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RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: The End of America Begins on the Precipice of a Manufactured and Engineered Multiple-Front War Accurately Predicted Long Ago

16 Mar 22

Very few Americans are accurately informed about what is actually being done to them and this once grand constitutional republic; even the ones many call “well-informed.” For certain, the clueless also includes those who are still swilling the state-sponsored and propagandized elixir we call the Kool-Aid. As a lone individual that has had the entirety of COVID exclusively nailed as enterprise fraud from the very beginning and who long ago predicted the Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan multiple-front war in devastatingly accurate fashion; right down to who, what, when, where, why and how, I’ve been rejected by every media outlet and individual I have contacted – some repeatedly – over the past few years. Every. Single. One. Why is that?

Oh, and those are the supposed independent and conservative outlets you’d think would have an interest in covering such accurate analysis, but apparently doing so would undercut themselves or it is emblematic of how they are subject to undue influence by “others” and not permitted to engage in such ways. Greed and other undesirable attributes bear down with full might. Hell, I’ve even had some bigger personalities in social media steal what I’ve sent them and read it in podcasts as their own.

It’s basic math: We’re on day 74 of year 3 of flatten the curve for 2 weeks. On the short timeline, everything around you derives from that COVID equation. How people haven’t figured that out leaves me with my mind blown and resting slack jawed. Unfortunately, though; and just as predicted, COVID is never going away just as these people will never stop until they are made stop. Two dead horses kicked.

The cost of it all will be incalculable. It is going to result in the end of America and the beginning of life on the global plantation. Tragically, Americans lost their way; abandoned their civic duty; allowed themselves to become materialistic and poorly prioritized; and fell victim to divisive psychological warfare that has them at each others’ throats in mutually destructive ways permitting the global plantation slave masters to maintain a firm grip on the populace.

Make no mistake about it, though. We’re squarely on the precipice of a manufactured and engineered war. That war will begin the end of America. The prediction made long ago stands devastatingly accurate with no evidenced divergence from the trajectory: we are being positioned to lose a multiple-front war at the hands of Russia and China.

The only thing worse than getting run over by a freight train is standing on the tracks for several years failing to heed the warning that a freight train is coming. There is no re-do. There is no do-over. There is no other chance. It will be the end. I’ve been hollering about that train for a long time. Too bad only a sliver heard the warnings.

Let’s get to it knowing that things are dark and ominous if you’re viewing them through the correct lens. We’ll further evidence our positions with additional contemporary headlines and articles.

For proper contextual backdrop to COVID, the Moonshine website should be referenced for the several hundred articles existing on it and relative to Russia/Ukraine, here is more recent work that draws back to 2019 and which is presented chronologically with the most recent at the bottom.

Let’s begin with Wayne Root and this headline, which reads as if it were ripped right off the Moonshine website: Wayne Root: Has One Rigged Election Destroyed America Forever? The Odds Are Against Us. I’ll not elaborate on this basic premise and you can click the link to do so on your own. The point is that others are beginning to understand what I positioned and evidenced long ago. More importantly, the evidence indicates that trajectory is not subject to change. Let’s get into that evidence.

For one, recall what I’ve written about intermittent enforcement schedules and incrementalism as components to psychological warfare; especially as it pertains to COVID-19. Intermittent enforcement is akin to traffic enforcement where there is a sense of randomness to it. That’s precisely what makes it effective and it’s why COVID has looked like “masks on, masks off, masks on, masks off, etc.” If the slaves don’t get to sip normal occasionally, they have nothing to look forward to and that chips away at their willingness to comply with abject and blatant insanity that in no way resembles reliable medicine or science.

COVID was implemented incrementally. It was “flatten the curve for 2 weeks” and as I introduced the piece above, we’re now on day 74 of year 3 of flatten the curve for 2 weeks. The only explanation is that 2 weeks was never the designed timeline and several hundred articles outlining the enterprise fraud of COVID stacks up to evidence it. See the Moonshine home page.

I review these components again because they are critical in understanding the Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan multiple-front war scenario that we are going to lose by design. Read this article to understand how and why the design has us losing: ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago.

The point being that all of Russia/Ukraine draws back to at least 2014 and Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and diplomacy. This article back-fills those details: The Unmitigated Truth About Ukraine, Russia and The Western Empire. Understand that Biden has simply picked-up where they left off due to the “Trump interruption.” The current Western narrative drives this construct entirely and is completely antithetical to the actual truth.

Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan are being ushered in incrementally to manifest as the multiple-front war scenario that the U.S. is by design positioned to lose. It’s important to understand that conditions must be created such that there are opportunities for the U.S. to 1-have the rationale and justification to become involved militarily on both fronts, 2-have a misstep with a foreign nation/s that can serve as a legitimate escalation in retaliation to a hot war and 3-that the U.S. can be made to be at fault.

The above entails placing U.S. [and NATO] troops and military equipment in the theaters associated with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan and then letting the misinformation/disinformation/psychological warfare do the rest in tugging at the heartstrings of feeble-minded Americans incapable of independent and critical thinking. I reserve the right to make the last statement because if Americans were not feeble-minded and incapable of independent and critical thinking, the Biden regime would have never been installed due to a construct of enterprise fraud perpetuated by China in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war that these same people cannot and do not see. Prove me wrong. Good luck with that.

Given what I’ve outlined above and in the slate of articles I linked at the top, now consider these headlines and articles further galvanizing my evidenced positions and analysis.

Consider that Biden just dispatched troops to both theaters. From the Gateway Pundit: After Watching Russia Invade Ukraine, Biden Responds with Weak Deterrent to Potential China Invasion of Taiwan.

From Zero Hedge and recalling my analysis pertaining to NATO relative to Russia/Ukraine: NATO Moves Ahead With Military Drills In Europe, Deploys 30,000 Troops. Remember, we’re only one legitimate military engagement or worse, one military false flag, away from being drawn into one or both fronts in a hot war. Really, that’s all the Globalist power structure is looking for – a spark or impetus. Understand that as soon as one goes hot, so will the other and which goes hot first matters not. The rest of it is already scripted and ready to go recalling that my longstanding position and evidenced analysis has Biden and the U.S. taking a dive and whereby the Globalists and the United Nations will hand us over to global governance and the CCP’s brand of communism during the so-called “treaty process.”

In light of the above, consider that once again, the Biden regime warned Russia about the use of chemical weapons, which is nothing other than pretext for a false flag situation to justify escalating to a potentially hot war with Russia. I previously reported on this false flag scenario with chemical weapons in RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: After U.N. Security Council Western Empire Remains Committed to Fabricated Multiple-Front War Scenario, Continues Drive Relocating Global Leadership to China.

We’re living the CCP’s brand of communism right now: authoritarian rule well outside of firm constitutional boundaries, state-sponsored propaganda and lies over truth and fact, two-tiered justice facilitated by the deliberate misuse of prosecutorial discretion, the targeting of political enemies with the federal apparatus, the censorship of off-reservation messengers, the forthcoming end of the First and Second amendments and more. Look around. The handwriting is all over every wall you can see.

Relative to the above, this next headline should send chills down your spine and for reasons beyond my analysis that include the fact that these evil miscreants always telegraph their messaging to the proletariat assuming that at least some of them are smart enough to know what they’re actually reading. As for the rest, it’s entertainment value for them – “We told them and they still didn’t get it! They deserve to be ruled!” It’s from Gateway Pundit: “We Can Only Hope that Putin and Xi Will Be Removed from Power Before They Can Destroy Our Civilization.“ – George Soros Releases Stunning Message on Ukraine.

When a prominent Globalist like George Soros delineates removing Putin and Xi from power, be entirely certain with zero percent margin of error that the analysis on the multiple-front war scenario involving Russia and China that was predicted long ago is absolutely on the mark. They are goading us into war by whipping up positive and supporting wartime sentiment with Americans; but not those drunk on the Moonshine.

Need the evidence? Standby. Buckets of Moonshine en route.

Firstly, recall that the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and diplomacy in Ukraine is very specifically tied to regime change using to Nazis and neonazis to foment social unrest. I reviewed those evidenced positions in the article entitled The Unmitigated Truth About Ukraine, Russia and The Western Empire.

Secondly, evidence that includes substantial amounts of documentation from the U.S. federal apparatus and documentation presented by the Russians clearly indicates that Vladimir Putin was preempting a March attack by Ukraine [no doubt orchestrated by the Western Empire and intelligence community] and targeting U.S. Department of Defense biolabs in the country. Review the slate of recent articles above to back-fill those thoroughly evidenced positions. It’s all there for you.

Question: Was any of that evidence and documentation produced before Congress when President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine addressed U.S. lawmakers remotely?

Answer: Of course not. It all stands antithetical to the entire Western propagandized narrative as well as the designed loss in the multiple-front war with Russia and China. Furthermore, Zelensky is “their guy.”

Who addresses the U.S. Congress in a t-shirt anyway?

Another development worthy of scrutiny rests on the evidence of Biden’s deep and wide corruption in Ukraine [and China] that makes his recent decision to send another $800 million in military aid to Ukraine suspect; highly suspect. This is especially so after refusing to answer questions about it and not to mention that it’s in addition to the $13.6 billion already tabbed. The two epicenters of Biden’s corruption are Ukraine and China and the funds continue to flow. Nothing to see here.

Biden is clearly stomping on the accelerator having now called Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” publicly and for the first time. The table is being set.

Importantly, what do I always say about the fodder that is propagandized for the functional idiots; the Kool-Aid drinkers; the ones incapable of independent and critical thinking? It is always devised to be emotionally invoking; to tug on heartstrings, and it always centers on women and children.

In the same vein, consider this from Gateway Pundit: President Zelensky Plays Heart-Wrenching Video for US Congress of Horrors of Russian Military Assault on Ukraine — Then Speaks in English to Plead for US to Close the Skies Over Ukraine (VIDEO)

Here’s a screen grab from the video you can consume independently in the linked article.

Women and children instead of Nazis, regime change and rampant corruption in Ukraine and China at the hands of the Biden Crime Family [read UNDERSTANDING THE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF UKRAINE: Going Deep on Ukraine’s Strategic Importance Reveals That We’re Repeating the History Obama, the Clintons and the Bidens Engineered for Us for the receipts on Biden.]

As I continue to say – fodder for functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking.

Here’s more fodder as outlined by Zero Hedge and recalling that all we need to make good on the multiple-front war firestorm is a single spark. Enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine stands to deliver just that: Zelensky Invokes Pearl Harbor, MLK & 9/11 In Emotional Plea For “Humanitarian No Fly Zone”.

Moreover and from the same , the fodder is deep enough to require hip boots. Consider this Western propaganda from the Western puppet Zelensky.

More functional idiot fodder from Gateway Pundit.

Speaking of functional idiots, only a functional idiot address the possibility of world war in the binary fashion of “this is good and this is bad”. This is unreal beyond scope.

Pathetic and appropriate for a child; not a discerning and informed adult. I guarantee that many swilled it and that a large segment of the U.S. is queued up and ready to go to war with Russia not knowing that as soon as that happens, China will pounce on Taiwan; and with the U.S. enmeshed in a defense agreement with Taiwan that will bring it into direct conflict with China. Perhaps they’re even motivated enough to push the nuclear button themselves. Ask the Germans how two fronts worked out circa 06 Jun 44.

Pathetic but highly effective. Consider that now and along party lines, over one-third of Americans are willing to risk nuclear annihilation with Russia over Ukraine and it’s ENTIRELY BECAUSE THEY ARE COMPLETELY IGNORANT OF ACCURATE FACT SETS RELATIVE TO THE STATE-SPONSORED PROPAGANDA THEY CONSUME AS TRUTH.

Spread the Moonshine far and wide. Why? For the reason I just outlined. Either I’ve had all of this precisely dialed and evidenced for a very long time and whereby media outlets subject to undue influence refuse to engage with me or report on the findings -OR- I just got lucky by falling ass backwards into a whole bunch of “conspiracy theory” that provided the details long before they happened and in ways to at best make the media look exactly like the corrupt and influenced traitors and conspirators they are; and at least make the media look like the insecure and petty liars and thieves they are.

Or, spread it for this reason and feel welcome to write it down and take it to the bank because there’s no chance the analysis is off the mark – we are exactly on the precipice of the multiple-front war scenario with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan that I warned about long ago. The beginning of that war will mark the end of America. Write it down. Take it to the bank. The warning has been delivered and ad nauseam.

I’ll leave it at this – I texted Tucker Carlson to his personal cell providing a long, thoughtful and appropriate introduction considering he likely has no idea who I am and he certainly didn’t anticipate receiving such. It occurred on 02 Mar 22. Since then, crickets. I never heard back. Just like I never heard back the first time I contacted the show and whereby they said I’d hear directly back from Carlson’s staff.

Someone from the media prove me wrong on these positions that none of you [media] identified. Good luck. You’ll need it.

We all need it because we’re on the precipice of a multiple-front war; we’re staring the dragon in the face and each and everyone of us stands to lose everything – literally. And to think it all began with a request to wear a mask and flatten a curve.



  1. jpmaxwell March 16, 2022

    My very first editor told me that I needed to tone down my writings. Like you I’ve been hammering the same nail for decades now. I have since hammered it into dust. He said no one wants to be called an idiot, especially your readers. I capitulated, but just enough to get him off my back without losing his editing prowess. That was then, this is now.

    Don’t change a damn word, don’t alter your tone, and don’t stop blowing your own horn. Your readers understand, its time to call people out for what they are . . . Tucker Carlson? I think you nailed it on the head in previous writings – he is Deep State – he is controlled opposition.

    People lambast me to stop trying to pick fights with fellow so-called “Patriots” – but you know what? I believe what’s coming will come. Americans, for the most part, are passive. And if we get too out of line they’ll just go gestapo on our asses.

    Time is short. It’s sink or swim time. It’s time to find likeminded people in the hopes that we may belay the inevitable, if even just for a short time. We cannot and will not turn this around, it’s too late.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 20, 2022

      Greatly appreciated – much thanks for those sentiments. Thank you.

  2. Michael Buhagiar March 16, 2022

    Could not agree more. Tucker is useless, but I would really like PM to get together with Australia’s Maria Zeee – she is a very, very fine interviewer with courage and a ton of integrity who is building a reputation in the US. She’s on Gab and TG and here’s her site:

  3. Silver Sunday March 17, 2022

    Standing ovation for the brave President of Ukraine…breaks my mind!

    I am trying to imagine what our American sons and daughters, as well as legal immigrants who have enlisted, will find if they are deployed to Ukraine. Two groups of people who basically look the same, wearing similar uniforms. One group are the Russians who are fighting the Ukraine army, trying not to kill civilians.the other group are the Ukrainian army, many of whom are literally Nazis and have no problem killing women, children, Russians and Americans.
    Blowing up things to blame on the Russians.
    Aside from the chaos, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what happens when the Americans see for themselves UKRanian army may be the biggest problem.
    I am 100000000% against one plane in the air, , or one toe on the ground of our people. This is not for us, the regular people.
    Let the banksters, and CEO’s and the WEF and the elites fight it out with each other.
    This interview will prove 100% that war is a game to these sons of bitches. Money bred power, and NWO! The trilateral commission the Council on Foreign Relations, the oil companies the energy companies, the American companies who were involved in making trucks for the Russians to ship to north Vietnam! It is sickening – America built up the technology in Russia in the early 1900’s….take 30 minutes to watch Anthony Sutton being interviewed back when journalists had a high level of intelligence.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 20, 2022

      It’s all constructed and engineered… we’re being positioned for engagement and defeat. The evidence for that is overwhelming and already documented – by the U.S. and it’s own military. Thanks for the comment – appreciated.

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