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Sussmann Acquitted, Truth and Mission, Willing to Accept that Durham is the Clean-up and Cover-up As Outlined and Evidenced Drawing back to 01 Jan 20?

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31 May 22

Michael Sussmann was acquitted today. That said, this is not the time nor is it the place to engage in “I told you so.” It’s also not the intent of this article. Rather the intent is to get people to wake-up to misinformation, disinformation and malinformation that detracts from the most important two things: truth and mission.

Understand this, please. Peoples’ engagement with “hopium” is active engagement with misinformation, disinformation and malinformation. It’s a fatal error to truth and mission and it’s a critical component to the psychological warfare that has been unleashed on this nation and which serves to keep “our side” distracted, divided and infighting.

The audience at Moonshine isn’t a big one in-part because the work can be technical to read but most importantly, it deliberately avoids positing “hopium” at all costs and only delivers brass tacks. Knowledge of basic human psychology tells you that people don’t like receiving bad news and that’s exactly what these brass tacks are.

People must overcome this deficiency and begin to deal with hard realities if we ever expect to win the fight in getting the country back. It begins with dealing directly with the brass tacks. It’s too bad because the work here at Moonshine has made prediction after prediction after prediction; backed by logical deduction and accompanying evidence; including exclusive work on COVID-19, and it has mostly gone ignored. About all of the media outlets you can name that you would consider to be “on our side” are a part of the problem. I’ve reached-out to all of them only to be ignored.

Dating all of the way back to 01 Jan 20, I began warning that Durham was the clean-up and cover-up operation. Those are brass tacks. It all derives from understanding the appointment of John Durham as Special Counsel as a function of AG William Barr and respective to Barr’s background; especially as it relates to his tenure at Kirkland & Ellis. It’s further problematic for the reason that undoing Sussmann results in undoing the Robert Mueller Special Counsel and that can not happen and was not permitted to happen by forces in the backdrop of the DOJ and their routine practice of institutional preservation. Those are the sharpest of the brass tacks.

Most recently, I wrote six articles presenting the arguments and evidence for clean-up and cover-up operations and the titles of them provide succinct explanations of positions:

  1. Durham: Deflection and Clean Up or Delivery of Justice?
  2. An Evidenced Reminder to Temper Expectations About Durham – He’s the Clean-up and Cover-up Operation
  3. Clinton Duped ‘Em All! The Fraud Extends to Durham in Flimsy but Clear Cover-up and Clean-up Strategy: Days 1 and 2
  4. Durham Day 3: Carve-out for FBI General Counsel James Baker Confirmed in Clean-up, Cover-up Operation
  5. Durham Day 4: Mook Maligns Clinton and It Matters Not, Clean-up and Cover-up Moves Forward
  6. Durham: Barr Circles Back To Clinton With Highly Revealing and Confirming Remarks

Those articles are left for independent consumption if the contents are not yet known or comprehended. Today we have the direct evidence that substantiates every single granular bit of it – Sussmann’s acquittal. It should be noted that the last article draws it right back to the genesis in Barr and for the reasons I’ve argued and evidenced for so long.

Are you willing to accept that Durham is the clean-up and cover-up operation, now?

The only two things that matter are truth and mission and the John Durham Special Counsel has nothing to do with either. Accept those brass tacks for what they are and give up on the “hopium” if you happen to still be holding on. Not doing so amounts to a fatal error. Dead horse kicked. Again.

The details on Sussmann’s predicted, evidenced and confirmed acquittal can be read here as covered by Zero Hedge.



  1. Frog Man May 31, 2022

    I agree Hopium will get you no where… Good job people!

  2. Eric S May 31, 2022

    Spot on. Also this from CTH is spot on.

    The not guilty verdict simply means the FBI knew, or should have known, Michael Sussmann was delivering the fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion nonsense directly from the Hillary Clinton team. The FBI claims they didn’t know, the jury by finding Sussmann not guilty, says the FBI did know.

  3. Salomé May 31, 2022

    Thank you for your ‘surgical’ insights and articles. What are we left with after Durham’s Cover-up/Clean-up? Cynicism? Only?

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