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Do you remember this?


I remember watching it in real time and saying to myself something along the lines of, “Ha, you watch! If he wins, next thing you know the Democrats will be howling to impeach him over this.”

I was kidding but I meant it. And they didn’t disappoint. They’re (the Left) not difficult creatures to predict once you get to know them. They most certainly have established playbooks, which are followed religiously and in lockstep. That lends towards predictability.

So then, here we are – over three years later – and with impeachment standing on the front porch ringing the doorbell. It gets real this week; especially with VIRGINIA looming large.

Here’s the thing that amazes me about all of this, though. What is totally absent from the dialogue now was the entire impetus for impeachment then. I’m absolutely blown away by the considerable portion of the public whose acceptance, or at least tolerance for this, remains. It’s truly astonishing.

What happened to pragmatism, basic logic and common sense? Or even one’s basic sense of civic duty? No, these narrative swilling buffoons continue to drink the same poisonous Kool-Aid dished by the same fork-tongued liars that sold them ‘fake Russia’ for all that time. They either don’t care or are too dumb to realize it. It can’t be had both ways.

And for these people, it’s now somehow okay for impeachment to just be predicated on ‘fake Ukraine;’ even given the known and factually demonstrated Ukrainian corruption in the world energy sector and likely elsewhere. Corruption that is at the hands of many; including a former vice president and current presidential candidate in Joe Biden and his family; and the current Speaker of the House in Nancy Pelosi and her family. I suppose the concept of self-preservation is beyond the intellect of the simpletons in their base.

Regardless of party or affiliation or anything else that’s not representative of a cogent and responsible American, who stands for or accepts something resembling,

A: Hey, look! Russia! Impeach!

B: Yeah, impeach!

A. Ha, never mind.

B: Okay.

A: Hey, look! Mueller! Impeach!

B: Yeah, impeach!

A: Ha, never mind.

B: Okay.

A: Hey, look! Ukraine! Impeach!

B: Yeah, impeach!

HOW THE LEFTIST BRAIN WORKS (In summary, the ends justify the means.)

These are the type of fish that eventually get filleted and fried because they always take the bait.

So anyways, here we are with an historically successful first-term president who is being impeached for nothing that he did; but rather to cover-up the criminality of his predecessor and his opponents; and their voting folks are still on fully board with it all.

And in order for anyone of those folks to do that, I’d have to ask, “Hey partner, exactly how dumb do you have to be?” Good God.

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