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04 Apr 20 (TWENTY-SIXTH article in a series) If this Globalist criminal cabal defrauded the entire FISA process to target the President of the United States during his campaign, transition period and presidency under the stated objective to DISCOVER alleged crimes, then is it reasonable to think that this same cartel of criminals may have also used the same, effective, reliable and controllable FISA process to throw COVER to their criminal Hail Mary play, which hypothetically is COVID-19?

ROBUST EVIDENCE MOUNTING THAT COVID-19 IS ANOTHER 9/11 GLOBALIST FALSE FLAG POLITICAL CONSTRUCT – The evidence is everywhere for those willing to examine it

03 Apr 20 (TWENTY-FIFTH article in a series) Three months and one day from the impeachment vote, the most historic presidency and economy the US has ever seen has been reduced to shambles..... and they want you to believe it was merely a coincidence. If you believe that, you get what you deserve. Otherwise, realize that our country is being ushered into the next 'new normal' just it was with 9/11.

QAnon: DO PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ‘YEAR OF THE RAT’ COMMENTS PROVIDE GREATER MEANING TO COVID-19 – Revisiting possible cryptic messaging with a clearer understanding of COVID-19

31 Mar 20 Ask yourself if it's possible that Mr. Trump were cryptically messaging in a positive, 'have faith', 'it ain't gonna work' way?