19 Feb 20


About a week ago, I wrote THIS piece drawing attention to how and why the Left/Dems/DSSG had shifted their focus away from an emboldened Trump donning heavy post-impeachment armor; and re-sighting the cross-hairs precisely on Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice. I turned right around and wrote THIS piece drawing further scrutiny to Barr in the matter. In the midst of it all Barr and President Trump engaged in public exchanges (interviews, social media, etc.) about accusations that the President was meddling in DOJ affairs and that his social media habits were making it difficult for the AG to do his job. Most recently I wrote THIS piece questioning whether or not this strategy shift helps or hurts the President.

According to TGP in THIS article, Barr is now reported to be considering resigning. Yeah, you read that right – RESIGNING. It should be noted that through his spokesperson, Barr has denied these rumors and further, the President has voiced “total confidence” in Barr as his AG.

The question immediately becomes – Is this a good thing or a bad thing for the President and ‘the cause’? I’m not sure. I’m using this article to weigh the options and perhaps decide at the end.

Here’s the another relevant question. Is Barr’s exit a function of a construct (a planned occurrence made to appear organic or authentic and with a crafted narrative as the backdrop or explanation) and if so, is it Barr’s or is the the President’s enemies?

Reportedly, Barr is basing his possible resignation on the President’s use of social media to defend his personal and his administration’s interests. That is something that is fluid, adaptable and most important, predictable – the president has reliable and consistent social media habits. So, are we bearing witness to a construct for Barr’s exit from the DOJ? Was the President’s willful participation in publicly criticizing and disagreeing with with Barr (both rightful and appropriate from the President’s perspective) the pretext for this news development? Is this a construct that will result in Barr’s departure, Rosen’s emergence and a landscape shift at DOJ due to the old boss being gone and the new boss grabbing the reigns? All of this would imply that Barr’s leaving was a planned event. That’s an interesting development.

Question – How could Barr, who has the full weight of the US judicial system at his disposal, sign-up to DRAIN THE SWAMP and take the President’s enemies head-on in the most dangerous global criminal, corruption and political spying scheme this country has ever seen and then state that he is unable to continue moving forward because of the President’s proclivity to use social media smartly? The President’s social media habits were established long before Barr was even offered the job. This smells. This is flimsy. This doesn’t make sense through a lens that sees the swamp pragmatically and logically.

Or, is this a construct whereby Barr was inserted to engage in institutional preservation (open investigations, farm-out all of the work to US attorneys and vacuum up all of the evidence to be secured away from ever seeing daylight – Huber, Durham and now reports of another independent counsel being appointed? All of that while the President is forced to deliberate as to whether or not to sue his political enemies as a remedy for his own DOJ’s refusal to enforce the rule of law against his criminal and corrupt political opponents.

Or is this a construct that was weaved by the Democrats shift in strategy as I precisely identified a week ago? That happened – in full force, in plain view and it’s in full effect right now. So then, is all of what we have seen from Barr and Trump merely them playing along to allow the BOOMERANG to do its job (I’ve already commented on how this strategy would ultimately boomerang back on the President’s opponents)?

I’m leaving room for Barr to be potentially leaving on his own accord, whether it is a function of his insertion by the DSSG or by his own volition as a legitimate AG or by means of a construct (a predetermined plan).

What we do know is that the Left/Dems/DSSG began sowing the seeds for Barr’s ouster back in 2018. From late 2018 through the present day, you will find the “Barr is Trump’s personal attorney” narrative sprinkled into the mix or even sewn-into the fabric of the landscape. If you care to go search for them, you’ll see that particular narrative repeatedly uttered by the Left identical to the way pretext is established.

THIS New York Times opinion piece from 10 Dec 18 establishes firm pretext for the ‘Barr is the President’s personal‘ attorney narrative such that there is backstory to any such accusations when the precise time arises. They knew that there would be a day of reckoning and that day seems to be upon us.

This we know is absolutely certain – the Left/Dems/DSSG abruptly shifted their attack focus post-impeachment from the President to AG Barr and the DOJ. What remains is determining how, why and by whom the apparent constructs were put in place and, more importantly, whom do they serve.

Here’s where I stand with more to come because more evidence is needed: Barr is either 1) attempting to leverage the President to remain in office whereby his threats to resign are idle ones or 2) he is actually formulating his exit by a) his own volition, b) a plan constructed with the President, c) a plan constructed by the DSSG (institutional preservation) or d) succumbing to pressure from the Left/Dems/DSSG.

IN ONE SHOT – There’s a chance that a Barr exit from the DOJ could be the impetus for a complete landscape shift; especially since the authority to declassify would hypothetically be transferred to the Deputy Attorney General of the US, Mr. Jeffrey Rosen; albeit it a slim one.

Is it time to get to know Mr. Rosen a little better? Yes. I wrote about him when he was first appointed and I’ll revisit those words in the next article. MEET MR. JEFFREY A. ROSEN

Stay tuned because this has the potential to be landscape altering.


17 Feb 20

About a week ago, I wrote THIS article that basically outlines how and why the Dems/Left/DSSG had shifted their focus away from President Trump and re-sighted the cross-hairs on Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice. Why did they do that? It’s pretty simple. President Trump is wearing some hefty post-impeachment armor right now and Barr and the DOJ represent the greatest and most immediate threat to these miscreants since their efforts to behead the snake (Trump, in their view) failed so miserably and so many times: Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment and now, Barr/DOJ.

Worry not. This won’t work either. In fact, it might be their own demise because they are foolishly leaning historically hard on the one man whom has THE AUTHORITY AND POWER TO DECLASSIFY. Even QAnon revisited declassification tonight, which happens to be President’s Day 2020 – February 17th, of course.

Just look now – thousands of former DOJ attorneys are banding together (as if they mean something or have any real power than orchestrated and falsely predicated unification) demanding that AG William Barr resign as a result of his rightful and lawful decision to intercede in the Roger Stone sentencing construct.

Understand this – these former Mueller prosecutors deliberately handed down a harshly disproportionate sentence to compel Barr to take action, which, as I said, he rightfully and lawfully did. That’s what you call a political construct folks. A trap. This is all organized. Every single bit of it. Simply, that’s how these folks roll and if you’re read my stuff you already know that.

The unrelenting attacks on Barr, the unrelenting attacks on his credibility and impartiality, etc. are all predetermined talking points prepared for the moment Barr acted on Stone because that’s precisely what they set him up to do. It wasn’t so much a trap as it was an invitation. Barr’s no dummy – he knew what he was doing and he knew what their response would be. Hmmm. Does that imply that he also had formulated what his retaliatory move would be and what that timeline would look like?

What the left did in shifting to Barr and the DOJ is called a contingency plan relative to impeachment. We didn’t know exactly what that plan would be but we knew they’d have one. It appeared about a week ago when I wrote this article. Now we know for sure. We know definitely.

Sidebar – These people don’t do anything half-ass which is why their unintended consequences are so often devastating.

Here’s the thing, tough. At a point and if these attacks continue to mount and the pressure for Barr to resign ultimately reaches a critical point whereby the administration simply cannot continue to stand idle by, he is going to have to do something.

He’ll have to act to right the ship or it will list and sink. He’ll have to call-off the dogs or they’re going to eat him alive. He’ll have to shift the landscape or it’s going to fracture and envelop him.

There’s only one way to really do that in this instance – fully draw them out with the net cast deep and wide and for a long soak – a soak that will end on the doorstep of 2020, apparently – and then haul them in to be strewn across the deck and fully exposed to sunlight of their own creation.