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THE HUNTER BIDEN HARD DRIVE: Ziegler v. Maxey for the Truth

21 Mar 22

The idea that the Hunter Biden hard drive and all of the salacious and felonious content on it were somehow a fictitious thing is utterly laughable, entirely moronic and – as I love to say – fodder for the functional idiots and intellectual twits incapable of independent and critical thinking. It’s been very, very real the entire time and that includes during the 2020 election campaign when the abjectly lying media discredited it as Russian misinformation and disinformation. Absurd!

There’s no doubt to it now as the lap dog, corrupt and treasonous MSM has been forced to admit the same. I touched on this in a recent article saying,

The team of Marco Polo stands to directly and significantly impact U.S. history in the unwinding of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and this is especially so since the duplicitous, corrupt and treasonous MSM has now come to admit that the hard drive exists and is real.

Political Moonshine

As the flames from Hunter Biden’s hard drive intensify into an absolute inferno, manipulative media types – even some that are trusted and shared regularly on the independent, pro-Trump, and conservative side of things – are out to control the narrative and steer the fallout to desired ends. It’s all very predictable and it’s all very telling as you will see.

Unfortunately, the fallout is capturing people of the highest caliber and of the utmost levels of patriotism and dedication to the cause. One of them is former White House Official under President Trump and further under Peter Navarro, Garrett Ziegler. As you are likely aware, it’s Ziegler’s Marco Polo group that is unwinding the hard drive for the presentation of the full fact set in a report.

The fallout has resulted in a heated conflict that I’ve branded as Ziegler v. Maxey for the truth; the latter referring to Jack Maxey.

Before taking another step forward here, let’s put some cards down on the table for the sake of accurate reporting versus gaslighting the likes of which you’ll get from others; even some you may trust and widely read.

How and why am I qualified to weigh in on Ziegler v. Maxey? Here’s the list:

  1. I’ve had a forensic copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive for some time now.
  2. I have a preliminary copy of the Garrett Ziegler/Marco Polo report that unwinds the entire hard drive in water-tight, academically-styled, sourced and cited fashion; and whereby I’ve contributed a little bit to that cause.
  3. I’ve been in regular contact with the entire Marco Polo team for a long time and those communications occur on a near daily basis.

That should suffice. Now to brass tacks.

For one, Ziegler is a young man by his age and already an accomplished former White House official with a wicked intellect and equally formidable sense of tenaciousness; sometimes to a fault. I relate to the latter point – it’s difficult to tame that in certain folks and you know what they say about spots and leopards. Moreover, Ziegler worked under the highest security clearance attainable on White House grounds. Importantly, Ziegler is married with a young son born not too long ago. What does that all mean? That by wading neck-deep into the swamp to stare the ugliest gators directly in their teeth, Ziegler stands to lose everything; possibly his life. That’s just how these things work.

For another, consider the Marco Polo team. Who are they? Exactly. They’re much like me – regular people existing in the backdrop and doing the work that the media should be doing in the dereliction of its duties. They’re regular guys from all over. You don’t know their names and likely won’t. Importantly, they also don’t have the resources that might come to a figure like Ziegler in the event that things go south on them. What does all of that mean? That they stand to lose everything with very little to gain; all risk and little to no reward. See the signers of the Declaration of Independence and their respective fates.

What about Jack Maxey? Other than being alleged to be the first person to report on the Hunter Biden hard drive, I don’t know jack about Jack. I am privy to others’ opinions of him that have been shared with me, but otherwise, I’m relatively ignorant on Maxey. I can tell you that from a basic human psychological perspective, it would stand to reason that someone of Maxey’s age and sense of entitlement and ownership relative to the hard drive [being first] might cause him to feel threatened by someone so much his junior who is poised to do a far better job than him. Psychology 101 and very likely [it is] accurate.

Now, take all of that and factor it into this, which was forwarded to me by a dear friend last evening.


That was actually the second one I received. This was the first.

Lin Wood forward of Brian Cates

I’m going to stack the deck here a little. In addition to being in private conversation with Ziegler and Marco Polo, the same applies to Lin Wood and even further, with Wood and Ziegler together; including dialogue pertaining to the hard drive.

Do you find it curious that Ziegler is now being targeted precisely as one of the most vilified pro-Trump/pro-2020 election justice individuals in Wood? I do. For good reason, too.

It gets worse. Consider this.

The posts I received spurned a dialogue with my friend where we discussed the developments and I presented the likely course they would take. Here’s exactly what I said to her in a text message last night,

Shit is getting crazy. Tragic that it’s distracting from more important things. There is a reason it’s coming out now. My nickel is that Marco Polo releases more/different than Maxey and Maxey will be used to discredit Marco Polo and therefore discredit the truth. That’s how this shit works.

Political Moonshine

Profanity aside – text messages aren’t normally crafted for publication – it was clear to me that Maxey is being positioned to discredit Ziegler and Marco Polo for his own reasons [stated above], the reasons of others and likely both.

Here is where the rubber meets the road as yet another prediction manifests as truth. My friend sent me this today and it’s precisely what I said the night before.


Exposed? Do real damage? Bypassed? Discredit the effort? Hardly. Garbage. Refuse. Tripe.

We The Media, Maxey and Brian Cates – be careful who you follow and always remember that psychological warfare, misinformation and disinformation tactics ALWAYS broker aspects of the truth to lure their victims onto the wayward path and far from the real truth. Discernment rules the day says Political Moonshine, who cut his teeth under the nom de plume Statecraft Discerned.

Ziegler v. Maxey for the truth. It’s not even a contest. Ziegler and Marco Polo are the heavyweight champions in this bout. Write it down. Take it to the bank. The belt belongs to them just like the TRUTH does.



  1. Joanna Highet March 21, 2022

    Kudos for writing this – I couldn’t agree more. There are very few people willing to risk it all for this country. Garrett is one of those few.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 23, 2022

      Thank you. Will be taking a lot of heat for it – that’s for sure. Already happening but nowhere close to what Garrett is experiencing. Nasty. Appreciate your comments.

    • Sheilasure March 27, 2022

      There are more with us then with evil and that’s not just counting our Angelic Host already taking out evil. the Lord told Elijah he was NOT alone that there were more with him then against him. Many of us know these info articles already through hearing from the Lord. what we also know is how GOD is wiping all these plots of the enemy out even many this very year the way of Korah, Ananias and Sapphira, and more here today GONE tomorrow with no evidence of man done at all. and then also many evil will be dealt with in plain site Like Elijah and the prophets of baal. God’s will NOT be mocked or ignored. through many prophets around the world evil’s soon total irradiation is already going on

  2. Dennis ONeill March 22, 2022

    You’re an anonymous shit poster who makes idiotic assertions and loves innuendo. Jack Maxey uses his real name, and he’s a smart attorney. My money is not on you don’t know Jack shit jack off.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 23, 2022

      Please forward me a copy of Jack Maxey’s license to practice law. Might be difficult to find for someone who isn’t an attorney. If you don’t like the content at Moonshine, go read someone else; go drink the Kool-Aid; go be the functional idiot you portray yourself as with junior high level comments like this. Understand what it means to be a part of the problem; not a part of the solution.

  3. HMason March 26, 2022

    They may try to discredit him (and Marco Polo), but I bet Garrett is anticipating this. He’s a sharp dude.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | April 8, 2022

      My dialogue with the GZ/MP team around this topic is interesting. I can assure you that they’re fully aware and that their only priority is to produce a water-tight product that will historically withstand the test of time.


      • Zon Kuthon April 8, 2022

        Products don’t make a damn when Normies Always Knuckle Under. There’s no judge, jury, prosecutor or anyone else who would take the case, so it doesn’t matter how many Biden officials Garrett Ziegler doxes.

        Remember: Israel holds the world hostage with Nuclear Arms, and you’re fine with that because you’re ZOG.

        Samson Looms

        Ashes and Echoes

  4. Janet M March 28, 2022

    But what are the motivations of Maxey et al to try and torpedo the whole thing? Are just pompous poseurs seeking their own glory? (Bad.) or are they aligned with the dark side? (Much worse.)

    • Political Moonshine Post author | April 8, 2022

      Sent a longer reply via the email notification, which dropped into your account. In short, Maxey’s positioning on the hard drive appears to be for the purpose of controlling the fallout and resulting damage; to mitigate it, and because it’s unavoidable given that Marco Polo and maybe others are working to release similar findings. Tore’s Telegram feed has recent intel on Maxey to evidence this position as it ties him to the Dems and Biden albeit indirectly as I understand it.


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