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I Demand That Congress Act to Ban and Confiscate All Privately Owned Automobiles – No American Should Be Allowed to Own One

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30 May 22

I demand that congress act to ban and confiscate all privately owned automobiles! No American should be allowed to own one! No one said that following another example of a man using his automobile to run through a crowd and in this case, killing five on a public street on 22 Nov 21. Why? Why is that? After all, logically deduced with consistent application of that logic; and relative to the recent and manufactured clamoring about banning and confiscating firearms or at least a particular style of them, the logic is a direct overlay. Goose and gander, no?

Yahoo News

No one said it because it’s asinine. It’s absurd. It defies logic and any thinking from any person with a modicum of common sense, knowledge of history and unbiased objectivity.

Accurate data occurs in a head-on collision with the manufactured and propagandized narrative. Consider that in 2021, “According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle deaths are up 16% through the first half of the year, based on initial estimates. That amounts to approximately 21,400 fatalities on America’s highways and other roads…estimates show an estimated 38,680 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes — the largest projected number of fatalities since 2007, NHTSA revealed.” [Source]

36,680 deaths compared to only a portion of the 364 homicides for ALL RIFLES; not just “assault weapons,” makes the narrative fodder for functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking. The same idiots causing all of us to march to the technocratic global plantation. [Note that only 2019 data were available (see graphic below)].

Do those proffering the narrative care about people or do they care about an agenda? If it’s people, logic would have them focused on automobiles; not firearms. Is that the case? Of course it isn’t.

An automobile is a tool. So is a gun. Both are inanimate objects incapable of making decisions and acting.

Do you think it’s by merely happenstance that all throughout history, a preliminary step to enslavement and genocide is gun confiscation?

It’s ridiculous to target a right possessed by every American because a single individual abused that right; even if it’s a string of individuals having done the same. They represent a sliver of a sliver of a sliver of a fraction a population of almost 332 million people.

Would you stand for an entire student body to be expelled because one student violated a district rule qualifying for expulsion or would you find it more appropriate to expel the one student? Moreover and in this example, note the focus of action being the person; not an inanimate object. That distinction routinely gets lost in the weeds in the discussion on gun confiscation.

On a related note, for decades public education has made it a priority not to hold students accountable for their own actions. It’s always someone or something else’s fault. It causes school shootings to present with a heavy and dark sense of irony as the chickens come home to roost.

The application of our logical deduction for the automobile exemplar as an analog to gun confiscation is more problematic to the narrative for the reason that driving is a privilege not protected by any Constitutional amendment; unlike the right to bear arms, which is a critical component to maintaining an open and independent nation free from the tentacles of tyranny. There’s a reason the Founding Fathers – white man bad! – provided it and there’s a reason it’s currently in the cross-hairs along with the one man who tried to save it and us – orange man bad!

More problematic to this notion of “assault weapons,” which is a misapplied as a fictitious term, is the FBI’s statistics on them, which are clouded and where good data is mostly not available. That’s likely because so-called “assault weapons” are hardly used to kill anyone while at the same time they are owned almost entirely by a completely law-abiding and responsible segment of the population. Treasonous politicians and the MSM never say that, do they?

An open and free society sometimes includes those who abuse their freedom and liberty; especially when such abuses are quite literally made to happen. Regardless, the impetus should be behind targeting only those individuals and nothing else.

We call the ‘made to happen’ events false flag operations and it’s imperative to understand that false flag operations don’t necessarily mean fake operations, although they can, but rather constructed and manufactured events brought to fruition by assets and their handlers deriving from the law enforcement community [FBI] and intelligence community [CIA.] Consequently, false flag operations can and do have real world consequences with real tragedy and death. The distinction is that they are made to happen rather than happening authentically or organically.

In light of the above, the only difference between the automobile incident and the attempt to ban and confiscate firearms after Buffalo and Uvalde is a simple one.

Firearms and the Second Amendment are an agenda item for a tyrannical and authoritarian global government seeking to subjugate America and Americans to Marxist communism and therefore, events like Buffalo and Uvalde are constructed around it to drive the narrative forward and move the agenda down its designed continuum.

It’s why state-sponsored propagandists and social programming outfits like CNN and the rest of the MSM engage in psychological warfare by covering the manufactured false flag operations incessantly.

Write this down: The “shootings” will continue on a regular schedule until the people are browbeaten into submission and the one thing that makes this country different and keeps it free from tyranny at the hands of its own illegitimate and treasonous government is eviscerated once and for all.

That’s why it’s an agenda item.

That’s why the only thing that can stop this from happening looks back at you in the morning when you brush your teeth in front of the mirror. We the people are the only remedy.

They’re standing on the accelerator and they’re not going to let-up. They unleashed a fraudulent viral pandemic to steal an election to reclaim lost time and they are fully on track smelling the sown fear and seeing the finish line near.

Better wake the hell up, America, but then again, I’ve been saying that for a long time and here we are.

It would seem to me that most law-abiding and responsible Americans will give up their rightfully acquired and owned firearms when the other side agrees to give up all of its automobiles.

Good luck with that.



  1. Jo Scraba May 30, 2022

    Until we learn to recognize false flags, we’ll be emotionally driven to make poor decisions. Thank you for stating this so clearly.

  2. Agent Eternity May 30, 2022

    just like the shootings, they fake and or stage these car crash incidents as well…. the corrupt ass politicians.

  3. Frog May 30, 2022

    I get your point! But hell the administration is in the process of slowly choking our use of autos in my case an old diesel truck with the absurd green notion. Love your data dumps, thank you.

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