Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part I)

Flynn First! It’s been our battle cry for months and months dating back to the spring and as we came to understand the broader significance of Lt. General Michael Flynn in all things relative to President Trump’s first and presumably second presidential terms. It all began with Flynn. They made him their first and highest priority target and then vectored-in on the Trump administration using the Good General as the vehicle to do so.

This was all accomplished by the previous administration’s panicked mid-January 2017 exit plan and it leveraged the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) as the primary mechanism. We’ve covered that comprehensively and to the tune of about a hundred articles. Moreover, in September, I wrote a recapitulation of it entitled Flynn First Through the Looking Glass and it’s the ‘looking glass’ angle that should hold everyone’s attention. More on that momentarily.

Yesterday, developments broke indicating that President Trump had reportedly made known his intentions to pardon Lt. General Michael Flynn. Thereafter, a piece from Axios surfaced with a first report that supported several posts made online regarding the same.

There was some cloudiness as to whether corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan would be granting the rule 48 dismissal that has mired Flynn’s case in delay for so long or whether it would be an actual pardon by President Trump.

It matters not. What matters is that Flynn’s case is fully remedied and reconciled and with Flynn walking away from it clear and free; as he rightfully should. That can be achieved by either a pardon or a dismissal so ‘the how’ pales in comparison to the net result. It’s FLYNN FIRST! and it always has been.

A long-held cryptic component of the Q fabric has been the notion of a ‘looking glass’ and it wraps back immediately to Flynn before extending far beyond it and into the future, so to speak. In this instance, many folks erroneously cared to chase whimsical and fantastic stories about time machines and technology that supposedly permits people to peer into the future. That’s nonsense; at least in this context, and it’s a great way to get sidetracked, lost in the weeds and miss the most important aspects of real matters altogether. This stance underpins my approach to the work, which focuses only on real and tangible evidence.

That approach and strict adherence to the evidence delivered precise results ergo, always hang your hat on what is demonstrable and provable. Just ask Sidney Powell. I digress.

What folks appear to have at best missed and at worst dismissed, is that Sidney Powell directly cited the ‘looking glass’ as the moniker ascribed to the discovery process back in mid-June. We reported on it then and it is the buried gold, here.

Now pause to consider what has transpired chronologically since that mid-June post was made; and taking note of the sequence and timing. We’ll begin with this and I encourage you to watch this fully. As you do, study the document extracts as much as you study the body language and mannerisms of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Note: regular guy here and this is an early video attempt so it moves slowly.)

Pelosi only told half of the story in July and the analysis delivers three critical pieces of information:
1) although the effort to steal the election outright presents in full sunlight, the actual play involves a delay strategy framed by two long established positions a) everything is calibrated to and pinned on the 2020 election timeline and b) ‘DELAY IS THE PLAY!’ recalling that the overarching strategy was to drag all important matters past either i) election day and/or ii) inauguration day;
2) the mechanism to be leveraged in removing the President is continuity of government protocols (COG) and not a stolen election, rather the stolen election is the impetus to invoke COG (horse/cart scenario with the understanding of the finer details needed to get the order right); and
3) the established pretext narrative surrounding the Kelly/Mattis military cohort that stands antithetical to the President and ready to be leveraged to justify Pelosi’s enforcement of COG and the removal of the President (as delivered by the MSM, of course.) We began reporting on that in June.

So, understand that the stolen election wasn’t devised as a plan to steal the election outright, even though it appears that way. Don’t get me wrong, though. If they could shoehorn us into it, they would, but there are two notions that factor in here.

For one, it couldn’t be done mathematically with the numbers too great to be overcome and accounted for and this is demonstrated by the same internal polling we outlined in mid-June and which allowed President Trump to assume a ‘lie in wait’ posture. Ergo, EVERYBODY knew the President’s 2020 haul of votes would be unprecedented and historic; including his opponents and the MSM, meaning that mathematically, it would be impossible to steal the election outright and then prove that with fidelity.

You’re seeing that right now, right?

It’s simple math – the broader voter turn-out would exceed the average voter turn-out percentage at the same time the number of actual votes would exceed eligible registered voters in key locations and in alarming numbers.

In other words, Biden’s total vote would have to be augmented so heavily with fraudulent votes that it becomes a statistically impossible scenario to achieve and demonstrate. We knew this a long time ago.

Now, consider two things. For one, our sources had the President feeling comfortable about exceeding 300 electoral votes and I reported this in our pre-election coverage. He later confirmed that himself.

Secondly, as previously reported and in the aftermath of the election, Sidney Powell claimed the exact same scenario and described it by stating that the algorithm deployed by the Hammer (Scorecard) on election night actually “broke” as caused by the wide disparity in vote totals that couldn’t be overcome; as indicated by the aforementioned internal and now actual polling.

This is precisely why vote counting was halted late on election night – it literally broke. I caught the roll-back in real time and posted this the following day after staying up until 0400 EST monitoring the results. In this instance, I was observing the tranches of votes being recorded at the same time the vote-in percentage was moving in the opposite (WRONG!) direction (more votes in, number decreases?).

The halt in counting votes as married to the late-night observation is precisely how and when Hammer (Scorecard) augmented the election results in several key states, thus flipping the election to Biden overnight and as most folks slept.

Powell is on record with a sworn affidavit of a key witness who observed all of the critical aspects of this precise process (and equipment) generating an election steal in Venezuela in 2012 (he was personally present).

Moreover, there is also this to overcome because frankly, I’m not sure how you do it assuming an inaugurated Biden/Harris administration were allowed to stand.

So all of this leaves us right where the evidence told us we’d be – sitting on an obviously stolen election designed to obfuscate the results, force litigation and mire everything in delay until inauguration day, which is the one date that I advised everyone to keep their eye on a long time before the election got here. See that handy-dandy countdown in the sidebar that has been there for months? As I type, we are 56 days out.

That’s the half of the story that Pelosi told us. Powell tells us the other half and again, it dates back to early August.

In August, Sidney Powell delivered an interview that retrospectively brings everything pertaining to the stolen election back to full circle. Again, I highly encourage everyone to watch this video for the granular details as to how Powell – IN AUGUST, nonetheless – specifically tied Flynn to John Brennan, the CIA, Obama and…. HAMMER (Scorecard).

Again and focusing on timing and sequence, consider the following. Since all of these developments have occurred and before Flynn’s pending pardon/dismissal was known, Powell had begun working on behalf of the American people by filing suit regarding the fraudulent and stolen election and whereas she was appearing alongside Rudy Giuilani and coalescing with Lin Wood, who is pursuing similar litigation for the President. Meanwhile, Flynn’s case still lingered in delay. All of this led to some confusion about Powell’s role; especially in the aftermath of the President’s public distancing from her, which actually pertained to fundraising, but it was noise and should be dismissed as we dismissed it.

To the larger point that gives the appearance of foreknowledge, coordination and planning. Powell transitioned to election litigation before Flynn’s dismissal/pardon was known so was it anticipated? Consider that the two cases are so intricately enmeshed that they can’t be separated and whereby Powell oversees both?

I don’t believe in coincidences; especially when beforehand Powell so accurately described the aftermath of the election as it now stands and right down to the very details of Hammer and Scorecard.

As I put it last night.

So, we stand resolutely on our position of FLYNN FIRST! and we did so by limiting our perspective to the evidence. That evidence has us properly positioned to further develop and understand where all of this is going moving forward.

There’s one more vector bearing down here that came to light yesterday and it deserves close scrutiny before we close this out.

Yesterday, it was learned that Sullivan, in addition to having been assigned to the Flynn case, was also assigned to Mr. Trump’s case where Trump (campaign) is defending himself against allegations of trying to overturn an election. How rich the irony?

Here’s what’s important as you read this. The DC Circuit is an anomaly – it’s judges advance (think SCOTUS) and it’s the only circuit that has all of the judges within it residing in one city; that city being rightfully regarded by many as the most notoriously corrupt of them all.

Each circuit court has its own set of rules and procedures for about everything and there is no federal uniformity in this regard. It makes for a perfectly swampy mess predisposed to corruption but then again, the circuit courts are inherently geographically representative and so they take on the local flavor, so to speak. The scholarly take here is that all of our founding principles and ideas rest on a risk/reward or cuts both ways foundation and this notion is no different.

Walk across the street and you may get hit by a bus. Or you can live in fear and stay on one side of the street for your whole life (if you haven’t noticed, there’s a “virus” out there forcing you to one side right now and for foreseeable future.) Risk is requisite to living and that is universally unavoidable. I digress.

Form the DC circuit’s own rules, consider this as just one potential portal to place an asset. In this case, corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan, has been placed for an intended purpose. As you read it, understand that the entirety of the DC circuit’s rules is a convoluted mess rife with opportunities for corruption designed to overcome the court’s numeric anonymizing process in the assignment of judges by the clerk. There are myriad ways within those rules; consider one.

If I were still employed as an investigator and I were working for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood or Rudy Giuliani, I’d be taking a very long, hard and skillfully close look at precisely how Mr. Sullivan was able to put a thumb squarely on Mr. Flynn and Mr. Trump at exact times those thumbs were demanded by the political continuum devised to overthrow this presidency and hand the nation over to China as delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, race riots/domestic terrorism and a stolen election.

In Part II of this article, we’ll dive deeply into an executive order signed by President Trump in 2018. There is a clear path ahead of us and although it is set with treasonous and ultimately frustrating obstacles, it is a path that must be forged. It is also a path that demonstrates why Mr. Trump will serve a second term.

Stay tuned. Part II is on the way. Perhaps a bourbon, first; neat, of course.



God Won the Second American Revolution

Please allow me to share with you what is perhaps the most distinctly American and consequential story in world history and one that demonstrates the unshakable nature of American resolve. It’s a story about how God won the Second American Revolution.

It’s a story that few foresaw and it was at a time when this grand constitutional republic – the one we call the United States of America – was manifest in such a way that it resembled the darkest, most ominous and most treasonous nightmares in contemporary times and as envisioned and contemplated by the Founding Fathers as they weighed the inherent risks of self-determination against its unparalleled rewards.

As Thomas Jefferson stated, “Among the latter, under pretence of governing they have divided their nations into two classes, wolves and sheep.” Or John Adams, “There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.” And as Aaron Burr reminded us, “Law is whatever is boldly asserted and plausibly maintained.”

What if the mechanisms to create (legislative), interpret (judicial) and enforce (executive) the law no longer worked for The People? What if and in their stead, a pack of wolves rife with treason and standing antithetical to America and Americans came to possess the keys to the kingdom? What if it asserted and maintained its own unconstitutional brand of law to serve its own ends?

The brilliant minds responsible for the framing of what has become the most significant democratic society in human history were meticulous and responsible so as to examine and delineate the risks of self-government. They did so because those risks were entirely plausible. It deserves asking whether anyone called them conspiracy theorists.

Be reminded of Ben Franklin who, upon exiting the Constitutional Convention and in reply to a question posed by a group of citizens inquiring about the nature of the newly minted government, stated, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

What if Franklin’s warning was a foreboding one? What if we didn’t keep it? What if the Founding Fathers’ fears actually materialized in full light as over time, Americans abandoned their civic duty and spirit of individual American ruggedness exchanging them for the false promises of consumerism and senses of self-entitlement and self-importance?

What would happen if The People were manipulated, deceived, conned, programmed, coerced and even forced into the herd of sheep by both hostile foreign actors and its own government and representatives? What if The People were naively fooled into believing it were all for good?

What if this wolf pack boldly asserted its own brand of law and then boldly shoehorned it into place in the American fabric by means of leveraging all of its corrupt institutions and forcing it all down the throats of the populace? What if the populace was simultaneously lied to, extorted and stolen from so as to finance a global criminal network that has been branded as progressive Globalism?

What if that had taken place over on a generational timeline and the populace had been living in a controlled construct for decades; one dating back to the 1940s and demonstrably much earlier? What if the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 and COVID-19, among others, were merely stages resting on a broader and nebulous political continuum driven by a predatory pack that first began to prowl decades ago?

What if this wolf pack maintained a stronghold on the quality and substance of information that Americans had consumed in all forms and for decades: news, television, music, movies, publications, etc.?

What if supposed real events were actually created, staged and executed for the express purpose of influencing public opinion and driving the sheep to desired positions so that it becomes easier for them to swallow what is being rammed down their throats at the same time they relinquish what little remains of their individual rights and liberties?

What if this pack of wolves conspired with those the sheep trusted most? What if this pack invited in America’s most formidable enemy in its chief political, economic and military rival in China and the CCP?

What if this hostile and foreign nation directly interfered in a presidential election at the same time it conspired with a wide swath of American traitors and beginning with politicians on both sides of the aisle? What if they conspired to launch a bio-weapon of mass destruction against the United States of America? What if that bio-WMD was devised with American money, know how and assistance and was deployed with the intent of delivering a stolen election while eviscerating historic gains economically and otherwise?

What if this viral construct were in place to leverage the population with a permanent tool for enslavement that is available for manipulation at any time? What if this construct is rooted in fundamental psychology devised to control populations with obedience delivered by fear propagation and with great effectiveness?

There were myriad important questions begging to be asked and answered in this story. And so those questions were asked but only by the relative few and with the relatively small voices they possessed.

The population was split between those bending a knee to ineffective mask mandates and other draconian imposed guidelines and those not. On one end of the population spectrum there were folks to be lost and never recovered; clinging to their duplicitous Democratic Party idols from a bygone era of crime and corruption. On the other end, there were the true outliers, outcasts and those who cared not if they were ridiculed and who challenged the viral enslavement narrative directly demanding freedom, liberty and justice.

As it would be, this war was one for the mind and unfortunately, the American mind was a feeble one on average and the strong-hold grip it was under was unbreakable.

Still yet and with an undetermined spirit, the far-spectrum outliers and outcasts forged ahead. They and the patriots in follow subscribed to the same unmitigated determination of their President and in that light, we are reminded again of the nature of patriotism; especially reflecting back on the visceral hate, violence and vitriol of the past four years.

As Mark Twain put it, “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

It’s a story emblematic of a time resting on a generational continuum that allowed dark forces of evil to coalesce in the backdrop of the behemoth leviathan we call the federal apparatus; only to further penetrate and infiltrate right down to state and local levels across the nation and in politically important locations, especially.

It’s a story about the brazen and wicked attempt by this treasonous cartel to leverage federalism to overthrow a duly elected president as he stood upon the precipice of a second term and by historic proportions.

It’s a story about how this metastasized, parasitic and treasonous neoplasm encroached within a hair’s width of enslaving the planet in the most nefarious of ways. Many Americans – if not most Americans – had lost their collective way in pursuit of priorities that strayed far from the traditional American values, morals, ethics and laurels that founded and built the Republic into the Great American Experiment.

It’s a story about the delivery of the right man, in the right place, at the right time and tasked with doing the right thing, which entailed the impossible. The impossible being excising the evil cancer that has stricken this nation and brought her to her virtual knees.

This man’s arrival was replete with his foundation of religion and his belief in God; both of which underpin all that he does. This man, who possessed the wealth of kings, built a business empire and held the world by the tail; who placed honor and duty to country before himself and his family just as he learned in his military school upbringing; who exposed to the unrelenting talons of the dark beast all that he held valuable and cherished so he could return the Republic to The People; this man did not happen upon us by happenstance. Rather, this man appears to have been delivered to us exactly when we needed him most.

It’s a story of President Donald John Trump and his circumvention of the corrupt and treacherous institutions that bear down with force and might over all things. Therein and resulting from unmitigated growth, the forces of institutional preservation are as undeniable as they are formidable thus the brilliant strategic maneuver to circumvent them altogether.

Such a circumvention required the President to forego pillar mechanisms such as the rule of law and due process as afforded by the Department of Justice. And investigative fidelity at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And honest and objective arbiters of the law in judges throughout the Judiciary.

Such a circumvention required the President to establish his legion as comprised by American patriots and heroes with impeccable character, backgrounds, trust and patriotism. They were American patriots and heroes like Lt. General Michael Flynn – the first and most highly prioritized target to vector-in on the Trump administration and overthrow his presidency; America’s Mayor Rudy Giulani who specialized in the type of gutting the nation required; and apex-predator attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood; all of whom assumed similar positions of risk alongside a fearless, determined and resolute President Trump.

Perhaps Ms. Powell said it best when and at a time Americans were unsure of the eventual outcome in all of this.

Powell’s statement came as the President’s legal remedies were exhausting, the certification of the Biden win was nearing and the reality of a Biden presidency was looking certain and settling-in.

For many Americans, if not most, there was an uncertainty as to whether they would be embarking on a promised “Dark Winter” as ushered-in by a demented career criminal in Joe Biden, who had enriched himself as Vice President by handing America over to the Chinese as delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray, or whether, just maybe, there was an avenue for a beleaguered but resilient President to actually demonstrate and then claim his rightful and historic electoral win and thus his deserved second term.

It was weeks out from the election and in a sea of uncertainty when Powell, fighting with all of her might uttered these words,

“We are going to take this country back. We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”


Sidney Powell delivered those fateful words in defense of every American, President Trump and the nation as whole.

It’s a story of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American public: the fraudulent investigation of General Flynn, the investigation into Russia and Ukraine, the President’s impeachment, the launching of the COVID bio-WMD, the engineered race war used to justify domestic terrorism and a stolen election so as to preserve power, authority and tyranny and to seal it all up and cover it up for good.

It’s a story about how the entirety of it could all be reduced to a fundamental war between good and evil. As America continued lingering in flux, evil had continued its winning ways and good was pessimistically sparse with few options for it then or ever.

It’s in precise moments like these, when The People hit rock bottom, that they are capable of making needed fundamental changes. Those moments present as if all is lost and despair is in order.

The tumultuous and nearly unbearable time between election day and Inauguration Day had everyone focused on 20 Jan 21 and wondering whether the mounting evidence of fraud and treason would be overwhelming enough to allow Mr. Trump to eventually rise above it all to rightfully claim what was his – a landslide of historic proportions and a second term.

What Americans failed to realize, though, is that they were focused on the wrong date – 20 Jan 21. Rather, it was the date of 14 June 1946 that really mattered. You see, it was on this date that God delivered to Queens, New York and all of America, Donald John Trump; who would eventually see his way to the presidency in 2016 to drive an agenda to restore the Republic to greatness on his way to 2020.

The litigation eventually exhausted, the evidence continued to mount and the promised declassification eventually came to fruition. From there, it was patently obvious and irrefutable that the 2020 election had been stolen as much as all of the other fraudulent and criminal components were factually so. It was also clearer than ever that Mr. Trump would go down as the best, most important and most consequential president perhaps ever.

Although Inauguration Day and its date of 20 Jan 2021 bore down with great might, in the end, it was the date 14 Jun 1946 that won this war for America.

And that is how God won the Second American Revolution.


The Second American Revolution Is Here

The Second American Revolution is here. We are living through one of the most momentous and consequential events; if not the most momentous and consequential event, in world history. President Trump’s legal team, which is comprised of trusted and known allies and patriots in Rudy Giulani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, are leading the way and at this point, it’s binary. Either the Second American Revolution manifests fully to deliver the freedoms and liberty that the American dream promises or we slip further into the dark abyss of the CCP.

As this press conference neared eleven minutes, the full force of it was perceptible and could be felt; it was palpable. Sidney Powell’s emotions began to surface emblematic of the gravity of the broader situation and representing a clear tip of the hand from an exceptional patriot who feels this as much as she understands it.

Related and on good authority and from a source that I hope to be able to share at some point in the future, the timeline for full revelations is down to days. Powell said as much and I hinted at that last night on social media.

“Many of the jurisdictions that have had this problem might not have known of the issues, but many did,” Powell said with emotions apparent. “And I think a full-scale criminal investigation needs to be undertaken immediately by the Department of Justice and by every state’s equivalent.”

Working to maintain raw emotion, Powell continued, “This is stunning, heartbreaking, infuriating and the most unpatriotic acts I can even image for people in this country to have participated in in any way, shape or form. And I want the America public to know right now that we will not be intimidated.”

“We are going to take this country back. We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”

Powell then departed the podium and exited.

The Second American Revolution is here.

Major aspects from Powell’s statement:

  • Massive influence of communist money in Venezuela, Cuba and likely China in the interference with U.S. elections
  • “Dominion Voting Systems, the Smartmatic (SGO) technology software (in particular)…were created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez.”
  • Signed affidavit from a witness is attached to Wood’s GA lawsuit; “It is a stunning, detailed affidavit because he was with Hugo Chavez while he was being briefed on how it works…he was with Hugo Chavez when he saw it operate to make sure the election came out his way…that was the express purpose for creating this software.”
  • Witness identified multiple state shutdown of voting on election night as comporting with Dominion/Smartmatic’s modus operandi.
  • “One of its most characteristic features is its ability to flip votes.”
  • Algorithms switched votes from Trump to Biden and were discovered due to Trump’s enormous landslide vote totals that “broke the algorithm” and prevented it from working as designed. This is the cause of the multiple state shutdown of votes.
  • At the moment of shutdown, the states literally hauled in fraudulent mail-in ballots through the back door to augment Biden’s totals.
  • Mail-in ballots were fabricated; many on pristine paper with perfect markings.
  • Ballots are delivered in “batches” and the same batches were being run and counted multiple times to rack-up votes
  • Statistical evidence corresponds to eyewitness testimony which corresponds to the infusion of fraudulent mail-in votes.
  • Dominion executives are “notably” not able to be located and offices are being moved.
  • The Dominion Toronto office shared with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (Soros)
  • Dominion leadership ties directly to the Clinton Foundation
  • Smartmatic is foreign owned (Antonio Mugica of Venezuela has controlling shares and all of the owners remain unknown; not provided by the company being hidden in a web of off-shore hidden entities.
  • Smartmatic previously acquired Sequoia Voting Machines.
  • Smartmatics foreign positioning relative to its ownership of U.S. voting machines presents a national security threat.
  • Again citing Maloney, Warren and Klobuchar, Powell questioned how these systems could be integrated into the U.S. electoral systems unless U.S. “3-letter agencies” were leveraging the systems in other nations, which they were.
  • Smartmatic patent holder (Smartmatic “leadership”) Eric Coomer is on record in a conversation with Antifa members saying, “He had the election rigged for Mr. Biden. Nothing to worry about here. They were going to F-Trump.”
  • Dominion is used 2,000 jurisdictions and 30 states
  • Votes can be determined by ratio: Trump .75, Biden 1.25 per actual vote. “Those may be the numbers actually used here.”)
  • Algorithm likely run across the entire country.
  • Evidence of votes being injected into the system 20 minutes apart and using the same unique 6-digit number multiple times (in at least 2 states so far.)
  • No oversight of Dominion or its software
  • Software features include “drag and drop” features to add or delete votes and with evidence of massive amounts of Trump votes being “trashed” and Biden votes being “injected.”
  • 2 primary drivers: the algorithm running to flip votes in real time and the access each operator has to interface with the systems to make essentially any desirable changes.
  • Evidence of benefits paid to people who spent $100 million dollars at the last minute to acquire Dominion/Smartmatic systems for individual states for this election.
  • The code for responsible for the alterations has been embedded in the source code found in voting machines across the entire country.


THE PLAN: Institutions, a Stolen Election and a War Footing With China

What is THE PLAN, you may ask? That all depends on whom you ask. A conventional plan as it relates to the President, the White House, the stolen election, the entire geopolitical landscape, etc. would be expressed in all of the conventional terms astute readers have heard forever. We call that the mainstream, right?

Right. The mind hold they have on the American public is profoundly frustrating. I often times use this expression – some of the smartest dumb people I’ve ever met. That’s how I describe otherwise good people with good intentions but who are lost to the wind and irrecoverably so when it comes to their addiction slurping the government’s Kool-Aid. They just can’t quit the propaganda and programming.

Don’t forget though, the President is messaging more than making fun of the MSM when he calls them the enemies of the American people.

THE PLAN in circles found outside of the MSM will run the full spectrum of alternative explanations; some of them sounding highly conspiratorial and for good reason. They’re branded that way to publicly marginalize off-reservation messengers. That’s why drinking moonshine is good for you.

Then there’s THE PLAN as per Q. I like that plan. A lot. A whole bunch, in fact.

I’ve also been very consistent on Q in terms of my position so don’t take that as an endorsement moving in the direction of Q being irrefutably authentic and genuine, because it isn’t.

But Q is, though, or so that is what I believe, which is different than what I’m stating to be factual or able to prove.

Back to THE PLAN as per Q. It’s a good one. So good, in fact, that it parallels reality so closely that it’s down right uncanny; and even more so when you consider the “future proves past” time machine capabilities of the Q fabric that are rivaled only by those of @EntheosShines on Twitter.

With discussion about a plan since 28 October 17, we’ve had plenty of time to vacillate over multitudes of interpretations of what all it entails and the breadth of that conversation, as aired-out online and privately by a lot of people over a long duration, is tough to put into words.

What you can do, though, is draw back to a more encompassing perspective and scope to examine THE PLAN at a fundamental level.

I recently shared thoughts about this on Gab relative to the Looking Glass, the thread for which you can find near the bottom of the THREADS page on this site.

What I failed to do and for no good reason other than lack of care, was to include Rudy Giuliani in the above.

It stands to reason that one pillars of THE PLAN was to circumvent the institutions altogether (work around Wray, Haspel and Barr) and the clear priority of twice-appointed Attorney General William Barr, who is confirmed Deep State on good authority and from confirmed sources.

Look no further than his complete dearth in prosecuting anything meaningful.

As I recently put it regarding Barr.

If you believe contrarily on Barr, I would suggest kicking back and reading What Did AG William Barr Know About Dominion Acquisition? and then read forward back to this point. You’ll likely change your mind.

Still yet, I leave the door open for him to make me eat my boot. We’ll see.

Another aspect of THE PLAN as per Q is the broader military nature of it and especially as it relates to the President as Commander in Chief and the role of Military Intelligence, which is assumed to be central to it all.

Within the Q dialogue and in certain circles outside of it, there is a line of thought outlining how Mr. Trump was actually asked to run for president and whereby his earlier bids were the warm-up to 2016. In the 2016 election, the same CIA-controlled asset that stole the 2020 election – Hammer (and now Scorecard) – was then un-rigged to permit the now-President to win a legitimate vote.

I keep saying this. Do you think Mr. Trump stood on the same voter fraud tracks since 2012 and allowed that train to just run over him? Hell no.

It’s really this simple. They knew they were going to steal it. He knew they were going to steal it. They seem to be the only ones – well, them China and the CCP – who knew they were going to use a bio-weapon of mass destruction and domestic terrorism to do it. Oh. sorry. I mean peaceful protest.

Actually, that’s not true. I predicted the riots by a rough three weeks. Know thy enemy.

From there it’s a matter of who has the best plan and sorting out all the dead bodies.

And in between, the Democrats have made it living hell for all of is. They’re encroaching on having stolen from all of us one full year of our lives. Pause a moment and let that sink in; especially if you have children.

You should never forgive them for that. I won’t.

One important takeaway in this is understanding how the 2016 efforts contributed to the “lie in wait” posture the Trump administration has assumed. Disregard what you’re hearing from the China-influenced MSM relative to certifying the election. A lot of fog of war, there.

I came out immediately and wrote an entire article that flies in the face of virtually all of the other positions to be found on this and I got to that position through the superseding lens in all of this – the prosecutorial lens.

It’s as simple as saying you can’t prosecute the crime until the commission of the crime is complete. Take that simple premise and overlay it with the election timeline. That timeline was the first position I established years ago saying that all of this is calibrated to the 2020 election.

From there we deduce that the small window becomes the time frame of the election to inauguration day, as established. From there we examine all of their actions relative to that timeline and look for anomalies. DELAY IS THE PLAY! – period. But that gives you a clearer understanding of why I allow that to underpin all of this. Because that’s what they’re doing – dragging it all past inauguration day.

The certification of the vote would render the commission of the crime complete and on the federal record, to boot. They know this and are trying to keep from getting there (DELAY IS THE PLAY!)

Here’s Tom Fitton ascribing to a similar position regarding certifying the election.

In the article I referenced, I postulated that Mr. Trump may be filing suit antithetical to his true intentions, which would be to force the certification of the vote. Why you may ask?

Think of it this way – if Mr. Trump contests the certification by means of litigation, it accomplishes two things: 1) the judge will likely rule in favor of certifying the vote for myriad reasons and importantly because it comports with regular process and whereby the judge would likely assign a timeline to compel the certification by a particular date thus expediting the precise timeline the Democrats are trying to delay and 2) it forces the Democrats to defend a position antithetical to their own interests. Ergo, they lose no matter what.

The bottom line is that Trump wins whether he wins or loses. It’s just so Trump of him, ain’t it?

And does he not have the best shit-eating grin in these moments; not to mention his sweet jig to The Village People?

We want the vote certified so we can prosecute the thieves. No apples in our basket until they are ripe. Capisce?

Here’s another reliable source (Tore) who recently took my same position on certification.

Moreover, assuming this position further supports another longstanding position that no one talks about; at least not until recently. I’ve had the countdown in the sidebar for months. It’s inauguration day.

Pelosi will leverage herself back into the Speaker’s chair intent on leveraging continuity of government protocols to insert herself into the Oval Office if there is still no vote result by this day. She told us this last summer.

DELAY IS THE PLAY! Been hollering about this day since July. Literally, everything they are doing is designed to drag past inauguration day. This is the guardrail for the stolen election that is being summarily undone and it’s what they will be compelled to fall back on; and it won’t work, either. More on that momentarily.

Conventional types like to scoff at the notions surrounding Mr. Trump presumably coordinating his efforts with the U.S. military – as Commander in Chief, I mind you – to rid ourselves of a metastasized behemoth of a corrupt and criminal Deep State tumor dripping in treason and Chinese communism.

I never understood why. Why would they close a door to legally plausible avenues without even exploring them? I don’t and prefer to go full steam ahead until something puts me on different tracks. More importantly, there’s been no reason to get-off those tracks.

Find one story you can say that about with the MSM and I’ll buy you a beer. I’ll have one, too, and a bourbon; neat.


Acting defense secretary Christopher Miller ordered the Pentagon’s top civilian overseeing the military’s special operations community to report directly to him, effectively elevating U.S. Special Operations Command to the same level of the Pentagon’s military departments. This means President Trump is able to directly handle special forces and reliable intelligence (as opposed to the FBI and CIA), to perform the ”72-hour” operation against the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). Tearing down the Great Firewall and target killing the Chinese kleptocrats in Zhongnanhai will happen anytime.


For anyone doubting that this may be a real scenario, further consider what’s posted below, which might as well be ripped right out of the Q fabric. For the enlightened, just consider the first source. How rich, no?

It’s reasonable to also take these developments in light of Mr. Trump making good on crucial campaign promises by reducing our military footprint in Afghanistan and bringing troops home from the Middle East.

I mind you; however, that it could also be reflective of a war footing scenario emblematic of a President exercising due caution in anticipation of having to plausibly confront our chief rival, in China.

As we learn more about China’s direct involvement with the election and as President Trump and his legal team spearheaded by Giuliani, Powell and Wood continue to present more and more evidence in this regard, the foundation for the election to be overturned back to Mr. Trump is growing and rapidly. Noting that I say overturned informally given that we still have no official result and are far from it – several weeks on good authority.

We reported early on election night that our inside sources had Mr. Trump comfortably expecting to win 300+ electoral votes. Then, on the back end of the confirmed story whereby Scytl’s servers were confiscated by the U.S. military from now two reported locations – Germany and Spain – it stands that the stolen election is mathematically and otherwise undone. Moreover, the actual election result from the Scytl servers is reported to be 410-128 Trump.

As we’ve been saying for a while – he’ll win in historic proportions.

Consider the following with important commentary continuing below.


New York Times reported that President Trump received 10.1 million more votes across the U.S. than he received four years ago…Sidney Powell claimed that evidence of election fraud is so overwhelming that the Supreme Court will have no choice but to take up the case. If Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to take up this massive case, he should be impeached.


As anticipated and as reported in our article bringing CISA back into the forefront, Director Christopher Krebs has been terminated for cause. That is a big deal and I refer you to the article for deeper understanding.

As for THE PLAN to redress the very real possibility of a severely escalated war footing transitioning into an actual hot war with China, well, THE PLAN is a simple one – avoid it all together. I wrote the extract below on 06 May 20 in an article entitled Making the Case for Treason.

The extract speaks to the war scenario component of THE PLAN and it’s a simple one – avoid it altogether.

I wrote this on 06 May 20 in an article entitled Making the Case for Treason.

We’re ending this on a note of hope and positivity while remaining based and conceding that escalations continually mount as the rest of the world has begun to learn what all of us here in this space have known for a very long time.

It is that China directly interfered with a U.S. presidential election that was stolen for a corrupt and treasonous Deep State pawn; that China successfully targeted the U.S. with an FBI-classified bio-weapon of mass destruction that ravaged it’s economy, education system and population impacting by it psychologically, spiritually, medically, physically and so on and in all regards; and that China has purchased and compromised U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, but especially the Democratic party, and especially the Biden and Pelosi crime families, in order to make all of it happen.

This includes the MSM, which is currently running point on the cinching of the noose in this coup.

So, where’s the good in all of that you ask?

The good is that THE PLAN is to avoid that armed military confrontation in lieu of a different path forward. The stewardship of THE PLAN has been and still is in President Trump’s hands; ergo, I stand by my previous comments.

Give the man a fistful of Nobels right now; perhaps two, because they’ll be in order as a result of his second term, anyway.


P.S. As mentioned in the article.

Did China Steal the Keys to the Castle? Do Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia & HSBC Tie Stolen Election to California PERS?

Let’s begin with a frank concession. The work in chasing all of this down is by design not intended to provide a full explanation. That’s not the purpose of the investigative reporting here and that approach would throttle us down to a severely slower pace and with less fruitful efforts.

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that my background as an investigator conducting intensive investigations for law firms and insurance companies rests heavily on overlaps, timing, sequence, etc. The research is vectored rather than broader or general and the two different approaches can produce differing results. Effective search parameters here include pairing entities to deliver those overlaps in consideration of the surrounding circumstantial fact sets.

Our goal does not entail being an expert on every sub-component resting on this converged political continuum but instead, in being able to establish important nexuses needed to demonstrate how and why each sub-component may serve the others and toward a common objective.

The common objective in this case is the overthrow of the U.S. government beginning with the the removal of a duly and twice-elected president in Donald J. Trump.

Let’s move forward.

We’re building on the previous two articles. In the first item, I established how AG William Barr had returned to Kirkland & Ellis in 2017 and was situated there at a time that Kirkland & Ellis was advising Staple Street Capital on it’s partial acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems, which has a clear tie to Smartmatic, which we’ve only examined at a cursory level thus far.

Herein, we’ll expand a bit more on Smartmatic’s role. Herein, we are also again compelled to ask, what did Bill Barr know, when did he know it and what were and are his intentions upon reentering the Department of Justice for a second stint as Attorney General and with that information?

Smartmatic systems were widely used in the 2020 election and in recent statements related to the company, counselor for both President Trump and Lt. General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, has indicated that the President had previously borne witness to previous stolen elections, which likely includes the stolen 2012 Venezuelan election whereby Smartmatic delivered the result.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, is the Vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds and his Open Society Institute and he serves as Vice‐President at the World Bank, which I directly tied to the COVID-19 construct and the issuance of pandemic bonds. In 2014, Brown joined with Smartmatic’s CEO to begin SGO and Brown served as Chairman of the board steering the company to handling the automation of the electoral process for a host of countries including the U.S. Notable is that in a September of 2015 interview, Brown admitted to a licensing agreement with Dominion.

For the relevance of Brown to bear down with full might, consider his aforementioned affiliation with George Soros in relation to the article linked below. It was article number one in what now nears 80 articles on this fake pandemic. NUMBER ONE. THE START. THE GENESIS OF IT ALL.


In the second item, we built off the established information regarding Barr to further develop it into more backdrop centered on former FBI Director James Comey, his tenure at HSBC relative to his subsequent tenure at FBI; and all relative to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. Therein, we clearly delineate Comey as the Clinton’s fixer and that’s exactly what he is and has been.

Critically important in the second article and a foundational element to this article is the fact that Dominion Voting Systems entered into a “security agreement” with HSBC Toronto; and taking note that Canada and especially Toronto is an established and recurring pattern. By means of this agreement, HSBC received ownership of patents pertaining to intellectual property associated with elections, ballots, systems, cyber and internet capacities, etc.

Think of it as a Chinese bank purchasing the plans that show exactly how to steal a U.S presidential election by directly interfacing with U.S. voting systems and machines.

Did China steal the keys to the castle?

Like I said, the HSBC path warrants walking.

This HSBC connection vectors the research in this article and we’ll begin with the dead ends that it delivers. Don’t be dismayed by dead ends, though.

Often times, dead ends are revisited later on and for further development that bears fruit once more facts come to light and I’m hoping that’s the case here. In the interim, the dead ends serve as reminders of what to look for going forward, so they’re important.

Here’s the first HSBC consideration with the major important aspects highlighted.

Here, we take note that HSBC is closing all of its positions on a company that represents China’s largest online education platform; that it occurred in a direct overlap with the election as being reported on 12 Nov 20; and that it is accompanied by a similar closing by Sequoia Capital.

This puts HSBC into bed with Sequoia Capital germane to China Online Education Group.


At this juncture, we are latching on to Sequoia Capital and for good cause. It should be noted here and importantly so, that Sequoia Capital and Sequoia Voting systems are only similar in name. They are not the same entity.

I also recommend taking a quick spin through Sequoia’s website by clicking on the above image.

Recall here that Sequoia Capital seeded or funded Dominion Voting Systems and HSBC Toronto acquired from Dominion Voting Systems 18 patents representing the intellectual property of Dominion. Those patents all pertain to direct interfaces with the U.S. election process by means of ballots, systems and machines. Again, see the last article for details here because they are imperative to have.

This is from GNEWS.

Moreover and from my source with an unparalleled background in finance, consider that, “Along with Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital is the most consequential and one of the oldest venture capital firms in the world. Their batting average and slugging percentage is 2nd to none.”

This is Sequoia Capital – Neil Shen Nan Peng.

This is also Sequoia Capital: Apple, Cisco and Google. What did the President say? Big money, big media and big tech? Exactly.

What entity has proclaimed Joe Biden president-elect and positioned him as such outside of due process and a legitimate election result? Big media. We can’t consider big media without the other two players, big money and big tech.

Here’s a quick sidebar to demonstrate just how nebulous all of this can be and how you could spend days running down one spoke on a hub full of spokes. Consider this.

You likely noted the highlighted portion detailing Sequoia Capital’s investment in Capitolis. What makes Capitolis important is this – it’s owned by Thomas H. Glocer.

Conveniently, Glocer coalesces with Shen et al in contexts such as the World Economic Forum and the Council on Foreign Relations and with Shen and Sequoia Capital being obvious funders or Capitolis. Take note of Glocer’s former employer and whereby he was CEO (made all of the decisions, no?)

It’s Reuters and as the Washington Times reminds us, 95% of Mr. Trump’s MSM coverage was negative and Reuters is definitely MSM.

I don’t have evidence of anything criminal or corrupt with Glocer but I can ask questions.

For example, would it be possible for Shen to agree to later fund Glocer’s future brand new company in exchange for his agreement to ensure that Reuters’ reporting aligns with the anti-Trump/pro-Biden narrative as it relates to Shen’s positions as outlined? Is that possible?

Is it plausible that this is how Glocer was paid “by the book”? And speaking of books, this scenario could be – perhaps should be – viewed as nothing more than the typical “DC book deal” on steroids, no? Quid pro quo or rather quid pro Joe?


You could also just take Tom’s own words as evidence of his positioning on Mr. Trump.


Again, I don’t have evidence beyond what I’ve shown here but I have a lot of legitimate questions.

You could run these spokes down from hub to rim forever and still not get to the bottom of it sans the investigative authority and capabilities of the FBI and DOJ.

Barr, Wray, hello? Anyone home? It’s been ringing for about 4 years, now.

Let’s depart this sidebar and return to our main purpose.

Do you have an issue with a Singapore businessman who owns one of the most powerful Chinese venture capital firms in the world seeding a Canadian-based company that is now centered dead squarely in the middle of a stolen election that China appears to have directed and whereby Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic are central to all of it? I do.

Shen’s entanglements are widely scoped and as just one example, consider the potential avenues created by his “Cyberbank” entity located in the British Virgin Islands in regards to the ability to shelter or distribute money.


Paying homage to brevity, we’ll refrain from running down each spoke of the Cyberbank hub for now.

Returning to the entity that has Sequoia Capital and HSBC in bed together, what do we know about China Online Education Group and why would it even warrant examining?

I’ll remind you of this. The fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic that is entirely a false flag political construct being driven by manipulated and cooked-up infection and mortality data involved an early conspiracy between a Harvard University professor, Charles Lieber, who was smuggling coronavirus strains to China, and Chinese nationals.

Also recall that

Dominion: From Barr, Kirkland and Ellis to Comey, HSBC

The last article focused on the timing and placement of Attorney General William Barr as it relates to Dominion Voting Systems, which is obviously at the heart of this stolen 2020 election. Therein, we discussed how the enigmatic Mr. Barr, after having served as AG previously when appointed by by George H.W. Bush, had returned to the private sector after he left the DOJ. I outlined his background in the All Holds Barred article wherein we learned that Barr had returned to work at Kirkland & Ellis in 2017.

It’s Kirkland & Ellis that binds Barr to Dominion Voting Systems as the firm guided its acquisition by Staple Street Capital during the time Barr was working at Kirkland & Ellis and before he left the firm to return to the DOJ for a second stint as AG and at the behest of President Donald J. Trump.

So which Mr. Barr did Mr. Trump get? The one vested in Kirkland & Ellis and the circumstances enveloping Dominion and the stolen election or the one that would take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution?

We still don’t know the answer to that question so we continue to look.

We can pick back-up with looking by considering that Staple Street Capital was founded by the Carlyle Group. As GNEWS recently put it,

Staple Street Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2009 based in New York. The co-founders Stephen D. Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh are veterans of The Carlyle Group and Cerberus Capital Management, also the Board members of Dominion Voting. The official website of Staple Street Capital has deleted the team introduction.

Here is what we know about the Carlyle Group and again, from GNEWS, “The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation, with more than $203 billion in assets under management across 126 funds and 139 fund of funds vehicles.

In April 2003, it was reported that the Carlyle Group is managed by a team of former US Government personnel including its president Frank Carlucci, former deputy director of the CIA before becoming Defence Secretary. His deputy is James Baker III, who was US Secretary of State under George Bush senior. The financial assets of the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) are also managed by the Carlyle Group. The Bin Laden family liquidated its holdings in Carlyle’s funds in October 2001, just after the September 11 attacks, when the connection of their family name to the Carlyle Group’s name became impolitic.

Many influential characters have worked for or invested in the group, including John Major, former UK Prime Minister;Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, former Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros, and some bin Laden family members. You can add Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC, to this list. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Pöhl, former Bundesbank president; Henri Martre, former president of Aerospatiale; and Bilderberg steering committee member Etienne Davignon.

We can notice that in 2009, the former director of Carlyle founded Staple Street Capital, and William Kennard who is an Executive Board Member of Staple Street nominated as ambassador to the EU by Barack Obama in 2009. This may be related to Obama, and the Carlyle Group is accused of being related to the Bush family, which also reveals why Bush supports the Obama Biden administration.


Taking what we’ve previously outlined in regards to Mr. Barr, we can now paint Staple Street Capital, vis-a-vis the Carlyle Group, as enmeshed with the same leviathan Deep State that has Mr. Trump in its cross-hairs and fatally so.

So, again, which Mr. Barr did Mr. Trump get? Is it the Carlyle Barr or the MAGA Barr?

What was Mr. Barr’s agenda upon arriving at DOJ for round two? Was it to cover-up or gut-it or somewhere in between where he dabbles in some lightweight prosecutions while quietly ushering the big players out the back door? That latter scenario is called institutional preservation and I’ve covered the topic related to Barr in nearly 25 separate articles.

Now, it’s clearer than mud. On we go.

Let’s now consider James Comey’s former employer, HSBC, also known as HONG KONG SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION. Here, we care to take note that runs this through Canada and specifically, Toronto.

Recall that roughly after a year serving at HSBC, Comey was then appointed to become FBI Director and this coincided with the departure of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, which bears down on the fact that Clinton’s State Department was dirty, afoul and corrupt to the core. Just ask Ambassador Stevens.

What did Comey do while at HSBC? Before we answer that, consider this extract from the Millennium Report (emphasis added),

In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity. HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the Bank and its officials. HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was Sec of State). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do, and let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry 1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminal. Exactly when everyone involved with HSBC Bank (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were being let off without penalty, and cover had to be provided to HSBC, Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal). He was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.


So Comey was the middleman and the cover-up operator for the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation in regards to HSBC. Sound familiar?

Did you take note of the scope of HSBC’s entanglements: money laundering, Mexican drug cartels, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.? We’ve addressed every single one of those – ad nauseam – in all of this and here they are again and tied directly to the Clintons, the CF, Comey and the rest of them.

Let’s review this Comey statement from his tenure as FBI director,

In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those things here.


It should be patently obvious that Comey is the Clinton’s fixer, he’s appointed and serves where needed, makes the fix and then exits. It is otherwise termed his modus operandi. It should be obvious that HSBC has long-established entanglements in the full spectrum of things.

So, with Comey, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and HSBC in mind, consider the following security agreement and note that the “receiving party” is HSBC in Toronto. From there, the question becomes this. What did HSBC receive?

(Document extracts below, full document HERE.)

Did you take note of the selling party to HSBC? Dominion Voting Systems? Did you note the date (25 Sep 19)? Do you know what Dominion Voting Systems sold to HSBC? They sold the intellectual property owned by Dominion Voting Systems, which would include everything related to cyber intrusion, manipulation of systems and machines and, quite frankly and succinctly described, straight-up election theft.

Curiously, the security agreement afforded ownership of that intellectual property to HSBC and as “collateral.” Election collateral to a globally powerful Chinese bank?

That would be a Chinese bank, based in Toronto, which now possesses everything needed – EVERYTHING/INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – down to the last i dotted, t crossed and election stolen – to influence or determine an election.

HSBC was dirty long before Comey got there and remained so following his departure. Remember, Comey’s job was just to fix it for the Clintons and slide out as he slid in. HSBC must account for how, why and for whom they acquired Dominion’s intellectual property and exactly what was done with it following its acquisition.

Now consider the nature of the intellectual property relative to the stolen 2020 election and from the same document.

Anyone else have an issue with Dominion Voting Systems establishing its servers via Scytl in Frankfurt, Germany while selling its intellectual property to a Chinese bank in Toronto?

Why are there so many Chinese and Canadian moving and unseen parts to a U.S. national election featuring a vote to determine the president?

Speaking of banking in Toronto, don’t forget about Toronto Dominion Bank. Now we’re back to the ‘Dominion’ umbrella that I referenced in the last article and know that the work around TD Bank is incomplete. I can share this, though, and the work ties back to a person we’ve previously covered – Frank Giustra.

Recall how HSBC was funding Bill Clinton’s speeches? Again – modus operandi. Consider.

All of this ties into Uranium One because that’s where the aforementioned people and entities vector.

For fun. What’s the over/under on whether we can bring Lt. General Michael Flynn into this and why not; it’s FLYNN FIRST!, it all started with him and he’s in about every iota of it all; hence his prioritization?

Do you remember Judge John Glesson? He authored the amicus curiae brief that has allowed corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan to make himself a third unconstitutional corner in a two-corner fight and intentionally drag-out the Flynn case past inauguration day just as this criminal cabal is doing with the election and everything else. As I keep saying, DELAY IS THE PLAY!

Our source here allows us to kill two birds with one screenshot and it’s quite a kill. Again, it’s all in the family.

Do you not find it amazing that every time we look to see who is holding the rotten, corrupt, duplicitous and treasonous reins, that it’s always the usual suspects? There is a reason they call it the swamp and it’s always the same gators in play.

Recall that this path started by examining AG William Barr’s overlap at Kirkland & Ellis when the firm advised Staple Street Capital on the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems. Look at where it’s taken us.

It’s really important to understand this as I bring this article to a close. 1) All of this is cursory level work and requires considerable more development and it’s likely we’re only scratching the surface and 2) All of this warrants the further development because no matter where we look, it’s all the same players.

Right now, I’m looking at you, Bill Barr.


What Did AG William Barr Know About Dominion Acquisition?

We’re beginning this by getting right to it and starting with the final destination. In so doing, we’ll rely on an extract from a previous article I wrote on 01 Nov 20 called All Holds Barred. From the title alone you can gather that I’m poking tragic fun at the fact that for his entire tenure in his second go-round as the Attorney General, William Barr has prosecuted nothing. Rather, Mr. Barr has favored institutional preservation; all the while Trump supporters continue to be beaten in the streets in the aftermath of a stolen 2020 election.

Take a look at Mr. Barr’s resume and pay particular attention to his employment at the highlighted law firm Kirkland & Ellis; noting the convergence of my favorite dead horse, the mid-January 2017 timeline. Please hold on to these bits.

Now, have you heard of Dominion Diagnostics? I know you’ve heard of Dominion Voting Systems but I’m talking about Dominion Diagnostics. I hadn’t. Not until I received a post from one of our guys. It put me on a path that would bear fruit but still leave us on the outside and looking in for more meaningful connections; if there are any, germane to “Dominion.”

More on that shortly.

Clicking on that link takes you here.

Let’s pause and frame this up to understand why I’m so adamant about running it down.

Hypothetically, if there were a direct connection between Dominion Voting Systems and Dominion Diagnostics, whether it were by a mutual third party vendor or funder or other, it would suggest that one system – the umbrella of Dominion systems – would collectively work to not only know how you vote but to change it if need be and more importantly, the vote data could be used to drive other data and outcomes they control.

Consider that Dominion Diagnostics might test your toxicology samples (drug screenings for employment, for example) at the same time they could also be tasked test you for CV-19. Those CV testing systems are also being used in airports to determine flight eligibility, travel restrictions, etc.

All of this converged data and total control over it could literally change your vote, determine your +/- CV status, restrict your travel, result in broad refusal of service, serve to marginalize and control individuals, etc. It presents as a full spectrum system of enslavement with all of the pieces in place; assuming there are undiscovered others, which is likely.

Moreover, what does all of that look like once they take a way currency and mandate a chip vis-a-vis vaccine or other?

It’s sinister. Evil. Plausible.

People are currently tearing into Dominion Voting Systems. Here are some of my findings that all seem to funnel to Canada and with special focus on Toronto; taking note that Dominion Voting Systems is headquartered in Canada and run by Canadians.

Here’s VP and Product Line Management, James Hoover.

Here is President and CEO, John Poulos.

Here comes the circle back from the introduction of this article.

As detailed in this 16 Jul 18 news release, Dominion Voting System was partly acquired by Staple Street Capital. As you read this item, pay very special and close attention to the second highlighted portion.

Note that Kirkland & Ellis served as advisors in the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems by Staple Street Capital. I’ll say that again, Kirkland & Ellis served as advisors in the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems by Staple Street Capital.


Who is the Attorney General for the United States? William Barr.

Who had returned to working for Kirkland & Ellis in 2017? William Barr.

Who was present at Kirkland & Ellis at the time Kirkland & Ellis was advising Staple Street Capital in its acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems? William Barr.

Are we to believe that a once attorney general who was slated to serve as President Trump’s replacement for Jeff Sessions and fill the role of AG for a second time was somehow in the dark about the acquisition of a broadly and well-known deficient voting system in Dominion?

The job Kirkland & Ellis would be to know as much as possible about Dominion and Staple Street and marry the two on behalf of the latter. Not knowing details here isn’t an option.

Remember, Texas turned down Dominion systems and filed a report following the presentation of Dominion systems for consideration by the state, which occurred on 2-3 Oct 19. In all likelihood and given a state the size of Texas and the parameters of any potential deal between it and Dominion, it becomes awfully difficult to believe that such a dialogue wasn’t in the backdrop of the acquisition.

After all, Kirkland & Ellis was there to advise on the acquisition of the company which would certainly examine prospective deals between Dominion and potential clients like Texas. Their job was to know everything and Bill Barr worked there at the time.

So, what did William Barr know and when did he know it?

On which side of the stolen election line does Barr stand?

Did Barr come to the DOJ after leaving Kirkland & Ellis to serve interests beyond the Department, the President and the rule of law or did he come to the DOJ with a patriotic purpose underpinned by backdrop of important details germane to an overthrow of a sitting President and the handing over of the Republic to China and the CCP as delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray?

Why is Barr the AG? To drive institutional preservation or to play coy and wait before indicting and prosecuting everyone at once? The jury is still out but due-in any moment.

So, which is it, Mr. Barr?

You were there. You knew. I can’t imagine you didn’t know and in fact, I find it absurd to even consider that.

So, which is it?

Let’s release the Kraken and find out.


Hammered, Dragged and Dropped but Not Done

Sidney Powell is one of the most exceptional, talented, principled and patriotic individuals in contemporary American times. Period. From taking the tiger by the tail in the Department of Justice case against Lt. General Michael Flynn to spearheading the effort to undo the most sinister and consequential election theft the world has ever seen, Powell stands tall, resolutely and fearlessly. We can only hope that after she prevails here and eventually ascends to the FBI’s directorship, as some have suggested.

As it relates to the patently and demonstrably stolen 2020 election, Powell recently and to much fanfare threatened to release the Kraken! We suspect that the Kraken may be in reference to the phone call (heard around the world?) featured in this video and recalling that the president recently attributed the overthrow effort to big money, big tech and big media.

As I stated months ago when the politically constructed COVID-19 event was unleashed on us relative to the imposition of guidelines at the state level, which are only recommended by the federal government; and as revisited most recently in the last article, the American people are going to receive an enormous lesson in federalism. Today, Sidney Powell, dropped an anvil squarely on this, smashing it to smithereens and verifying several positions.

It all unfolds in an interview segment with Maria Bartiromo and the beleaguered Fox News network. As Powell opened the segment, she stated that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a “massive investigation” and clearly a criminal one.

Powell references a name that we’ve yet to see in all of this – Retired Admiral Peter Neffenger.

Notable is that Neffenger is on the board of directors of Smartmatic while also serving on the Biden transition team “that’s going to be non-existent because we’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states,” Powell said.

We don’t know a lot about Neffenger but his resume includes a lot of stops in swampy waters by means of work experience, positions held or matters in which he was involved. We can assume for now that his position on the Biden transition team and his Harvard education is enough to cause us to question his allegiance.

We will pause; however, to point out that previously, Neffenger served as the director of TSA before his compulsory resignation on 20 Jan 17. Do you see why the mid-January 2017 timeline is my favorite dead horse to kick? It always surfaces at just the right time and it never lets us down.

Another swampy indicator here and recalling that I’ve already thrown the Senate, the Intelligence Community and the SSCI, HPSCI and Gang of 8 fully under the bus – this is their operation – is his Senate confirmation vote of 81-1. Moreover, his position as a fellow at the Atlantic Council and his role relative to DHS and Biden’s presidential transition also bear down.

It’s fundamentally important to pay special attention to the notion of presidential transition because it’s the genesis of everything that has plagued the Trump administration since his inauguration in mid-January 2017.

Relative to the 27 Dec 19 coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, Political Moonshine, as far as we know, was the only source to report its exclusive position that the outgoing Obama administration inserted the pandemic construct into the Trump administration during the transition process and specifically on 13 Jan 17.

The double-down and the end all for Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and other House Chairmen et al is our second exclusive positionthat Nancy Pelosi calibrated her grossly inept management of impeachment purposefully and deliberately and so as to allow impeachment to serve as the cover mechanism for the insertion of the CV19 construct.

Look here – the leaked Flynn scandal from the night before, Russia and impeachment!

Don’t look here – China and coronavirus. Shhhhhhh.

Seems obvious now, doesn’t it? Those timelines braid together like a rope and I outlined it all back in March.

Powell continued by stating that President Trump won the 2020 election by millions of votes that were shifted by software designed expressly for that purpose; to rig elections.

This is the entry point for much previous work on Hammer and Scorecard; why the certification of the election is a critical marker; the role of CISA and it’s personnel (some terminated or to be terminated); the U.S. military’s raid and seizure of Scytl’s Dominion (Smartmatic) servers in Frankfurt, Germany; and the revelation of analogs to Hammer and Scorecard in the post-election auditing process, VotingWorks and Arlo.

Many, including us, have asked how and why President Trump could simply stand on the tracks for so long that a vote fraud train that departed as far back as 2012 could run him down. It didn’t, he had contingencies in place, Powell commented on them and they stand to bring it all down.

Simply stated, the President was “fully briefed” on the full scope of election fraud before it ever hit. Pause, read that again and let it settle in because this election is going to be properly undone.

Does Donald John Trump strike you as the type of man to wittingly stand still and allow his enemy to squarely punch him in the face with the intention of removing his teeth, obliterating his nose and rendering him unconscious?

Not in a gazillion years. The man is a brawler; a street fighter; a calculating soldier; from Queens. His planned contingency to this will be broad and fatal and likely leverages a legitimate Q.

Moreover, Powell stated that President Trump prior to bore witness to cyber-based election thefts in action indicating that he “saw it happen in other countries.” Astonishingly and as previously reported, Powell also explains how it was exported internationally for profit (Venezuela.)

It’s important to note here that I previously addressed the relevance of three foreign countries as asserted earlier by Powell: Cuba, Venezuela and China. Each funded the election interference serving to drive the broader overthrow effort and each is important for myriad reasons.

At a minimum, the main principal here and the genesis of the bio-weapon of mass destruction that was released on the American people is China and the CCP. From there we sink into relatively long and sordid involvement in Venezuela, which is clearly the reference above; and we mustn’t forget our closest communist neighbor with whom Obama worked to normalize relations and which has a significant population presence in the U.S., in Cuba.

“Hello, Mr. Fox, and welcome to the hen house.” said, Barack.

So, as you can see, there’s nothing to see. So, move along now, folks.

Powell was explicit in saying that the election theft was done on purpose; that it was calculated; that it was done before; and that 2016 in California is just one example. There is “so much evidence it feels like it’s coming in through a fire hose,” Powell said.

When if asked if it could be proved with evidence, Powell sagely and appropriately declined to comment on the evidence in hand.

Regarding the time frame and voter certificationanother important position that conflicts with the consensus on this point – which is slated for early December, Powell said,

Well, let me put it this way. First of all, I never say anything I can’t prove. Secondly, the evidence is coming in so fast I can’t even process it all…But this is a massive election fraud.


Further, “It’s the software that was the problem. Even their own manual explains how votes can be wiped away…it’s like drag-n-drop Trump votes to a separate folder and then delete that folder. It’s absolutely brazen how people bought this system and why they bought this system. In fact, every state that bought Dominion, for sure, should have a criminal investigation or at least a serious investigation of the officers in the states who bought the software. We’ve even got evidence essentially, of kickbacks.”

Regarding kickbacks, Powell has evidence “from various whistle-blowers that are aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought this software. The software was being sold in “$100 million packages for new voting machines suddenly in multiple states.”

With packages – plural – being in the hundreds of millions, think about what the kickbacks would look like if awarded based upon percentages. You know, just like they rigged the vote based upon percentages.

These dastardly Democrats and their devilish decimal points are going to doom us all!

The kickbacks range from “financial benefits for family members” to “election insurance.” Calling the software insidious and expressing rage at inaction from the federal government and even after Democrats had raised concerns about it previously, Powell called several folks to the carpet by name: Carolyn Maloney, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

Powell discussed the transacting letters, documents and reports that exist in abundance as to the deficiencies of the system and calls into question the decisions made to use it; especially as it may relate to the CIA and deployment of the system in other nations.

Powell also touched on another topic we’re tracking and that’s the incomprehensible notion that Gina Haspel still remains as CIA Director saying, “She should be fired immediately.”

When asked about the exchanges of hundreds of millions to state governors, Bartiromo misspoke on the denomination reference conflating it with Powell’s earlier comment as indicated above but more importantly, Powell indicated that there was “more than onestate governor who accepted money.

I wonder if any of these governors took money and I wonder if that money came from China?

Rhetorical questions.

Bartiromo asked, “What is the CIA’s role? Are you saying the CIA is behind Dominion or Smartmatic voting software as well?”

Powell replied in that the CIA, FBI and other government organizations had received “multiple reports of wrong doing and failures and vulnerabilities in this company’s product…and how and why no honest person would use this system.”

Moreover, “And it’s not just Dominion, there are other companies in the voting business in this country, too, that may very well and are likely using the same software” and continuing to cite evidence of use in other states.

“We are going to show the public exactly how rotten the entire state is,” Powell promised.

Bartiromo questioned Powell about the insertion of a “patch” into the software while it was operating live and that would create a backdoor into the system.

Powell expanded on it saying it’s part of it and that a thumb drive could be inserted or the machines could be accessed vis-a-vis the internet to upload software. Notably, Powell was specific to mention Venezuela and Germany by name and for good reason as mentioned previously.

In summary, Powell describes how, “They can remote access anything, watch votes in real time, shift votes in real time.”

Powell’s next statement is ENORMOUS in my opinion and it requires backdrop for understand. Here’s that backdrop.

From an evidentiary standpoint and remembering that the standard for the burden of proof in a civil trial, which the Trump team’s lawsuits are, is “preponderance of the evidence” and notguilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” as with a criminal trial.

With that in mind, consider Powell’s next statement and allow the weight of it to sink in relative to the aforementioned burden of proof standard.

We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and planned to use from the beginning to modify the votes; in this case to make sure Biden won.


From that we can deduce that not only can Powell demonstrate evidence of the election theft in court, but she can present the exact mathematical algorithm that will have produced the exact numbers of stolen votes that will comport exactly with the manipulated vote totals that wer used to steal the election. Such evidence might even be sufficient for the more stringent standard.

Slam dunk. You, sir are what’s known as…. a Grenada.

Astonishingly and citing Biden’s “demented state,” Powell commented directly on this statement from Biden, which is deadly accurate and will be fatal to his stolen win and his personal freedom; perhaps even his life.

We’re talking about treason here and he signed-us off to China.

Succinctly, Powell said, “It’s going to undo the entire election.”

Powell described the multitudes of ways the remote access can be leveraged to alter the vote differently but all to the same end; otherwise known as cheating options. Again, Powell was specific to name exact states here: Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Powell then describes what I witnessed in real time and posted about on election night specifically regarding Michigan and whereby hundreds of thousands of votes were being dumped-in but the percent-in vote totals were rolling back and in the wrong direction.

In that light and remembering that the introduction, assignment and manipulation of decimals provides the digital mechanism for the steal, Powell states that the “23% for Trump and 67% for Biden” percentage ratios were uploaded multiple times throughout election night as previously covered.

To close, Powell delivered cherry on top stating that she’s in possession of an affidavit – a “sworn statement” – that is “from a witness who knew exactly how it worked form the beginning, why it was designed to work that way, and saw when things started shutting down and they stopped counting votes here, that was the same play that worked in other countries.

This summary table from the last article is a brief recapitulation of it.


DURING ELECTIONHammerScorecardN/A (covert)Steal election
AFTER ELECTIONVotingWorksArloAudit electionConfirm stolen election

Exceptional American Sidney Powell promised to RELEASE THE KRAKEN! That’s exactly what she’s going to do and it will cause the 2020 election to go to its rightful winner – PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP – and it will go so in historic proportions both in numbers and consequence.

I’ll leave you with a reminder that we are “several weeks” out from this manifesting so stay alert and stay hopeful.

Here is the interview noting that it’s in 5 segments.


VotingWorks or Does It?

Continuing with efforts to further understand the full scope of the voter fraud that permitted the theft of the 2020 election, we look deeper into The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and introduce election tools as analogs to Hammer and Scorecard – VotingWorks and Arlo. Let’s begin with this reminder.

Here’s the meat and potatoes of that otherwise lengthy executive order.

Notable is the reference to the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment.

Scanning the IC assessment description causes me to ask if this is the year of the boomerang? Are the same levers that were used to target the President now being leveraged to target his attackers and is China positioned front and center in it? Is all of this emblematic of planning for known events and specifically an election to be stolen?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, by all appearances.

Also notable is the limitation of the IC assessment in that it was restricted to only three agencies of the 17 participating. The restriction applied to the production of the final report and was justified to protect the “extreme sensitivity of the sources and methods involved.”

You can read that as “to cover-up the evidence demonstrating the overthrow effort against President Trump and so as to facilitate self-preservation.”

Remember, I’ve already completely thrown the intelligence community under the bus: Republicans, Democrats, the Senate and specifically the Gang of 8, SSCI, HPSCI and the CIA. The website contains several articles delineating those details.

With that in mind, also recall that we’ve already detailed Hammer and Scorecard, the certification of the election and other important scenarios and developments that shape all of this for understanding. Again, all on the website.

That brings to this point and we get here courtesy of a long-time favorite in Kathleen Roberts @KathleenKhr, who brought VotingWorks and Arlo into the picture as initially posted by Amazing Polly @99freemind. From there, I went straight to CISA; the horse’s mouth.

My initial stance here is to view VotingWorks and it’s application tool, Arlo, as complimenting analogs to Hammer and Scorecard. This table summarizes it.


DURING ELECTIONHammerScorecardN/A (covert)Steal election
AFTER ELECTIONVotingWorksArloAudit electionConfirm stolen election

It sure seems to me that this is a bookend process. Hammer and Scorecard serve during the election to facilitate the late night vote theft and whereby VotingWorks and Arlo serve to preserve it on the back end during the auditing process.

What stands as the common thread throughout all of; the middle man, if you will? CISA.

Of course, after looking into VotingWorks, my first question was whether or not VotingWorks.

Placing the cart in front of the horse, no – it does not.

Here’s why.

Again, it’s important to note the Bryan Ware (CISA/terminated) and Christopher Krebs, (CISA Director/publicly stated he expects to be terminated) were already thrown under the bus in a recent article. In fact, Ron/Code Monkey just asked who the middle man was yesterday with regard to the electronic election theft. I replied to his post with the article and simply asked, “Ware?” Haven’t heard back.

So, the very CISA that we suspect is complicit in all of this and replete with the termination of Ware in hand and the termination of Krebs apparently soon being dealt to us, we can assume that any statement that includes CISA germane to the security of our elections can be summarily dismissed; especially given the growing mountain of evidence that directly refutes this statement in the particular areas CISA outlines.

Also note that if voters have questions about election security, the statement refers them to the same state and local election officials that stand to be complicit in all of this. Like we said a long, long, long time ago – if Americans aren’t familiar with federalism, they soon will be.

All of these circumstances are a good lesson on why real civic duty is critical to our constitutional republic and why and how, if it gets abandoned, fraud works.

Moreover, it goes to show how the thieves work fraud – by controlling all of the relevant levers; like the voting and auditing process; not to mention the ownership of actual voting machines by folks like George Soros.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along now.

So as it stands, not only must Mr. Trump defeat the fraudulently constructed and stolen vote, but he must also defeat the auditing process on the back end – VotingWorks and it’s application tool Arlo – as well.

With confirmation from Sidney Powell that the U.S. military just raided Scytl and confiscated all of the Dominion servers in Frankfurt, Germany, we can assemble those details and the details outlined here into the broader fact set for understanding, which also speaks to the timeline. On that note and referencing the EO at the beginning of this article, the President’s own order compels the full audit within 45 days of the conclusion of the election.

It’s important that the election has not yet been concluded so our timeline remains open-ended and we have no beginning date for the compulsory 45-day count. Our position on election certification and the delay thereof by the Democrats bears down here.

Moreover, a trusted and reliable source advised yesterday that the timeline to reconcile the election projects projects to being within “weeks.”

So, there’s your window: weeks to 45 days form any official election result.

I’ll leave you with this reminder to keep your eye on inauguration day relative to the loose timeline I just outlined. It’s this. The current scenario plays directly into my longstanding position that the ultimate strategy is to delay the election result past inauguration day and then force the Speaker of the House, which is presumed to be Nancy Pelosi, into the Oval Office by leveraging continuity of government protocols.

DELAY IS THE PLAY! and it has been since we started outlining that in July. So, please consider watching this timeline relative to inauguration day, which is 67 days out as of this article.

I’ll leave you with this. In the interim and during this uncertain status quo and returning to our same source for the timeline, we can feel confident about the direction all of this will go.

So can Mr. Trump.

Thank you Kathleen.


Of Course Things Got Interesting on Friday the 13th

Last night there was an interesting convergence of developments from a few different sources and with one of them being highly contentious for many; especially if your name is @Jack or Zuck. The developments or posts themselves, when taken independently, don’t necessarily deliver the information but when deciphered appropriately and taken together, they, appear to indicate a reasonable expectation of traction beginning.

Here’s the post from last night.

Take note that the argument is an established one that when seen through a prosecutorial lens, relates to the election being certified in the sense that it completes the crime. It does much more than that, too, and this article explains why.


So, as sources converged it caused me to believe that today, Friday, November 13th, was tipping toward something of consequence occurring. This notion is further bolstered by the undercurrent of information emerging from @EntheosShines and several other Twitter accounts that have performed reliably over time.

Then, we get these developments and they speak for themselves as the President calls it quits in AZ, MI and PA.

So is he quitting or is he pushing towards certification as I’m suggesting?

We had all better pray it’s the latter but hold on, this will get very interesting and the goods may be in hand and on time; on 11/13 and as predicted.

This article provides more contextual backdrop if you care to go deeper before moving on with our discussion.


So, here we sit in this described binary scenario with the President literally painted into the do or don’t corner and with the entirety of freedom, liberty and the Republic hanging in the balance. With that in mind, this is a brief recapitulation of how I view all of this before I share the developments that may change all things in a hopeful manner.

Again, President Trump appears to be allowing the full process of the crime to be completed before he pursues an active course to remedy the matter judicially or militarily (yes, militarily, we have foreign nations directly interfering in and affecting the outcome of a stolen election.)

The certification of the election would be of a federally documented conclusion to that crime that would bind to it everyone who wittingly took a role in committing it. Those are important details; especially if you’re playing the highest order ball on the swamp’s court.

Through the lenses of political optics and legitimacy to the American people, Mr. Trump must allow these regular order processes to be exhausted. It’s why they forced the mail in vote in-part; to force the litigation knowing that would bind up and mire the entire process.

This would force the President to delay (DELAY IS THE PLAY! as with everything else) the one thing that can undo them all – declassification.

Many wonder why he didn’t play the declassification card early and gut it all at the beginning of his presidency. Think timing. In that instance, he gives his opponent four years to regroup and flip it on him and back to them. Look no further than the insane mind-hold they have now as it relates to COVID-19 and consider that.

Rather, Mr. Trump instead decided to absorb it all for four years, survive and then strike once and fatally – those details momentarily.

Mr. Trump is reasonably allowing it to all unfold to the very end and once he has done that, it will be they who undid themselves rather than him undoing them with political vengeance. In the course of so doing, Mr. Trump will have also forced them to undo their own party and their own operational systems. How rich the irony?

The caveat – all of that, of course is contingent upon evidence that has yet to be presented and having authorized personnel positioned who will execute the rule of law and prosecute.

So, the question we’ve all been curious about is an obvious one and it holds the answer.

Why has the President held onto declassification for over 4 years? Simply put, it’s the highest card in the deck and it can only be played once.

Now to the goods and we’ll get right to it.

I’ll present this link from Robert Steele along with the extracted quote within the article, which is left for your independent consumption.

The veracity of the following information comes from Sidney Powell, who reposted the initial thread that serves as the basis of the article. If Sidney Powell posted it, then take it to the bank.

This changes everything,

“US Special Forces raided Scytl in Frankfurt Germany confiscating all computers/servers etc. An outlet in Germany first reported the raid yesterday. Newsmax picked it up and led with it. Sabrina De Sousa, the CIA agent Brennan burned in Italy who Trump I believed pardoned or something to that effect (memory) wrote this – Sabrina De Sousa @Sadiso – So, #Haspel’s visit to .@senatemajldr office may have gone like this; “Mission accomplished Dominion vote machines sequestered…” .@newsmax #Election2020results.”

Robert Steele

Newsmax is also covering the story.

For the time being, though, it sounds like the evidence needed to restore the legitimate electoral result has just been partially secured; if not mostly secured, at least on the cyber front.

Additional sources are reporting that the key players in the Dominion systems, the servers confiscated today and a wide swath of others have been under surveillance for several years.

The President has a repeated operational pattern or a modus operandi that I’ve commented on ad nauseam and it’s this. Mr. Trump traps his enemies inside of their own constructs and immediately closes off all exits except for the path forward, where the gallows wait.

It now seems the nooses will be tied with power cords from Dominion voting machines and their respective German servers. It now seems those nooses are now procured and under military control. It now seems that we may be on a short timeline.

Perhaps Friday the 13th is shaping up to be as eventful as thought.

Now, how about those Durham movements already?

I’ll leave you with this below and reliable information that our timeline still has us a few weeks out from resolution.


CISA Bears Down Amidst Stolen Election

Amidst what is now an obviously stolen election, CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, which is an agency created by President Trump in 2018, continues to bear down. It now joins the Departments of Defense and Justice in seeing key terminations and resignations in the past several days and with tremors of more on the way.

It’s reasonable to believe that in the fog of this contested post-election environment and with the fraud/steal reality firming-up irreversibly, that President Trump is being responsive to that reality and is redressing the personnel matters within it.

A article today from The Hill got our attention relative to our recent work and work that reaches back about a year. This post is a brief synopsis and it includes The Hill piece at the bottom.

Here are the aspects holding my attention and beginning with the fact the White House asked a top official at the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, Bryan Ware, to resign or, in other words, they terminated him.

Take note of this. It’s no different than Mark Esper’s termination at DOD, whose resignation letter was written and in wait before they dispatched him. Handwriting on the wall, Mark?

In order to permit termination, the terminating party must assert and demonstrate cause. That’s important. What were the causes?

A for cause termination is notable in any instance but especially so in these. Accordingly, we can likely glean meaning from examining the backdrop of a stolen election germane to the jurisdiction of CISA relative to these terminations.

We say “terminations” because DOD, Esper, et al are certainly enveloped herein due to the fact that China played a direct role in election interference, thus placing us on a plausible war footing with China. It is even more so when we factor China’s release of a bio-weapon of mass destruction against the United States (COVID-19), as defined by the FBI’s own tactical surveillance report. All of this causes an overlap between CISA and DOD.

Overlaps are the nexuses that drive these constructs from one segregated entity to another; like points of interface. On the other side, CISA will overlap again with the states their local entities. Again, another point of interface to drive the construct.

Hence, all of these resignations must be evaluated individually and collectively.

The other aspect holding my attention is the so-called CISA “Rumor Control” page that just flat-out seemed suspicious in light of Ware’s termination and the apparent forthcoming termination of CISA’s director, Christopher Krebs. Krebs has stated publicly that he expects to be fired within days.

As we continue to track, CIA Director Gina Haspel, it is all but certain for her to meet the same fate and soon. Christopher Wray at FBI is no different and Attorney General William Barr does just enough good to keep me from fully throwing him under the bus. Or perhaps he just played coy for four years. That’s hard to swallow, though.

Again, each termination throws more paint on our canvas, which is filling up as of late and with more in the queue.

Here’s CISA‘s jurisdiction and we’ll do our best to limit granular aspects and keep this piece moving.

As The Hill piece reports, “the agency served as the key federal group coordinating security efforts around the general election. CISA stood up a 24/7 operations center to help coordinate with state and local officials, along with social media companies, election machine vendors and other stakeholders.”

From that let’s make a list – general election (that’s what was stolen), coordinating operations with state and local officials (that’s how it was stolen), along with social media companies, election machine vendors and other stakeholders” (that’s who‘s doing the stealing.)

What remains is asking for whom is it being stolen?

Easy answer, the Deep State, Democrats, China and the CCP.

Make sense now?

Let’s take a long look back, shall we?

That dates back to April in our article Making the Case for Treason. It goes to show you that we identified a primary mechanism that was being leveraged to facilitate a literal overthrow of a sitting U.S. president – federalism.

If you follow our Twitter account, you’ve seen me hollering ad nauseam and for a long time about how federalism cuts both ways.

Federalism is nothing more than the reservation of all states’ rights not specifically designated for the federal government, or, in other words, “states’ rights.” The types of things over which states have control; including each state’s local entities, include:

  1. Imposing pandemic guidelines
  2. Shuttering businesses and schools
  3. Mandating masks
  4. Determining whether federal help will be received to quell rioting and domestic terrorism
  5. Mailing out and receiving ballots
  6. Running elections
  7. Tabulating election results
  8. Reporting election results
  9. Certifying election results
  10. Sending representatives to the electoral college
  11. Contracting with vendors for voting machines
  12. More

States are also responsible for coordinating with CISA. Is it all making more sense relative to these mounting terminations?

Now do you see why we began hollering about federalism a long time ago?

Consider this from CISA’s rumor rag page.

Did you catch the nuance of this being “NEW”? How new? Why would that be new and not long-established and serving as a directive to protect the election? Why is that new?

Is it because it’s a great ex post facto explanation serving to explain away what now appears to be something CISA likely participated in; like a patently and demonstrably stolen election that capitalized on leveraging digital cyber resources?

Is that why?

What about Ware and Kreps? Were they running point on the steal and coordinating the steal effort at the state and local levels respective to CISA’s jurisdiction or did were they aware of that or similar and did nothing; understanding that inaction is not defensable?

Yes. Hell, yes. That would be my speculation as per Occam’s, which tells us so and he’s rarely wrong. How else to you logically and pragmatically exlain the timing of the terminations?


Remember, one has been terminated for cause and the other expects to be within days.

What about Hammer and Scorecard? We were writing about and discussing that before the election like a lot of folks. If fits like a glove here, no. I wonder how much space of any kind was between Hammer/Scorecard and Kreps/Ware on election night? I wonder what the overlap was with HPSCI, SSCI, CIA and myriad others?

If I counted correctly, the rumor page contains 20 more entries just like the extract above and each one tells a similar type of convenient false promise story about election security while dismissing away the precise mechanisms leveraged to steal this election.

To understanding the reality of the election and the factual circumstances enveloping it and on the assumption that Given Kreps’ and Ware’s positions as responsible figureheads at CISA and respective to their duties and roles and the overall mission of CISA, there’s not much of a leap to be made to suggest that these fellas helped to rig the election.

I’ll wash my foot down with a beer if I’m wrong. I like to jam that thing in there ever so often just for the sake of keeping things interesting. Personality flaw.

Taking the backdrop and what we have previously covered and overlaying it with these developments, it’s reasonable to assume that this lot of resignations that now includes Ware and will likely and soon include Kreps, Haspel and Wray, is being driven by the fall-out of a known and planned for stolen election. The Deep State, Democrats, China and the CCP bear that responsibility with a host of other entities and individuals.

There should be no discounting the CISA terminations on the back end of a patently stolen election that leveraged cyber tools to steal it. It’s really that simple.

UPDATE: Here’s an immediate follow-up with much appreciation to @Shazlandia. It speaks to our suspicions as outlined and provides additional important details.


Certifying the Election and Why It Matters

It stands to reason that any form of significant countermove from President Trump in regards to the theft of this election relative to something like declassification, indictments, high-profile arrests, etc. – you know, all the stuff for which there is a mountain of evidence but for which the overwhelming 4-year response has been a chorus of crickets – stands to occur after one important detail. That detail is the certification of the election. Here’s my argument supporting my contentions and explaining why it matters.

We’ll begin with this.

Note that the headline ties into our focus of the election being certified. That’s for good reason and more than one.

Generally, the argument can be framed around why there would even be a need to question, much less restrict, the security clearance/access to national security intelligence of a former vice president who held that job for eight years and is contending to be president in the 2020 election. For the Trump administration to restrict Biden accordingly, there must be some legitimate grounds for it; which there most certainly are and we can start with the brief recapitulation in that post above.

There’s a mountain of evidence to suggest Biden is fully compromised by China and the CCP and we’ve detailed much of it; along with his escapades in the Ukraine and a bunch of other countries, and others have done the same. It’s voluminous.

Here’s what I said in the last article – The logical timeline according to how Mr. Trump does things, is to exhaust all legal remedies (litigation) and unfortunately, that requires more waiting. From there we would see him again and if need be, wait for the election to be certified. Then and only then would he be properly positioned to move forward.

From the same item and moreover – If you’re wondering why I attach the vote certification requirement, it’s as simple as this. If you care to prosecute the crime, you must wait for it to be completed, otherwise you’ll only be prosecuting the conspiracy and those are two entirely different universes.

That sets the stage for us.

Setting aside and accepting the granular details behind all of the delay and fraud in battleground states, the net effect has been to delay a final vote tabulation. From here, we simply lean on Occam’s razor and let’s work backwards.

An inauguration day with no legitimate president-elect is the the trigger date for the enforcement of continuity of government that would elevate Speaker Pelosi to the Oval Office. That’s their objective and Nancy told us so in July – I made a video about it.

The delayed vote result pushes back the certification date which bears down on a firm date for inauguration, which is an established deadline. What’s most important is the small bubble of time in between the certification and inauguration and does it leave President Trump enough time to unzip the whole thing?

The predicted infusion of massive amounts of fraudulent ballots along with the application of Hammer and Scorecard were leveraged to delay the vote result and throw it into litigation, which takes time.

The COVID-19 construct was devised in-part to cause the need to mandate mail-in voting to open the portal for fraud.

It’s a simple as that.

Here’s where it gets more complicated for the President and it takes us back to that small post-certification, pre-election bubble of time and it hinges on the election still being ongoing or not over.

The DOJ has a self-imposed mandate of avoiding election interference and it begins 60 days out from election. This hamstrings the DOJ in dropping indictments on candidates, prospective cabinet members, other politicians, etc.

Now that Fox News has dropped its mask and revealed the face of Judas, any such movement by the President will certainly be shaped against the him; especially since the MSM has already inserted Biden preemptively as president-elect. All of this is obvious but should still be stated.

Recall that they have already clearly established the pretext narrative for Barr being Trump’s “personal attorney” and did so long ago. That’s insurance for them because they knew the direction this would all head.

If Barr were to go after them now, it would be all be packaged-up as political retribution and election interference from a lame-duck president that is abusing his authority to go after his political enemies and cling to power illegitimately. We’re already hearing elements of that and I could write that story right now. It’s too volatile in my opinion to pursue that course presently.

Remember, Mr. Trump must act commensurate with the expectation of serving a second term and so as to preserve some modicum of legitimacy. It therefore makes more sense pragmatically and by means of political optics to wait for the election to be certified. This would mark the completion of the crime and from the perspective of criminal law/prosecution as filtered through a political lens, I simply don’t see how this reality can be circumvented.

So the delays, including litigation, function progressively to interfere with the vote result, the decision, election certification and the electoral vote and all of that reduces the window of time until the inaugural deadline.

Will it leave the President enough time to unzip it.

Yes. The evidence will be overwhelming but more importantly, consider this, which is further motivation for them to delay the election certification and it bodes well for the President being able to perhaps stave-off a clear Biden steal and emerge from the courts with a definable, legitimate and irrefutable landslide victory; if not an historic one.

It all hinges on this. ALL OF THE ELECTORAL lawsuits being filed are civil suits; not criminal ones, and recalling that the petitioner of the court is the Trump Campaign; not the DOJ.

The standard for the burden of proof in a civil case is defined as the PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE and not GUILT BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, as with a criminal trial. That is enormously important when you consider the nature, volume and substance of the evidence that is being submitted in those cases; much of which we aren’t even privy to, yet.

The net effect here is this – Mr. Trump’s case becomes less burdensome to demonstrate as compared to what it would be with the more stringent standard. In unbiased courts with objective judges, the fraudulent votes will be set aside and not counted and important states could be flipped back to the rightful winner, President Trump.

By conventional standards and this is by far a most unconventional year, none of the aforementioned can reasonably happen until the vote is certified.

Now you know why I think it matters and in the most critical of ways.

I’ll leave you with this.

*With an update below it.

UPDATE: On the back end of writing this I learned of Trump’s lawsuit in Michigan to force a delay in the vote certification, which stands contrary to the entire premise of this article. I would agree with that on its face but as The Hill reports, “The lawsuit has little chance of swaying the outcome in a state where Biden beat Trump by roughly 145,000 votes.” So what’s the purpose?

For one, Mr. Trump must know it will be fruitless but he’s still going to exhaust all avenues in the courts as already outlined. Is it possible that by filing suit to delay the certification he’s forcing the Democrats’ hand to move on the timeline relative to the certification, rather than continue to delay it as they are? I don’t know.

That would be a bold move in a presidential election with all that’s hanging in the balance. If he wins the suit he buys more time to demonstrate the fraud and perhaps flip Michigan his way. If matched with enough other flips, it becomes fruitful.

If it’s fruitless, the Judge stands to establish some form of a timeline to expedite the vote count and certify it. If that were to happen, we get closer to certifying the election and reaching a point where the President can unravel it all with declassification, unsealed indictments, arrests, etc.; assuming that’s going to happen.

I can’t imagine it won’t. Not with the mountain of evidence in the full public spectrum.

The best bet here is to perhaps evaluate each state individually with the larger objective in mind.

I do know this. If we get to inauguration day without a legitimate president-elect, we’re in a world of Constitutional hurt. Mr. Trump filing suit to further delay this process when all they’ve done is delay everything to get us here (just ask General Flynn) doesn’t make complete sense to me outside of how I’ve described it.

This will be revisited.




The status quo is intolerable and excruciating. There is no way around it and despite much deliberate effort to be mindful and not let it dominate life. It’s easier said than done to just let it not bother you constantly when considering the possible outcomes hanging in the balance.

This especially so since it appears as if folks are standing idly by as others are cinching-up the theft of the nation so as to deliver her to China and the CCP; delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray.

It’s a truly dystopian landscape. And it’s real. Never in my lifetime… eyes down, slow head shake.

Here’s some more perspective to perhaps mitigate the misery. It doesn’t really work well for me and it’s my own work product for crying out loud – it’s a leopards/spots situation; nature of the beast, if you will – but it may work for you.

Here are some thoughts for perspective, but before we go there, let’s take an introductory sidebar with this.

This is how my day got started. This below will be my first post when T_____r lets me out of the doghouse.

Here’s how it went from there – the kick to the crotch.

I’m a reasonable guy but I refuse to participate in utter absurdity and bullshit. So I don’t. That has cost me with friends, family, employment, you name it.

That said, I also try to be reasonable and respectful about it. Ergo, I buy everything online for home delivery or pick-up (but that’s just curbside pick-up at the liquor store) so as to avoid being a jerk in their store relative to my outright refusal to wear a mask (for no reason that can be supported by legitimate science.)

Rather, I chose to fight here – for the time being – in this space and with words and logic and research and pragmatism.

I also prefer not to be recognized as the virtue signaling asshole that vomits his positions onto people in public; especially when those people aren’t asking for them. For a lot of reasons, I simply prefer to just be nice and blend-in. Can’t do that without a mask in these here parts.

With that in mind, the day wouldn’t be complete without someone else shitting in my hat and so I get a notice from the USPS – you know, the same ones who literally delivered the vote to Joe Biden – and it said that the box of grocery items that GOT SHIPPED TO THEM was now too big to actually be delivered to my house.

Come again?

Okay, so I entertain them and I haul my maskless self down there to see if I could politely negotiate my way to my package without going inside or wearing a mask I don’t own. I arrived only to find a socially distanced line out the door and into the parking lot (expected but infuriating nonetheless.) Profanity and a U-turn ensued.

Crotch kicked. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. I still don’t have my groceries as a nice guy trying to be reasonable while standing neck deep in utter bullshit.

Funny how Amazon and the USPS are now going sideways on the systems that many of us were forced into by big tech, big money and big media. Now, on my first order since after the election and after Jeff Bezos just dumped a load of Amazon stock, my deliveries are unreliable at a wholesale level.

And for the basics, I might add. Like food.

To be clear. These are re-orders; things previously delivered without incident or interruption.

This will be the rest of our lives if we don’t fight – just saying. Just like I said the pandemic was fake in January and just like I said the riots were coming 3 weeks before they got here. These people are predictable or just listen to Joe since the faux president-elect is already doubling down on his debate promise of a “dark winter.”

The sheep have been rounded up and herded as the media-appointed shepherd threatens more of the same. So in the meantime and until something flips the script, welcome to the CCP.

Back to that liquor store. I find myself going there more frequently these days.

Bourbon man, in case you’re wondering. Neat.

It was such a benign post, too, that got me locked-up; but a fatally accurate one at that. Regardless, they locked up little old me. Hardly anyone even knows about Political Moonshine and its relatively few but greatly appreciated 1,500 followers that recently grew to 1,900 thanks to another lift from @EntheosShines.

Why are they coming after teeny-tiny old me who said nothing more than see these links relative to the election? Here’s a very brief rundown of those articles.

Long sidebar. Anger prevails tonight.

Here’s the perspective mentioned above and I’m going to mix some Q into the normal dialogue that I normally keep deliberately off to the side and in its own conversation.

For one, we have this post below from the boards that was sent to me and which comports with something that I said a long time ago. You can read about that, here. The revelation relates to Q’s identity.

Now let’s consider that post.

Now consider that Esper was terminated today; meaning “for cause,” meaning stomp on the brakes and pay attention.

I’m interested to see how the assertions in that post play out.

If this post plays-out to be accurate and that’s where my nickel is, it also provides a potentially plausible explanation for a longstanding Q position, “blackout necessary.” If this were the case, Q would have to refrain from election interference as a functionary of the White House. If this were to be true, neither Mr. Trump nor Q would take decisive action until after the vote were certified.

I’m coming back to edit in this recent post including Rick Grennel because he speaks directly to what I’m outlining – the relevance of the certification.

Q’s last post was around 0130 on election night and it was a non-partisan Lincoln quote. This moratorium on posting would insulate Q from allegations of election interference ergo, blackout necessary. This is just a thought but it comports with the circumstances, conventional thought and my previous position.

Esper’s termination curiously overlays both questions about the three-headed monster of Gina Haspel/CIA, Christopher Wray/FBI and William Barr/AG, DOJ, and concern about the ripple effect inside the DOD at a time when we appear to be on a war footing with China.

Additionally, I covered long ago how Wray’s FBI never advised Trump’s DOD of the initial China outbreak of COVID-19 as per the FBI’s own tactical surveillance report. Is it possible the FBI did notify the DOD (because of the obvious national security and defense implications that arise with the deliberate release of a bioweapon of mass destruction, as the FBI’s report categorized it) and that Esper kept it from President Trump et al.? I don’t know. Just asking.

Remember, the outbreak was first reported 27 Dec 19. The FBI’s report takes the outbreak back to October and evidence suggests that it was even earlier than that.

Moreover, with Haspel and Wray standing to be dispatched in a second Trump term, there is a notable shift in tone from Attorney General William Barr, who has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue election fraud in various states.

We shall see. He’s yet to deliver anything of meaningful consequence.

Recall that I’ve addressed institutional preservation in over 20 articles and Barr has been an enigma; a challenging one to finger and keep fingered; slippery, if you will. He still has a short window to redress my opinion of him, which he now may be doing, otherwise he must be trimmed with Wray and Haspel.

This is; however, a stride in the right direction.

Esper is significant, though. This is a Chinese coup and it’s Chinese election interference. This makes the DOD central to all things. Esper is significant.

Now, I’m going to remind you of something that relates to the above article and Q’s identity. It’s this. I previously said two things: 1) I know Q’s identity on good authority although it’s nothing I can prove and I didn’t get the information firsthand and 2) it’s not my place to reveal that information and I won’t.

So, I’m standing pat but also I’m also reminding you that the information is shared and memorialized.

Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to share that publicly. Maybe not. Not my place to decide.

For transparency and even knowing what I believe I have known, for me, Q’s veracity has fluctuated on a spectrum resting almost entirely on the “real” end and with fluctuating levels of doubt. That has been largely driven by a fruitless news cycle stacked against Q assertions.

Maybe the day that we find out for sure is closer than farther. It could be if that post is legitimate.

Returning to the election and the obvious case of it being stolen via voter fraud, the MSM is now leading the coup for the close. So, let’s pause for perspective. Here is what I believe as it relates to the abundance of demonstrable voter fraud that is driving the theft of this election one drip at a time.

The logical timeline according to how Mr. Trump does things, is to exhaust all legal remedies (litigation) and unfortunately, that requires more waiting. From there we would see him again and if need be, wait for the election to be certified. Then and only then would he be properly positioned to move forward.

As I have outlined in exhaustive detail, the known massive voter fraud functions to create two avenues to remove President Trump and they function concurrently: 1) an outright steal that could still happen and 2) mire the election result in litigation, delay it to inauguration day, enforce COG and insert Pelosi to end the ball game. The massive voter fraud delivers both portals for removal.

Through political optics alone, Mr. Trump must exhaust all legal remedies before moving forward otherwise they’ll flip the script on him and accuse him of election interference, which they’re already doing. Therein lies our frustrating holding pattern.

The ace up his sleeve is declassification, which he sagely transferred the authority of and then held onto for four years. It seems to me he knew this electoral moment was always coming and declassification would be the only remedy to unzip and expose it all.

If you’re wondering why I attach the vote certification requirement, it’s as simple as this. If you care to prosecute the crime, you must wait for it to be completed, otherwise you’ll only be prosecuting the conspiracy and those are two entirely different universes.

It’s reasonable to let them certify the vote and then wreck the entire landscape by finally verifying Q, declassifying everything and moving forward with the people’s business. Again, it’s just a thought.

I’ll close by commenting on social programming. I caught the first question of a post-football game interview on NBC News in one of those rare moments my TV was on. That question revolved around President Trump’s push-back on the election (vote steal) as being “dangerous to our democracy.”

I talk a lot about deliberately sown pretext. This should be self-explanatory is several ways.



Reality: Democracy and Truth v. Communism and Censorship

This morning, I attempted to make a post to @EntheosShines on Twitter. That post was entitled “Trying to wrap your mind around the election? We all are.” I suggested that the following links would help and included them:

As soon as I clicked to post the item, I received this message.

As someone who has avoided social media out of personal preference, I opened the Political Moonshine account in January to begin messaging that my investigation and research into the new COVID-19 matter at that time was reflective of a false flag political construct. If there were any doubt that my full body of work is on-point, it has been effectively erased.

It wasn’t long after January that I converged all of the components into one political continuum for a more comprehensive understanding: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election.

Why is Twitter locking-out an account that only had 1,500 followers several days ago before Entheos’ reemergence and whereby the Entheos account always lifts us and delivers new followers such that we’re closing-in on 500 new since the return?

Why was the PM account throttled with automatic rollbacks of followers and following and held to 1,500 for months and months?

Rhetorical questions, as always.

I look forward to the day I can pursue a legal recourse of action individually or in class action. That day will come one way or the other.

Welcome to the CCP.


Enemies of the American People

Which entity determines the election result and the president-elect? Is it the collective entity of the states, the electoral college and the processes of the federal government all as underpinned by the U.S. Constitution and election laws or is it the mainstream media?

Which entity is currently determining the election result and the president-elect? Is it the collective entity of the states, the electoral college and the processes of the federal government all as underpinned by the U.S. Constitution and election laws or is it the mainstream media?

Those are rhetorical but critically important questions; the answers to which have the Republic hanging in the balance and caught between good and evil.

The answers to which demonstrate that a sizable portion of Americans are unable to discern reality from their programming and simply because they believe the mainstream media to be either legitimate, in which case they have been properly and fully propagandized; or it’s because they are afraid to challenge their own conventions, in which case they are feeble-minded; or it’s because it easily and conveniently fits their virtuous but deeply flawed belief system, in which case the ends justify the means; or it’s because of some other explanation that matters not.

So, why is the MSM projecting itself forward so forcefully and circumventing electoral conventions? Why did they deliver Joe Biden to the American public with a result drowning in a sea of fraud in an election that saw the President win an historic 71 million votes?

Again, rhetorical questions.

This problem will manifest horribly no matter how this election eventually plays-out: Mr. Trump legitimately unzipping the whole thing and galvanizing his win resolutely and with the prosecution of all bad actors or Mr. Biden handing us all over to the CCP on a silver tea tray and delicately wrapped in a red silk bow.

Getting into it, recall that the mid-January 2017 timeline is the most important in contemporary U.S. history and as I’ve been saying for a very long time, it’s my favorite dead horse to kick and for good reason; the likes of which will either save or finish-off the Republic.

Sans anything granular and at an absolute minimum, the dates of the 05 Jan Susan Rice, self-memorialized, email meeting and the 13 Jan insertion of the pandemic construct into the incoming Trump administration by the outgoing Obama administration; as compelled by law which frames presidential transition and whereby Obama altered that law prior to and so as to specifically allow for the insertion of a viral pandemic component to said meetings; and whereby the Flynn scandal was leaked to preempt these meetings as deflecting cover, are the two dates that begin to allow a legitimate discussion here.

We should also acknowledge and concede that we are addressing a mere sliver of a vast overthrow conspiracy that we have comprehensively demonstrated as a converged political continuum: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election. So, we limit our focus to the ones bearing down hardest on this ongoing election theft.

There is ample evidence to demonstrate that the President’s longstanding declaration of the MSM as the “enemy of the American people” is much more than a simple campaign talking point or some canned campaign narrative. Rather, it’s more likely messaging – important messaging.

Enemy number one, the President warned us about even before getting elected. Enemy number one, the President Trump warned us about for the next four years and almost every time he was given an opportunity to speak to the American people directly or indirectly.

Why did he do that? Look no further than the entity that is trying – seemingly on its own – to steal what is indisputably most important to all things – the 2020 election. It’s reasonable to think that at this juncture, the President’s deliberate and purposeful messaging is emblematic of his foreknowledge and that he has a contingent remedy in place.

Consider, According to 50 USCS § 2204 [Title 50. War and National Defense; Chapter 39. Spoils of War], enemy of the United States means any country, government, group, or person that has been engaged in hostilities, whether or not lawfully authorized, with the United States; (3) the term “person” means (A) any natural person; (B) any corporation, partnership, or other legal entity; and (C) any organization, association, or group.

For the MSM, it fits like a glove, no?

What about the example of now-dead Fox News? Although Fox has slowly transitioned into a more liberal outlet over time and especially since the kids took over, there was an absolute flipping of the switch later on election night that is now palpable across the entire nation.

Fox, the stalwart conservative news network and many of its most trusted and well-liked personalities, flipped right along with all the other state-propagandized news networks to begin sowing the narrative required to hand-down the Biden-win edict to subjugated Americans.

The flipping of the switch occurred quite literally as the narrative shift overlays the timeline as what is now believed to be the application of the Hammer and Scorecard surveillance tools that remotely changed election results in real time to favor Joe Biden. As the vote totals shifted, so did the predetermined narrative. I wonder if there is a phone call attached to this; one perhaps recorded and possessed?

So, goodbye Fox News, hello Newsmax and onward we go.

Consider what the President’s enemies, including the MSM, have fraudulently engaged in since before he was even inaugurated. Succinctly and again, it’s Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election. Add to that fraudulent polling and more.

In short, the MSM wittingly got all of that wrong to align more closely, if not specifically, with the Obama-era doctrines of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which permit the stateside delivery of state-sponsored propaganda. Keep the Obama-era year of 2012 in the back of your mind as you begin to examine the shift in the MSM detailed below.

Was Fox News a long-time sleeper designed to earn the trust of conservative Americans only to ultimately violate that trust late on election night when many beleaguered Americans were simply too exhausted to think twice about the swill that was being dished to them?

The worst of it is, all of the other networks that matter have been in this camp forever. Now, Fox being the last vestige for conservatives, has effectively joined them and ended an era. Good riddance, traitors.

Again, hello Newsmax.

Here’s the basic premise leaving the longstanding granular research for your own consumption. That premise is as simple as saying that 6 major corporations own 90% of mainstream media and all 6 corporations are in bed with and beholden to China and the CCP and to the extent that it directly impacts content and programming.

The same content and programming that covers and impacts elections. By design.

Consider how things have shaped-up.

Above images sourced at Google and widely available.

For backdrop here, this is a piece from The Federalist from early May detailing Chinese intrusion into the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC/NBC, ABC and Bloomberg. There’s much to be found on your own reflecting the same and more.

Question, does that sound like the same group that has repeatedly lied to us about Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election as vectors to attack the President for his entire first term?

Rhetorical question.

Was Fox brought through the back door to cinch-up American minds and seal it?

Rhetorical question.

So, what about Fox?

Again and saving the granular details for your own consumption, Fox was fundamentally changed on 19 Mar 19 when Fox Corporation replaced 21st Century Fox. At that time, it created a marriage between Disney and Fox and it brought-on to its board Republican and former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Occam’s razor identifies the Disney tentacle as the most likely source of the recent transition of Fox from friend to foe, or rather, to enemy; as in enemy of the people.

If you also require an answer to why Paul Ryan inexplicably extracted himself from the political landscape that just might be confirmation that Mr. Trump does in fact have guardrails in place to preserve the Republic and his presidency, you just got it.

No one walks away from being Speaker and a likely presidency or two without good cause.

And now, in the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the MSM is preempting due process to declare the electoral result and determine the president elect and all before the vote has even been certified; or all of the legitimate results even counted.

That’s telling, no? They declared VA early and with the President sitting on huge returns. They declared AZ early for a multitude of reasons and to trigger the steal. Now they’re arriving early to thrust Harris and Biden into the Oval Office.

How long before it’s President Harris? Not long at all, I presume. The forces behind Harris could begin playing all of Joe’s campaign dementia highlights to leverage the 25th Amendment against him in relatively short order.

Biden will gladly step down. I had him as a placeholder candidate with Clinton coming in as the late preferred candidate but I believe Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s public positioning on the discovery of Hillary’s deleted 33k emails fundamentally changed that landscape forcing their further reliance on ballot fraud to place Biden.

Hillary could have at least attracted votes. Pompeo’s play might be historically noteworthy. How rich the irony for Joe.

Let us introduce our second and final enemy and this won’t take long. It’s the invisible one; the one that hails from…..


Being generally opposed to social media, I opened our Twitter account in January 2020 only to share with all of you what we were learning – that COVID-19 is a false flag political construct being driven by fraudulent infection and mortality data. We were right in January and we are correct, now.

We were also correct in our assessment that thus far, President Trump has avoided a hot war with China despite direct election interference and the release of a bioweapon of mass destruction, as it’s classified by the FBI, to accomplish that objective.

That’s the same China that owns our MSM and a wide swath of U.S. politicians being handsomely paid to conspire with them. That’s the same China that Secretary Pompeo recently said formulated a long list of American governors considered friendly (or hostile). That’s the same China that though our MSM is determining the election result and the president-elect.

Ask yourself which of the two candidates – Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden – is entirely compromised by China, Ukraine and a host of other countries; has a son who closed a $1.5 billion dollar deal with China; and has a son who’s personal library of legally questionable and autobiographical pornography is readily available online?

Is that Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden?

Notably, Mr. Trump took an unusual step in all of this and it ties directly back to our mid-Jan 2017 timeline. On 20 Jan 17, Mr. Trump declared his candidacy and reelection effort for 2020. Aside from all of the conventional benefits that come along by doing so, it also does one more very important thing for the President.

Note that this early and anomalous filing by President Trump opens another prosecutorial vector for bad actors meaning that anyone who wittingly participating in the conspiracy and took steps to controvert Trump’s efforts would be engaging in crimes subject to federal prosecution for election interference. This applies to the MSM. See the President’s application of the term “enemy.”

Question, what did Mr. Trump go out of his way to mention the other night in his address to the American people? He specifically mentioned the “witting” participation of the MSM; especially as he described suppression polling.

He was being intentional and deliberate with his messaging like he did in branding the MSM and “enemy” of the people. Consider both for full meaning.

So, we find ourselves in the midst of a Chinese/CCP overthrow and a large portion of the country thinks it’s the perfect remedy for our woes; even after their leaders allowed domestic terrorists to attack political opponents; sometimes killing them; and shred our history and culture while burning our cities for made-up causes. Refer back to repeated historical patterns in global Communist conquest. Refer back to my previous assertion about the feeble American mind.

The common thread is clearly China. That alone may tell us exactly why is the MSM is attempting to install – just as Ruth Bader Ginsberg asked – the Biden/Harris regime.

President Trump began all of this and remains unwavering in calling the MSM the “enemy” of the American people. I believe he did that for a reasons delineated.

The enemy has always been China. The mouthpiece for China has always been the MSM.

Now you know why they’ve declared Joe Biden president-elect.

In addition to the few items below, I’ll leave you with a warm welcome to the CCP; assuming this election is not rectified and restored to its legitimate landslide win for President Trump.