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Our old friend ‘timing’ is back for a visit. In this case, it’s the newly discovered and released Hillary Clinton emails that again contain classified information in communications with world leaders and others.

The timing of this damaging release, pursuant to a Judicial Watch FOIA request, coincides with the front end of the 2020 election cycle. Here are the aspects that factor in to how and why the timing is important:

  1. The DNC knows it’s in trouble come November if something does not change
  2. The current Democratic field is a hot mess
  3. The DNC is struggling to find a viable candidate to run against the President
  4. There’s been much speculation about late race entries (Michelle Obama, for one)
  5. There’s been much speculation about HRC’s late race entry, specifically
  6. EVERYONE knows that HRC is unelectable.
  7. EVERYONE knows HRC can’t win without cheating and that includes the DNC

She’s Hillary Clinton, though, and in her mind she believes she still relevant and still matters. That she’s been thoroughly compromised in myriad ways is of no concern to her. Clinton is entirely corrupt and is likely most interested in two things beyond absolute power and authority: continued corrupt personal enrichment and access to the federal mechanisms requisite to cover-up the totality of the Clinton’s criminality (and everyone else’s.)

Here’s something else Hillary hasn’t realized. That the timing of this most release of her emails is no accident. In Washington DC, accidents like this don’t happen like that. It seems to me that perhaps someone tucked an ace up his sleeve to be played later. Later appears to be the front end of the 2020 election cycle.

All of this resembles a maneuver by the DSSG and perhaps even the DNC to undermine any possibility of a late race entry by Clinton. We could be seeing the initial public take-down of Clinton that is in the initial stages. The objective would be a possible and eventual preemption of her intended late race entry. I would suggest that if something like that were to occur, it would likely have enough teeth to be effective but gentle enough to allow her to maintain her facade of pretend dignity.

At a minimum, this maneuver seems to be a clear message being sent to Clinton. So, what’s the message? If you ask me, it’s something resembling, “Stay away! We don’t want you!”

On that continuum, there is room for this to be more than just a message and perhaps it’s the ease-in or the first step in what could unfold as a broader effort to actively preclude her from 2020.

The country just might be ready to move on from the Clintons. What took them so long?

Time will tell and we shall see.

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