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Posts published in December 2022

The Big Picture of War at All Costs: From the Petrodollar to Escalations and Corporations

The 94th article in the War, Famine & Disease series is a substantial one providing a deep examination of the petrodollar, war escalations under the cover of the Western World's major holiday season and the enmeshment of corporations in the private sector with focus on BlackRock and Vanguard.

The Keystone of Corruption: The projected FTX fix is unpacking in the full public spectrum

The Keystone of Corruption: The 18th article in this series dedicated to the FTX/Ukraine scandal examining and further evidencing how the fix is unpacking in the full public spectrum just as projected.

Western Holiday Season Throws Cover To War Escalations As U.S. Senator Calls for Putin To Be Taken-out

The 93rd article in a series dedicated to war, famine and disease that examines a problematic slate of new developments evidencing the escalation of a third World War under the cover of the Western World's holiday season.

Today’s Sam Bankman-Fried Is Yesterday’s John Corzine and In Between Is the Same Obama-Biden-Clinton Cartel

Examining yesterday's John Corzine as a roadmap to indicate where today's Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX/Ukraine matter will end: institutional preservation, cover-up and deescalated criminality.

If It Sounds Crazy, It Might Be: The Unvarnished Truth About the End Game of One Health

This article reviews an interview between team members Dr. Henry Ealy and Brian O'Shea to incorporate O’Shea’s investigative findings on One Health into the broader body of COVID-19 Moonshine work and evidence for the purpose of further developing our comprehensive understanding of it all.