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Why Is Fauci Beginning the Pivot Out of COVID-19 at Beginning of Peak Flu?

The question we should all be asking ourselves is why is Dr. Anthony Fauci now stating publicly that it’s safe for kids to return to school immediately on the cusp of peak flu season? It’s another rhetorical question that should strike you as odd. It should strike you as odd to the extent that Mike Tyson parked a haymaker squarely on the end of your snout.

Let’s begin with the ending, first. There are two things being presented in this article and they represent what should reasonably be viewed as primary and contingency plans. The primary plan is predicated on a Biden inauguration coming to fruition and the contingency plan is being established should President Trump remain for a second term, which he will. The pretext is now being established for each to allow for a full circle-back as needed.

That Mr. Trump will serve a second term tells you of the eventual direction this will go. Let’s begin with the primary plan based upon the assumption of a Biden inauguration.

Recall that we’ve been tracking the peak flu date and two others for good reason and the tickers are in the main sidebar. Take note that peak flu is down to 16 hours and consider that relative to the timing of recent Fauci interview, which is linked at the bottom.

If you’ve been drinking your moonshine (it’s good for the truth), you know that I used the CDC’s own data sets early in 2020 (February and March) to destroy the COVID-19 narrative. That narrative was and is driving the fraudulent political construct with falsified infection and mortality data. Here’s a quick visual recapitulation of that ongoing work beginning with the very first graphic rendered.

There’s actually a lot more to it but that will suffice for our purposes here. In reality, though, and placing complex and intricate data sets aside, it’s as simple as these next two images.

It is patently demonstrable and irrefutable that they literally harvested COVID infection and mortality data from co-morbidities and I proved that with the first rounds of infection and mortality data dating back to February. It matters not to these miscreants. Whether it be climate data, sufficient votes or desired levels of infection and mortality, they simply harvest the data they need from elsewhere and then present if fraudulently. Old dogs and old tricks.

Perhaps the subtle point here, which underpins this entire position, is this. If you are beginning to reverse and pivot back out of the COVID construct on the assumption of a Biden inauguration and you care to see the President you’re installing hit the ground running with momentum for a viable first term, the logical play for political optics is to simply ride the Trump administration’s historic vaccination successes by leveraging them to justify and support driving the data back in the opposite direction from which it was stolen.

The beginning point for this is an obvious one starting with kids going back to school. That would be followed by a progression of businesses opening back-up while the flu, pneumonia and heart disease all return to conventional levels at the same time COVID magically slips away moving in the opposite direction and until it eventually disappears as easily as it appeared on 13 Jan 17. That was when Barack Obama inserted the pandemic construct into Trump’s transition process but only after augmenting the existing law framing the compulsory process and specifically altering that law so as to include a pandemic hypothetical scenario.

Here is the data upon which this all rests.

It’s a simple as working top-down. Period. Stat with kids returning to school and progress as already outlined. Recall from the last article and as Lt. General Flynn reminded us – when your enemy tells you they are going to do something, take note and have a plan. Well, Fauci told us so take note.

This scenario has the Empire positioned to take credit for the recovery and the resulting successes while actually being the cause and the resulting destruction it has delivered to this nation and an historic presidency and economy. Pure evil.

For proper understanding of it all, it’s important to comprehend this. The underlying methodology to herding the people into desired political positions, which in this case include locking them inside their homes while locking them out of school, work, worship and services, is incrementally moving the goal posts over time and dismissing away the previous marks: no worry, worry, no travel ban, travel ban, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, flatten the curve to a few weeks to all spring to all summer to all fall and right back to peak flu season. Look back up at that cartoon if you’re still not clear.

This type of information manipulation is for feeble-minded Kool-Aid drinkers and window lickers. They’ll roll right along with the incremental pivot back out thinking Quid Pro Joe saved the Republic.

And that’s how you control feeble-minded people. Tip of the iceberg. But that is why everyone should be asking why Fauci is pivoting back out and letting kids go back to school on the cusp of peak flu. Like I said – feeble-minded people.

So that’s their primary plan if Biden is inaugurated and it will work just as effectively as all of the utter fraud that got us here; just in the opposite direction. Biden will enter office in the middle of peak flu and Fauci, the NVSS, et al will simple issue directives to steer the fraudulent data back to is proper place: the flu, pneumonia and heart disease. That’s how false flag political constructs work. Period.

Now for the contingency plan that is predicated on Trump returning for a second term, which he will.

I addressed this last night, so it appears again here for good measure and it ought to make sense and be clearly evident.

In summary, it works likes this: Biden wins and COVID magically disappears just as it appeared and beginning with kids going back to school during peak flu. If Trump wins COVID is here until THESE PEOPLE ARE MADE TO STOP. From there, it depends on who is allowed to remain in positions of authority and whether or not anyone will ever be brought to justice for the entirety of Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, race riots/domestic terrorism, an engineered race war and a stolen election.

Here’s the Fauci interview.



  1. Kathleen Roberts November 30, 2020

    A very plausible analysis. The most a psychopath will concede is a Pyrrhic victory.

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