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Posts published in “Institutional Preservation”

So, How Do You Think World War III Is Going?

Examining the continuing trajectory for a third World War through the lens of the pandemic, China and a number of warfare vectors informed by recent developments: NATO, Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan/South China Sea; Biowarfare; Nazi Amerika & the Fourth Reich; Capitol Insurrection Entrapment Operation; Manufactured Food Crisis; Good v. Evil.

FOCUS NARROWS ON BIGGER PICTURE: Trump’s Targeting and Kolomoyskyi’s Arrest

Trump to be targeted with the 14th Amendment to preclude him from running in 2024. At a time when the Bidens' corruption, crime and treason is actively being covered up in Ukraine by national and international bodies of authority, Kolomoyskyi the Ukrainian oligarch central to all things that matter in Ukraine - the KEYSTONE OF CORRUPTION, was just arrested for fraud and money laundering.

ANALYSIS: Tucker and Trump Tell the Truth to America and What Comes Next

Tucker Carlson fled Fox for Xwitter in the spirit of freer speech and on the first night of GOP debates, President Trump - the only man who matters - joined him. Xwitter still censors and shadow-bans so it's not actually free speech; thinking otherwise is asinine. On this night; however, President Trump and Carlson spoke freely about the TRUTH. The analysis indicates that WHAT COMES NEXT is revelations of the TRUTH the likes of which America has never seen and whereby the depth and darkness of treachery and treason will be revealed in ways to leave no doubt for any American; especially those Americans who have wrongly debased and disparaged President Trump on fraudulent grounds established by state-sponsored propaganda.

COVID-19, RICO and Enterprise Fraud: Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That's how the old adage goes and it's only a primer for the discussion about what the COVID-19 "pandemic" actually was. Some 3.5 years after it began, most of America has yet to discern, reconcile and accept the horrifying reality of a so-called "pandemic."

TRUMP INDICTMENT: Timing of Latest DJT Indictment Again Follows Biden DOJ Cover-up Maneuver as Communist America Reaches Full Banana Republic Status

Staying to a clear and arduously evidenced pattern of tactically scheduled, weaponized and two-tiered justice, immediately following Weiss' appointment, Trump was indicted again as a deflection point construct with a paralleling objective of removing Trump as the most viable candidate in 2024.