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Examining the Left’s intentional entanglement of ‘white nationalism’ with the Virginia State House pro-Second Amendment rally on Monday – It’s a conflation of two unrelated but seemingly orchestrated concepts.

Let’s make moonshine right away – it appears the Left is constructing an event (false flag?) to insert into their already existing political pretext. Let’s get to it.

There is a developing narrative emerging from the highly controversial and highly suspicious organization of the Virginia State House pro-Second Amendment rally on Monday. As I wrote yesterday, even Sundance at CTH weighed-in on the apparent construction of a likely false flag event.

It seems that the Left is playing old cards that we’ve all seen before. Specifically, the Left is conflating two issues to fabricate campaign manufactured political positions, talking points and emotional rhetoric that is sure to incense their base and drive them further down the road to gun confiscation. In truth, they’re intentionally seeking to erode at, well, any individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution.

NBC News’ Ben Collins’ Twitter feed is littered with ‘white nationalist’ rhetoric specifically tied to the Virginia Lobby Second Amendment event planned for Monday. In other words, what duplicitous and disingenuous Ben is doing is establishing pretext so that IF something anomalous occurs, they can refer back to it in “I told you so” fashion. This is how public momentum is created to goad Americans into gleefully forfeiting their constitutional rights in the name of “safety.” For another example see how 9/11 was used to usher in the draconian legislation known as the “Patriot Act.” (H/T to @4blessings for posting Collins’ tweets.)

With this narrative emerging, I thought it might be helpful to provide the backdrop to the Left’s work in engineering the ‘white nationalist’ construct. What follows is text from three articles published on the old site. Here we go.

*Apologies moving forward with the dead links included here. Bottom line – I haven’t finished the full transition from the old site. No matter, the context is evident.


PREDICTION BECOMES REALITY – ENGEL MAKES WHITE NATIONALISM POLITICALLY RELEVANT FOR 2020 – The left is establishing a major component to their 2020 campaign – ‘white nationalism’ 28 Mar 19

In a press release today, Democratic Chairmen of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Eliot Engel, officially called for federal intervention to counter ‘white nationalism’ in the US. Why?

Here’s the backstory before we answer that question.

Twelve days ago and immediately on the heels of the New Zealand mosque shootings, which leaves room for legitimate false flag discussions; especially given the nexus between the federal intelligence apparatus and political elites relative to the country, we drew attention to the peculiarity of it all and outlined 9 reasons for it. That discussion can be found here:

Recall that Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler attempted to give the ‘white nationalism’ merit, veracity and legitimacy as he placed it on the legislative record by calling a hearing on the matter. Here’s the story from The Hill:

Two days following the original post further discussion was had and predicated on the immediate injection of ‘white nationalism’ into the mainstream public discourse following the shootings – that’s a clear sign of an ulterior agenda in play. The argument in the discussion pertained to the odds of seeing white nationalism as a 2020 campaign topic, which we guaranteed. That discussion can be found here:

The following day, House DHS Committee Chairmen Bennie Thompson requested the censorship of terror-related content on big-tech platforms and social media, in what appears to be a furtherance of Conservative discourse being censored in the public domain. That discussion can be found here:

Yesterday, Thompson issued a press release germane to Facebook and following-up on the original directive he issued. From the press release,

“Finally, Facebook has acted to remove this vile and hate-filled content from its platform.  While welcomed news, this should have happened long ago.  We insist that Facebook ensures the public that it follows through on this promise, and that this announcement is not solely window dressing.  For too long, Facebook has allowed hate speech – and the violence that it can inspire – to propagate on its platform. Since billions use its service, we must demand more from them. Facebook can and must do better.”

Relevant questions, Mr. Thompson: a) Precisely who is it that gets to determine which speech is hateful and which speech is not? and b) How can the expression of one’s personal views, no matter whether they be hateful or otherwise, be legally censored under the First Amendment presuming they cause no demonstrable harm to others (claiming ‘Fire!’ in a crowded movie theater)?


This brings us back to the present and provides an opportunity to answer, ‘Why?’ Today in the press release linked below, Engel made an official call for the federal apparatus to take action on white nationalism. From the press release,

“Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today urged the State Department to make addressing the global threat of white nationalist terrorism a foreign policy priority. In a letter to Secretary Pompeo, Chairman Engel called on the Department to designate the perpetrator of the recent attacks in New Zealand as a terrorist and called for a briefing to Congress on efforts to grapple with white nationalist terrorism.

“Just as with Islamist terrorism, we must target white nationalist terrorism, and the networks and ideologies which underpin it globally to safeguard the United States, our allies, and our interests.”

 In light of this new effort by Engel, our previous analysis rings truer than ever. Consider:

1. As discussed in other posts, this is a maneuver to establish the topic in the legislative record thus providing it merit, status and validation. Subsequently, it will allow the Democrats to anchor a lie about the president back to an important House matter for which they are already conducting business. This is an effort to give legislative veracity to the lie of the president being part and parcel to and/or supporting ‘white nationalism.’ Or, in other words it allows the Democrats to sell the lie to a low-information public as the truth because it’s stamped with the official seal of the House of Representatives. (Source:

2. Recall, the FBI considers ‘white nationalism’ a form of domestic terrorism. Today, House DHS Committee Chairmen Bennie Thompson requested the censorship of terror-related content on big-tech platforms/SM. Beneath its cheap veneer of good intentions, see this for exactly what it is – a thinly veiled attempt to continue censoring Conservatives with an overreaching application of censorship directives. (Source:

Item one above provides the pretext for the establishment of item two, which is the furtherance of public Conservative discourse being broadly censored across the most prominent public platforms. Given the evidence currently on hand, it would be a fundamental mistake to dismiss the close proximity of the actions and words of these Democratic lawmakers relative to the New Zealand shootings relative to the nexus between the political elites and New Zealand relative to the Five Eyes intelligence accord relative to the CIA’s rogue involvement (see former CIA Director John Brennan) in targeting the Trump administration and it’s Conservative and traditionalist views.

All of that answers the question ‘Why?’ and you can take it straight from Engle’s letter,

“I write regarding the clear and growing transnational threat posed by white nationalist terrorism, as exemplified most recently by the horrific terrorist attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand and last fall by the shocking and ghastly attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh.”

This is only the beginning. If the left has it its way, Trump’s 2020 campaign will be depicted in the MSM like a Klan rally. On a level, it already is.



EXAMINING ‘WHITE NATIONALISM’ AS A CAMPAIGN STRATEGY FOR 2020Because that’s precisely what it is29 Mar 19

*Updated to include the first paragraph and a link to Part II/the supporting evidence.

The information presented below and in Part II, where we discuss the evidence to support these general claims (here:, should be viewed through the lens of what it looks like to see the process of establishing pretext play-out in real time. All of these actions are designed to serve a future purpose and namely, the preexisting justification to portray the President of the United States as something he most certainly is not in what will amount to an historic election.

Let’s place some cards of concession on the table before we even start. Despite elements of stupidity woven throughout the fabric of the Left’s unsavory and criminal acts targeting President Trump, his campaign, his family, his business and his administration, much of that stupidity is attributable to something that, for the Democrats, was an absolute. What it was not attributable to is general stupidity. When absolutes factor into the decision-making equation they dictate the process of analysis, taint the results and lead to unexpected outcomes that can unravel quickly beneath the lens of scrutiny.

In this particular case and in the minds of these Deep State actors, holding the absolute position that Clinton would win the 2016 election given their likely understanding that it was rigged for her, was a critical error. It would cause them to disregard perhaps not entirely but to a sufficient level, the possibility that Clinton would not win. In so doing, it would leave the Democrats vulnerable because they were banking on – absolutely – maintaining long-tenured and complete control of the mechanisms that would shield their previous and criminal actions. It was likely an actual and significant component of the broader strategy.

Revisit history and watch Ben Rhodes here. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that Clinton losing ever entered his mind on election night. Just examine his body language, demeanor, struggle for words, etc. Word to the wise – he didn’t all of a sudden get real confident on election night knowing she’d win. He ALWAYS knew she’d win – right up until she didn’t. They ALL did, right up until she didn’t. Enjoy:

Did it look like he had a plan to deal with her loss? Hell no. None of them did and if they did I’ll eat crow at the same time I tell them their plan was shitty and entirely ineffective.

To my point – these are smart people who make stupid decisions SOME of the time. To fail to regard these people as intelligent and capable would be as fatal the Left’s supposition that Clinton would never lose. Therefore, don’t do it. These people are smart but you can see their strategy coming from a mile away.

So let’s get right to it – no one has done a single tangible thing as it relates to Conservative censorship across mainstream and social media platforms. Beyond the blatantly obvious, here’s why this is entirely detrimental to those with Conservative or traditional eggs in Mr. Trump’s basket. We’ll demonstrate this with some simple questions about human nature, deviance and criminality – it’s that universal.

What happens when someone deviates from the norm, commits crime, etc.? It all depends on the notion of success. If the individual succeeds and desires to continue the behavior, the general trend is for the individual to incrementally become more aggressive until such actions are checked with consequences. There’s significant brain chemistry in play here.

So then, what happens when the Left is able to delete entire social media communities (hello former Reddit users – I’m one) with impunity? What happens when Facebook is able to suspend Conservative account after Conservative account with impunity? What happens when Twitter is able to do the same as Facebook with impunity? Easy – they continue in the same direction looking for additional avenues to further the practice or adapt it more effectively. There’s significant brain chemistry in play here.

Before we move forward, here was our original discussion about ‘white nationalism’ becoming a 2020 campaign strategy for the Left:

Now, examine the timeline here because timing ALWAYS matters:

1. New Zealand shootings happened and we drew attention to the peculiarity immediately:

2. As noted in the previously linked post (point 1), the MSM immediately attributed the ‘white nationalism’ component to President Trump (a president of another country from a timezone with a 17-hour difference, I mind you.) Go back and look – it was everywhere and it was immediate.

3. Almost immediately, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, worked to place ‘white nationalism’ into the congressional record by scheduling a hearing:

4. DHS quickly entered the game via Democratic the committee chairman by issued directives for media platforms to censor ‘white nationalist’ content:

*This is significant and bears repeating – it’s a maneuver from the Democratically controlled House DHS Committee Chairman targeting something – ‘white nationalism’ – that the federal government and in particular the FBI regards as a domestic terrorism. Revisit point number 2 above as you let that sink-in. What’s actually happening is that the Left is painting the president with with a ‘white nationalist’ ergo ‘domestic terrorist’ brush. If you haven’t identified it yet, here’s the play – on the eve of the 2020 election, it’s all lining-up for the media and tech giants to censor the president (censor his campaign?) in the name of combating ‘white nationalism’ and ‘domestic terrorism.’ Just ask Twitter, they’re already indicating that they are considering flagging the President Trump’s speech to his subscribers. Again, a multinational corporation is seeking to censor the words of the President of the United States because they don’t align with the political views of said corporation.

5. House Chairman for the Committee on Foreign Relations, Eliot Engel, then issued a public call for the federal government to counter ‘white nationalist’ international terrorism:

Again, timing ALWAYS matters so let’s ask these questions? Where were the echoing objections to ‘white nationalism,’ as dominating domestic headlines, prior to the NZ shootings? How did all of this concern seem to manifest over night? What is the relationship between political elites in this country and NZ; especially elites on the Left? Why have so many of those elites; including John Podesta who visited NZ immediately preceding the shootings, recently traveled to NZ? What was the exact nature of the intelligence apparatuses for each country under the guise of the Five Eyes intelligence accord? Why is all of this ‘white nationalism’ concern immediately following the NZ shooting? Why do the Democrats have their hands all over the entirety of it all?

In short, it’s because ‘white nationalism’ has been determined by the Left to be a significant part of their 2020 campaign strategy. They are intelligently using federal mechanisms to saturate the federal buracruacy with this subject so that when they roll it out in full-force for the actual campagin season, their otherwise fraudulent message will have perceived legitimacy due it’s preexistence in the federal record and their ongoing attempts to redress it.

It’s also perfect fit for the Left’s Alinsky-based identity politics given its ability to pit and divide the American populace. In summary, it’s a perfect campaign strategy for them and that’s precisely what it is – a campaign strategy; not an actual problem.

It’s amazing what you can get away with when you keep a malleable people ignorant and distracted. Not us though – we all see this coming from a mile away.



This is merely a follow-up piece providing evidence in support of the claim that the Democrats, the MSM and the Left in general have and continue to utilize the fabricated story lines of racism and white nationalism as a political tool to undermine and attack President Trump and his administration. The impetus behind the most recent effort appears to have manifested from the New Zealand mosque shootings and that has been our claim.

Here are a couple of links providing our previous discussions, which also include links to a host of other items presented on the same topic:

1. From yesterday:

2. From March 28th:

If you haven’t already read these, please consider doing so because otherwise the balance of the argument here may not fully come together.

Here we go.

With that context in place, consider this headline from the UPI circa March 21st, “White nationalism, born in the USA, is now a global terror threat.” Source:

Now consider that Facebook followed its directions quickly and is already making good on censoring ‘white nationalist’ content:

Now, let’s examine several “news” outlets and their offerings on ‘white nationalism.’ Here’s our lens through which we’ll analyze their content: dates, timing, volume of content, volume of content germane to dates and timing. The handpicked “news” sources are as follows: HuffPost, Politico, NPR, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and Fox News. Let’s begin.

HuffPost has a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism’ and it contains 9 pages worth of story links. The last entry on the last page is circa 2011. The bulk of the stories conveniently appear in the exact time frame of the 2016 general election and its relative campaign season extending back into 2015. Of the 9 total pages, only a few items on the last page relate to pre-2016 election coverage. The first two pages are all essentially related to contemporary story lines including the New Zealand shootings. Prior to the 2016 election campaign season, there were relatively few entries. Take a quick look – all of the concern about white nationalism seems to manifest between now and the 2016 general election. Here is HuffPost’s ‘White Nationalism’ page:

Politico has a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism’ and it contains 5 pages of linked stories. The latest entry on page 5 is circa November 2, 2016; just before the 2016 general election. Page 1 contains more contemporary items including coverage of the NZ shootings. Prior to the 2016 election campaign season, there were no entries. Take a quick look at Politico’s ‘White Nationalism’ page:

NPR has a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism’ and it’s comprised only of that one page. The last entry on that page is circa November 2, 2016 and immediately prior to the 2016 general election – how convenient. Take a quick look at NPR’s ‘White Nationalism’ page:

ABC News has a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism’ alerts and it’s comprised of one page that dates back to 2017 and primarily focuses on Charlottesville. Here’s the link:

NBC News does not have a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism;’ however, if the site is searched for ‘white nationalism,’ 5 pages of results are rendered. The last entry on page 5 is circa November 29, 2016; just after the election. Here’s the link:

CBS News does not have a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism;’ however, if the site is searched for ‘white nationalism,’ 257 results over 26 pages is rendered. The last entry on page 26 is circa 1998. The first 17 pages of results cover the years of 2019-2016 (2.5 years) while the balance of 9 pages is designated for the remaining 18 or so years. Here’s the link:

Fox News does not have a page designated exclusively for ‘white nationalism;’ however, if the site is searched for ‘white nationalism,’ 716 results over 72 pages is rendered. The last entry on the page 72 is circa 2002. The first entry dating back to the 2016 (general election) time frame can be found on page 54 and therefore, while the first 54 pages are designated for 2016 through the present, only 18 pages cover the remaining 14 years.


White nationalism certainly preexisted the election of 2016 and it will certainly continue to exist for the foreseeable future. That said, the evidence supporting that President Trump is in any way affiliated with, supports or furthers this abhorrent cause is absolutely conjecture if not outright lies.  Where is their evidence for such assertions? I suppose it’s much like “Russia” and would appear to be, as the president loves to say, “fake.”

When we examine what these “news” sources have covered, concessions are in order for coverage dating back decades. That said, there is more than an abundance of evidence demonstrating that known Left-leaning to Left-supporting news outlets concentrated their coverage on white nationalism relative to the 2016 general election as the president was painted with that brush then and it continues today. Undoubtedly, there is a disproportionate volume of coverage within the past two-plus years and specifically since the New Zealand shootings. That speaks to motive and intent. The motive is winning the 2020 election and the intent is to cleave away any and all black voter support for President Trump to make it happen.

Given the total body of evidence, it’s reasonable to claim that what we’re seeing is a renewed effort to make ‘white nationalism’ a significant campaign strategy for 2020.


On Monday, two cohorts of polar opposite sides of a monumental constitutional battle will literally step into a cage akin to an MMA ring; as erected by greasy and black-faced Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam. On Monday, the whole world will have eyes on that cage. On Monday, we will learn weather or not all of our suspicions about a likely and plausible false flag event will occur. On Monday, we’ll learn the prospects of a potential Civil War. On Monday, we’ll learn the future direction of the Second Amendment, the 2020 election and the nation as a whole because the Left has entangled all three in a false construct of ‘white nationalism. The evidence I’ve presented speaks for itself.

I don’t often say this, but for posterity’s sake, now would be a good time to pray for the nation.

*I hope all of these links still work – no time to test them all.


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