Wuhan Lab Is Conspiracy No More?

What is it or should I say, who is it, that serves as the needle to thread COVID-19 through three consecutive presidential administrations from Obama to Trump to Biden?

Who is it that’s the highest paid official in the federal government at $400,000 annually and having entered service in 1984 during the Reagan Administration? Who is it that has a questionable history of false attributions relative to disease outbreaks? Who had a history of ethically controversial recommendations with experimental drugs? Who is the “expert” claiming to know so much and be so, well, “expert” in all things but who has gotten so much so wrong and so often and sometimes in ways antithetical to his own previous positions? Who is it that altered positions on longstanding and universally accepted medical practices, policies and knowledge to adapt them for a false flag political construct driven by manufactured fraudulent data harvested from an average of 4.0 co-morbidities? Who stands to gain financially and otherwise from global vaccination?

Who is it that has contradicted himself in absurd ways from don’t worry>worry, no travel ban(s)/travel ban(s), just flatten the curve/just a few weeks> now going on two years, no masks> 1 mask, 2 masks more than two masks? Who knew that masks didn’t work because it’s one of the aforementioned universally accepted medical positions rooted in peer-reviewed and established research findings? Who even said that “homemade” masks would work?

Who….you can complete that with a long list of other questions which, like all of these, are rhetorical and we all know the answer – it’s the individual I branded #FalseFlagFauci a long, long time ago.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who should stand trial for crimes against humanity for his role in engineering and propagating a fraudulent pandemic as a sequential step in an overthrow effort that ousted a sitting president by design and occurs within the context of an undeclared World War III, which commenced with the release of a bio-WMD against the U.S. in October of 2019, has repeatedly denied allegations of entanglements with China, the CCP, military and PLA labs relative to funding and gain of function research.

As I indicated in the previous article, wherein the section covering COVID-19 provides an excellent and comprehensive summary update to underpin what is being delivered here, Mike Pompeo has recently turned his attention to work previously covered over a year ago and mainly, the bioweaponization aspects of COVID-19 as occurring in the controversial national and military laboratory in Wuhan, China. This represents a circle back to remarks last year about China/CCP having evaluated a long list of Americans (politicians, governors, etc.) important to them.


If you’ve been drinking your Moonshine, you know that I’ve been covering the COVID-19 pandemic from its very beginning circa 27 Dec 19 and at a granular level essentially unmatched; especially with regard to some very important positions such as Impeachment 1.0 serving as the deflection point/cover mechanism for the ushering in of COVID-19. A second position is one that we’ll review again today – that President Trump fully compartmentalized the culpability for COVID-19 entirely with the Anthony Fauci/Mike Pence cohort and he did so in a legendary press conference.

Resting on that, we now have some older story lines relative to our existing work that are either rehashing or just now making their way into the broader narrative.

In April and May, the CDC took measures revising cycle threshold ranges relative to PCR testing once again stacking another empirically valid data point firmly in my camp of this entire pandemic being one of propagated fraudulent data as curated and harvested from co-morbidities and whereby intentionally flawed PCR tests utilizing anomalously high and unconventional cycle threshold ranges serve as the primary data driver. What permits the PCR tests to be the pandemic’s data driver was the mid-April (2020) moving of the goal post/measuring stick of mortality data, which was in decline, to “new case” data, which is created by abundant false positive test results caused by said faulty and high cycle thresholds.

Further complicating matters for the official CV19 narrative and the Fauci cohort (Fauci, Birx, NIAID, NIH, CDC, et al.) is yet another aspect that has been long reported by the likes of us and others, but ignored writ large in the MSM and that is how Obama’s administration stopped (2014) and then off-shored and funded (2015) its gain of function research by sending it to the National Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Again, it’s Senator Tom Cotton (AR) shining light on it.

Relative to the Cotton comments, it now appears as if Fauci (#FalseFlagFlipFlopFauci) is reversing course AGAIN and admitting that the SARS-CoV-2 virus originated in a lab. This is a substantial pivot for Fauci surpassing his pivot out of the pandemic back in December 2019 during peak flu. Here’s the slithery snake oil statement from which we can deduce that Fauci is essentially confirming that SARS-CoV-2 was possibly (likely) bioengineered (bio-weaponized) in collaboration with China and as funded by the US.

No actually, that’s the point that I said. And I think that the real unfortunate aspect of what Senator Paul did was he was conflating research in a collaborative way with Chinese scientists which was — you’d almost have to say that if we did not do that then we’d be almost irresponsible because SARS-COVI-1 clearly originated in China… So we really had to learn a whole lot about the viruses that were there, about whether or not people were getting infected with bad viruses. So in a very minor collaboration as part of a sub-contract as part of a grant, we had a collaboration with some Chinese scientists. And what he conflated that was that we were involved in creating the virus. Which is the most ridiculous majestic leap I’ve ever heard of.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

With Pompeo refocusing attention on COVID-19 and the national lab in Wuhan and Fauci now working hard to avoid but eventually confirming what we all knew and just outlined, it all presents with a sense that the broader narrative is beginning to bend back on them as the fake pandemic continues to fall apart. It bears asking whether or not carve-outs are being made to begin the exit away from CV19 and whereby culpability will be assigned.

Now pair these culpability considerations with the work above where Trump compartmentalized all of COVID-19’s culpability with the Fauci/Pence cohort (detailed in a comprehensive review in the last article.) Doing so allows us to see the board and how the pieces are being moved.

As for moving pieces, President Trump also recently issued a statement that referenced his personal aircraft and through a discerning lens, we can ascertain some relatively concrete timeline markers. Here’s the relative post.

Let’s wrap up with a question and a prediction.

When is the next false flag coming?

It has to be coming soon, right; with AZ bearing down hard as the first domino in a series of election dominoes positioned to fall?

Contemporary history tells us we’re due. Consider that COVID was covered by the first impeachment, Obamagate was derailed by riots, Hunter’s laptop was set off course by an explosion in COVID cases and Biden’s stolen election was covered by a fake insurrection and a second impeachment. And now we have AZ on the horizon coinciding with a failing COVID narrative.

Something is en route – it has to be unless they find an ulterior means by which to derail AZ and the series of states following suit with election audits.

I’d suggest that’s an easy prediction given what is known about the people who will thrust it upon us.


Standing on the Truth and Staring WWIII in the Face

The hiatus is over. This is the first proper article I’ve written since the 19 Dec 20 piece “CRITICAL: The Pending Pivot Back to Russia” examining the Biden administration’s (and China’s/CCP’s) objective of deflecting the building momentum focused on them during President Trump’s remaining days in office so as to resume the prior of Russian-predicated constructs that have underpinned much of their criminality and treason.

Or, in other words, they need the old boogeyman to be the new boogeyman to cause the people to look away from the REAL boogeyman – them.

Let’s get right back into it with a simple rhetorical question that everybody refuses to answer – where did the flu go?

We know where the flu went and I’ve been delivering that data copiously since very early 2020. Kicking that long dead horse and simply stated the flu, or rather its infection and mortality data, has been curated, harvested and propagated as COVID-19.

Much has happened since the last article and much of that was put forth in 9 episodes of The Still – a first attempt at a video/podcast style of content delivery. I had the graphics for episode 10 prepped and ready before hitting a wall, tapping the brakes and taking a moratorium – just a regular guy here and all of this periodically takes a toll that sometimes requires a moratorium. It’s good to be back to old school writing.

Ever try to sit down to have a complex and interesting conversation alone with your inanimate laptop while recording it to post publicly? Let’s just say it ain’t easy and kudos to those who produce this type of video content with both regularity and high production quality (MonkeyWerx, X22 Report, Tore and several others come to mind). The amount of work in the backdrop to prepare a single episode for posting is crazy – hat tip to all of them. With the groundwork in place, perhaps we’ll visit the format again soon.


So where do we stand? Where do Americans realistically and objectively find ourselves 121 days into the Biden/Harris administration?

The answer presents in two basic and plausible ways as best it can be interpreted, understood and applied:

1) As Commander-in-Chief, an outgoing President Trump fulfilled his sworn Constitutional onus to defend the Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic and therefore he took any and all necessary steps to effectively advise military leadership accordingly. This would include the delineation of a commenced and asymmetrical World War III begun by leveraging biowarfare by means of launching of a bio-WMD (as classified by the FBI) against the U.S. This would include the objectives of infiltrating the America’s institutions writ large for the purpose of removing a sitting president to overthrow the U.S. government. Logically this advisement occurred prior to the 2020 election and even possibly leveraged the newly minted U.S. Space Force in response. Therefore, we would find ourselves resting in a state with a divided government where the military recognizes President Trump while the Congress and Judiciary recognize President Biden. This division


2) We are in real trouble likely facing the end of America and the beginning of Amerika.

For the sake of the dialogue, let’s further define “real trouble” as the Biden/Harris administration being installed by China and the CCP by leveraging COVID-19 as a bio-WMD and with Biden, as a placeholder, proxy and pawn, serving both them and Obama and the Deep State/Shadow Government. Thus far, Biden has functioned largely by means of an unprecedented level of executive orders despite possessing all three requisite components to pass legislation constitutionally – the Democrats posses the Executive and both chambers of Congress. It all means that the United States has been flipped right back over to this broader and long-tenured plan that is playing out as a de facto Obama third term.

Actually, if all had gone according to plan, it would be a Hillary Clinton second term and Amerika would look much different than it does today; and not for the better. Even worse, that’s given how utterly shitty and contemptible the state of Amerika is right now. All of it has led to this, which is my new favorite mantra – “Amerika is a shit hole banana republic. All of the good banana republics are laughing at us.”

But therein we see hope in the form of a bit of light peering through a slight crack in the door.

The hope is simply this and it’s really a reminder – in order for President Trump to have secured his 2016 victory, there had to have been a preexisting military-based plan of intervention to “un-rig” a rigged election so actual could authentically stand with fidelity and deliver a legitimate and historic win. This is what gives us hope so long as military leadership hasn’t fallen alongside the rest of the traitors.

It bears this question. Who “un-rigs” an election to win only to stand in the middle of the voter fraud train tracks staring down the headlight for 4 years – never even flinching, much less moving – waiting for the election theft train to plow him over; and especially when he’s known as a savvy and highly intelligent political street-fighter the likes of which our times have never seen?

“Nobody” would be my answer while reminding folks that it doesn’t sound very Trump-like, does it?

So although it’s anecdotal and circumstantial at best, we can see that the door is cracked for some light to shine through. What remains are questions about who, what, when, where and how. But with no tangible evidence suggesting an immediate reversal of course, that is all we have for now; however, that alone encapsulates the importance of the Arizona election audit in Maricopa County in what is hoped to become the first domino in a series of audits in other states.

A long-tenured and previously covered position is that Mr. Trump must exhaust all of his means of civil redress before moving on to unconventional and by default, military ones. We’re nearing if not at the end of that rope and it stands to reason that a logical threshold in all of this is the presentation to the people of clear and irrefutable evidence of the scope of election fraud as asserted by President Trump. It is here that Arizona bears down with full might and the enemies of democracy are responding as you might expect by dispatching an army of attorneys of the Lawfare ilk and similar.

What happens at the end of the Maricopa road when the public arrives to learn generally what the military is presumed to have known with granularity for months; especially when the people respond en masse as pro Trump, pro democracy, pro America and ‘pro we’re done f______g around, fix this now!’? It’s this dynamic that appears as if it could be a logical trigger or threshold on our timeline.

It’s also important to measure against our timeline and evaluate the peculiar timing of NYC’s, NY AG Letitia James’ and Manhattan DA Cy Vance’s recent advisement of a shift to criminal charges against President Trump. This should be viewed as an extension of the Flynn, Mueller, Russia, Ukraine, impeachment I and impeachment II continuum whereby the aforementioned have been tasked. As we do this and because it informs my position here, let’s examine President Trump’s reply to this development as coupled with my reply to him, which includes a typo I’ll chalk up to eyes about to turn 50.

It stands to reason that the criminal investigation will expand into the broader Trump umbrella and into the Trump family. They’ve already and recently targeted Rudy Giulani and now this? More logically sound reasoning tells us that President likely has thresholds of his own built into any possible military-based response and they most certainly apply to the Trump children and the broader family. So, I wonder if this development is one of them? I would suggest that it is ergo we may be closer than farther away to the first actionable steps at a course reversal but only time will tell.


Turning to COVID-19, recall that the Moonshine catalog of work contains thousands of written pages, videos, graphics, articles, reports, social media posts, etc. that date back to early January 2020 and collectively represent the first and most complete catalog of original thought and work that is publicly available and which explicitly identifies COVID-19 as a false flag political construct. Moonshine was the first to claim and demonstrate this.

Now, consider that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has recently shifted his narrative to China and the Wuhan Institute of Virology (a legitimate CCP/military laboratory.) In reference to prior work from the catalog, this development bodes well relative to the status quo meaning that it could be pretext for Pompeo (Trump) circling back on his advisement last year to governors, congressmen, senators and universities when he said that China and the CCP had evaluated each of them as friend or foe.

I’ve long contended that the most efficient and effective way to undo COVID-19 is to rip its spine out and that spine is the predication for the emergency declaration, which occurred on 11 Mar 20 and permitted the Fauci/Biden/Obama cohort to usurp President Trump’s emergency powers when Trump was legally compelled to defer to his experts by means of the Stafford Act. By destructing the emergency declaration, which is the precise component that provides the legal authority to eclipse the U.S. Constitution, authorize experimental vaccines, implement recommended guidelines and mitigation policies, etc., there would be no legal interface for federal, state, county or local authorities to intercede on Americans’ Constitutional rights. Or, in other words, the pandemic of propagated fraudulent data would disappear immediately. The point being that destructing the predication could and should begin in China and in the Wuhan lab and this is exactly where Pompeo is going.

Compound all of that with my early 2020 reporting that Anthony Fauci was entangled in conflicts of interest on many fronts including researching coronavirus strains relative to bioweaponization, funding the same research in the U.S. and then abroad in China, exporting the U.S.’s same research to China during the Obama administration, etc. All of this – all previously reported in old work – is now beginning to move into more fulsome light as the mainstream is learning what Mooonshiners have known for a very long time.

Political Moonshine was the first and (as best I can tell, only one) to identify and explain how Nancy Pelosi leveraged the first fraudulent impeachment as a precise timeline cover mechanism for the COVID-19 false flag political construct to be ushered-in while the Western world was distracted post-Christmas by two days. This is critical because it established the first direct political nexus to allow us to gain clarity in other associated areas including a forthcoming peculiar maneuver relative to PCR testing (more on that critical aspect momentarily.) Importantly, this allows for the hypothetical prosecutorial net to be further cast around a significant number of U.S. politicians with Chinese/CCP entanglements.

The COVID-19 timeline permits us to fully understand the fraud driving the “pandemic” while we fit it into the broader geopolitical landscape. It’s worth remembering that the all of the exclusive work here mostly focuses on active steps in the constructive process while omitting (for brevity’s sake) other important information.

News of the outbreak arrived on 27 Dec 19 but was later revised backwards to 17 Nov 19 and the first U.S. case was confirmed 20 Jan 20. Despite our early January position that COVID-19 was fraudulent, our work was placed in a holding pattern until the first respective U.S. data sets arrived in early February. From that point and moving forward, I identified the inverse relationship between the onset of CV19 and the disappearance of flu/pneumo. These general details underpin the effort to establish the true nature of the pandemic – a propagation of fraudulently constructed data.

In March 2016, President Obama augmented longstanding presidential transition law to specifically include pandemic preparedness and our evidence includes purchasing spreadsheets for “COVID-19” items such as “test kits” and other related items for the years of 2017, 2018 and 2019 (featured in several articles, videos and video podcasts.) It should be understood that relative to those years, the term “COVID-19” was not created and applied to this pandemic until 11 Feb 20. It’s odd they purchased them by name before they were given said name, no?


On 13 Jan 17, the outgoing Obama team then inserted the pandemic construct into the incoming Trump team’s administration during their compulsory transition meetings (those slides have been available on the website for over a year.) Not coincidentally, Obama’s administration also coordinated the release of the cooked-up Flynn/Russia story into the MSM the day before to function like impeachment I to COVID-19 – as a deflection and distraction mechanism.

In foreboding fashion, Fauci, Biden and others all previously warned that the incoming Trump administration would face a “surprise outbreak,” as Fauci put it (also previously and extensively covered and documented.)

Two days after Christmas it all arrived and Fauci, the coronavirus “expert” who has gotten it all wrong and contradicted himself the entire way, stood us down sans masks and said “don’t worry” while also leaving open international travel to the source of the outbreak in China. None of that made sense until the true ulterior agenda was understood. Now, it’s all crystal clear.

From there and going forward, the Democrats then began the push for the construct by driving the narrative for expanded testing beginning in January of 2020. Expanded testing will bear down in a fundamental fashion momentarily.

On 04 March 20, the National Vital Statistics System began by issuing a series of 6 diagnostic memos that functioned as rules to medical providers and were devised and crafted to cause the providers to harvest and curate fraudulent COVID data from an average of 4.0 (now up from 2.6 as of 12 May 21) co-morbidities (primarily flu, pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.) The fraudulent construct also included financial incentives for COVID diagnoses over others and for respirator applications.

The Democrats’ narrative for expanded testing delivered and not by accident because the CDC/WHO did two things to ensure that it would; one of which has NEVER occurred before and that was the 2020 “mid-April “shift”, as I branded it, wherein they moved the “pandemic” measuring stick from mortality data, which is the accepted conventional measurement and which was in decline due to the annual seasonal die-off of the leveraged co-morbidities, to “NEW CASE” data. THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

Stay with me – this will make sense.

The second thing the CDC/WHO did was devised to deliver the data on demand while resting on the push for exponentially more testing. Here, they broke away from conventional standards relative to the PCR test, which measures viral load (how infectious the virus is, generally) by means of cycle threshold. Conventionally and generally, the CT is set in the range of 17-25 with it being understood that anything above 25 would deliver unreliable results.

For the COVID-19 pandemic, the CT range for PCR testing was deliberately increased to and set at an unconventional and anomalously high range of approximately 35-40. PCR testing with this high of a cycle threshold has one particular consequential result – it delivers false positive test results in abundance. Now it should make sense.

So, in April, the data driver of flu/pneumo was drying up due to typical seasonal die-off and so the pre-determined move to “new case data” occurred at the flip of a switch given how the increase in testing overlays the increase in new cases as precisely delineated on our line graph. This allowed them to drag the pandemic through spring, summer and fall and right back to peak flu of 2020-2021, which the CDC runs for 2 months beginning every 01 Dec because and as simply stated, the more you look for something, the more you find it.

More recently, India and Seychelles provide exemplars into two important dynamics in this same vein: 1) India – expanded testing and vaccination always appears to lead to more cases causing us to ask, “chicken or egg?” and 2) Seychelles – individuals previously tested and vaccinated are subsequently turning up positive for COVID-19.

Reflecting back on Biden’s inauguration and to fully hammer home the position that what we are seeing is evidenced criminal fraud, do you recall what happened within the first hour of Biden’s presidency? The WHO/CDC – WITHIN AN HOUR! – reduced the cycle threshold for PCR testing back down to the conventionally accepted level. Not even 60 minutes of Biden’s presidency had passed before the change was made. What do you think the result was?

Nothing to see here – move along, now.

Remarkably (not really because I predicted this would happen exactly as it did – the graphic above is from March and article below is from the end of April), as the PCR test revisions delivered decreased infection and mortality data so as to see the installed CCPresident off to a good start, they completely flipped the script on us in the most egregious way and by claiming that the reason the flu (pneumonia) had essentially disappeared was due to the guidelines and mitigations enforced for COVID-19! That’s right. The attributed the disappearance of the flu to their own genius rather than their own criminal fraud and it happened like everything else – as predicted. Americans are dumb, though, and they’ll slurp-up that Kool-Aid elixir like they have with the rest of it.

“New cases” bridged the pandemic from 2020 to 2021 just like I have identified and previously reported that “variants” will bridge the gap from 2021 to 2022. Unless we make good on the aforementioned Trump/military plan, I stand firm on two very long tenured positions – 1) these people will never stop until they are made to stop and 2) COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere.

Currently, we are still in the thick of it and not going anywhere even though the data continues to stack-up against the narrative (false flag political construct.) On 26 Aug 20 the CDC revised away 94% of its bulk mortality data stating that COVID diagnoses with COVID being the sole cause had actually leveraged an average of 2.6 co-morbidities. This left only 6% of their mortality data as valid.


The CDC did the exact same thing on 12 May 21 whereby the new numbers aggravate the matter with 95% being of the sole-cause data being revised away leaving only 5% of the remaining data as valid. Even worse, the number of leveraged co-morbidities increased to 4.0.

Do you know what happens if you take the CDC’s fear porn mortality data at 5% and 6%? Let me tell you. It puts the number right smack in the middle of a typical annual flu season when the pandemic has seen flu/pneumo disappear inversely to it.

More recently, the MSM has come to identify old Moonshine work as “exclusive” and “news” and importantly, the matter of culpability was raised. This is something that I addressed in detail over a year ago at the time President Trump actually made it happen. Just like everybody else missed impeachment as the cover mechanism for COVID-19, they missed President Trump fully compartmentalizing the totality of the COVID-19 pandemic squarely with Anthony Fauci (and Mike Pence) in a legendary press conference. TGP and Rand Paul discussed this on 13 May 21 while I brought it to your attention 14 Arp 20, when it happened.


The entire pandemic is one of fraudulently propagated data like the data point where the CDC has 2020 as the 12th deadliest year in the past 12 years and whereby deadlier disease outbreaks than COVID existed during the same span with obvious disparity in how it was handled for Obama.

If you’re looking for positive news in terms of a reprieve if not elimination of the COVID-19 pandemic sans a change of leadership in the White House, it’s a fruitless search in a ominous scene.

So, as it stands, the source controlling the data remains in charge (Fauci/Biden/Obama cohort) and the MSM is fully engaged in the continual propagation of it so, from a federal level, there appears to be no end in sight as noted. It will be variants that drag us through to next year’s peak flu and in between, determining who your county sheriff and state governor – either by election or moving van – becomes the priority.


We began this piece outlining my position that we are in the midst of an asymmetrical WWIII as commenced with the release of a bio-WMD against the U.S. and moreover, I would suggest that most Americans are entirely oblivious to this point. Therein, we can’t omit the importance of the Middle East and specifically Iran, upon which Pompeo recently remarked and for which we can fall back on even more existing work. The fundamental aspect here is that Iran has functioned as proxy manufacturer of a nuclear arsenal developed for the Deep State/Shadow Government to wield against Western nations to leverage them into desired geopolitical positions.

Refocusing on China, several recent developments further bolster our positions and confirm old work as accurate. For one, we had previously verified the presence of four artificial HIV inserts in the SARS-CoV-2 virus and of gain of function properties as markers indicative of bio-weaponization and moreover, we established a complex network of people and entities eventually tying it back to the lab in Wuhan; including Fauci’s previous research and NIH funding, and as a functionary of the CCP and PLA.

New evidence continues to stack upon old. The frenzied uptick is such that now, even House Republicans are taking it up with Fauci. Don’t forget this, too – Fauci is the highest paid employee in the entire federal apparatus making $400,000 annually having entered under Reagan in 1984. Who was VPOTUS then? George H.W. Bush, who has direct ties to the Nazi party via his father Prescott Bush? Yep. One and the same.

If you care to sidebar or come back to it later, that particular Bush angle is again covered in this.

Especially given the recent remarks from the CDC, there is a part of me that wonders if a carve-out is being made in the narrative for an exit away from what appears to be a growing tide of evidence and truth that is en route; including more entanglements for Fauci that draw back to 2014 and place him in the Situation Room (think of no ability to eavesdrop) of Obama’s White House relative to gain of function.

Recently, a Chinese professor with close ties to the CCP delineated the same position that I presented back in May of 2020 – that we are in a state of an undeclared third world war.

Here’s the larger extract with the more relevant aspect highlighted outlining President Trump’s handling of an undeclared WWIII as I presented it in Making the Case for Treason on 06 May 20,

The Still – Vol. 7, 22 Mar 21



The Still – Vol. 6, 20 Mar 21

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CRITICAL: The Pending Pivot Back to Russia

There is an ongoing pivot back to Russia and it’s pending on the finality of the Biden steal. As 80 million Americans find themselves imprisoned by draconian measures delivered by the CCP’s weaponized pandemic, they are also trying to sort-out the granular aspects of a patently stolen election. Meanwhile, there is a fundamental shift that is occurring and is likely going unnoticed. The implications of it all are profound.

The backdrop to this is the reported hacking of the Department of Energy (and others) relative to SolarWinds, which is deeply enmeshed in the 2020 election vis-a-vis Dominion/Smartmatic. Astonishingly, the hack has left significant components to the entire federal digital system completely vulnerable, unmitigated, not redressed and at the control of hostile foreign powers. You’ll hear those details in the interview linked below.

You can go deeper with that article but the main premise will suffice moving forward.

As we get into all of this, recall the evidence that Eric Snowden presented whereby the intelligence community has the ability to hack into a system, extract the targeted data and then intentionally leave behind evidence of “Russian hacking tools.” As you move through this article, continue to ask yourself this basic question. Who more likely executed this hack, Russia or the intelligence community that is on the cusp of being disemboweled in the full public spectrum and which has the capability to leave behind a Russian marker to pin it elsewhere?

That’s a rhetorical question but keep asking it nonetheless.

All of this draws back to the initial vectoring in on the Trump administration as authorized by Hillary Clinton and initiated by Obama’s federal apparatus (intelligence community, CIA, DOJ, FBI, Congress, etc.)

It’s as simple as this and it’s really old hat. Russia is the current boggeyman du jour for the Deep State. When I was a kid, it was the USSR (and not forgetting the Iran hostage affair during the Carter administration.) When I was in college the second time (late 90s) it became radical Islamic terrorism. Get the picture? The boogeyman is as fluid as a viral pandemic construct. It can be whatever, whenever and why-ever as desired.

It’s pure evil. It’s also a war for the mind and many Americans have been programmed to be feeble-minded. It’s cyclical and unbreakable for many.

The spine of the overarching and ongoing multinational overthrow effort is China and the CCP, which is why Russia is the our boogeyman du jour. It’s an easy sell as big, scary and mean and the narrative is already deeply sown; ad nauseam.

Clinton maintained an illegal and unsecured server to deliver China anything and everything sacred (that’s a mere drop in Clinton’s ocean); China designed and developed the COVID-19 strain with our direct assistance, money and proprietary knowledge; China unleashed that bio-WMD against us; and to facilitate it all, China deeply infiltrated the fabric of the nation and its institutions on its way to compromising untold numbers of US leaders, politicians, citizens and more. To that, add one stolen election and the installation of their purchased puppet, Joe Biden.

But look over here, y’all… it’s muh Russia. Feeble-minded Americans actually believe this tripe. War for the mind.

The first whiff for me came in this Lou Dobbs interview and we’ll begin there.

Instantly, the red flags show. This is the same distrusted Fox News Network that stabbed 74 million Americans in the back on election night that is rolling out a Deep State shill to sow the Russia narrative even deeper. It’s complete and utter garbage in terms of the Russian attribution of an actual hack.

Again, who more likely executed this hack, Russia or the intelligence community that is on the cusp of being disemboweled in the full public spectrum and which has the capability to leave behind a Russian marker to pin it elsewhere?

This morning, we all awoke to this item from The Hill.

Again, who more likely executed this hack, Russia or the intelligence community that is on the cusp of being disemboweled in the full public spectrum and which has the capability to leave behind a Russian marker to pin it elsewhere?

The Deep State leviathan sold us all out to China and the CCP for their partnership in assuming full and final control of this once proud constitutional republic. They drove that effort with a false Russia narrative devised to deflect everything away from China and it’s purchase of an illegitimately installed pupped in Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi calibrated her irregular impeachment of President Trump to veil COVID-19 as it was ushered-in and saddled between Christmas and New Years. It then was leveraged to steal the election. We were placed on a war footing with China long ago and at the latest when they released a bio-WMD against this nation back in October.

Now, pending the finality of the Biden win, that war footing is being pivoted back to Russia and it sounds like Congress cares to leverage it further in suppressing the great awakening while further driving the great reset. The pivot back to Russia is here and it’s not going anywhere.

It’s all on the line America. Time to stand-up and fight like Americans.



We’ve recently released two new videos:

The Only Bridge Between Reality and Hope: The US Military

This is not the time nor place to recapitulate the Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, riots/domestic terrorism, engineered race war and stolen election construct – because that’s precisely what it is – and I refer you to the homepage where all of that information is archived. Rather, this is an endeavor to comprehend why the US military has been and remains the only bridge between reality and hope; reality being defined as the end of this constitutional republic as the nation slips into CCP branded totalitarian, Marxist communism forever.

To properly frame it, consider this from a previous article entitled THE PLAN: Institutions, a Stolen Election and a War Footing With China. The position rests with circumventing the institutions altogether and for their inherent and undeterred corruption and criminality.

The lion’s share of our comprehensive list of assertions is too great to present here. Understand, though, that they draw back on George H.W. Bush, his entry into and ascendance through the federal government and into the Oval Office, and relative to Attorney General William Barr, who was first appointed by him and whereby Barr is centered squarely in the middle of China’s acquisition of Dominion/Smartmatic; including Chinese ownership of proprietary information equating to the patents representing the keys to the castle in terms of stealing an election remotely.

Did President Trump actually believe that he was going to receive fidelity from just about anyone within the institutions? Congress, SCOTUS, the intelligence community, the Judiciary or the broader leviathan federal apparatus? That’s a jagged and bitter pill to swallow, is it not?

Would he get that fidelity from a twice-appointed Barr in his directorship of the DOJ? The scoreboard read 0-22 last time I posted on it. Not sure what it is now, but you get the point.

The institutions – all of them – had to be circumvented. What does that leave?

The President knew that at a minimum, he could not depend on the FBI, CIA or DOJ and now, on the heels of its dismissal of the Texas suit, the Supreme Court of the United States. Understand, though, FISA authority and oversight rests under the jurisdiction of SCOTUS and that was the primary mechanism leveraged to initiate angling-in on President Trump. Think he didn’t know that? Why did Admiral Rogers make that shocking impromptu trip to see the Mr. Trump?

Digressing, I stated in the last article that SCOTUS would not take a determining role in deciding the election result and that’s exactly what they did. The surprising aspect was that Trump’s newly appointed justices stood-down in the denial. That was unanticipated but perhaps not in retrospect and perhaps for reasons unknown (see the thread from @John in the bonus items below.) I don’t know and I’m reminding you that my background is as an investigator conducting intensive investigations for law firms and insurance companies; not as a constitutional scholar (although we all enjoy armchair quarterbacking from time, to time and if for no other reason than to stay sharp.) Ergo, I prefer to defer to experts in their fields.

No matter, SCOTUS has been corrupt for a long time; just like the rest of the institutions – all of them.

Which John Roberts is it that appears on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs? Is it the John Roberts from the now-dead Fox News Network that stabbed 74 million Americans in the back on election night or is it the one who serves as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court? And for the Roberts that actually matters, how and why did he get that black eye?

All of this and a bunch more has now reduced our landscape to pretty simple terms. I presented the following graphic once the planned riots broke out in May and after I predicted those riots by a rough three weeks. The “WE ARE HERE” is indicative of our progress at that time.

Common sense tells you where we are now.

How’s it looking?

I know – tense. Razor thin margins. No period of time in my lifetime has brought such dire circumstances and that half of America thinks it’s awesome has me and certainly much like you, at my wit’s end.

The graphic is an accurate representation of the current scenario given the bulk of cited and sourced work and evidence on our website. We’re on the precipice of a completed communist overthrow, plainly and simply. Now ask yourself if that dynamic moves down the law enforcement line or the military line. Again, “communist overthrow” – where is the jurisdiction inherent in that?

There’s a bonus item at the bottom of this article. I encourage you to watch the video because it was made in conjunction @EntheosShines and the attorney referenced therein. The genesis of the project all goes back to Entheos.

The video portrays an enigmatic man from Noxubee County, Mississippi named Ike Brown, who began registering voters when he was 17 thus setting the path for him to establish the foundation for the Democratic National Party Machine’s tactics and strategies that were overlaid nationally to expedite the voter fraud requisite for the theft of the 2020 election. What undid their efforts was the enormous and historically notable vote result earned by Mr. Trump, which was voluminous to the extent that it literally broke the algorithms employed to steal the election for Biden electronically and remotely; and on a parallel track with the boots-on-the-ground Brown tactics.

Bearing in mind the overthrow dynamic, the US military becomes our only remedy and evidence demonstrates this was determined years ago. It was placed into writing on 12 September 18. More on that momentarily because we’re getting into the nitty-gritt of it all. Granular.

To set the stage for the topic of undoing it all and whereby the US military enters as the only hope for an available path to do so, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris must be understood from both a broader sense and from one that serves the objectives of the agenda and political construct targeting this President and this nation. There is a very important distinction that I’ll draw your attention to and Mr. Trump brought it to mine.

Our article entitled Kamala’s Kontroversy for Amerika is a deeper dig drawing back for a couple of years and to the extent that I found her eventual plans for the payment of slavery reparations to black Americans. It’s found inside of an unneeded and highly suspicious anti-lynching bill tied to the orchestrated Charlottesville incident. That’s but one example of what’s coming. The article is highly recommended and here’s an extract (introduction) from it that’s not short in its visceral tone.

More from the same.

So, that’s set’s the tone. Here’s the distinction that bears down and we’re all compelled to pause here to remember that President Trump has been and presumably continues to be suspect of former President Obama’s legitimate citizenship. Think about how that would serve foreign adversaries attempting to penetrate the highest office in the land.

A foreign adversary would have two primary vectors: 1) flip an actual American and insert him into the Oval Office or 2) develop and groom a foreign imposter to be inserted. Which one gives you greater overarching control and which one comes with higher degrees of inherent risk and unpredictability?

That’s an important distinction – risk assessment and risk exposure. The second option clearly worked because Obama served two terms. Point learned.

Now consider this from the article.

Here are the President’s own brief remarks on it.

What holds our attention in all of this is the granular bit about citizenship relative to foreign nations’ overthrow efforts relative to an established pattern of infiltration by means of insertion.

Let’s presume that Mr. Trump is accurate – that both Harris and Obama are not eligible to be president or vice president for failure to meet the citizenship threshold. Let’s presume that the foreign and questionable backdrops to each ones respective parents is accurate. When we do, it falls directly onto our established generational timeline helping to confirm another longstanding premise. It’s established in the Ike Brown video and this image is a screenshot.

What does that mean? Consider what I outlined already? Brown tactics were used to install Obama – the Smartmatic software ultimately ties back to 2000 and the Bush administration and they used it to steal Florida in 2012; and it’s not new. We haven’t had legitimate elections in over a decade.

In short here, the point is that they broke the ice installing Obama, they’re ousting the anomaly in Trump and they’re inserting Harris through that broken ice. They’re both chosen, developed, groomed and have similar foreign backgrounds.

Now we get to the crux of it all and it rests on yet another longstanding position in that Joe Biden is nothing more than a placeholder candidate (there has been no president-elect determined.) I contend that at a determined time, he’ll step aside for the true intended insertion.

The primary vector for the insertion was identified in July. It centers on delaying all important matters (another established premise – DELAY IS THE PLAY!) and most importantly, the election result, past inauguration day so as to permit the insertion of the House Speaker (#2 in the line of succession behind the VPOTUS, who would also be ushered-out) into the Oval Office by means of enforcing continuity of government protocols.

At this point, a new vector – perhaps a contingency plan or perhaps the original plan with Pelosi being the contingency – appears to have emerged.

As things continue to bottleneck toward a crescendo and a breaking point and as all of the President’s legal remedies are exhausted, the options for reversing the script become limited. It’s here that we defer to a constitutional attorney and using his graphics as re-posted by General Flynn. The four graphics are presented in full below.

I’m not summarizing this information to provide further meaning but rather drawing upon it to support our positions. That being said, I highly encourage you to consume independently, slowly and thoroughly for a picture of the path forward through the constitutional lens.

First we focus-in on the 12th Amendment and again, I’m sparing us a full layman’s translation, so let’s hone in on the angle that might permit for a backdoor insertion of Kamala Harris as president while galvanizing our position that Biden is merely a placeholder serving a purpose like a corrupt pack mule.

Harris’ insertion equates to the Deep State circumventing the will of the people with a failed presidential candidate and inserting her as vice president alongside a president they plan to remove after the election result is finally determined and the office is occupied.

The Biden laptop/hard drives are old news. Why is the MSM just now reporting on them? Ushering-out Joe?

Barr knew about Biden’s investigations for months and veiled them from everyone. Why? Keeping it hush-hush until it’s time to usher-out Joe?

Insertion complete. Overthrow complete. Understand?

Here is where I postulate that the 12th Amendment may set a path for this. Factoring in here are the electoral college and the States’ delegation of electors as well as the avenue for the House to determine the election result.

This from the 12th,

The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President…

Given the vote totals as they stand, that’s Harris.

Original intent behind the election of the president as seen through the electoral college is to focus on “the men” meaning the attributes and characteristics of the men themselves and save any political parties. They were not voting for a party ticket of POTUS/VPOTUS but for the two best men and whereby one had to be from outside of their own state. Ergo, the 12th originally designates that state electors cast two votes for two individuals, not one for POTUS and one for VPOTUS.

The 12th permits that if a clear winner can’t be determined, the House determines the vote. But what if the House isn’t capable of making that determination? According to the 12th,

[And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President.–]

Is there a constitutional avenue to backdoor Kamala? Does it matter? Since the MSM and the DOJ have decided to align the release of the Biden laptop/hard drives story with the story of Bidens being under investigation by the DOJ, respectively, do they even need constitutional paths? Or can they simply push Biden out on the merits of his resume alone and that reflecting on him as being the worst and most corrupt and criminal candidate of all time? Or let his progressing senility drive the argument to remove him with the 25th? Or he feigns illness and resigns over a disagreement, like he recently promised. The plausible scenarios appear numerable.

Again, I’m asking questions and we’ll leave it for the constitutional scholars to back-fill the details but no matter, at any point they decide to “cancel” Joe, Kamala is positioned and ready just as designed.

We’re now full circle and here’s the justification for all of it. That being the justification to establish the US military as the only foreseeable remedy to the clear treason at hand.

Look back up at Raiklin’s first graphic and examine the line item for 18 Dec 20.

That is a very important date and you’ll notice that it ties to ODNI, or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and that’s now John Ratcliffe and noting that Dan Coats’ prior removal is critical here; especially given that he’s an establishment asset. Ergo, we pin our hopes on Ratcliffe.

Examine what he is responsible for submitting on 18 Dec 20 (this extract as sourced below.)

Keep your eye on 18 Dec 20. Now, draw back on Raiklin’s last graphic above and specifically point 5 relative to the ODNI and you’ll note that it’s what I just outlined in the above extract.

Now ask yourself where the constitutional authority is derived for Ratcliffe’s report, which will be augmented by all of the election fraud evidence from Giuliani, Powell, Wood, the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion (The Kraken), et al?

Allow me to show you precisely where that is. It’s here. In this. This extract is from President Trump’s Executive Order as set forth on 12 September 2018.

To go deeper – much deeper – here is a two-part article analyzing the President’s Executive Order relative to the Flynn Case.

Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part I)
Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part II)

Did the President circumvent the institutions because he knew they were rotten to the core? Did he assume a lie in wait posture pending the completion of the construct – the certification of the 2020 election? Did a bio-WMD launched against the US to leverage the theft of the 2020 election so as to insert a puppet backdoor candidate in Kamala Harris (or maybe still Hillary Clinton) place the United States on a war footing with China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and others?

Yes. To all of it.

Is a law enforcement remedy appropriate for any of this?


In his role as Commander in Chief, was the President’s plan always to bridge the American people from a CCP reality to a new era of American prosperity by leveraging his constitutional authority to direct the US military accordingly?

Yes. It was the only way.

As we close, take note that this will get uglier before it gets prettier and it could get real ugly. Dark. Ominous. But then again, liberty, freedom and justice require a price; sometimes paid in blood.

As the last due process remedies exhaust, it will come time to place the bridge. I think we’re all ready to cross it and forge ahead to the other side and all in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Bonus Item(s) – Who Is Ike Brown?

Ike Brown laid the foundation for the 2020 election outcome beginning in the early 1970s when at the age of 17, he began registering Noxubee County, Mississippi voters.

Here is an update containing hope from Sidney Powell.

More concerning developments that align with information from my sources, including feet on the ground at ground zero. The angles of “going dark” as responsive to pressure started to manifest back in March and we touched on it then.

The End All, Be All

The “End All, Be All” case is how Jordan Sekulow recently described the Texas case against Pennsylvania and Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. In the past few tumultuous days, we’ve seen one Pennsylvania case denied by the US Supreme Court because it was rendered moot by a case brought by the State of Texas and subsequently docketed. Noteworthy is that the four states are now compelled to respond to the suit by this Thursday.

Before moving in a second direction, we must preface it with a longstanding position. That’s the long-play objective for the President’s enemies to delay all important matters, including the vote result from the stolen 2020 election, past inauguration day and whereby continuity of government protocols would be leveraged to insert Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi into the presidency; while ousting Trump and Pence. Tonight we gain clarity on their contingency or fail-safe plan in that regard and the news is supposed to break on Friday, according to the source, Tore @TweetWordz.

We said in July that Inauguration Day on 20 Jan 21 was the most important date on the calendar with that in mind, suppose that somehow the President is able to emerge victorious from it all and without gutting the whole thing and prosecuting them all – every last one of them. All that does is reload 2016-2020.

It would be like playing essentially the same hand of cards over again. That is but one of a number of simple justifications to gut it all. But if that were to happen, here’s what to expect according to Tore – another impeachment. There is even stated to be the existence of written documentary evidence of this impeachment trap that is situated in a lie in wait posture. We’ll apparently learn more on Friday.

Before that, though, PA, MI, WI and GA will submit their responses to the US Supreme Court by 1500 EST. This falls back on another longstanding premise centered on the looking glass or the discovery process.

Sidney Powell began leveraging it during the Flynn case to deliver needed evidence to the public spectrum. That process will continue in this case with SCOTUS and it should envelop the rampant voter fraud and associated criminality that most certainly ties back to China respective to all four states.

It’s important to recall here that the Texas case is founded on the bulk of evidence from all of the previous Trump litigation ergo, Powell, Wood and Giuliani vector in here.

This is from yesterday and it goes deeper containing a second and longer thread tying the looking glass to Flynn and Powell back to June. More importantly, it introduces the Texas case.

Since the President’s enemies’ fail-safe plan involves taking the stolen election narrative and reshaping it as a function of Trump’s supposed wrongdoing and whereby this presents a constitutional avenue to impeach the President again but with new claims of election interference, he has no choice but to gut it. Fully gut it. No?

Otherwise this is all for naught.

So what will SCOTUS do?

Here’s what I postulated previously; standing by it with a strong suggestion that it is likely to happen. Once again, it’s constitutional in nature.

The Supreme Court does not desire to take a decisive posture in this contested election; even in the light of copious amounts of irrefutable evidence. No one wants to see the election decided by the Court; especially The People and if for no other reason than for the reason that the Framers made it so.

Giving it back to the people becomes difficult, though. The rampant and intentional voter fraud still requires a legal remedy to erase the detrimental impact on the integrity of the vote. It becomes difficult here to both have your cake and eat it, too.

Logical deduction respective to the filing tell us that the more likely avenue may be to expect a ruling that would return the vote to we, The People, but in representative fashion as afforded by the 12th Amendment.

How many times have you heard the President claim that he’s returning the power to the people? Remember, the House is the People’s House. Perhaps his message was an implicit but intentional one..

I saw one recapitulation from Pam Bondi suggestive of a compulsory component requiring each state to submit its one House vote along party lines; however, this work from @PrayingMedic demonstrates that there appears to be no party line component and that’s how we read it as well.

Before we close, think back to the level of infiltration that had to occur in order to compromise judges, election officials, governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state, etc. across the local, county and state levels as compounded by the leviathan corrupt federal apparatus. This explains what Obama was doing for eight years as he “fundamentally changed” America, no?

Don’t forget this very important – if not most important – point. The end runs around Constitutional protections mainly occurred at the local, county & state levels. Election laws were changed outside of state legislatures and before the election. For one, that tells us that federalism most certainly cuts both ways as we pointed to at the very beginning of all of this and for another, it reminds us of the importance of our sense of civic duty; especially relative to local and state engagement.

We’ll close on this note – 18 other states have joined the Texas suit and Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia are stacking their deck as well; making this all the more constitutionally weighty; and as if it could get more so.

With a divided nation being further divided by a fraudulent MSM narrative that Joe Biden is somehow president-elect, we stand upon a precipice of a legitimate second civil war and know that dark plans lie in wait in the backdrop. The violence will be unlike any seen perhaps ever and by design. My nickel is on this getting ugly within a short window and I’m refraining from attaching the exact timeline I have in mind if only for the sake of those types of predictions always blowing-up.

A friend of mine asked me today what I thought the percentage of a Trump second term would be. I responded simply with this.



Bonus Items

You can track SCOTUS in re Texas HERE.

Recommended speech from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (make sure to take-in the very last one – last two are about a minute long.)

Respective of that speech, consider these (each about a minute.)

Pelosi Continuity of Government Plan Relative to Interesting Trump Comments Clouds Barr Picture

The Trump, Barr, Wood, Powell and Giulani dynamic continues to bewilder and muddy the waters relative to sorting out both the four-year backdrop to the stolen 2020 election as well as the election itself. When William Barr was first named as Jeff Sessions’ successor as the Attorney General, my outlook was hopeful and I was determined to believe that he was the real McCoy. Over time and as caused by the obvious and complete dearth of anything resembling appropriate and legal remedies to that treasonous backdrop, the position on Barr has deteriorated and to a point where we currently reside.

Even so and having extended the benefit of the doubt to Barr, the door was left ajar for him to walk through and restore his “real McCoy” status to which we first ascribed. Lin Wood further compounded the already unclear picture in what must be tantamount to poor communications from the White House. Therein, Wood assailed Barr directly and publicly called for his termination only to learn that Barr’s statements were apparently misquoted and that a retraction was in order, which he made.

Before moving forward, there is much to know about Barr assuming it’s not already familiar information. In the short term, this sequence of articles (featured below latest to earliest) should be consumed and understood for proper backdrop. In the long term, the website has over 20 additional articles that speak to Barr’s apparently allegiance to institutional preservation over serving the DOJ, the rule of law and the President in the face of the outright treason he faces.

Staple Street Capital to UBS to China
Trump Card Barred – Declassification?
Baffling Barr Backs Down Again – Insufficient Voter Fraud Evidence to Affect Election Result
Flynn/McInerney Interview: Critical Confirmations Across the Board
Did China Steal the Keys to the Castle? Do Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia & HSBC Tie Stolen Election to California PERS?
Dominion: From Barr, Kirkland and Ellis to Comey, HSBC
What Did AG William Barr Know About Dominion Acquisition?
The Gravity of Inauguration Day Bears Down

Succinctly, here are the two scenarios that build on this information: 1) Barr has assumed and complete lie in wait posture for his entire tenure at DOJ as predicated on a comprehensive plan that would entail gutting the entire thing but not until after the commission of the crime is complete (that’s element that must be fulfilled as seen through the prosecutorial lens and in this case, it’s the stolen election because that is the long-run objective in all of this), which is accomplished by the certification of the election and perhaps even the 14 Dec 20 electoral college vote -or- 2) Barr has assumed a posture to deliver just enough traction to drag everyone along in an effort to reach inauguration day without any substantive adjudication of anyone thus comporting with the Deep State “DELAY IS THE PLAY!” strategy. None of this resembles anything new.

With the collective waters being further muddied over the course of the past day or so, President Trump remarked this morning in a way that delivered more uncertainty. Before considering what the President stated, we have to understand Barr’s previous remarks and this is extracted from our last article.

Now let’s consider the President’s remarks.

Take note that the President directly references one of the two scenarios outlined above, so we can mark this as a confirmation and one that may shed light on Barr’s overarching posture. Specifically, Trump acknowledged the first scenario that the evidence hasn’t been examined yet. This is a good development because it explains the inaction from Barr and positively so germane to the President’s interests.

The President is tipping his hand when he responded to the question, “Do you still have confidence in Bill Barr?” remarking, “Ask me that in a number of weeks from now.” This bodes well for Barr (Durham) and it speaks directly to what we began to outline in July – the the long-play isn’t actually stealing the election for the sake of stealing it, but rather to force a delay to inauguration day without a vote result and with the intent of invoking continuity of government protocols to remove the President and install House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is number two in succession (Pence [#1 in succession] would also be removed because it’s an electoral matter.) I outlined all of that back in July.

From today, consider this.

Here is the relative video from July and know that it moves a bit slowly to allow time to consume what is presented. Pay very careful attention to what is said and what is outlined.

We’re not done, though. The President then comes back to the other crux issue underpinning this all and it’s the determination as to whether or not the actions by the President’s enemies are appropriate to justify civil or criminal litigation. So, although the Trump indicates that Barr as a prosecutor (criminal) may be fruitful in the coming weeks, this sounds like Trump goading Barr into action.

In the United States and with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) set aside, there are two primary vectors for litigation: criminal and civil (non-criminal.) Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are attorneys working in the civil domain and on behalf of the President but relative to the same issues. Where is Barr on the criminal side? That’s what the President is asking light of the abundance of evidence already available. Where are those criminal prosecutions?

It seems we should ask him that and revisit Barr “a number of weeks from now.”

The President ended his remarks abruptly circling back to the stolen election and the totality of his comments should be taken relative to his public address from yesterday.

As our older and wiser team member continues to remind us, can “D5” (looking at you, Q types) be anything other than December 5th? That’s in two days. We could be wiser then or it may take to 14 Dec 20 or even to 20 Jan 21.

Regardless, we’re at the precipice and it either breaks for America or China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Germany and more.