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17 Apr 20 / (THIRTIETH article in a series). Today's article is loaded with detailed graphics to help facilitate consuming large amounts of content in a single image. Listening to team members and readers who have thoughtfully provided constructive criticism and feedback, we're making adjustments all rooted in getting you the best, most detailed and evidence-supported information succinctly and efficiently.

Did China Steal the Keys to the Castle? Do Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia & HSBC Tie Stolen Election to California PERS?

In this article: Extending on AG William Barr's tenure at Kirkland & Ellis; including his time there when the firm was advising Staple Street Capital on the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems, against the backdrop HSBC and introducing Sequoia Capital as a major player.

Did QAnon Just Directly Tie Compromised U.S. Lawmakers to China and in the Worst Way?

02 SEP 20 (FORTY-NINTH article in a series) Did you see what QAnon dropped today? Did you pay attention to not just the contents of the posts but to the timestamps thereof and, more importantly, the nature of the very last post and whereby it all converges for meaning? There are potentially huge revelations contained therein that just might come to fruition in the near future and it's all gleaned from our perspective and position on low-hanging fruit; it being a reference to the natural progression of criminal investigations and whereby law enforcement nets results by squeezing lower-level offenders in pursuit of their principals.