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PROJECTION, PANIC and PROOF – Positions On Ukraine and Russia Are Narrowly Focused, Precisely On Point and Entirely Antithetical to the Propagandized Western Narrative

The Moonshine positions and work on Ukraine draw back to 2019 and the full slate of work on the topic; and especially as it relates to Russia, is entirely on point as the proof mounts, the projection escalates and the panic ensues. This article serves as a follow up to several recent ones with one of them being a recapitulation of a broad base of work and including the work going back to 2019. The primary purpose of this article is to deliver proof of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine and Putin's deliberate targeting of them.

WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: A Full Slate of New Developments Including New Evidence from the Russian Ministry of Defense

The 102nd article in the WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE series that examines a substantial slate of new developments including documents and evidence put forth by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE: Biden’s State of the Regime Address Emblematic of Predetermined Course to Oblivion

The 103rd article in the WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE series discussing Joe Biden, the State of the Union address, Chinese spy balloons, Trump, DoD/Pentagon, NORAD, new war developments, the "food crisis," COVID-19, Pfizer, CDC and more. In light of abundant, deep and wide evidence, Joe Biden's State of the Regime address laden with one lie after another and devoid of anything factual or realistic is fully emblematic of a predetermined course to oblivion with Cloward-Piven as the blueprint and war, famine and disease as the vectors.

THE DEATH OF AMERICA: Understanding the Asymmetrical, Irregular and Undeclared War With China Relative to the Disaster That Is America Today, Every American Should Come to Understand This

In work to be found nowhere else and in exclusive fashion, I've spent thousands of hours exclusively identifying and copiously evidencing the enterprise fraud construct that people mistakenly call the "COVID-19 pandemic." That work and evidence delivered China to the main stage in irrefutable and concrete ways. Santoli delivers the lion's share of technical and tactical particulars that evidence and underpin all of that Moonshine work. That he offered this testimony in 2005 lends a tremendous amount of credence, veracity and reliability to all of it; and for the primary reason that it preceded COVID and the subsequent work on China by 14 years. You can't change evidenced history no matter how hard China and Progressive Liberals try. What matters now is that you know precisely why they seek to change it. It evidences the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that will be the death of America if continues to progress unmitigated.