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16 Mar 20

If you’re like me, you get that asked of you directly, indirectly, implicitly and otherwise and on a bit of a regular basis; the point being centered on one’s belief systems on politics, government, media consumption, etc.

That question also often comes with other circumstances perhaps best outlined with more questions. Do your folks think you’re crazy? Do your friends give you odd looks when you discuss off-reservation topics or support off-reservation narratives? Do you swear by a time that you recall being much less chaotic and much more ‘normal,’ almost boring, if you will and conceding a touch of nostalgia there? Do you avoid politics as a point of general conversation depending upon where you live, work and happen to be? Do you have this unrelenting and deep-rooted, internal, guttural, instinctive feeling that something just isn’t right? Or, perhaps more accurately – and certainly more ominously – that something is definitely wrong and with the crux of it being the absence of a full fact set to support it? Assuming your answer to that last question is yes and in the words of Morpheus, “I know exactly what you mean.”

And if that answer is yes – good. That’s what it feels like when you’re getting close to the truth and stand firm on it until the evidence moves you again. It’s also bad because it can be a tough spot to be in; especially if an aspect of one’s employment can be viewed as being a cog in the national indoctrination process (where is it that American youth are imparted with ‘knowledge’?)

So, I found myself reflective this afternoon thinking about how elemental evidence can be arranged to pave a path for the COVID-19 pandemic being something deliberate and nefarious. It made me angry. For the record, I haven’t passed judgement on this issue – I’m still working toward that end.

In my anger; however, I again wondered how I got to this point of standing so counter to the mainstream and not just in the way of politics, but of society in general. I wondered why am I the way I am.

In one sense, America is simply a different place relative to ‘my America.’ I suppose you can say that I’ve just grown exhausted and intolerable of the forced change by people in power whom have means, motivation, opportunity and access to force their version of the world onto the rest of us. They do so by controlling the masses with fear and panic (for a litmus test, just go try to buy some toilet paper right now.)

Here’s the best way to show you how my cup filled up over time as predicated on the idea that I’m a Cold War kid born on the back end of Vietnam (1971.)As a Cold War kid, politics began to draw my attention with the Iran Hostage Crisis and then transitioning into the election of Ronald Reagan. We’ll start there.

As you look at the timeline, you can filter it through this lens that everyone can understand. Translated to words, that lens sounds like, “I suppose that at a point, your shit can just fills-up and overflows and in that moment, it matters not where you look, all you see is shit.” That’s where my thoughts have me following the NINTH article and here’s how my can filled up:

  • 1979: Iran Hostage Crisis
  • 1981: Attempted assassination of President Reagan
  • 1981: US categorized as joining the global recession
  • 1983: US invades Grenada
  • 1985: Aids awareness initiative
  • 1986: Iran Contra Affair
  • 1987: Black Monday on Wall Street
  • 1989: “The War on Drugs”
  • 1989: GHW Bush elected (Globalist ascendance)
  • 1989: Media consolidation begins (Globalist control) with Time Warner merger
  • Bush & Gorbachev announce Cold War may end
  • 1991: First Gulf War against Iraq begins (notice how it coincides with the end of the Cold War – will represent the death of the ‘boogeyman’)
  • 1991: Cold War ends (open the door for ‘terrorism’ as the new ‘boogeyman’)
  • 1992: Ruby Ridge standoff incident
  • 1993: Truck bomb explode beneath World Trade Center (‘terrorism’ arrives right on time)
  • 1993: WACO standoff incident
  • 1994: NAFTA signed
  • 1995: Oklahoma City bombing
  • 1996: Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  • 1997: Global economic crisis sparks huge DOW losses
  • 1999: Columbine shooting
  • 1999: Y2K global computing scare
  • 2001: Sweeping education reform “No Child Left Behind”
  • 2001: 9/11 attacks
  • 2001: Afghanistan invasion
  • 2001: Patriot Act signed
  • 2002: DHS created
  • 2003: Second Gulf War against Iraq begins
  • 2003: Saddam Hussein deposed
  • 2004: Facebook opens (is handed over from DARPA)
  • 2007: Nancy Pelosi becomes first female Speaker of the House
  • 2007: Financial crisis
  • 2008: Global financial crisis
  • 2009: Obama’s first stimulus package
  • 2010: Instagram started
  • 2011: ATF scandal
  • 2011: Obama announces the US has killed bin Laden
  • 2012: Aurora Colorado shooting
  • 2012: Sandy Hook shooting
  • 2013: Snowden leaks
  • 2013: Boston Marathon bombing
  • 2015: San Bernardino shooting
  • 2016: Pulse nightclub shooting
  • You know the rest of this timeline.

So then, why am I the way I am? Because of that incomplete list above or in other words, my shit can.

We are a supposed to be constitutional republic rooted in democratic and capitalistic principles. Our leaders are supposed to serve as representative ones who best exemplify what it means to be an ‘American’ and in the most qualified and fittest form. Well, my friends, we are far, far, far away from anything even resembling that scenario – light years, in fact, so long as nothing landscape shifting occurs.

The news isn’t all bad, though. POTUS is the real deal and if he continues to make good on promises made and kept then we’ll see our way through this dark time, too…. or at least I hope (and pray.) So even though it may be light years away proverbially, POTUS may just have the cards and gumption to get us there relative to the 2020 election cycle.

So after nearly 49 years of this tripe I can only say that I’ve had enough – my shit can is full and overflowing as I stand in hip boots searching for the truth…… and if that puts me on the crazy train, then, by all means, ALL ABOARD!



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