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Posts published in “Impeachment”

Making the Case for Treason Part II: Crossfire Razor and the Rogue Nuclear Arsenal

13 May 20 (THIRTY-SIXTH article in a series) Using his own construct as the analog, Obama made Flynn the VIRUS, incidental collection became gain of function and it all resulted in a pandemic of spying across the entire Trump administration; and we now have the proof. Unfortunately, that’s the good news. We haven’t mentioned the rogue nuclear arsenal yet and the two matters are directly interconnected and enmeshed. In fact, at a high elevation, it explains why Obama targeted Flynn first.

COVID-19, IMPEACHMENT AND THE W.H.O. BRAID TOGETHER LIKE A ROPE: Overlaying 3 timelines to demonstrate COVID-19 as a political construct shielded by the diversion of impeachment

(NINETEENTH article in a series) How much do you want to bet that the timeline strands of COVID-19, the WHO and impeachment braid together like a rope in a visibly demonstrable pattern of moves and countermoves that plausibly reflect one political construct being utilized to shield and clandestinely usher-in another more nefarious political construct?


On Wednesday, the night after the President will deliver what must be the most critical State of the Union address in our lifetimes if not ever, the President will rise from the ashes of a dumpster fire failed impeachment construct and he will do so emboldened and with an "S" emblazoned across his chest….. ready to execute the balance of his agenda, if you know what I mean.

ZEROING-IN ON LEFT’S PURELY POLITICAL IMPEACHMENT CONSTRUCT AND STRATEGY – What does it portend as expected acquittal nears? Declassification?

No matter, what remains as most important here are two entangled concepts that threaten the very nature of traditional America and the rights and freedoms American inherently possess: these people won't stop until they are MADE to stop and the only person to do that is President Donald J. Trump.