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11 Mar 20

First of all, please let me offer my sincere thanks to the folks who take time to read my work (hobby) on matters of importance. I enjoy the content and the search for the truth as much as I enjoy writing about it all.

Due to some oversight on my part, when I moved over to WordPress, I unwittingly left some default settings in place that queued all comments into a moderation folder. I’ve since adjusted those settings and folks should now be able to reply to articles. Older comments should be up and available and I also went back to reply to those of you who took time to leave something.

The categories/topics function has also been revised to clean it up. It is now up and running.

Please shoot me an email or connect on Twitter or Gab if you encounter issues in leaving replies (or to connect for the good of the cause.) You can find links to communicate at the bottom of THIS page. Please know that I don’t check the email account very often due to time constraints.

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