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THIS is what it looks like when the Shadow Government/Deep State manufactures propaganda to support a preceding manufactured event – you get deranged Iranian leadership taunting the President of the United States on social media. (Source article at TGP)

These miscreants are suspected and, in some cases known, to be operating in Iran (including former Obama Administration officials) for some time. I would expect that the nature of the Obama Administration’s (conventional assumption here that the same intelligence apparatus cohort leading the Trump coup d’etat was aligned with the Obama Administration) involvement with Iran will eventually be proven to resemble what was occurring with North Korea. I believe there is still much to learn about nature of actual diplomacy between those two countries and the Obama Administration. Here’s just one example of supporting evidence: ARTICLE

Here’s another example that goes directly to Obama himself: ARTICLE

It should be noted that the Deep State/Shadow Government pulls those two levers (NK and Iran) on Mr. Trump with some regularity. Just see the news cycle of the last 3+ years for evidence of that.

The evidence depicts this Iran/Iraq event as a political construct being leveraged to attack certain pillars of President Trump’s platform.

Specifically, there are a at least three levers being pulled:

1) Serves as an avenue for the President’s enemies to flip the failed Iran deal back on him by working with Iranian leadership whereby former Obama officials and others continue to encourage them to ‘wait-out’ President Trump. Expect that to be further woven into it all (MSM, narrative, etc..)

2) It’s an extension of the MIC/DS/SG’s never-ending war in the Middle East contradicting campaign promises from the President to end such wars and invest that funding stateside in American infrastructure.

3) It’s an effort to assign President Trump his own “Benghazi” (it’s not difficult to spot their political projection – it’s abundant and everywhere.) This construct is devised to counter-check one of President Trump’s most effective talking points in the Clinton/Benghazi disaster that cost American lives.

The most fascinating aspect of the entire Iran/Iraq Embassy attack; however, is the very fact that President Trump immediately pointed his finger at Iran (not Iraq) as the country standing in the cross-hairs of US accountability and retribution.

Nope, he didn’t blame Iraq for an attack on a US embassy in Iraq, rather, he immediately blamed Iran. When I first saw that headline break, I immediately thought it was an incredible tip of the hand. He could have just handed us his cards, if you will. I think that reading between those lines communicates volumes.

That the President faced immediate criticism from the MSM and punditry, which was soon followed by apparent orchestrated attacks emanating from Iranian leadership, gives us even more ingredients to make moonshine: I think the evidence is clearly suggestive of a political construct hinging on a manufactured event that is being supported with manufactured propaganda.

This is what desperation looks like. They are literally pulling out everything they can literally manufacture.