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Posts published in January 2023

The Tragedy of Damar Hamlin: What they are not saying speaks volumes and what they are saying is garbage

An expert and intense frame by frame analysis of Damar Hamlin's on-field tragedy overlaid by medical and scientific information from the NIH to effectively dismiss the cover story of commotio cortis as the asserted diagnosis.

Revisiting the Capitol “Insurrection” Event in Light of New Evidence to Galvanize it as an Entrapment Operation

The 16th article in The Hunt Is On series examining 1-the specific elements of entrapment, 2-a wide array of inarguable video evidence that only requires common sense and basic observational skills as the litmus test, and 3-damning and perjurious testimony from the FBI's own confidential human asset and dog whistle. In the end, the Capitol "insurrection" event is nothing but an entrapment operation.