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Posts published in “Day: August 26, 2023

Trajectory Steepens and Matters Intensify as Election Nears: COVID-19, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan and World War III

Americans should anticipate a clear and steepening trajectory as geopolitical matters intensify in the landscape enmeshing the 2024 election. 2024 is in an obvious position to be stolen outright like 2020. Will the American people fall for the enterprise fraud of another "pandemic"? Have they discerned the truth about that fraud to understand that it has delivered the misery and danger of the status quo? Are they aware that a manufactured and constructed World War III looms on the horizon and it's designed to finally handover the last bastion of freedom - America - to a cabal of Globalists wielding Marxist communism as the mechanism for enslavement on a technocratic global plantation?