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RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Direct Evidence of U.S. Being Advised of Department of Defense Dual-Use Pathogen Biolabs in Ukraine on 11 Jun 20

19 Mar 22

The Western Empire’s propagated narrative about Russia and Ukraine is a complete fabrication of fictitious story lines courtesy of the CIA and Western intelligence – period. Hardly any of it is factual, worthy of consumption or a true account of what is actually occurring. More importantly, the work at Moonshine does encompass the broader scope of truth and it does so in comprehensive fashion.

It begins with a basic fact set that is copiously evidenced in existing Moonshine work:

  1. The U.S. has been in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China since at least October 2019 and I lined this out in exclusive fashion on 06 May 20 relative to COVID-19 – Making the Case for Treason [the first in a sub-series of articles]
  2. COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud prosecutable under RICO statute and I exclusively lined this out beginning in January of 2020 [now with hundreds articles and videos available on the home page; the first article was complied on 09 Feb 20]
  3. Biowarfare is China’s primary warfare vector and the enterprise fraud construct COVID-19 was executed along those lines and in conjunction with internal U.S. traitors embedded in the federal apparatus
  4. Illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden was installed by China and the Globalists after COVID-19 was leveraged to steal the 2020 election and the regime functions as [1] Barack Obama’s [2] third term
  5. The U.S. is being positioned for a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan where it will lose by design and where I exclusively lined-out those positions with deadly accurate predictions of that precise scenario that draws back on a long timeline
  6. Biowarfare and dual-use pathogens overlay the entirety of COVID-19, war with China and war with Russia [Ukraine]
  7. The totality of what is occurring in Ukraine draws back to at least 2014 and is a direct product of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and diplomacy whereby the CIA and Western intelligence writ large fomented social unrest in the nation by leveraging Nazi and neonazi groups in an effort to engage in regime change so as to eventually install “their guy” Volodymyr Zelenskyy
  8. The two epicenters of illegitimate President Joe Biden’s long history of corruption and treason that have us sold-out to the CCP and its brand of communism draw back on a long timeline and they are China and Ukraine; thus directly overlaying the predicted losing multiple-front war scenario
  9. The military action in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and Russia does not tactically comport with a conventional invasion and there is copious evidence that Putin is targeting U.S./DoD dual-use pathogen biolabs in Ukraine
  10. Cloward-Piven strategy is being leveraged to reduce the U.S. to Third World status as a pre-hot war softening phase in the predicted multiple-front war scenario and thus facilitating the transfer of Globalist operations from the U.S. to China
  11. The evidence indicates that the broader objective is global governance with the United Nations as the head of the snake.

This fact set must be assumed and understood as the foundation to the truth.

Beyond what is linked above, the most recent work into Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan serves as the contextual backdrop to this article; also back-filling the evidence for it [presented chronologically oldest-newest]:

Additionally, I recommend consuming and understanding this item relative to the critical importance of Iran’s [and North Korea’s] reemergence as a nuclear threat respective to Obama’s JCPOA, which Trump withdrew from and which Biden is working to reinstate: RUSSIA and CHINA: Biden Regime Crawls Back to Obama’s JCPOA Repositioning Iran as a Rogue Nuclear Arsenal.

That brings us to the developments of today and they arrive courtesy of one of our favorite sources of information and intelligence, the Marco Polo group founded by former Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler. One of their members provided me with our primary source document a couple of days ago. Sidebarthe team of Marco Polo stands to directly and significantly impact U.S. history in the unwinding of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and this is especially so since the duplicitous, corrupt and treasonous MSM has now come to admit that the hard drive exists and is real.


Before analyzing the particulars therein, it is absolutely critical to position this document respective to an additional fact set:

  1. President Trump normalized diplomatic relations with Russia and Vladimir Putin during his presidency
  2. President Trump was an anti-establishment and outlier president that bucked the Globalist system; threatening to unwind it, which he never accomplished
  3. Vladimir Putin is an anti-Globalist leader who bucks the Globalist system in his own right and this created common ground for Trump and Putin, which contributed to the normalization of diplomatic relations
  4. Russia has been the Western Empire’s [CIA’s] favorite “boogeyman” for decades
  5. The previous 11 points augmented by points 1-4 above provide a near-complete and perfect explanation for why Trump and Putin were lumped into the same propaganda bag and publicly annihilated in the MSM in unprecedented ways since around 2015.

With these fact sets under our belt, let’s return to our primary document. Our first order of business is understanding what the OSCE Permanent Council is and how it functions in legally non-binding ways.

The OSCE is the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The OSCE describes itself as,

The OSCE has a comprehensive approach to security that encompasses politico-military, economic and environmental, and human aspects. It therefore addresses a wide range of security-related concerns, including arms control, confidence- and security-building measures, human rights, national minorities, democratization, policing strategies, counter-terrorism and economic and environmental activities. All 57 participating States enjoy equal status, and decisions are taken by consensus on a politically, but not legally binding basis.


From its website, we position the Permanent Council:

We take note of the fact that the Permanent Council convenes weekly and this provides the platform for the presentation, dissemination and discussion of fact sets from the member nations on a regular basis and with the capacity for virtually immediate and ongoing follow-up dialogue and multinational collaboration and diplomacy. We also note that the policy decisions are legally non-binding meaning that member nations have no legal obligation to align with them and this creates the ability to conceal, misrepresent, dismiss, obfuscate or otherwise ignore such policy decisions and diplomatic developments; especially if they present as disadvantageous to or stand antithetical to the Western Empire and specifically the United States.

Let’s position our primary source document: STATEMENT BY MR. ALEXANDER LUKASHEVICH, PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, AT THE 1271st MEETING OF THE OSCE PERMANENT COUNCIL. As you can see, it is a statement derived from the Russian Federation and submitted to the OSCE Permanent Council. Again, its date of 11 Jun 20 is critical for the reasons outlined above relative to COVID-19 and whereby it falls early on the timeline for the enterprise fraud construct; right around the same time Moonshine pieced together the ongoing, asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China in ways to overlap and envelop biowarfare.

It is critical to understand which nations comprise the 57 members of OSCE:

Let’s stack the fact set before we analyze the primary source document. Counter to the Western narrative and with the Western Empire actively working to spread misinformation/disinformation relative to U.S. dual-use pathogen Department of Defense biolabs in Ukraine, the OSCE has Russia, Ukraine and the United States positioned to discuss any such allegations as early as 11 Jun 20 and with the opportunities for follow-up discussion and multinational collaboration occurring on a weekly basis and moving forward to the present. That consistently open diplomatic channel is critical to all things.

Here is the primary source document presented in full for your independent consumption and as you read it respective to what is already outlined and for which there is exhaustive evidence in existing Moonshine work, look for the following in the highlighted aspects:

  1. The direct overlay with dual-use pathogens, which ties to a fundamental position relative to the U.S. biosecurity rules re-write that the Obama administration undertook and the outlined historical account that underpins it
  2. The direct overlay with Putin’s targeted locations in Ukraine and the locations identified herein
  3. The direct overlay with the DTRA, which is front and center and recently detailed in Moonshine work on Ukraine respective to U.S. biolabs there
  4. The direct overlay with the Department of Defense, Pentagon and other associated entities already evidenced in the exclusive body of Moonshine work on COVID-19
  5. The absence of a robust explanation from the U.S. respective to the “mere rhetoric” that the Russian Federation referenced, which comports directly with the Moonshine positions asserted about the Western Empire’s misinformation/disinformation campaign

The Western Empire can say whatever it cares to and it does exactly that regardless of the truth and with full adherence to narratives aligned with objectives; none of which benefit anyone but itself. About all of it equates to utter and absolute garbage constituting exactly what I’ve exhaustively evidenced it to be: misinformation and disinformation designed to cover-up and obfuscate a factual account of its history of actions relative to the losing multiple-front war scenario I both predicted and evidenced long ago.

What is perhaps the most critical component in our primary source document is the timing [11 Jun 20] respective to the documentation derived from a 57-member, multinational body of which all three primary nations – United States, Russia and Ukraine – are members. Moreover, it evidences the existence and true purpose and history of U.S. dual-use pathogen biolabs that present 1-as a direct overlay to COVID-19, 2-in a forum permitting weekly follow-up, collaboration and multinational diplomacy and 3-long, long, long before Putin made any incursion on Ukraine whatsoever.

How has the U.S. and the Western Empire responded to it all? Answer: Crickets and lies.

What say you Biden regime? What say you propagators of the Western Empire’s narrative? While you spend your time fabricating stories about “women and children” who are the “victims” of madman Putin in Ukraine – absolute fodder for the feeble-minded functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking – the truth exists and remains unreported by you; and for obvious self-preservation reasons.

Spread the Moonshine far and wide for posterity’s sake. It’s truth; it’s always on the house; and it serves everybody – even the ones who hate us and seek to do us harm.



  1. Taffy53 March 19, 2022

    Since you reappeared, I’ve been regularly posting your articles at The Great Awakening…

    They get posted twice a day, both for the day shift and for the night shift. Your article from yesterday was pinned by the mods as a hot item for several hours, so it got considerably more notice than usual.

    I’m not looking for praise…just wanted you to know the Moonshine is being spread.

  2. Michael Buhagiar March 19, 2022

    A very telling document. Thanks PM. There can be little doubt that the brainwashing and psychological manipulation that has been going on (George Floyd was a masterclass in this) has been directed by Tavistock Institute -Stanford Research Institute. Dr. John Coleman’s book Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 is an excellent reference for this. I loathe social media, with the exception of TG, and I have been linking to your work there wherever possible. Cheers

  3. Mike March 19, 2022

    If Devolution is in place, does this thwart their plans for WWIII? Do you believe Devolution is in place? See Patel Patriot’s work.