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12 Apr 20 (TWENTY-EIGHTH article in a series) As Americans near a breaking point with a locked-down country, a ravaged economy, raging cabin fever, unreasonable local authorities (in some places) and millions out of work, it seems the evidence is demonstrating that the CAUSE OF DEATH is FOR SALE. The asking price? Only a 'new normal.'

COVID-19, IMPEACHMENT AND THE W.H.O. BRAID TOGETHER LIKE A ROPE: Overlaying 3 timelines to demonstrate COVID-19 as a political construct shielded by the diversion of impeachment

(NINETEENTH article in a series) How much do you want to bet that the timeline strands of COVID-19, the WHO and impeachment braid together like a rope in a visibly demonstrable pattern of moves and countermoves that plausibly reflect one political construct being utilized to shield and clandestinely usher-in another more nefarious political construct?