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COVID-19 ENTERPRISE FRAUD CONSTRUCT: Our Favorite Dead Horses Ride Again – COVID Is Never Going Away, “These People” Will Never Stop

21 Mar 22

If there’s one thing we do with regularity at Moonshine it’s kick dead horses. They need to be kicked. They beg to be kicked. Americans need to see them kicked over and over; and moreover, they must come to understand the particulars of why kicking occurs so routinely and therein, so definitively. Accurately analyzed and exhaustively evidenced positions standing entirely antithetical to the lap dog MSM and state-sponsored narrative; and that were established through the lens of a former fraud investigator, permit us to do so and through it all, there are two dead horses I’ve been kicking for over 3 years.

Those two dead horses are stallions; thoroughbreds; the two alphas in the stable that resolutely stand tall and defend their ground like none other: 1-COVID is never going away and 2-These people will not stop until they are made to stop.

In case you’re wondering, the only ones who stand to stop “these people” are a unified American population – period. It will take a threshold level that may near all of us except for those who offer no hope because they are afraid to challenge their own ideological conventions to divorce themselves from their own political dogma; rather choosing to continue feeding the lie instead of admitting to being duped for so long and all out of preservation of the ego. If left unmitigated, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Right now, “those people” have us on the brink of a nuclear World War III resulting from an engineered and manufactured multiple-front war scenario that I predicted and evidenced with deadly precision long before Putin made any incursion on Ukraine. Assuming one properly discerned what was written, the handwriting was all over the walls. Not surprisingly and in fact, by design – nefarious design by “those people” – Ukraine/Russia encompasses China and is a direct overlay to dead horse number one – the enterprise fraud construct of COVID.

If you’ve been swilling the Moonshine lately, you already know that I’ve compiled 21 articles delineating Ukraine/Russia and China/Taiwan/South China Sea. The last article is entitled RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: The U.S. Response to Direct Evidence of Being Advised of Department of Defense Dual-Use Pathogen Biolabs in Ukraine on 11 Jun 20 and the Critical History Underpinning It and it contains links to the 20 recent others. Like the broader body of Moonshine work that exclusively delivered COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud well before anyone else and from the very beginning of it all in early 2020, that analysis is also on the mark.

Let’s begin here and it’s basic math that the functional idiots and intellectual twits incapable of independent and critical thinking – the same ones marching us full tilt to the global plantation and refusing to confront their own dogmatic ideology – can’t seem to process or accurately calculate for a fulsome understanding of what is being done to all of us. Their misconceived and errant computation is virtuous for them but detrimental to us. They are emblematic of World War II era German citizens who stood idly by and watched the Nazis cart off their countrymen to be exterminated like undesirable vermin.

Here’s the basic math the functional idiots and intellectual twits fail to understand: TODAY IS DAY 79 OF YEAR 3 OF FLATTEN THE CURVE FOR 2 WEEKS. Basic math. Easy computation. Another dead horse kicked.

Let’s get on with it.

We’ll begin with some basic assumptions of position that are well-evidenced at Moonshine. Our first is the fact that what the American people have been and continue to be subjected to; which accounts for the sown division that is ripping at the very fabric of this once proud constitutional republic by pitting the idiots and twits against the rest of us, is flat-out psychological warfare. Therein, perceptions are managed and realities are created for consumption and acceptance; and the enterprise fraud construct of COVID plugs into it perfectly, directly and by nefarious design. It’s why I routinely refer to COVID as a mechanism or a lever that can be wielded at will for societal control.

Critical here is knowing that psychological warfare is dependent upon false flag events designed to sow chaos, fear and uncertainty that is augmented by widespread misinformation, disinformation, fog of war and weaponized propaganda derived from state-controlled entities. Ukraine/Russia is a perfect example of this.

For further insight on a contemporaneously short timeline, consider reading this item posted at Zero Hedge and penned by The Economic Collapse blog: 6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage… And No End In Sight. From it,

Are you starting to notice a pattern by now?  For the past six years, the American people have been emotionally manipulated by what I call “manufactured waves of outrage”.  Once the corporate media identifies a trigger, it will obsessively focus on it for weeks or months on end, and the narrative that develops will be echoed and magnified by millions upon millions of social media denizens.  Before too long, much of the population is whipped up into an irrational emotional frenzy, and that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward.

To me, this new era began in 2016

Donald Trump was a political candidate like no other, and the elite absolutely hated the fact that he did not follow their rules and that they could not control him.

So when he actually won, it truly was a catastrophic event for them.

From that moment forward, most corporate media outlets relentlessly demonized Trump.  Never before in U.S. history had a sitting U.S. president been treated in such a fashion, and we may never see anything like it ever again.

The Economic Collapse Blog

Succinctly, what is being described above is a loss of control and a panicked reaction that leverages psychological warfare by design. It’s precisely how “those people”, who account for an absolute sliver of the population, are able to manipulate and control about 330 million seemingly compliant Americans – compliant with their own enslavement, that is.

It’s why I incessantly rant about functional idiocy, intellectual twits, feeble-mindedness and the dearth of independent and critical thinking that ravages us. It’s not to be abrasive, mean, nasty or unsympathetic but rather because it’s precisely correct and directly a function of psychological warfare. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Ignorance is life on the global plantation, I say. Americans need to understand what is being done to them which is distinctly different than “what is happening to them”. In fact, those are two separate universes for those of us properly educated and fully aware.

Let’s get COVID-specific.

Recall a very important concept of the enterprise fraud that I’ve copiously evidenced – that it is a perpetual construct. This means two important things for which there is abundant evidence: 1-significant amounts of money exchanges hands illegitimately through legitimate conduits and 2-the construct is designed in cyclical perpetuity, meaning forever; hence our first dead horse.

Now, consider what I outlined in my 15 Mar 22 COVID-related article relative to what follows it,

More recently and until the past few days, COVID has generally sunken away from the propagandized coverage courtesy of the Western Empire’s lap dog MSM. Fictitious “COVID-related” deaths and made-up “new cases” still lingered around, but Anthony Fauci was on an apparent hiatus until now.

Two developments hold our attention here: 1-Pfizer and Fauci claiming that a 4th Pfizer shot is needed in immediately conjunction with Fauci’s statement that, “It is likely that we’re not done with this when it comes to vaccines”; along with Moderna already requiring a fourth -and- 2-China has locked down 51 million people in the province of Jilin and the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Political Moonshine

Now for the follow-up to augment the position and evidence the fraud. It comes from the Gateway Pundit,

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said the Biden Regime needs additional funding from Congress to combat Covid.

The $6 trillion spent so far fighting Covid wasn’t enough.

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“We need additional funding from Congress … for the possibility of a fourth dose or a variant specific vaccine,” Psaki said.

Moderna and Pfizer both asked the FDA this week to approve a second Covid booster.

Gateway Pundit

Do you see it? It’s perpetual enterprise fraud that is cyclical by nature and results in the illegitimate transfer of American wealth by illegitimate means. Rinse/repeat for these Globalists, Nazis and communists.

Now consider this relative to the cyclical nature I evidenced long ago and it is presented respective to these old Moonshine graphics. The first outlines the cyclical nature of the construct that capitalizes on flu/pneumo season as a primary data harvesting reservoir from which data is harvested and then propagated as COVID-19. Take note of the “VARIANT” and “SEASONAL DRAG-THROUGH” components.

This graphic depicts the three primary data reservoirs and closed-loop propagation.

The three “DATA DRIVERS” are depicted here relative to the cyclical design of the construct that repeats annually and with peak flu [the CDC defines peak flu as beginning every 01 Dec and running for two months] being critical to it. Note how “VARIANTS” are leveraged to bridge the construct from “PEAK FLU” season to “PEAK FLU” season. Additionally, variants are also used to exacerbate any ongoing peak flu season to achieve any existing ulterior objectives, like sowing fear and chaos for societal control purposes.

Here we depict how “VARIANTS” permit the seasonal drag-through of the perpetual enterprise fraud construct so as to avoid the annual seasonal die-off of the primary comorbidites being harvested and propagated as COVID – flu/pneumo. This permits the construct to be bridged from one “PEAK FLU” season to the next “PEAK FLU” season. These are the cyclical, seasonal and annual aspects that I routinely reference and evidence.

Here, I depict exactly how the “Delta variant” functioned exactly and precisely as I’ve outlined and evidenced.

When I say perpetual, I mean perpetual – forever. According to work from an associated team member – Dr. David E. Martin of M-CAM [1] [2] [3] – there are 40,000 “variants” already on file in existing U.S. patent filings. When “Omicron” was rolled-out, I reminded people of the devastating level of perpetuity we face:

With all of the preceding in mind, now consider these recent developments from a reemerged and rejuvenated Anthony Fauci who is fresh off his Russia/Ukraine laden hiatus. From a Zero Hedge item entitled “We Can’t Just Say We’re Done” – Dr. Fauci Warns New COVID Variant Could Prompt More Lockdowns In US,

As a resurgence in COVID cases in Western Europe prompts speculation about a similar rebound in the US, Dr. Anthony Fauci took to CNN yesterday to warn that Americans could still face another round of lockdowns if the latest COVID variant (or subvariant, in this case) causes infections – and, more importantly, hospitalizations and deaths – to rebound.

Zero Hedge

This is unmitigated insanity that has nothing to do with actual science or actual medicine because lock downs didn’t work early, won’t work now, won’t ever work and have nothing to do with a “pandemic” or a “virus” but rather with societal control. I proved this in 2020.

“We can’t just say we’re done, now we’re going to move on. We’ve got to be able to be flexible because we’re dealing with a dynamic situation.”

Anthony Fauci

COVID is never going away. Dead horse kicked.

Here’s what Fauci intends by “dynamic situation.” It really means and is derived directly from psychological warfare remembering what I always say about manipulating people from A to Z – never do they ask you to get directly from A to Z but rather they move you incrementally with intermittent enforcement from A to Z with B through Y in between. It looks like this old Moonshine graphic:

For those of us not subscribing to functional idiocy, all of this is blatantly obvious and it results in the walls caving in around Fauci as the construct continues to unravel at the seams. It’s emblematic of “these people” losing control over the populace and it’s why FalseFlagFauci is soon to go; that pretext having been around for some time now. Consider this development From Zero Hedge,

Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was asked during a podcast released March 18 whether he was mulling retirement or transitioning to a less-demanding job.

Zero Hedge

Fauci’s reply,

“I certainly am because I’ve got to do it sometime”…I can’t stay at this job forever, unless my staff is going to find me slumped over my desk one day. I’d rather not do that.”

Anthony Fauci

I’d pay good money to: 1-see him slumped over anything and 2-be the one responsible for said slumping.

Now consider several more succinct items to hammer home our points and positions and to bring this to a close. The first is our team’s federal grand jury petition filing in the Ninth Circuit just over 3 weeks ago. It is the beginning of our efforts respective to reversing the course on COVID as a construct of enterprise fraud. I wrote about it in The Real Fight Begins!

Aside from beginning the real fight, what’s most important with the filing can be found in the named defendants that include the former and current directors of the CDC – Robert Redfield and Rochelle Walensky, respectively. Moreover, the actions of the CDC subsequent to the filing bear down with full might as outlined below. Understand that once served, they are legally obligated to respond.

Subsequent to our filing and relative to the graphic below, the CDC engaged in two ways: 1-by deleting a tranche of data and documents and 2-with more back-end bulk data revisions; the type of which I’ve already exhaustively evidenced and that are hallmark indicators of enterprise fraud. Now, ask yourself this question: Do you think the CDC’s actions are merely coincidental respective to the Ninth Circuit filing? Answer: That’s a rhetorical question; of course they aren’t. Rather, the CDC is engaged in continual cover-up operations.

Here are the old but monumentally significant back-end bulk data revisions underpinned by the “problematic data point, which is actual mortality data:

We augment this with what I outlined in my recent article COVID-19 ENTERPRISE FRAUD CONSTRUCT: More Back End Revisions, Pediatric Data. In it, I said,

That brings us to this development today, which is indicative of further data reconciliation in the form of back end bulk data set revision [deletion.] Unnervingly, the revisions apply to pediatric data and that should infuriate everyone given what has been done to children writ large; even the progressive liberal types still clutching on to this tattered and worn-out construct so steeped in political dogma and division.

Progressive liberals and the purveyors of propagandized and state-sponsored narrative [instead of accurate fact sets that is supposed to be the “news”] love to play the women and children card. Fine. Let’s talk about the kids, then. The ones who live in America; not some foreign country where a manufactured and engineered war is leveraging “women and children” to whip-up positive American sentiment to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. That link back-fills it with 123 Moonshine articles. Not coincidentally, the biowarfare of COVID is a direct overlap in Ukraine.

[Referring to the cited data from Nicole Saphier, MD] We’ll follow-up on any response the CDC may have to offer but it won’t matter. It’s all a construct of enterprise fraud and data set revisions are a component of it. As many as 70,000 dead children may have been wiped away as if their lives don’t matter and all because they are inconvenient to irreconcilable data sets evidencing enterprise fraud.

Political Moonshine

To this, we add more work from the Epoch Times found at Zero Hedge: CDC Removes 24 Percent Of Child COVID-19 Deaths, Blames Coding Error. From it,

The health agency quietly made the change on its data tracker website on March 15.

Data on deaths were adjusted after resolving a coding logic error. This resulted in decreased death counts across all demographic categories,” the CDC says on the site.

Before the change, the CDC listed 1,755 children as dying from COVID-19 along with approximately 851,000 others, according to Kelley Krohnert, a Georgia resident who has been tracking the updates.

The update saw the CDC cut 416 deaths among children and over 71,000 elsewhere, arriving at a total of just under 780,000.

The agency declined to provide a comment by deadline.

The CDC previously adjusted its death count in August 2021 “after the identification of a data discrepancy.”

Epoch Times

With proprietary team work underway to better analyze the data, ask yourself this question: If a “coding error” were to blame, why is it that the revisions across age demographics are inconsistent and whereby the back-end revisions occur by different percentages demographically as opposed to a flat percentage as one might expect from any such “coding error”? Answer: It’s because a “coding error” isn’t the plausible explanation. The accurate and exhaustively evidenced explanation can be found in two words: ENTERPRISE FRAUD.

I’ll leave you with this other demographic data point and for my nickel, it’s directly tied to the additional back-end bulk data revisions and is just as unnerving as the elimination of that pediatric data. It’s also a direct overlay with this existing data point previously reported at Zero Hedge: Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64. It’s found in this headline from Gateway Pundit: CONFIRMED: Additional Data Corroborates Excess Deaths Among Millennials Since the Experimental Vaccines Were Mandated – Confirms Covid is Not the Cause.

For the plausible explanation, see the CDC-recommended COVID “vaccine” available only by emergency use authorization and whereby the vaccine meets no standard, legal or patent definition for a “vaccine”. Where does the enterprise fraud mainly occur? Answer: in the unilateral and secretary-level emergency determination/s process.

As I continue to reiterate, the puzzle pieces do not fit so precisely and perfectly so as to present a full and clear picture when the analysis is off the mark.

We’re living through a modern day holocaust. The last one entailed World War II. To envelop, obfuscate and cover-up the enterprise fraud I’ve so exclusively and comprehensively evidenced, this one will entail World War III and it begins with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan/South China Sea.

Our favorite dead horses ride again: COVID is never going away and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Censored since day one and with no sense of shame, I again make a direct plea to you: Spread the Moonshine far and wide for posterity’s sake. It’s truth; it’s always on the house; and it serves everybody – even the ones who hate us and seek to do us harm.



      • Sheilasure March 27, 2022

        don’t you know God at all. I don’t see Him mentioned in Any of your articles and YES I read ‘everything” learned to speed read a very long time ago when used to only get online at a library with only 1 hour time allowed per day. anywho. those who know God KNOW that for those who believe He wipes out and destroys all diseases that try and attack us. no weapon formed against us will be prosper and no sickness can cling to our dwelling. read up on John G Lake and the blackwater plague in Africa. this weapon is now defunct and irradiated as well

  1. Marlene March 22, 2022

    Sharing every where every day! Brilliant! Vital!!!
    Gets people in the right headspace and equipped!

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