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An Evidenced Reminder to Temper Expectations About Durham – He’s the Clean-up and Cover-up Operation

14 May 22

The “keystone” for nearly full comprehension of what is occurring in the United States and globally and especially as it relates to 2016 through the present; with special emphasis on COVID-19 and the stolen 2020 election, is Ukraine. I branded Ukraine the “keystone” back in 2019 and through the contemporary lens of today, that branding was laser accurate. More recently, I’ve written a 44-article and ongoing catalog expanding on it and encompassing the predicted multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea; providing the evidence and sourcing and citing it as always. The last article published yesterday is entitled Predicated By Enterprise Fraud, The “New World Order” and Its Marxist Communist Brand of Global Governance Is Set To Arrive 22-28 May 2022.

There is also a “keystone” for understanding Special Counsel John Durham and it is none other than is William Barr. With an accurate account in hand of Barr’s record and positioning at specific times during his career as a two-time Attorney General and in private practice; especially his time at Kirkland & Ellis, the evidence to temper expectations about John Durham is broad, deep and undeniably convincing assuming personal bias can be set aside and ones lens is calibrated with objectivity. That can be tough to do; even for some of the sharpest and most objective minds around.

Durham has been discussed in depth in private dialogue with both a narrow [8] and wide band [40] of team members at Marco Polo – Garrett Ziegler’s group that is unwinding the Hunter Biden hard drive. Having been privy to the hard drive and to reissued versions of the draft report for months, I can advise that you’ll want to consume the report upon its public release. As for discussion about Durham, I appear to be in the minority opinion respective to what he may – or may not – deliver.

Much has been discussed and well-reasoned and evidenced counterarguments have been put forth in that months-long and ongoing dialogue with Marco Polo. Much of the granular evidence in the counterarguments I respectfully view as evidence of psychological warfare, machine propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and malinformation in ways that make Durham an operational clean-up and cover-up mechanism. It results in a scenario I’d frame as trees/forest.

This scenario is posited in the sense that the granular bits [trees] are being widely published in the media today to obfuscate and conceal what Durham is actually doing – serving as the clean-up and cover-up operation [forest.] That said, I’ve also told the Marco Polo group that I hope I’m wrong and that Durham produces. I don’t think I’m wrong, though.

The contextual backdrop to the arguments here is imperative and it comes from more than one source derived from Moonshine work. As for Barr, this article is a goldmine in coming to understand his critical background: A Beholden and Bad Bill Barr Betrayed the Boss. Within it, 58 additional articles are linked to evidence it all [click above link to access these links].

As for Durham, here’s the long piece I wrote back on 08 Nov 21: Durham: Deflection and Clean Up or Delivery of Justice?. In that article, work from Conservative Treehouse and Attorney Jonathan Turley is used to evidence and support Moonshine positions on Durham and the topical list includes John Ratcliffe, ODNI, the U.S. Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts, the Trilateral Commission, The Brookings Institute, the Clintons, the Russian collusion scandal, the Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS, the CIA and then Director John Brennan, LawFare Group, Marc Elias, Perkins Coie, Glenn Simpson, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Judge Emmett Sullivan, U.S. cybersecurity, impeachment, FISA, Mueller, Obamagate, the 25th Amendment and more.

Critical to the full body of Moonshine work, I penned this in the linked Durham article,

By 12 Apr 20, I was confident enough to brand COVID-19 “cause of death for sale” as the work continued in assembling all of the major components together in ways no one else had: Mueller, Obamagate, FISA, impeachment, COVID-19, etc.

Political Moonshine

Respective to that quote and enveloping “Impeachment 1.0,” remember something no one else has ever written – the first Trump impeachment was the cover mechanism to usher in COVID-19. Look here, impeachment. Don’t look here, COVID-19.

In the Durham article, I wrote this,

What about the genesis of Durham as mentioned? The genesis of Durham’s scope and authority is Bill Barr and that, my friends, is the key to understanding everything as I’ve long argued and evidenced by placing Barr at Kirkland & Ellis at the time the firm guided Staple Street Capital on the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems thus placing Dominion under Chinese ownership. Moonshine has had Barr dialed for you for a very, very long time and in tediously and exclusively detailed fashion. This more recent article is a gold mine for coming to understand former AG William Barr; who was first appointed by George H.W. Bush, who is the epicenter for our overarching dynamic of Moonshine positions.

Political Moonshine

The scope memo written by then AG William Barr and authorizing John Durham’s specific authority is most important; especially since that authority has been handed-off to now AG Merrick Garland and his entirely corrupt Department of Justice and the Judiciary within which it resides.

The impact of the scope memo; including a link to it [it should be consumed independently for full comprehension], is included in this recent social media post:


No one really believes a 2-time attorney general in William Barr would appoint a special counsel that would eventually lead to his own undoing, do they? One initially appointed by the head of the snake, George H.W. Bush?

I’ve long contended and evidenced that the only thing we’ll see from Durham are process crimes from the prosecution of low-hanging fruit and potentially the ejection of Hillary Clinton from the pack since she is no longer relevant or useful and the culpability for it all can be packaged up and flushed with her. She should be nervous.

I’ve addressed this many times; this being the latest:

Read Durham’s scope memo here and comprehend it for what it is relevant to what I’ve outlined:

Read Sundance’s [CTH] recent and precise agreement with my analysis here; where he maps-out the 2 lanes of cover-up that I evidence:

Read the latest Zero Hedge item delineating the process crimes [lying under oath, lying to agencies, etc.] that I cite and evidence:

Barr was at Kirkland & Ellis when the firm advised on Staple Street Capital’s acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems, which in turn made it’s way to China in October 2019; just before China leveraged Dominion’s 18 proprietary patents that permit altering electoral outcomes and determining electoral results to steal 2020 and insert its proxy, Joe Biden.

That is all very old Moonshine covered in multitudes of articles when no one else bothered to look there. This one links to them:

Durham is a toothless cover-up operation that will be fruitless and will never put the necessary and desired heads on stakes that Americans and patriots care to see and which should be delivered by fidelity to the rule of law. It will never happen under Biden and Merrick Garland’s DOJ [read the scope memo.]

Political Moonshine

Specific questions to ask oneself respective to Barr’s scope memo, which I present as rhetorical in nature, include:

  1. Is it understood that outside of the original jurisdiction, any further prosecution must be approved by the attorney general?
  2. Would Barr authorize anything outside of the original scope that would bend back on himself?
  3. Is it understood that the current Attorney General is Merrick Garland and that further authorization outside of the original scope must come from him?
  4. Respective to any Garland decision to expand Durham’s authority, is it likely that would occur?
  5. Has anyone put forth a different analysis and placed supporting evidence on the table in any way, shape or form so as to mitigate the evidence and analysis put forth at Moonshine?

Perhaps Durham will bend back on Clinton but she’s now irrelevant and disposable and so any such development would become nothing more than fat to chew-on for the partisans assuming that eventually happens. Moreover, it would be irrelevant given that Clinton has never been elected for anything other than Senator; she’s only been a failed candidate beyond her appointment as Secretary of State.

As such and until the heads of Obama and Biden lead a long line of staked heads, Durham is exactly and precisely what I’m evidencing it to be.

I revisited the topic in another social media post respective to a recent article whereby Trump confidant Rudy Giuliani discussed Barr’s incompetence, which respectfully is in error, given that it’s not incompetence but rather treason as long evidenced at Moonshine:

HEADLINE: Rudy Giuliani: “Phony Barr is Making a Pathetic Fool of Himself – Should be Ashamed of Himself”

Respectfully, Rudy Giuliani has it ALL WRONG. Former two-time AG William Barr is not phony and he’s surely no fool. FAR FROM IT. Rather, he’s authentically a calculating, deceitful traitor who was installed as AG to do exactly what he did and continues to do. He continues to do it out of self-preservation. How do we know? We know from all of the work compiled back in 2020 and forward and it’s waiting to be read if it hasn’t already. Here’s a brief slate of facts relative to Barr:

1-Barr was first appointed by George H.W. Bush

2-George H.W. Bush is/was the head of the snake and the beginning of the end for America

3-Between stints as AG, Barr was at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis

4-Kirkland & Ellis advised on Staple Street Capital’s acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems

5-From Staple Street Capital, Dominion linked to HSBC Toronto and UBS on its way to China

6-The acquisition facilitated China stealing the 18 proprietary technological patents that permit hacking Dominion systems to change outcomes and steal U.S. elections; namely 2020

7-Since the stolen 2020 election, Barr has repeatedly denied publicly that the election was stolen rather stating that Trump lost it


Political Moonshine

I further examined Durham respective to the suggestion that his appointment occurred by means of interim U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. My findings present as below and were shared in another social media post [cleaned-up for publication here and with emphasis added]:

After examining the DOJ website and its archive for several hours, I can’t find a single document referencing Whitaker as the one who appointed Durham special counsel. If it exists, which evidence suggests it doesn’t, it’s not publicly available.

Durham’s nomination as a US attorney was confirmed in Feb. 2018 and he was subsequently appointed special counsel by Barr in May 2019 according to the order I linked in the original post. When closely examining the @Tore_says article, the featured transcript is referenced to be in October 2018 so that falls within Durham’s capacity as a US attorney. Closely examining the transcript, Baker’s attorney clearly says that Durham is the prosecutor for an active “criminal leak investigation.”

A criminal leak investigation is essentially a process crime, the type of which I’ve stated that Durham will only produce. There is nothing in the transcript indicating something of more consequence.

This investigation appears to be within Durham’s regular capacity as a US attorney and not at all related to any role of Durham as a Special Counsel. There is nothing on file that I can find that precedes Barr’s appointment of Durham as special counsel via order ORDER NO. 4878-2020 in May 2019.

The original scope memo indicates Durham’s efforts began as a review and subsequently developed into a criminal investigation. That indicates that Durham, relative to that order, was not working a criminal investigation respective to what follows in that order. That muddies the waters relative to Baker and the transcript but Barr’s language is clear there.

The scope memo plainly states, “(a) John Durham, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, is appointed to serve as Special Counsel for the Department of Justice” and no further available information from the DOJ indicates otherwise.

According to available evidence, I think there is substantial documentation to flip the script here and suggest exactly what I’m saying Durham is doing – covering up. By that, I mean that Durham appears to be carving out a “criminal leak investigation” as a process crime to manage the fallout from something unavoidable, which is Baker’s role. That carve-out amounts to a mere slap on the wrist for Baker.

Moreover, we have this addressed to Barr from Doug Collins and he cites the genesis of the Baker investigation, “In addition to the disclosures noted in the Summary, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut began conducting a criminal investigation into former FBI General Counsel James Baker for leaking information to reporters.4” Taking note of the “4” footnote, it ties back to the same transcript that Tore posted. Full circle.

They’re carving-out a soft landing spot for Baker. Durham was appointed by Barr. Durham’s appointment was a review that turned into a criminal investigation that was subsequent to Baker’s carve-out. Durham is the cover-up operation.

From yesterday and respective to this VIDEO [2:10] reporting on Durham’s case against Michael Sussman’s and the order for Fusion GPS to handover Clinton emails related to the case, I said the following in private dialogue with Marco Polo relative to the three broader points [with enumeration added to the original message]:

1-Issues with discovery plausibly precluding evidence, 2-low hanging fruit [3 prosecutions in 3 years] and 3-process crimes…. all the same horse shit that will result in Durham being fruitless as long contended and evidenced [in articles.] Otherwise, the assumption must be that a two-time AG in Barr was dumb enough to appoint a special counsel that would undo himself and that current AG Garland is acting with a single grain of integrity and with fidelity to justice. Maybe and in a feat of political masturbation, people might feel good about HRC getting ejected from the pack in a sacrificial effort but last I checked, she’s never been elected to anything and it doesn’t matter one bit if that happens. But like Tucker Carlson’s fruitless reporting, it sure will feel and look good to those who haven’t figured out how this banana republic functions. I’ll eat my boot if I’m wrong. Now dismounting the soap box.

Political Moonshine

In a follow-up message in the Marco Polo thread, I stated this,

Re: Durham. The obvious legal standard for inadmissible evidence is “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Conceptually apply that to Barr’s appointment of Durham and ask yourself if Barr was dumb enough to appoint someone who would poison everything, including the obvious and evidenced stolen election that he [in writing] refused to investigate [rather continuing to state that Trump “lost” it] and which had him positioned at Kirkland and Ellis when China acquired the keys to the castle permitting the theft [the 18 proprietary Dominion patents they acquired via Staple Street Capital]? He was there. He knew. Perhaps he participated; maybe not, but at worst it makes him a material witness to the biggest crime ever committed. What is the onus of a prosecutor or any attorney; especially one who is a two time AG, when he receives reliable evidence that a crime has been committed; especially when it directly impacts an attorney’s client[s] and especially when he works for the President of the United States? Doing nothing in a regular sense can get you disbarred. All of the arguments y’all stated are valid but respectfully, I see it as a trees/forest scenario. I hope to God I’m wrong about Durham. I don’t think I am. Anybody have a good recipe for boot, just in case?

Political Moonshine

Given the nature of special counsels like the fraudulent Robert Mueller and what appears to be an operational John Durham, people ought to be asking themselves why it is that Republicans are calling for and independent counsel to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop. I recently put it like this:

HEADLINE: Support grows among Republicans for naming a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Let’s address this with absolute crystal clarity and in ways long established.

Investigations are opened for 1 of 2 reasons: to reveal and prosecute -or- to conceal and cover-up.

Durham is the perfect example. Read what I evidenced long ago about former AG William Barr and ask yourself, do you believe Barr was dumb enough to appoint John Durham as special counsel in such a way that it would result in his own undoing?

Now reconcile the fact that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans; that being for fools playing a fool’s game; them being two sides of the same corrupt and criminal coin. They only offer fat to chew-on for each respective side of the aisle while working to a singular and designed end that benefits none of us.

Understanding that, now ask yourself why it is that “Republicans” are demanding a special counsel for Hunter Biden?

Is it to reveal and prosecute -or- is it to conceal and cover-up?

Rhetorical question. Durham is a cover-up operation. Any special counsel appointment into Hunter Biden will be the same.

Americans must learn to quit sticking their finger in the light socket.


Political Moonshine

Now consider this development from Conservative Treehouse in an article entitled REMINDER: Judge in Sussmann Trial is Married to Lisa Page’s Lawyer. From it,

Just a brief reminder as you review the decisions in the pre-trial motions for the case against Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann.

It is worth remembering that Judge Christopher Cooper is married to Amy Jeffries, Lisa Page’s lawyer.

Additionally, Judge Cooper and Michael Sussmann both worked in the DOJ together. When he was selected as judge in the Sussmann trial, Cooper revealed the potential conflict of interest in the event the Durham prosecution wanted him to recuse himself from the case. Special Prosecutor John Durham did not ask Judge Cooper to recuse himself.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse

September 2021 – The judge in the case of recently indicted Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann is married to the lawyer who represented a disgraced former FBI official that worked on the Donald Trump Russia probe that Sussmann played some role in advancing. 

U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper of the District of Columbia, who is presiding over the Sussmann case, is married to lawyer Amy Jeffress, who represented FBI lawyer Lisa Page in a civil case. 

Cooper, an Obama-appointee, and Jeffress, a former top aide to Attorney General Eric Holder, are well connected in the Democratic party. Current Attorney General Merrick Garland even presided over their 1999 wedding. (read more)

Conservative Treehouse quoting Fox

The “keystone” for understanding John Durham, his appointment as Special Counsel and the true purpose of the Special Counsel as an operation is the two time Attorney General William Barr; including his time at Kirkland & Ellis when it advised on the acquisition of Dominion Voting.

Once one develops knowledge of Durham’s scope of authority as authored by Barr and relative to Barr’s background, the remainder of the details exist as obfuscating trees impeding the view of the forest.

The forest is a clear and undeniably evidenced clean-up and cover-up operation.

I hope I’m wrong but I’m not. Just in case, does anyone have a good recipe for boot?



  1. Lori Duquette May 14, 2022

    Agree with you Moonshine, your’s is one of the important voices.
    We the People must question everything and be ready for anything.
    I’m in CA, we are getting burned up here, nobody believes weather warfare is being used.
    I believe the world will never be the same again, and that is a VERY thing.
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Pat Sullivan May 21, 2022

    Counterpoint scenario: Barr made a deal with the white hats to save his largesse, I mean, large a– and appointed Durham at Trump’s behest. Durham, over these several years, has succeeded in flipping a lot of bad guys to testify, as seen in the present Sussman trial. Those who flipped, like Barr, will get off easy. Those who did not will Gitmo satisfaction in a suspended sentence. The rest of your “forest” will do “Suicide Weekend” upon seeing how many have flipped and how they will be next.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | May 22, 2022

      Perhaps but there’s little evidence to support that and there’s a stack of evidence on the other side of it. We’ve debated the scenario of Barr making a deal quite a bit in private dialogue. Maybe he did. My nickel is on that not being the case. Time will tell. Thank you for the comments.