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Dead Horses Don’t Lie

20 Feb 22

Those sipping the Moonshine are plenty aware that the kicking of dead horses is an exercise that is both routine and utilized to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of logically deduced and evidenced analysis and prognostication. Dead horses get kicked ad nauseam at Moonshine and for good reason – DEAD HORSES DON’T LIE.

Rather and in fact, dead horses bolster longstanding positions that have been copiously, tediously, thoroughly and cogently outlined and evidenced.

There’s no simpler dead horse to be found relative to the status quo than this one – FEAR or FREEDOM. That’s the choice all Americans have to make and it will not change until the people collectively change; reaching a threshold that is necessary to redress the monumental problems that have undone this nation for the CCP so as to see China ascend to the status as the world’s lone super power. Remember, according to evidenced Chinese war doctrine, biowarfare is China’s preferred warfare vector. Dead horse kicked.

Our stable of dead horses is a full one and our prized stallion is obviously the exclusive and expansive body of work into the enterprise fraud construct that most people call COVID-19 and that many people regard as a “pandemic.”

There’s nothing about this “pandemic” that smacks of a real pandemic from the harvesting of data from three primary data reservoirs [rtPCR testing, ICD-10 coding and the NVSS diagnostic memos]; to its propagation as a pandemic in line with the same tactics used by the Nazis in the World War II era; to the change from declining mortality data to the fictional and fabricated “new cases” in mid-April 2020; to the even more fictional and fabricated “COVID related deaths” propagated on the evening news every day.

That’s precisely what enterprise fraud looks and sounds like. That’s why I found it essentially from day one. As a former fraud investigator, it was plain and obvious.

That particular background and that particular skill set positioned me in front of the entire world on COVID. That’s a deadly accurate and factual statement because for the better part of a year I researched my own work to vet it against the work of others. Theirs didn’t exist anywhere and so the Moonshine remains not only dead horse accurate, but exclusive in all of the important ways.

From the early onset of being “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist” as labeled by friends, family, coworkers and others to now serving a team that much of the world knows and that includes names like Ealy, Malone, Martin, McCullough and Renz; and includes lawmakers like Linthicm and Thatcher; and others in the backdrop who are attorneys, doctors, constitutional specialists, legal specialists and investigators like me, one thing has not changed and that is the work at Moonshine. It remains constant despite interruptions caused by the twists and turns of real life consequences and circumstances like losing ones income, career, benefits, retirement and home.

I now live in a van and travel the Western U.S. skiing as many mountains as I can. When dealt lemons, make lemonade. It’s not all bad, though, because the van is badass and traveling and having meaningful conversations with strangers in other parts is both good for the soul and highly informative. Did I mention the skiing? There’s nothing else I’d rather do.

If you want to escape the insanity of the status quo, sometimes it only requires a short distance of travel and therein lies another dead horse – the “pandemic” is different as per location and local politics and there’s nothing medically, scientifically or logically sound about that relative to any real pandemic, which of course would manifest uniformly across the country and globe and not according to the 37 Federal Reserve locations that represent the lion’s share of blue states and most stringent pandemic mitigations and guidelines or the Western privatized and central banking cartel nations.

Funny how the most downtrodden Third World countries have escaped COVID writ large, no? Places that are the most unsanitary and unhealthy overall don’t seem to have a COVID problem. That’s what enterprise fraud looks like on a global scale. It’s why I’ve branded the status quo as the global plantation onto which we are all being forced. Dead horse kicked.

I’m currently typing this from my van in Salmon, Idaho and sans any MSM “news,’ this place is old school normal except for the occasional functional idiot donning a face diaper. The same goes for most of Montana, which I’ve also toured recently noting exceptions when entering undesirable university towns like Missoula.

My goal is to find a new home and I knew Missoula wasn’t for me but I checked it out anyways. It got permanently scratched before the first day was over when a loser cruised by me in the Walmart parking lot openly smoking meth in his car as he pulled up to the front of the store. Rinse/repeat for that once nice place. Shit hole is the label I’d apply now and like similar places across the country, it’s the policies of the Left that are rendering much of America into LA, Philly, San Fran and all the others you all know so well.

Why is that? Why does the Left practice generational control of these urban hub areas [37 Federal Reserve locations] that render them into opioid wastelands devoid of meaningful employment? Cloward-Piven is the answer. Another dead horse kicked. Export the jobs, important the Chinese fentanyl and other opioids and bingo, you have devastation replete with shanty towns made of tents and streets replete with human feces and worse.

The supply chain issues tie directly to Cloward-Piven and the Proxy Joe regime is marching to Obama’s continued orders to make this happen to our once proud crown jewel cities. Dead horse kicked.

To evidence this, we go back to Missoula where I dropped in on the service desk at a Mercedes dealership to get some warranty work done on the van. It didn’t get done. They can’t find people to work and didn’t have a service technician to do a simple wiring job.

The first guy they hired quit after five weeks. The second guy they attempted to hire, who had little to no experience, refused to start working without $10,000 up front to begin. They’re now trying to hire a guy from Kenya – yeah, Africa – but are struggling to get him through customs and immigration. In fact, as I stood and talked with the two service managers who were sitting and doing nothing but shooting the shit in an otherwise empty dealership, U.S. Customs called on the fellow. Cloward-Piven is in full effect. Dead horse kicked.

The Moonshine continues to age like fine wine. From “you’re crazy” to a mountain of evidence, if there is one thing I’ve learned in all of this it’s to keep ones nose to the grindstone; to keep working and to remain focused for eventually, the light of truth will shine down to benefit that approach. Such is the case now. Dead horse kicked.

The 2020 election was the biggest and most historic landslide election ever and they stole it in plain daylight. Nothing has ever been more obvious. Proxy Joe and his CCP and Obama masters continue to run the country into the ground having never ceased and with 2017-2021 being a mere hiccup in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t forget that President Trump “had it all” and was both the Commander in Chief and the nation’s chief law enforcement officer up until inauguration day. What did he do? He tucked his tail, ran off and began hosting rallies to feed his own ego while encouraging us to get “vaccines” that don’t qualify as a vaccine by any legal, medical or patent definition; while at the same time, he pushes toward the next round of elections to fix our problems. That’s insane. I’ve soured on DJT. Dead horse kicked.

Durham is running clean-up operations for the two-time AG who appointed him, Bill Barr; and I’ve exposed Barr previously like no one else has tying him directly to Kirkland & Ellis and China’s acquisition of Dominion’s proprietary patents that permit the exact practice of stealing and determining elections. Epstein clean-up also continues with another mysterious jail cell “suicide” by hanging at yet another time when the cameras “didn’t work” thus causing Ghislaine Maxwell and her family to be afraid; very afraid; and for good reason – tick tock, tick tock. Ukraine-Russia continues down the projected path of look here but not here – the real, irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared war with China. Meanwhile, CRT, “inclusiveness,” “equity,” “LBGQT” and a bunch of other Chinese controlled and influenced bullshit keeps Americans pitted, divided and at each others throats for control purposes. You can’t run a global plantation without controlling the slaves. The whips and chains just look different these days. Dead horses kicked. All of them – dead horses.

These people think that you, I and everyone else are idiots who accept the contrived narrative explaining away all of this. For those that know better, they force it down our throat with a boot on the back of our neck while leveraging prosecutorial discretion to identify and target enemies of their state in a blatant two-tiered justice system that would make the Nazi regime blush. Dead horses kicked.

Dead horses don’t lie and we’ll bring this to a close with one of my favorites predicated on the notion of how much longer will we the people tolerate this and what will we do about it? It’s this – better wake the hell up, America.

Dead horses don’t lie.


Sidebar: Van life and traveling has posting at Telegram a bit slow so please consider following the Gab account for more regular posts.


  1. Rock Gibboney February 20, 2022

    I’d recommend that you come to “Free Florida” but you might lose some of your competitive edge to complacency. We’re a little too free and those of us in the local fight for freedom center on local governmental issues which are generally generated at Staff levels and too quickly approved by lazy elected officials who don’t research for themselves or have or listen to citizens who do research to expose the plan to take back Florida, city by city. “They” are coming hard for us and our children. People just can’t imagine just how evil Evil is. As an old missionary once told us 40 years ago, “In the past, believers lost their lives for their faith; in the future, you will lose your reputation.”


  2. Johnny P February 22, 2022

    It is great to see you writing again! Last time I read anything it was your good bye message. I came across your link today in my browser and thought I’d see if anything was happening…. So glad I did!
    Missoula does suck!! It has been bad since I was a young Montana kid from Bozeman. It has only gotten worse and I think a lot of it is due to the nasty air inversions they get there choking off their air supply and killing any remaining brain cells. Never cared for their ilk and judging by your description of things are even worse than my time in the state.
    I look forward to reading more of your adventures and how we can continue to get more Americans woken up.
    Thanks also for posting the skiing videos! Love to see that great powder!!!

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