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WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Iraq Exit Strategy Predicted Yesterday Directly Cited in Suspected Leaked Military Document Today: DIRECT CONFIRMATION

Yesterday, I outlined a painstakingly thorough but incomplete body of evidence suggesting that the President may have been in the middle of a calculated Iraq exit strategy that would allow him to keep the DSSG/MIC in check by honoring the sovereignty of Iraq on the world's stage. Moreover, he'd be doing that while again making good on another campaign promise.

ARE WE BEARING WITNESS TO PRESIDENT TRUMP’S IRAQ EXIT STRATEGY? Examining moves and countermoves in the Iran/ Iraq event as a withdrawal strategy

Is it possible that President Trump was able to prognosticate his way through the unending Middle Eastern complexity and intricacy to goad the Iraqis into expelling US personnel from the country? Was he able to make good on his campaign promise with what appears to be an insane level of political acumen, savvy and strategy?

DEVELOPMENTS & CONFIRMATIONS IN IRAN – MOVES AND COUNTERMOVES! – POTUS Authority for strikes dates back to April 8, 2019

TWICE UPDATED WITH HUGE CONFIRMATIONS: Moves and countermoves! In a way, you could argue that the Trump Administration’s assassination of Iran’s most senior military official is old news. At the least, it was foreshadowed. Here’s how.


This is what it looks like when the Shadow Government/Deep State manufactures propaganda to support a preceding manufactured event - you get deranged Iranian leadership taunting the President of the United States on social media.