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No further explanation is needed so let’s get right to it.

To begin, there is a fundamental aspect to the entire impeachment construct and it’s the convergence of 3 timelines into a virtual single point in time. Such occurrences are anomalous and difficult to pass-up or write-off. Here are the three timelines: Pelosi’s House impeachment, the Bolton book manuscript and the Senate trial portion of the broader impeachment process.

Here is another fundamental assumption – that John Bolton was a DSSG human asset this entire time. From that statement, we can assume that he would be willing to do about whatever he needed to do in order to make good by his DSSG/MIC masters. But don’t take my word for it, take his. View below – it’s astounding given the fact that the Senate was a hair’s width from having him impact President Trumps electoral victory in 2016 and possibly preempt a sure landslide victory in 2020.


Anyone paying attention to contemporary history knows that he’s a bona fide swamp creature and beholden to the DSSG, MIC and the federal apparatus. You could also say that he’s as swampy as any swamp creature you’ll find in any swamp anywhere.

As I suggested early on in all of this, Bolton has been in league with these miscreants since the onset of it all. That underpins my entire premise, which looks like this:

  1. With no evidence of any crime much less evidence for impeachable crimes, the nature of the impeachment construct was dictated to them.
  2. The nature of the impeachment construct therefore became the same recipe we’ve seen repeated over and over from these miscreants and it’s one rooted in process crimes, obstruction charges, etc. We predicted it would go this direction a long time ago.
  3. In order to arrive at a place where the construct charges (process crimes, obstruction, etc.) could be charged in Articles of Impeachment against the President, the DSSG worked to construct fluid, dynamic and thematic scenarios around the President from the time he was a candidate (and plausibly before) all the way through his presidency: first Russia, then Mueller and then Ukraine. Notice I didn’t say “finally Ukraine.” This ain’t over after Wednesday – I promise. I also digress.
  4. The ultimate goal in all of this is political since the likelihood for success in actually removing a sitting President sans an impeachable offense is little to none (although plausible given the corrupt nature of DC today.) This means very specific things for them and mainly that they need to exploit every avenue within the impeachment process to drag it out, delay it, obfuscate it, impede it, etc. This accomplishes their stated political goal, which is to enmesh the President in high-value controversy through 2020 and, assuming he’s reelected, carry-on to further impeded his administrative and legislative agendas.
  5. This next point is CRITICAL TO ALL OF IT. They ‘shotgunned’ this entire impeachment and by that I mean that they went with one single avenue to to accomplish two basic goals: a) interfere with the work of the Senate (they pass the President’s legislative goals, in the form of bills sent by the House, into law – hold them up and you hold up all of the President’s work for the American people, which is concerning in an election year and beyond) and b) the timeline for a completely bogged down impeachment would likely roll past 2020 and into the President’s second term (thus keeping the President preoccupied with his defense and at the same time impeding his second-term legislatively by continuing to hold-up the Senate.) So then, how did they accomplish this ‘shotgun’ approach to impeachment. See the next point.
  6. The ‘shotgun’ approach is rooted in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s transmitted Articles of Impeachment, which were DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY weak. Why? There are two reasons: a) there is no evidence of an impeachable offense being committed thus relegating all of what they could find to being literally nothing and b) it creates portals to misrepresent the Constitution and previous pesidential impeachments by claiming that additional evidence and witness testimony is needed. That in an of itself is the core of the ‘shotgun’ approach. Understand what’s happening – the House is transferring is SOLE investigative onus to the Senate, which only stands to function as the SOLE court for the impeachment trial. The Senate bears precisely NO investigative function constitutionally. By the House doing so, it burdens the Senate with its own time-consuming responsibilities that were created by the intentionally and deliberately weak articles. By purposefully not doing its job (because it couldn’t without any evidence) the House is forced to assume it’s SOLE constitutional responsibility to investigate. But only by means of a vote to alter the rules. If the vote were to succeed, it would take the Senate MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS to finish its impeachment work. During that time, they’d do nothing else. As to why it takes so long, look into how the Senate rules impact the impeachment process. This is all why the Senate vote to not allow additional evidence and testimony was so critical. That no vote denied them the fulfillment of their political objective; but with one more vote to come.
  7. So then, this is about where John Bolton enters the picture and, more importantly, signifies the convergence of the three timelines. It’s this convergence that allows us to absolutely line-out this construct accurately. As state, it’s anomalous; it’s an oddity. First, they needed a reason – a real bombshell reason that is precisely timed to detonate immediately on the front end of the Senate impeachment trial so as to compel the Senate to disregard it’s constitutionally outlined responsibilities and assume those being thrust upon it by the House. Enter John Bolton and his manuscript. He’s the reason they were looking for. He and his transcript are EXACTLY why Nancy Pelosi throttled impeachment down to a stall from a rush. She stalled impeachment to ensure that Bolton’s manuscript was in place and ready to play. How do we know? My previous work (see link below) puts those two aspects – Pelosi’s transmittance of the articles to the Senate on the same 1-month timeline as Bolton’s manuscript process. Those two converged timelinelines then converged with a third – the beginning of the Senate impeachment trial, thus bringing ALL THREE TIMELINES TO A SPECIFIC AND SINGLE POINT IN TIME. Feel free to believe that’s an accident. I believe it’s a construct with precision timing.
  8. More on Bolton and that transcript – he filed his manuscript with the NSC, as required, but not the White House germane to executive privilege processes; as also required. Why?
  9. As soon as the manuscript leaked in the New York Times, they and their MSM partners went full-press on the vote to allow additional witness testimony and evidence. We all saw and heard it.
  10. Immediately Bolton’s counsel pointed its finger at the White House saying it was an intentional internal leak. Baloney. That is Bolton’s counsel deflecting and redirecting any unwanted ‘leak’ attention away from what is someone on their own side.
  11. Thankfully, the Senate vote to allow more evidence and testimony did not pass and no thanks to the usual suspects we called out beforehand, like Romney, Collins and others.
  12. What remains is the acquittal vote but between now and then, I’d certainly expect something else ‘Boltonesque’ because these criminals will not stop until they are MADE to stop.

On Wednesday, the night after the President delivers what must be the most critical State of the Union address in our lifetimes; if not ever, the President will rise from the ashes of a dumpster fire of a failed impeachment construct and he will do so emboldened and with an “S” emblazoned across his chest….. and ready to execute the balance of his agenda, if you know what I mean.

I’ve written extensively on this topic and if you are looking for further articles or information, THIS article, which I posted yesterday, contains an archive of related links. It also contains much of the same information in this article.


  1. Kathy Roberts February 7, 2020

    Off-topic, but the host of a certain platform has graciously re-considered and is offering amnesty to all offending parties. Moreover, I was assured that one in particular would be exempted from the otherwise requisite apology.

    • Political Moonshine March 11, 2020

      Great to have folks back together again and playing nicely toward a greater cause! Always appreciate you, KR.

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