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Posts published in October 2020

The Promise of Dark Winter

In this article: 1) Further backdrop to DARK WINTER, 2) Further cementing nexuses between longstanding positions (Bidens, energy sector markets exploitation, LNG, Ukraine, Russia, China), 3) Delineating the $4 billion deal with the Bidens, CEFC, Ye, Rosneft, 4) Examining possible compromise on the parts of FBI Director Wray, AG William Barr

Devastated By Deception – Tedros, China and the CCP

In this article: 1) Analysis/temperature check on status quoCDC, 2) WHO, Tedros: historical and contemporaneous analysis; why did China install him?, 3) Tedros as extension to communism, tyranny and communist roots; rigged WHO procedural vote to install him, 4) Continued destruction of Bidens/Obama at Gnews/Gtv vis-a-vis Bannon & Guo; Patrick Ho

All Shall Be Under CCP’s Control With ‘Architecture’ and ‘Art Project’

In this article: 1) Gnews, Gtv, Saraca Media Group, Lude Media, Steve Bannon, 2) Developments in Biden Crime Family corruption, 3) China, CCP, Deep State & Democrats all in-league, 4) 3 hard drives in Trump's possession, 5) The "bioweapon plan"