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Exclusive Inside Information Resurfaces: Viral Contaminant in the Water Supply? Take As You Will

02 Mar 22

On the back end of the irrefutably stolen 2020 election, Lin Wood hosted Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne at his estate in Tomotley, SC for the better part of a month; Byrne’s stay being of less time. In the course of that visit, Wood was privy to evidence relative to the full slate of treason and corruption that undid President Trump and this nation as a whole, which continues through to the present as we face the prognosticated multiple-front war with China and Russia/Ukraine while the nation is rendered to Third World banana republic status via Cloward-Piven strategy.

Make no mistake about it. Beginning with Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” the U.S., the radicals and communists have won for the moment. Unless the American people unite in sensible fashion to fight back in unprecedented ways, we’re close to rounding a corner from which we’ll never return and that’s assuming it hasn’t already happened. Andrew Breitbart was entirely on point in this 2012 CPAC speech.

Through private channels, I received inside information from Wood after the election and before inauguration; and it arrived with explicit instructions not to share it. I adhered to the orders until I got permission to share it in an email with someone from North Carolina. I shared it publicly roughly a year later in an article dealing with the fallout between Wood, Flynn, et al saying,

Recall that Mr. Wood spent roughly a week with attorney Sydney Powell and Lt. General Michael Flynn and was privy to an abundance of evidence. In those meetings he learned of two retaliatory threats that were on the table should the Trump administration push back on the stolen election: 1) a viral compromise of the nation’s water supply and 2) the detonation of an EMP over the Midwest that would collapse supply chains and according to reliable research, would eventually result in 90% of the population perishing.

In alignment with orders and having never written, posted or otherwise communicated this information, something peculiar and unnerving occurred when I was allowed to share it with my colleague in North Carolina. Immediately upon sending it, I was hacked in real time; the first coming out of the Netherlands and the second out of Kansas. The recipient was immediately locked out of the email account and before regaining access and recovering the deleted emails. As the recipient was reading them, the second hack from Kansas occurred and in real time; in mid-sentence, the emails disappeared from the screen, the email account and the computer altogether. Gone. Poof. Vanished. Nowhere to be found.

Let all of this underpin your take on what follows because it should cause all Americans to take notice. Take this as you will.

Last night a close friend who keeps fully abreast of the geopolitical landscape forwarded me the following two items from Stew Peters. Recall that Stew Peters and Lin Wood are very close relative to the work they both do and the causes the both pursue. For my nickel, that should further underpin everything I’m outlining here and everything I outlined previously as quoted above.

This text from a post on Peters’ Telegram account, which precedes the video linked below, and it introduces the subject matter.

Don’t drink city or county water. Anywhere in the country. Anywhere in the world. Not even “filtered” from the faucet. Don’t let your kids drink from the fountains.

Seriously. Bottled water, ONLY.

I’ve learned about something that I’ve all but confirmed, and I promise I’ll bring it to you as soon as the appropriate protections are in place for those that need it.

Stew Peters

Here is the short video of Peters speaking directly of the contaminated water supply.

As I exclusively wrote and evidenced in 06 May 20; just a few short months after the initial viral outbreak was reported in China on 31 Dec 19, we’re in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China. Since that time, I’ve stacked evidence to the moon that validates these positions with certainty.

China’s primary warfare vector according to its war doctrine and policy is biowarfare. Enter COVID-19 and the “pandemic” that is a construct of enterprise fraud. China threads to essentially everything you care to tug on and especially the matters that serve to divide the American people and keep them divided; like Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory. It’s basic math – in war, you first divide and then you conquer. Look around you.

Proxy Joe is China’s – they own him and that deal was sealed in October 2013 when Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion dollar private equity deal with BHR Partners and later in 2017 in a $6 million deal with Chairman Ye of the now defunct CEFC China Energy Company, which was the economic arm of China’s primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine, One Belt, One Road. The political arm is the CCP. It’s all backed by the PLA. Moonshine evidenced that in exclusive ways and again, it all stacks to the moon in arduous, tedious and copious detail. An entire catalog of articles exits in evidence of it.

We’re in the throes of an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with a country that deploys biowarfare as its primary warfare vector. Now the exact same exclusive inside information made about a viral contaminant the U.S. water supply is resurfacing with reliability and veracity or so it would seem.

Perhaps identify the brands of water found at Mar-a-Lago or even the White House as a measure to protect against the details outlined here.

Take as you will.



  1. Taffy53 March 2, 2022

    Thanks for the heads-up. Fortunately I live way out in the country and have a well. I’ve shared this article for the benefit of others who are not so fortunate.

    Also, glad to see you back! Have also shared several of your latest articles, and that turned some others on to this site.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 2, 2022

      Thank you very much for the warm regards – they are appreciated. Excellent for you in terms of being on the well! Godspeed.

  2. JP Maxwell March 2, 2022

    If you come up with the ‘safe brands’ as well, please post. I’m sticking with either Arrowhead or Crystal Geyer spring water brands here on the West Coast. Have passed on information. Going to make bathing and brushing one’s teeth challenging until we get a positive confirmation via intelligence. For now, taking this seriously.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 2, 2022

      Someone posted that “Congress drinks Fiji.” That may be worth delving into. Thank you for your comments – appreciated. Godspeed.

  3. SR March 2, 2022

    I’ve heard Fiji Congress drinks. Can’t verify though

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