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The Power Vacuum, Russia, Ukraine, Timing and the Associated Scenarios

01 Mar 22

The power vacuum is something not often discussed; especially in the unreliable and propagandized mainstream media, however, it could not be a greater factor in Russia/Ukraine matters. Even more troubling are the manifesting and associated scenarios emerging around not just Russia/Ukraine, but around the real war the nefarious MSM refuses to identify; much less discuss, and that is the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that I first delineated in writing on 06 May 2020. The timing of it all absolutely wreaks of exactly what I’ve contended – Russia/Ukraine is an engineered deflection point away from the war with China. Moreover, global operations are being shifted to China as global leadership is being revamped and installed according to an expedited schedule. Now and like it always does, the evidence supporting it is coming-in in spades. Let’s get to it.

The power vacuum is a simple concept. Regardless as to whether the leader of a nation state is good, bad or somewhere in between and sans outside influence impacting his or her leadership, stability in the region is usually a constant. Once the leader is removed, a vacuum is created pulling into it those seeking to replace him. Contemporaneous examples can be found with Hussein in Iraq and Gaddafi in Libya. For the most recent example and entirely by design according to the global cabal that has infiltrated and hijacked the power structure of the United States and all of its institutions, agencies and departments, look no further than President Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s foreign policy and diplomacy impacted global hostilities to quell them in Iran, North Korea, Syria and other regions in the Middle East and elsewhere just as they tempered the hegemonic aspirations of Vladamir Putin and Russia and Xi Jinping and China; particularly as it relates to Russia/Ukraine.

Enter Joe Biden, who I will not label as “President” because he and his administration are irrefutably illegitimate. That the broader MSM including unreliable and duplicitous Fox and other conservative outlets and political commentators refer to him and his ilk as as an “administration” is the biggest punch in the gut to all Americans. They know better and so do we.

Let’s begin with the endpoint to better understand how and why the broader geopolitical landscape is shaping up as it is; on the timeline it is; and on an expedited schedule that accounts for the insanity at hand. Simply stated, it’s Cloward-Piven strategy.

It’s reasonable to believe that the handwriting on the wall indicates a shift of global operations from the U.S. to China and that can’t be accomplished without dethroning the U.S. as the preeminent global superpower. In order for that to happen, Americans must be made to see it and feel it otherwise it will not be accepted writ large. Enter the insanity. Cloward-Piven is a mechanism to manufacture this transition.

In short, Cloward-Piven functions to overrun the country and all of its systems so as to bankrupt it and transition it into a Third World banana republic and we’re about there. To help facilitate it, China’s influence with Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory as propagated by the MSM and public “education” sows the division necessary to drive Cloward-Piven. A truly “United” States and united Americans would never allow all of this to occur. It’s why they’ve had us at each others’ throats for what feels like forever and by means of manufactured and disingenuous sown narratives like fictitious “systemic racism.” How do you divide the U.S.? By picking its biggest scab.

Cloward-Piven is why Proxy Joe is running an around-the-clock operation to import and distribute illegal immigrants all over the country on our dime. It’s treasonous when the purpose is understood; not to mention evil. Illegals are chattel to them. Pawns. How disgusting and evil. They could care less about illegals except for their utilitarian value to the real purpose. I discussed Cloward-Piven in my Amerikan Remake article from months ago and it can be referenced for further details.

Respective to Cloward-Piven, all of the supply chain issues build right into it. It’s no accident and the collapsing supply chain is by design and to this end; as is about everything else. That would include historic inflation, exorbitant energy and gas prices and more.

Another angle to consider is energy. I contended long ago that energy is the conduit to move money between these global players. Regardless or their treason, engagement in corrupt practices, stealing our money and redistributing it domestically to those who don’t deserve it and globally to their corrupt counterparts, they still need legitimate mechanisms to make that happen. Enter energy. I wrote an enormous piece on it entitled Follow the Money that delineates all of it.

It all bears this question. Why do you think the overwhelming majority of Proxy Joe’s corruption and treason is found in energy?

It further bears these questions.

Why do you think Trump moved us to energy independence in short order beyond the obvious national interest reasons? Why do you think Biden moved us back off of it?

Do you find it unfathomable that Proxy Joe would issue sanctions against Russia that he said would not work only to turn around and buy energy from them?

Why do you think Hunter Biden signed a $1.5 billion deal with BHR Partners in October 2013 and then, a $6 million deal with Chairman Ye of the now-defunct CEFC China Energy Company in 2017? Of course the earnings were scheduled to begin in 2017 once Proxy Joe was out of office [because he was precluded from receiving them while serving as VPOTUS]? Remember “the big guy” getting 10%? Think all of this is coincidental? Please.

How many Americans know that One Belt, One Road is the primary Chinese doctrine that drives China’s domestic and hegemonic objectives? How many Americans know that the CEFC China Energy Company was the economic arm of One Belt, One Road? How many know that the political arm is the CCP? That it’s backed by the PLA? That energy companies in China are state-owned and that makes them functionaries of the CCP? Do they somehow believe that related to energy and these corrupt deals, communism just stops being communism? Do they know Biden sold us all out in 2013, began profiting in 2017 and now, after the 4-year interruption that was Trump, the rubber for these treasonous deals is finally meeting the road?

Why is Ukraine another epicenter for Proxy Joe’s corruption in energy?

Why is it that the two wars directly in front of us right now – the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China and the Russia/Ukraine matter – are the same two epicenters of corruption for Proxy Joe and specifically in energy?

Further and to round it out, why is it that the Obama/Clinton regime engaged in the treasonous Uranium One deal with Russia? Has anybody else spelled it all out like this for you? Certainly not in the MSM.

In an associated scenario, Putin recently played coy in issuing the nuclear threat by suggesting that the U.S. would face unprecedented consequences at the same time he referenced Russia’s nuclear stockpiles. This occurred at the same time Russian military assets were being readied and mobilized.

This Zero Hedge item does a nice job of back-filling the finer details of the points I’m making here and rather than reproducing them for you, I’ll simply refer you to it to read it through the Moonshine lens I’ve outlined; and in the archived work underpinning exclusive findings into China, Urkaine and Russia and more.

Let’s be direct about the Russian nuclear scenario. If that were to happen, the blood is to be found on the hands of Obama, Clinton, Kerry, et al courtesy of Uranium One.

The pretext for the multiple-front war scenario has been everywhere for some time and I wrote extensively about it in multiple articles including last July where I predicted the exact same ominous future that we face right now. Recently, I’ve written one two more items that also demonstrate that we are all being placed onto the global plantation.

The bottom line is that such accurate and thorough prognostications are not made and they do not unfold on the exact timeline outlined unless all of this is exactly what I’m saying it is – manufactured and engineered. Truthfully, the pretext was everywhere and that means it was available to everyone. Many likely saw it; some positioning it properly and others not. Many more did not see it at all. Those folks actually don’t see much across the board and I’ve harshly characterized them; albeit truthfully. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Kicking that dead horse, only feeble-minded functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking; and ignorant of accurate fact sets; believe that the developments of the day are authentic, genuine and organically unfolding and especially as it relates to the enterprise fraud construct labeled “COVID-19”.

I’ve been hammered by a few for using this type of language to describe fellow countrymen and women. Question – at what point in time is it appropriate to call a spade a spade? Before or after we’re all global plantation residents. Hammer me all you want but I’m not backing away from it; in fact, I’m escalating it because it’s long overdue.

Question. What else do you call people who wear two masks or even one when the settled science from before the pandemic was that they are ineffective and do not work at all to contain viral transmission?

What else to you call people who refuse to accept irrefutable fact sets about the majority of matters at hand, which stand entirely antithetical to the the propagandized narrative they consume regularly?

What else do you call people who remain married to partisan politics and dogma in light of reliable and incontestable information and evidence that entirely overturns their partisan politics and dogma?

What else do you call people who disregard the scientific evidence demonstrating the significant detrimental health effects of constant masking to insist on wearing masks in public not because of some fraudulent pandemic, but because it is virtuously symbolic of their political positions?

What else do you call people who will drink this same brand of Kool-Aid that is now flavored Russia/Ukraine?

The further unraveling of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative only exacerbates it all; only makes the characterization that much more accurate.

Moreover, I lost everything because I refuse to bend the knee to these traitors and their constructed evil – my job, career, income, benefits, cash life savings, retirement and home. I reserve the right to call these people whatever in the hell I want and I’ll rightfully and accurately call them feeble-minded functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking; and ignorant of an accurate fact set, because their collective obedience and knee bending permitted the status quo. They have earned the label and they did so long ago.

Had everyone said no and “fuck you” to this illegitimate power base, we’d never be in this position. Sorry for the profanity but sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

For those who don’t understand the characterization, it makes them a part of the problem; not the solution; and at the same time it makes them a feeble-minded functional idiot incapable of independent and critical thinking.

If that still isn’t understood, today is day 60 of year 3 of flatten the curve for 2 weeks. There is no more appropriate term than feeble-minded functional idiot incapable of independent and critical thinking. If that stings, read someone else.

This brings us to another significant matter of timing. Places like Oregon – the state I escaped as I type this from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and finish it up in Rock Springs while visiting a longtime friend – California and Washington are ending their mask mandates and the reasons are as simple as one-plus-one. The same goes for the end of the mask mandate in Pelosi’s House preceding Proxy Joe’s SOTU address tonight.

The COVID enterprise fraud construct is falling apart at the seams. None of the reliable data end evidence supports the treasonous and propagandized narrative and the entire Democratic party and its agenda that is exercised by this illegitimate regime is as obviously horrible as anything ever seen in America. Ergo, a change is needed; however, the control mechanism can’t be relinquished thus explaining the timing of Russia/Ukraine. Nothing permits locking down the global populace like another world war; upon which we are on the brink.

The particular timing is relative to Proxy Joe’s forthcoming State of the Union address as stated. The engineered Russia [boogeyman]/Ukraine matter will become the central feature of his address as he attempts to evade his disastrous year-plus of illegitimate rule thus allowing him to avoid talking brass tacks about the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19. His engineered collapsed supply chain and unmitigated and historic levels of inflation that punish all Americans in the spirit of of Cloward-Piven and Third World banana republics stand to be misrepresented as other things. In fact, it’s all but certain that Proxy Joe will claim victory over COVID tonight and whereby Omicron will be leveraged exactly as predicted – as the exit ticket from the “pandemic.”

Returning to Ukraine and getting directly to the point, not only was all of this entirely predictable, it’s all existing in print and delineating about every singular and granular detail going back years. As I continue to say, the Moonshine ages like fine wine with each passing day.

Let us knot forget that Obama, Clinton and Kerry were engaged in regime change efforts in Ukraine drawing back to at least 2014. Don’t forget that on this timeline and relative to the timing here, this regime has been poking at Russia with NATO by working to envelop Ukraine in its membership and ultimately parking the U.S. on a contiguous border with Russia. Don’t forget the strategic military value of Crimea, Sevastopol, the Black Sea fleet and more.

Anyone who hasn’t been living in a hole and who has a modicum of intelligence and knowledge relative to diplomacy understands the monumental significance of this. As a loose and indirect example of this, just recall the level of panic and reaction from the U.S. during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

To brand Putin as a madman and a lunatic for running over Ukraine is not only irresponsible it’s a flat-out lie. It’s a lie designed to be told and fashioned from the engineered chaos I’m writing about here. Republicans, Democrats and the MSM have it all wrong because their objective is to be far away from the truth; not centered on it.

Perhaps the biggest indicator and evidentiary bit fully supporting my contentions is that George Soros, the prominent oligarch and global cabal figure, is now out and on record calling for the U.S. to fully support Ukraine against our longest standing boogeyman, Russia.

Let’s consider several associated Putin scenarios as plausible explanations.

What is Putin really doing? Is he working to situate himself historically in an effort to reassemble Mother Russia as it once stood as the USSR? That’s a plausible scenario but it doesn’t fully account for the diplomatic successes of President Trump relative to Russia and Putin.

Is Putin on a leash and responding to the orders of a global cabal of string pullers? Maybe but that falls well short of a full answer, too.

What if Putin is strategically striking targets and assets within Ukraine that resulted from the Obama/Clinton/Kerry policy? What if those targets and assets contain biolabs of or funded by the U.S.? Does this explain the reluctance of Bolsonaro of Brazil to condemn Putin? Recall the close ties and paralleling policies of Trump and Bolsonaro?

There is an excellent chance that the latter scenario is closer to the truth than any of the others, which fall well short on evidence and plausibility. Time will tell.

Have you listened to the MSM coverage of Ukraine/Russia? It’s all emotional bullshit about women and children. The same emotional bullshit these miscreants always roll out to herd the sheep and the functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking.

It’s no accident that all of these pieces can be tightly fit together like a puzzle and like a puzzle, the end result is a clear picture.

Ukraine/Russia is a manufactured deflection point and the benefactors are China and its Proxy, the failed and disastrous Biden regime.

These people will never stop until they are made to stop. Onward to the global plantation we go unless all Americans truly unite and bring an end to it all.



  1. JP Maxwell March 2, 2022

    Don’t settle down one bit. Spot on. Keep the insults coming. Someone has to say it. Your intelligence is mind-blowing and your intellect refreshing. Kudos.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 2, 2022

      Very kind and thank you. Truthfully, I’m just an ordinary guy who’s a big nerd on the inside. Pattern recognition comes easily and it’s super beneficial. Godspeed.

  2. Silver Sunday March 6, 2022

    Thank you for coming back and guiding us through.
    This is going to get very messy. Global plantation sounds exactly right. Fuck that! These people are inhuman but they are still human enough to make mistakes. Not a zero sum game.