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DIGGING DEEP AND EXAMINING 2015 CYBERSECURITY BILL AGAINST Q#3764 – The level of corruption here is truly astounding

The level of corruption here is truly astounding.

We are going to start with some basics and I’m lining it all out because it all matters and it all fits together.

Everything we’re seeing is NOT simply confined to anti-Trump sentiments or just Trump’s removal. Rather, everything we’re seeing is an effort to cover-up perhaps the greatest political spying operation of all time. Let’s begin.

As I’ve long contended, Trump, if you will, is really an innocent bystander in all of this. There was ALWAYS going to be a non-Deep State target so long as a non-Deep State candidate won the election. It had to be that way because that was the actual geopolitical landscape at the time.

Little did we know there was a global, gigantic, nebulous, metastasizing, festering web of US hegemony and corruption incepted in Ukraine and embroiling a cast of the usual Deep State suspects. Little did we know that Obama’s spying efforts were actually much more expansive and on a much longer timeline than what we’ve been told since 2016.

Recall Clinton’s post-election loss statement where she suggested that they’d all hang from nooses? She knew then. Remember the looks on everyone’s faces at the senior Bush’s state funeral? Those had to be ‘reminders’ – faces and authentic expressions don’t lie. They were reminded then and we all got to see it. Well, those of us paying attention, anyways.

Since 2016, most of the President’s enemies appear to have been responsive to his actions but as we have learned, they’ve been responsive to constructs created from even before his election. So, they’ve been responsive, but in a proactive mode so as to facilitate covering-up preexisting crimes and corruption.

By happenstance those plans were forced to entail removing President Trump because HRC was expected (rigged?) to win. Since impeachment has always been a known contingency, some of the dumber players put the cart in front of the horse when they called for impeachment pre-inauguration. Since then, they have subsequently made good on it all as calibrated to the 2020 election cycle. Does that not imply premeditation and planning? Of course it does. Q has also been routinely reminding of that by stating how she wasn’t supposed to lose (we know what that implies.)

Respective to the broader picture and the much longer timeline, it’s reasonable to believe that the entirety of the anti-Trump effort itself is a contingency for a loss of power (the Oval Office) – she wasn’t supposed to lose. No matter, all of it speaks to long-term planning. For example, a long-term political spying operation likely dating back to the early years of Obama’s first term is a safe bet.

President Trump didn’t hang these people (assuming something notable actually happens since the scoreboard currently reads Impeachment: 1’(as soon as Pelosi delivers the AOI’s to the Senate) and Indictments/Arrests: 0. Rather, they hanged themselves at the precise moment they were unwittingly interceded before and on election day. Apparent forces for good embedded within the federal apparatus saw to that. Since then, the Deep State’s self-entanglement in the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 is merely a circumstance of it all.

More recently, CTH/Suncance has keenly identified three more individuals as actors of good within the FBI. These FBI employees are working to implicitly deliver off-reservation fact sets within the OIG FISA report footnotes. Their efforts are antithetical to the Deep State and its broader effort.

All of that preceding information is critical to understand what follows. So, can we can agree that we’re seeing is a deep, broad, international, highly entangled and corrupt cover-up operation that is both malleable and with multiple contingencies set to trigger as needed? Just look at what the Lawfare Group has rolled-out so far: “impeachment” before inauguration, transition to Russia, transition to Mueller, transition to Ukraine, transition to impeachment with promises and threats of a second/continued impeachment; and with the 25th Amendment conveniently standing-by.

Here me loudly and clearly and that includes you, Mr. President – THEY WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY ARE MADE TO STOP. The criminally complicit are fighting for self-preservation and most of the rest of them, which includes ‘the good guys,’ are fighting for institutional preservation, which is really no different than any other cover-up operation. Those ‘trusting the plan’ ought to know that the window to pragmatically, logically and practically expect to see real justice fully delivered in stark sunlight is a very, very small one remaining slightly open and on a very short timeline. By all means, though, we should all continue to hold-out hope. Seriously. I just encourage pragmatism while doing so.

Accepting this outlined information at face value gives clarity when attempting to accurately see this dog and pony show the Deep State has placed onto the world’s stage. Consider the tasking Obama’s administration faced as it exited the Oval Office. It was in the mode of constructing an angle relative to the existing political landscape so as to cover-up and protect a political spying operation likely dating back to the early years of his first term (another timeline I’ve long contended.) Following Trump’s inauguration, all of that sensitive information would be directly or indirectly accessible by Obama’s (many non-Deep State) political foes. The depth and breadth of that trove of information is absolutely, 100% worth the insane levels of risk the President’s enemies have taken. That’s why things are so absurd and so crazy right now. They’re trying to mitigate insane levels of risk with devastating consequences awaiting them.

Understand that by design, their cover-up construct is made to look and function as if it pertains to a limited scope and timeline. Generally, it’s the Trump umbrella and 2016-present, respectively. In reality though, it is vastly more expansive scope and it’s on a much longer timeline; likely dating back to early in Obama’s first term. The deception here is clearly by design and understanding this helps to piece the rest of it together. Another way to look at it is this. You get pulled over for speeding and are glad to receive the ticket because the cops are looking the other way on the four banks you robbed first.

For context, let’s revisit some basic fact sets:

1.     The opposition-funded bogus Steele dossier was recently learned to have been funneled to the FBI by John McCain. We know that the dossier was used in a second and successful attempt to predicate at least one FISA warrant that was used to target a presidential candidate and campaign and subsequently a sitting president and his administration.

2.     The bogus Steele dossier was legitimized by John Brennan when he purposefully included in the President’s Daily Brief. The critical step of including the dossier in the PDB, which contains only highly vetted intelligence, is foundational to the entire corrupt and criminal effort. Brennan’s action instantly provides manufactured veracity to otherwise fraudulent information. This also provides the opposition with manufactured talking and leverage points of high value. “Why would they bother to brief the president in a highly vetted format if the information were not likely true and accurate?” That’s precisely how constructs like these appeal to otherwise intelligent but ignorant (don’t have the facts and information) people. It’s why such appeals so easily gain traction in the MSM.

So how does all of this speak to Q post #3764 from 28 Dec 19? Here’s how.

Yesterday I took time to visit an OIG report that was published on the OIG’s site as noticed back on the December 20th. What I found in the aspects of the report I read (haven’t read it all) caused me to write this brief article ( ), which overlays the Cybersecurity Information Act of 2015 against the backdrop of the entire anti-Trump effort from the election to the present. Limited on characters, I didn’t say all that I wanted to.

The general point I was making is simply this – the foundation for spreading information and disinformation across the federal apparatus was legislated and signed into law BEFORE the 2016 election. Unless it was based upon polling data that NO ONE HAD, which is actually highly likely because everyone in the MSM had Clinton coming out in the 90%+ range, it could not have been written for President Trump specifically because it was pre-election. Congress passed the law on 18 Dec 15 and Trump wasn’t nominated until 19 Jul 16. So, unless it was a simply a precautionary measure, Trump wasn’t even the candidate yet.

Notably; however, the legislation was also written to expire shortly AFTER what would be the presumed next Democratic president. A sunset clause was included allowing the legislation to conveniently expire roughly a month after a presumed inaugurated Democratic following what would be Trump’s second term. So, I suppose it’s only important to enforce cybersecurity when non-Deep State Republicans are in office? I digress.

Now consider the introductory paragraph from the Executive Summary (sourced below):

On December 18, 2015, Congress passed Public Law 114-113, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016, which includes Title I – the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (the Statute).9 The Statute was established to improve cybersecurity in the United States through enhanced sharing of cyber threat information.10 The Statute creates a framework to facilitate and promote the voluntary sharing of cyber threat indicators11 and defensive measures12 among and between Federal and non-Federal entities.13”

Executive Summary on Cyber Security

Let’s translate the quotation by putting it into basic terms germane to the broader anti-Trump, impeachment, coup d’etat effort. This is the power structure – the Deep State – literally legislating the mechanisms that will be necessary for any loss of power (the Oval Office) contingency. They are putting in place the functionality to attack their opponent as dictated by predetermined plans.

The cybersecurity legislation is in part evidence demonstrating that they had foreknowledge of the precise tools needed to accomplish a specific task. In order to know the requisite tools, you must know the task. If the task is known, it speaks to a broader that plan has already been developed and put in place. The timeline here places all of this back to 18 Dec 15, well before any November 2016 election and well before Trump’s nomination 19 Jul 16.

Now, let’s put some context into place. The Deep State wished to use this legislation and the power of it’s authority to support criminal efforts in their broader cover-up operation. The eventual Target would be Trump and the plan would merge the cyber aspect with the removal aspect. The former serving the latter. This all makes me wonder if they considered what might happen if they got caught on the wrong side of their own fence. Hmmmm. What then?

Well, consider the purview, jurisdiction and compelled actions that would have to be taken if the federal government learned that the DNC’s servers had been hacked by a foreign power. What would compulsory actions would they be subject to if a foreign power had acted counter to their interests in an act of crime that’s contextually cybersecurity; especially as it relates to an election?

They all passed the bill and they know what it requires. So, again, ask yourself these questions. Why was Crowdstrike employed? Why did Crowdstrike provide a sanitized and vetted – NOT COMPLETE – report to the FBI? Why the FBI repeatedly refuse to analyze the DNC servers themselves? Why did the FBI insist on using summary findings from a partial report from a private entity rather than investigate the servers using their own capabilities? Why does the Deep State continue to sell a constructed fake ‘hacking’ narrative.

If they don’t directly examine the evidence and rely on a third party’s investigation and understanding of it, they can claim plausible deniability on the back end. They can also fallback on conclusive results and steer the closed matter in another direction – the one we’ve seen.

Look at the degree of responsiveness the authorities would have to undertake in the event of an authentic cybersecurity event with real, factual evidence. Now, if you you’re looking to benefit from that legislation, great. That’s what the Deep State was trying to accomplish but as Q has reminded us, ‘boomerangs’ are in play. It seem to me that this is a complete “Oh shit!” moment for the Deep State. If sunlight hits the cybersecurity/DNC hack conspiracy, that boomerang is going to hit them between the eyes and they’ll be undone by their own making and legislation.

It gets worse and it’s back to the timeline:

Sep. 15 – FBI contacts DNC offices to report cyber concerns 18 Dec 15 – Congress passes cybersecurity bill 19 July 16 – Trump gets nomination 22 Sep 16 – First public disclosure of Russian election interference 07 Oct 16 – Intelligence officials confirm Russian interference 08 Nov 16 – Trump wins election

*Don’t forget the front-end authoring, sponsorship, mark-up, etc. preceding the 18 Dec 15 passage date. It speaks to an even longer timeline.


That’s right – everything we’ve discussed thus far occurred AFTER the FBI approached the DNC to report Russian cyber election interference. That’s the same FBI that ended up constructing the scaffolding for Mueller and the same FBI that willingly received fabricated intelligence on the President from a corrupt Senator in John McCain. It’s the same FBI that defrauded the FISA court. Oh, and that intelligence was paid for by the President’s enemies.

Notice how the bill’s passage is tucked neatly between the FBI initiating contact with the DNC and Trump getting nominated? Notice how all of the supporting evidence is rolled out after the stage is set? That’s precisely what long-term plans look like, no?

More from the executive summary,

“The Statute required the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to establish a capability and process for Federal entities to receive cyber threat information from non-Federal entities. The Statute designated seven Federal entities—the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Justice, and the Treasury, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)—to coordinate and develop publicly available policies, procedures, and guidance to assist Federal and non-Federal entities in their efforts to receive and share cyber threat indicators and defensive measures.”

– Executive Summary on Cyberserucrity

Now consider that President Trump recently came forward and further muddied the waters when he proclaimed that it was Ukraine that was responsible for compromising the DNC’s emails. Recall, I’ve spent a good deal of time outlining the corruption of the Bidens and the Pelosis (tip of the iceberg) as having rigged the world’s energy sector in a global corruption scheme. I’ve also branded Ukraine the KEYSTONE (my opinion only) for these and other reasons.

So then, with all of this in mind, ask yourself if the Deep State would be interested in pursuing legitimate cybersecurity crimes that link back to Russia and Ukraine? In that context do they really want to pursue cybersecurity matters with the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury and ODNI?

Allow me – hell no they don’t and that’s why Crowdstrike is key. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Now ask yourself this. Do you think this corrupt criminal cabal waited until 2015ish to start being corrupt or is it more likely that these leopards have always sported these particular spots ergo their corruption began much sooner? Do you think having a massive and capable spying operation might serve these corrupt miscreants well? All rhetorical.

Do you see it now? Q continues to remind us how stupid they are. In its most basic form, their own crimes are being undone by mechanisms they legislatively implemented to commit different crimes. D-U-M-B. It’s a long timeline and it’s much greater than “Orange Man bad.”

This all brings us to today. Today my suspicions in yesterday’s article were confirmed and verified and right on Q, we get this in #3764:

DNC server(s).
Did Russia ‘break-in’ to DNC server(s)?
Why did FBI accept ‘indirect’ evidence re: DNC server(s) ‘hack”break-in’ by Crowdstrike [Ukraine]?
Why didn’t FBI ‘directly’ investigate DNC server(s) [in-hand]?
Download speed internal data DL vs remote? [1]
How does one provide content to WL?
>person-to-person [1]
Personal comms [secured] prior to release? [1]
The (Source(s)):
>Feeder [1]
>Recipient [1]
Interning for the DNC can be deadly.
Does Crowdstrike possess ‘gov_capablity’ to trace ‘break-in’ route(s)?
Does Crowdstrike possess ‘gov_capability’ re: foreign intercepts?
Possible to layer/insert code [Crowdstrike] to designate intruder [intended target]?
NSA data_bridge DNC-Crowdstrike [bulk data collection]
Matters of National Security [Highest Levels].
FISA is only the beginning.
The hole is DEEP.

– QAnon

In typical cryptic fashion, today Q has taken us right back down the same road I wrote about yesterday. More importantly, Q’s efforts are in conjunction with the 20 Dec 19 OIG report that stands as relevant to the larger picture.

Q continues to remind us that we have more than we know. A while back I found legislation that served as pretext for using white nationalism as a 2020 campaign strategy. Further, I found legislation that was the pretext for the eventual payment of reparations for slavery. Shortly thereafter, the precise reparation narrative emerged in the MSM in the context of the Smollett travesty and the anti-lynching legislation.

My point in all of that is this – the chosen playing field is the geopolitical landscape and that means that players must play the game by the its rules. The rules require legislation in order to exact change and therefore to accomplish goals and objectives, legislation is critical. It’s our job to find that legislation because when you apply it to the timeline, it SPEAKS TO INTENT, PREMEDITATION AND MEANS. Do these people have the means, the motivation and the opportunity. Yes they do.

Just as legislation was found for the eventual exchange of money (reparations) and the sowing of political narrative and strategy, legislation was found demonstrating the longer, broader Obama scheming and planning effort. Moreover, with the same legislation, we can demonstrate precisely why the Deep State has resisted the facts and insisted upon a false narrative as it relates to the DNC, Russia, Ukraine, hacking and cybersecurity….. and energy…. and corruption.

The Deep State is out shopping for a cover story for the largest political spying operation ever. As they do, they’re attempting to cram Mr. Trump through an impeachment scheme to preserve themselves or corrupt institutions or both. Q reminded us of that today. Q also reminded us that the ‘hole is deep.’ In fact, it’s so deep that it goes directly back to the origins of the largest political spying operation in US history that I believe began early in Obama’s first term.


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