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A Patriot’s Thanksgiving Note to Mom

What follows is private correspondence in the form of a note submitted by a patriot and friend with a brilliant mind. With his permission, we are sharing it on the assumption that it speaks volumes and resonates across this nation and its people with great clarity. As Americans, we were positioned to reconcile one of our greatest and most cherished traditions and holidays by forging a landscape previously forced upon us by those antithetical to this nation and its people. This “note to mom” captures the emotions and sentiments felt by many this week.

Happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to send you this as you have a difficult task ahead today. Everywhere in our country Thanksgiving dinner will be the most politically charged meal in our lifetimes,  maybe any lifetimes.

It won’t be like this forever. I think this will be the last holiday season where it will be this tense.  Over the coming weeks much will be revealed and that will create a lot of change.

By this time next year, everything will be perfectly clear. Hopefully the values – American values that we were taught since childhood – will have won out and we will all be on the same page, looking back and reflecting at the level of corruption and deception. Glad to have lived through it and thankful that we got through it.

Alternatively, by the next holiday season, we will be coming to grips with the stark resignation that while everyone is created equal , some are more equal than others.  While I think the latter outcome is unlikely, it is possible.

We are at fact, at war. Not a traditional war with clear battle lines and real estate gained or lost. This is an information war where the real estate that needs to be captured is inside the heads of our citizens.

I’m optimistic we will win this war. I believe this is the most consequential and interesting time in history. I’m excited to see what it will be like after everything is resolved.

That resolution looks to be weeks away not days.  Everyone’s patience will be tried, emotions frayed with the twists and turns of each development.  Moves and countermoves. But in the end, as Mike Flynn and others have repeatedly said, “God wins”.

While I have not been religious for most of my life, I am coming to see this time as the classic biblical battle between good and evil.  That much is getting clearer every day.

I thank you for your creating this awareness early in my life though at the time it seemed like a waste of time.  I now know it wasn’t.

As for today, it turns out that not speaking our minds has turned out to be quite difficult of us.  I think that’s a feature. Today it isn’t. It won’t be easy but you have to get through it knowing that where people stand now is where they will be standing by this time next year.  Everyone needs to go though this period on their own.

That lessons are learned, never told. That people have to want to learn in order to actually learn. It’s not our job to make them smarter. It’s theirs.

I love you and can’t thank you enough for sharing your genes, your values, your work ethic, your sense of humor and your example of how to make a marriage work.  Between you and Jim, I learned from the very best.

I hope that my children will one day feel the same way about me.  At worst we will see you in DC.  It’s going to be super fun. We’ll probably get invited to all the cool parties.

I have to go peel potatoes now.


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