving the stolen election to extend the pandemic and move forward with The Great Reset. We either acquiesce, tuck our tail and retreat like someone who isn’t an American, or we participate in The Great Awakening, embrace our American bravado and leverage it to get our God damned country back!

Yeah, our God damned country back! He’s cool with that because he knows we’re fighting for him. This is apolitical; non-partisan; good v. evil and if you’re on the side of good, it’s time to get hopping.

It’s time to defy anyone and everyone and just live but do that knowing that you’re walking head-on into a fight. When that fight starts, hit them as hard as you possibly can and in their greatest vulnerability by hammering them with facts, data, science and logic. All of that is on our side if understood and leveraged properly. We’ll reevaluate as needed but we must start there.

That’s what this is for. This post below. It’s to use.

But before you get to it, understand this because it’s super important. We have a generation of young people who must become ingrained with embracing American individual ruggedness, independence of mind, civic duty, a true understanding of American history and the ability to reason with logic while applying the tactics of Sun Tzu. All of us need to embrace all of that ourselves.

Look at what the Digital Soldiers have accomplished in such short time. It must be leveraged to our advantage; perhaps seeking to galvanize it into an impenetrable underlying force that will prevent such a dangerous moment in history from ever occurring again. That’s what real Americans do.

You have to realize though, that all of this is our fault. It’s our fault for our failure to maintain an appropriate level of civic duty for decades; for our failure to recognize or remedy that our entire governmental system and the leaders within it writ large are corrupt, criminal and in a lot of cases, treasonous, and they enlisted the help of China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, UK, Germany, Spain and a bunch of others to do it; and that we let these people infiltrate us under own noses. We own all of that and a bunch more.

That’s why you have an obligation just like I do. That obligation is to fight. It’s our only option – you understand that, now, right? It happened on our watch. We own it. All of it. That means that you, me and about 80 million others all need to buckle-up, strap it down and zero in.

And start with this thread of graphics that tells a convincing and accurate story of reality. If you want a future for yourself, your husband, your wife, your kids, your other family, your friends and your fellow Americans, we have to gut this fake virus and we have to do it now; before they start forcing vaccinations and herding the sheeple into the next level of the new normal. The time is here.

It’s time to start waking people up.

Challenge them to factually, logically and empirically refute this and once they see the light, recruit them to our side.

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  1. TakeBackOurRepublic December 5, 2020

    How the hell do we get people to wake TF up to this? Friends, family and doctors are ALL in, petrified of others and clinging to their masks. When you try to explain it’s all BS, it’s the flu or a cold, they look at you in horror and say “but it’s COVID because fill in the blank lost their sense of taste and smell”. My reply “when have you had a cold when you didn’t?.” FEAR PORN has pervaded common sense. It’s unbelievable.

    • Ferret Files December 5, 2020

      As they say, it’s easier to lie to people than convince them they’ve been lied to. As a long time NLPer, I can tell you that attacking a state (fear in this case) with facts and reason doesn’t work. You cannot argue against a state. Doing so will likely intensify the negative state. You have to attack a negative state by using a stronger, more positive state. Faith in God and feeling God’s love is the logical choice. Creating a strong feeling of love will collapse any negative state. Fear will not survive in a congregation of fervent believers.

      It is no coincidence that churches have been closed.

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