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DOES TRUMP HAVE A NEW DEAL? CONFIRMATIONS, BIG REVELATIONS – Trump Iran strategy was precisely outlined last night

As the developments with Iran unfolded last night, I paused to comment on political strategy that could serve President Trump very well; especially as it relates to his adversaries. I suggested that the strategy might allow the President to emerge in a position of significant leverage over the DSSG/MIC and whereby he could reasonably shut down several fronts on which the DSSG/MIC are waging political warfare.

Before we get into it, two concessions: a) What I wrote and predicted last night is not 100% what the President communicated. That said, it is 100% of the fundamentally most significant aspects of what he said and b) His plan does not include contingent military action.

Here’s that brief post from last night and with emphasis added, which prognosticated exactly what the President stated earlier today,

Here are some preliminary thoughts as to how the President can manage to navigate his way through tonight’s developments and emerge on top. These thoughts are subject to change as this fluid matter changes.

1. First, the Iranian Mullahs may be brazen murdering terrorists but they certainly aren’t idiots. They are keenly aware that the full might of the US military would obliterate them into non-existence. That statement can be taken literally. For perspective on what we’re seeing between the US and Iran, please watch the short video below. It’s self-explanatory.

2. It’s most reasonable to believe that the Iranian missile strikes intentionally honed-in on targets known to be low-value in terms of personnel/assets/casualties. Sure, they took a risk but it was a very calculated one and it seems to have worked out precisely as devised: 0 US casualties and that is important beyond words.

3. The Iranians have already conceded that they are standing down and not looking for a war, ergo, tonight’s strike was retaliatory only. Think peacock.

4. Understanding #3, we can view tonight’s events as ‘saving face.’ It’s merely a demonstration for the people of Iran and Iran’s important allies. Most importantly, it was only a show. Again, think peacock…. or Scut Farcas before Ralphy handed him his ass.

5. Here’s the entry point for the President and it’s all contingent upon no further military escalation from either side. Simply put, the President can utilize a multinational coalition as informed by the US Congress to package together myriad sanctions that will have devastating affects on the Mullahs, but attempt to spare the people of the nation. It’s an exercise in diplomacy, tactics, restraint and it’s presidential.

6. Here’s the avenue to come-out on top in a BIG way. Make Iran’s subjectivity to the formulated sanctions contingent upon two other things: a) it’s the only way to avoid a broader, precise and devastating US military strike in retaliation for the missile attacks and b) a NEW NUCLEAR DEAL is requisite for the deal or it’s off the table.

The DSSG is opening multiple fronts on the President who has yet to respond in kind. If he could execute a maneuver like this, he would permanently close a number of those fronts.

I suppose we’ll be wiser in the morning.




Here’s a basic summary of President Trump’s Iran address from earlier today. Please note that this is an incomplete summary written to serve this article; not fully representative of the President’s entire speech (it’s a pretty solid bullet point, meat and potato summary, though.) I also suggest watching the speech and it’s linked at the bottom. His tone is stoic, somber and beyond what I can recall having seen from him previously. He seemed a little off or worn-down to me. It’s a worthy watch.


  1. Opened stating that for as long as he “was President,” Iran would never have a “nuclear weapon.”
  2. Outlined the “$150 billion” that the Obama Administration gave to Iran.
  3. Specifically cited “1.5 billion” in “cash” from Obama to Iran.
  4. Cited that upon receipt of said funding from Obama, Iran promptly went on a terrorism spree.
  5. Specifically cited how Obama’s Administration paid for the missiles that Iran used to attack US installations yesterday.
  6. REVELATION 1 / CRITICAL / THEORETICAL: Essentially may have outlined the mechanism by which the DSSG/MIC was funding its effort to deploy Iran as a disruptive force in the region (all of Obama’s money followed by an immediate “terror spree” – that’s precisely what quid pro quo looks like.) Such efforts normally result in a ‘boogeyman’ that serves as the impetus behind further US hegemonic expansion courtesy of falsely predicated military intervention. Here, Trump’s implicit statement suggests that the US funded Iran to be a disruptive force in the region. Logically, it aligns with the myriad other aspects of the illicit Iran/US diplomacy under Obama. We’ll stay tuned to this for sure.
  7. PREDICTION CONFIRMATION: Announced severe economic sanctions on Iranian leadership
  8. PREDICTION CONFIRMATION: called for a multinational coalition, including the UK, Germany, France, Russia and China and, moreover, brilliantly called for NATO’s inclusion.
  9. REVELATION 2 / CRITICAL / ACTUAL: Outlined that the US’s energy independence and rise to the number one oil and gas producer in the world has fundamentally shifted the US’s priorities and strategies in the region (Middle East.) I see that as suggestive of a US hegemonic pullback and footprint reduction in the Middle East. If the President makes good on another campaign promise, this all bodes well for America’s infrastructure.
  10. Outlined a “$2.5 trillion” and complete military rebuild, which may be enough to appease the MIC temporarily.
  11. REVELATION 3 / CRITICAL / ACTUAL-THEORETICAL: Confirmed that hypersonic weapons were “under construction.” My contention would be that if they are now “under construction,” they are actually already deployed and ready for use; if not being used (Stealth technology was long deployed before it was revealed – that’s just how it works.) Ergo, this smacks as a very real warning outlining very real weapons capabilities but in a very unofficial capacity (can’t officially reveal classified technology.)
  12. Extended the olive branch to Iran stating directly and resolutely that, “We do not need to use it. We don’t want to use it.” as it relates to our weapons capabilities. He finished his address moving in the same direction stating his hope for a prosperous people in a prosperous Iran.
  13. REVELATION 4 / CRITICAL / THEORETICAL / POTENTIALLY ENORMOUS: Consider this potentially historic, monumental and landmark global diplomatic achievement: President Trump possibly galvanizing the UK, France, Germany, Russia (geopolitical enemy #2) and China (geopolitical enemy #1) in an effort to save Iran (world’s leading exporter of terrorism and geopolitical enemy) for the Iranian people. Good night! Look at the number of doors that slams in the faces of the DSSG/MIC/Democrats/Left/critics. Now, if all of that was actually pre-planned and not an organic construct being created around an authentic but emerging event and scenario, well then, that’s mind-blowing, Nostradamus level political maneuvering. Not sure what else to say. Suppose we’ll have to wait to eventually learn the truth.
  14. AFTERMATH: The President enjoys a temporary position of significant leverage right now. I expect the opening of a new front on the President in response to his commanding, resolute and Presidential handling of this entire incident. It will likely be something like a picking back-up on the impeachment push, tugging on North Korea, further intervening or undermining in Iran/Iraq, etc. Also, the 25th seems to remain in play as the ‘usual suspects’ are making their MSM rounds to continue to attack the President’s mental acuity and and overall disposition.

Here’s the President’s full and worthy speech.


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