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Delay Is the Play and It Always Has Been – Preview of the Maricopa County Audit Results

In This Article: Examining a Zero Hedge story leaking preliminary findings of the Maricopa County 2020 election forensic audit results relative to the overarching "delay" strategy underpinning the broader coup continuum.

Fractured Leadership: Part II – Wood, Flynn, Powell, Byrne and Trump Dynamic Unravels to the CCP’s Benefit Under the Cover of Another National Holiday

Part II of a sub-series investigating the fracturing leadership of the opposition to the stolen 2020 election: Wood, Flynn, Powell, Byrne and Trump.

Pelosi Continuity of Government Plan Relative to Interesting Trump Comments Clouds Barr Picture

In this article: Examining comments today from President Trump relative to the performance and expectations of an enigmatic Bill Barr relative to the stolen election and landscape altering traction that could be days away.