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A Frank Discussion On COVID-19, Enterprise Fraud and Those Who Deny It At the Expense of Everything and Everyone

A frank discussion on COVID-19, its existence as a construct of enterprise fraud and a direct appeal to the naysayers still holding onto the "pandemic" at the expense of everything and everyone. Points are evidenced in another wide slate of new developments supporting old positions.

The Designed Destruction of America Intensifies as the Midterms Near and the Multiple-Front War Escalates

The 82nd article in a series dedicated to war, famine and disease: It's clear to see. It's all arduously and copiously evidenced. Crimes against humanity, overthrow and enterprise fraud continue to fuel and foment a tragic and visceral state of affairs in America while fraudulent "pandemics," fabricated states of emergency, extraconstitutional tyranny and manufactured war further escalate and intensify to our own future demise and the burgeoning technocratic global plantation on which the survivors will be relegated.

Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part I)

In this article: (Part 1) Standing resolutely on our FLYNN FIRST! position as his pardon/dismissal looms. Tying this to Pelosi's 20 Jan 21 leveraging of COG protocols relative to Powell, Hammer (Scorecard) and the stolen election and tying it to Sullivan's assignment to Trump's election lawsuit. Part 2 will detail our future course respective of a Trump 2018 EO.