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I wrote THIS this morning describing the completion of the politically constructed impeachment trap and the forewarning it warrants. With the trap set and in place, the remaining question was whether Mr. Trump would walk into it of his own volition or in some coerced way or not at all. The point being that careful forward navigation is required to cleanly avoid that trap.

It’s now looking like that (avoiding the trap) going to happen.

It appears constitutional tradition will hold in Trump’s impeachment. It’s trending such that it’ll be over by Friday; meaning that McConnell has the votes to block the introduction of new witness testimony and evidence. A bipartisan acquittal vote should shortly follow. No further timeline other than “Friday” has been stated as of the writing of this article.

2020 – Year of the Boomerang. The impeachment effort/coup d’etat has delivered the President his strongest polling numbers. In typical Trump style, he’s posed to climb out of this dumpster fire embolden and with a giant ‘S’ on his chest; perhaps in a mood to finish the job… and you know what I mean by that.

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