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RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Legendary Geopolitical Analyst Martin Armstrong In Exact Alignment With Our Positions, Predictions and Evidence, Says Western Empire “Needs WWIII”

14 Apr 22

In an article featured at Zero Hedge that summarized important aspects of a nearly hour-long interview with Greg Hunter at USAWatchdog, legendary geopolitical analyst Martin Armstrong essentially came into complete alignment with existing Moonshine predictions made long ago. The exact same can be said about the existing, logically deduced and exhaustively evidenced Moonshine analysis that I’ve routinely reiterated as being entirely on the mark. The Zero Hedge item is a reprint of Hunter’s article covering the interview and it is entitled “The West Needs WWIII” – Martin Armstrong Warns “There’s No Return To Normal Here.”

Drawing back to developments from March 2021 that were first covered in a Moonshine podcast at the time, I’ve been consistently reporting on an admission from the U.S. Department of Defense pertaining to its gaming out of a war scenario with China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. According to its own findings, the U.S. loses every single time. Every single time.

It was so bad that their solution to losing was to quit conducting the gaming exercise. Let that sink in for a moment. That development has consistently held my attention since I first reported on it in what I would brand as blatant pretext from a compromised DoD.

The work into the China/Taiwan/South China Sea scenario was then augmented with further analysis pertaining to Russia and Ukraine that was made and evidenced well in advance of any incursion into Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and the Russian military. The highly detailed and arduous work permitted me to make a stunningly accurate prediction that the U.S. was being positioned for a multiple-front war scenario; right down to the very timeline of its occurrence beginning in Ukraine this February.

Including this article, the analysis and work stands at thirty-three items and here are the existing thirty-two:

  1. China, Russia and Ukraine – These People Play Inside of a Box
  2. The Multiple Front War Scenario Predicted Months and Years Ago Is Coming to Fruition As Exactly and Precisely Predicted and Right Down to the Exact Timeline: Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan
  3. The Power Vacuum, Russia, Ukraine, Timing and the Associated Scenarios
  4. ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago
  5. DECIPHERING PUTIN: Nothing Comports with Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Except the Long History of Engineered Regime Change Efforts by the West, U.S. and CIA
  6. Timing Validates Established Interconnected Positions: CIA’s Engineered Russia/Ukraine War, COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct, Our Federal Grand Jury Petition, Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Criminality, and Gas Prices Serving Cloward-Piven
  7. UNDERSTANDING THE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF UKRAINE: Going Deep on Ukraine’s Strategic Importance Reveals That We’re Repeating the History Obama, the Clintons and the Bidens Engineered for Us
  8. U.S. BIOLABS IN UKRAINE: Russian Government Produces Documents Validating Positions on the CIA’s Regime Change Efforts and Biowarfare in Ukraine
  9. THE DEATH OF AMERICA: Understanding the Asymmetrical, Irregular and Undeclared War With China Relative to the Disaster That Is America Today, Every American Should Come to Understand This
  10. PROJECTION, PANIC and PROOF – Positions On Ukraine and Russia Are Narrowly Focused, Precisely On Point and Entirely Antithetical to the Propagandized Western Narrative
  11. UKRAINE and CHINA: Understanding the Two Epicenters of the Biden Crime Family’s Corruption and Treason, We’ve All Been Sold Out
  12. The Unmitigated Truth About Ukraine, Russia and The Western Empire
  13. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Unavoidable Evidence Emerges Forcing MSM to Diverge From the Western Empire and Begin Aligning With Our Positions, Explanations and Evidence
  14. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: After U.N. Security Council Western Empire Remains Committed to Fabricated Multiple-Front War Scenario, Continues Drive Relocating Global Leadership to China
  15. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Recent Developments Further Evidence Precisely Predicted and Catastrophic Multiple-front War Trajectory
  16. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Precisely Predicted Matters Continue Escalating By the Hour
  17. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Incremental Escalation Continues, COVID-19 Is Never Going Away
  18. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: The End of America Begins on the Precipice of a Manufactured and Engineered Multiple-Front War Accurately Predicted Long Ago
  19. RUSSIA and CHINA: Biden Regime Crawls Back to Obama’s JCPOA Repositioning Iran as a Rogue Nuclear Arsenal
  20. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Direct Evidence of U.S. Being Advised of Department of Defense Dual-Use Pathogen Biolabs in Ukraine on 11 Jun 20
  21. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: The U.S. Response to Direct Evidence of Being Advised of Department of Defense Dual-Use Pathogen Biolabs in Ukraine on 11 Jun 20 and the Critical History Underpinning It
  22. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Metabiota Is Problematic For the Bidens and the Official Narratives for COVID-19 and Thermonuclear War With Russia Over Ukraine
  23. IT’S ALL ENTERPRISE FRAUD, EVERY BIT OF IT: Trump, Clinton, COVID-19, BlackRock, Vanguard and All of the Pieces In Between
  24. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Developments on Metabiota and the Accurately Predicted Multiple-Front War Scenario
  25. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Accurate Analysis Prevails, Western Empire Drives Regime Change In Russia, Global Governance Via Biden’s Stated “New World Order”
  26. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Evidence Further Positions Metabiota As Nexus Between Biden, Biowarfare and Treason
  27. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Predicted New Variants Arrive Right On Time, Milley Warns of “Significant International Conflict Between Great Powers”
  28. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Biolab Timeline Released by Russian Foreign Ministry
  29. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Biden Administration Admits to Using Propaganda Further Galvanizing Accurate Reporting On Predicted Multiple-Front War Scenario
  30. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: NATO to Engage China in Asia-Pacific, Western Empire’s Russian Lies and Fauci’s Scheduled Plans
  31. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Ominous New Developments Further Galvanize the Broader Scope of Existing and Evidenced Positions
  32. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Unfettered Cloward-Piven and New Developments Have America Destined for Destruction in the Planned and Predicted Multiple-Front War

Armstrong’s remarks to Hunter involve these major components that are intricately and copiously threaded throughout the entire fabric of Moonshine work as featured in the above articles: a New World Order, the intent and purpose of the European Union, a multiple-front World War III, NATO as the spear to attack the favorite “boogeyman” of Russia, economics and supply chain analysis relative to our positions on Cloward-Piven, COVID-19 as a mechanism and construct of enterprise fraud, Biden’s deliberately destructive policy decisions respective to Cloward-Piven and Obama’s third term, and elections respective to our positions on them being illegitimate, corrupt and illegal.

Virtually every bit of what Armstrong had to offer has been exhaustively delineated and evidenced in our work at Moonshine and I’ll spare you the rehashing of it all as I sometimes do; leaving it for your independent consumption from the slate of articles above.

Beginning with the introduction from Zero Hedge, here is what Armstrong offered in complete alignment with Moonshine [the author’s emphasis left in place], “Armstrong thinks the New World Order’s so-called “Great Reset” plan for humanity now needs war to try and make it work.” 

Noting Moonshine timeline considerations, we’ve projected that any such hot war with Russia over Ukraine stands to break-out sometime between spring and August with further understanding that our evidence and analysis positions the China/Taiwan/South China Sea dynamic going hot subsequent to it and someting in August; leaving the door cracked for it to be sooner or later.

Hunter’s reporting has Armstrong stating that the initial hot war phase could begin “within the next few weeks.” Possibly exacerbating this situation is the loss of a Russian battleship, which Ukraine claims to have sunk with a Neptune missile.

Citing what Moonshine consistently refers to as the Western Empire’s favorite “boogeyman,” Armstrong states and confirms exactly what we’ve been saying, “What they are trying to do is deliberately poke the bear…” The psychological warfare and absolute onslaught of propagandized narrative derived from the Western Empire and deployed to attack Putin is abysmal. On the other hand, Putin’s level of restraint and his anti-Globalist war tactics are as legendary as Armstrong’s reputation as an analyst. Moreover, we’ve evidenced all of the particulars behind those statements.

Armstrong continues,

They are increasing the pressure on just about everything under the sun.  The West needs World War III.  They just need it.  The real problem here is they went to negative interest rates in 2014 in Europe.  They have been unable to stimulate the economy, and Keynesian economics have completely failed…

I would say this is mismanagement of government on a global scale.  The problem is that central banks have no control over the economy. 

Add to this, this type of inflation is substantially different than a speculative boom.  This inflation is based upon shortages.  These morons with covid… with lockdowns, ended up destroying the supply chains

Things that are there, I buy extra of because next time it might be gone.  So, everybody is increasing their hoarding…

So, what we have with Europe, with its negative interest rates, they have wiped out all the pension funds.  They need 8% to break even, not negative rates.  There is not a pension fund in Europe that is solvent at this stage of the game. . . . The European government is collapsing.  If they end up defaulting, you are going to have millions of people down there with pitch forks storming the parliament.  So, to avoid that, they need war…

The Biden Administration has deliberately destroyed the world economy.”

“This is all deliberate.  There is no return to normal here.  Unfortunately, this is where we are headed.”

“They want Russia to do something. . . . This thing with Russia is the same thing all over again.  Unfortunately, we are headed for war.”

“We are not getting back to normal.  The system is crumbling from within, and it’s just like the fall of Rome, basically.”

Martin Armstrong

Armstrong’s remarks are a brief recapitulation of essentially everything I’ve been reporting, analyzing and predicting with intricacy, granularity and as supported by evidence stacked to the moon. As I continue to reiterate, logically deduced analysis of this sort is rarely off the mark when all of the components can be so tightly fit together with such a high degree of precision so as to present a picture that provides such a fulsome comprehension. Based on that analysis, I would suggesting praying for humanity.




  1. Contact3! April 15, 2022

    I often wonder whether the global injection push might have at least partly an economic basis. The plutocrats have made possibly trillions over the years from drugs of addiction, going back to the British East India Co and their involvement in the phenomenally successful opium trade to China. In the context of a world that is going broke, might this nice little earner be keeping the patient alive? You need money to fight a war after all.

    • Michael Buhagiar April 15, 2022

      Sorry, got the name field wrong. The above post is from Michael Buhagiar.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | May 4, 2022

      An economic angle is certainly plausible. For one, the U.S. government/intelligence community has imported drugs into this country for a very long time and the proceeds from those sales are understood to in-part fund operations that are prohibited by U.S. law.

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