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11 Feb 20

ODD TIMING LEADS TO QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW. Timing is always important and it always conveys meaning of some sort. That meaning is often underlying, buried, obscured, shielded, etc.; but it’s there nonetheless. Sometimes; if not often times, that meaning can be received in hindsight. This might be one of those occasions or maybe not. I do know that this is worth mentioning and memorializing now.

Here’s the backdrop: the escalation in the President’s retaliatory actions germane to the ongoing DSSG coup d’etat. In recent days alone, which doesn’t say much given the roughly 3.5 years of no traction whatsoever, the President has cleaned house at the NSC, rescinded his nomination for Jessie Lieu, removed Sonland and removed the Vindman twins, etc. Despite quite a bit of backdrop personnel changes, these represent the beginning of high value targets for the most part.

We’ve all been promised A STORM fueled by a GREAT AWAKENING and for those 3.5 years, we’ve stood by as engaged, civic-minded people. It seems to me, though, that within the past few days the proverbial plug may have been pulled and THE SWAMP may have begun the initial stages of draining. I get the sense that the draining will take us right through the President’s forthcoming 2020 landslide victory (it’s just like 2016 – ignore the polls and watch the crowd sizes.)

The President has made good on campaign promises in historic fashion. He’s also promised to DRAIN THE SWAMP; in fact, not only is it a campaign promise, it’s a pillar to his platform. If he’s made good on most everything else he’s been allowed to make good on, why would something of more foundational value and importance be neglected or treated differently? It wouldn’t. I still take the President at his word when he says he’s going to DRAIN THE SWAMP and recent events suggest it’s beginning.

Now consider what we know in terms of the breadth and depth of significant corruption and criminality on the table. I think Sundance at CTH said it best today with this excerpt whereby he wittingly or not provided the foundation for the need to hold military tribunals to reconcile such subversion, sedition and treason. Here’s the relevant quote (SOURCE),

Is it even possible for the United States Dept. of Justice to conduct a trial where members of the Gang of Eight were implicated in the activity?

How could the institutions of the United States government survive the publicity of members within the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence conspiring with foreign and domestic actors to eliminate the President of the United States?

How could the highest and most widely recognized U.S. media institutions (NYT, WaPo, CNN and more) survive exposure within that same trial. The media caught participating in a government effort (receiving leaked classified information) intended to eliminate the presidency of Donald John Trump?

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse

All of this rings as ominous foreshadowing, does it not? It heightens with FEMA’s authority and the release of Michael Horowitz’s commentary about the OIG’s review of the Department of Justice’s “Preparedness to Respond to Critical Incidents Under Emergency Support Function 13.” (SOURCE)

Before hearing Horowitz’s summary, it’s important to understand that the DOJ’s relevance is as aligned with the nature of what “Function 13” is. Here’s what Function 13 does (emphasis mine.) (SOURCE)

Emergency Support Function (ESF) #13 – Provides Federal public safety and security assistance to local, state, tribal, territorial, and Federal organizations overwhelmed by the results of an actual or anticipated natural/manmade disaster or an act of terrorism.

ESF # 13 resources include those from all Federal law enforcement departments or agencies and may provide a wide array of Federal law enforcement capabilities, personnel, and equipment to assist local, state, tribal, territorial, insular area, and Federal authorities to accomplish the core mission of public safety and security.


Relevant to the definition of “terrorism” is the subcategory of “domestic terrorism,” which is the FBI defines as, “Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.” (SOURCE)

Did they pull the plug and are they working to preempt an anticipated response of a specific nature? Are they working to get in front of something big so as to lay a foundation of competency before the proverbial shit hits the fan? Hmmm. It sure looks it.

Translated, all of this reads like, “Hey, y’all. Shit’s about to get real but don’t worry – my man Mike is here to remind you that we’ve got this.”

Here’s Horowitz’s peculiarly timed message (released 11 Feb 20) pertaining to his department’s review of the DOJ’s obligatory responsiveness germane to Function 13. It’s odd timing given everything we’re seeing and everything we know. Here’s Mike.


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