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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2023

Cultural Marxism Is Ravaging America: How “Systemic Racism” and the LGBQT Agenda Have Americans Pitted, Divided and Fighting Themselves So Enemies Don’t Have To

Cultural Marxism is ravaging America by leveraging manufactured "systemic racism" and LGBQT agendas. It has Americans pitted, divided and fighting themselves so enemies like China don't have to; at least for now. It's binary. We drop all of the manufactured chaos and sown division to unite and come together as proper Americans embracing our cultural heritage as revolutionaries to fight and get our country back -OR- we keep hating each other for no good reason while enjoying life on the technocratic global plantation.

“Pandemic” of Enterprise Fraud Delivers the “Conspiracy” They Said Did Not Exist: WHO and EU Launch Vaccine Passport System, How Long Before It Arrives in the U.S.?

The "conspiracy theorists" warned of a global vaccine passport system. Now, the UN/WHO and EU are rolling theirs out. In every instance, the US has followed the COVID lead of the WHO/UN. Is the vaccine passport system coming to the US? Yes, that is if the American people continue to stand down in acquiescence to global tyranny. In the end, it's all enterprise fraud.