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War, Oil and Omicron – Then, Now and Trump: Part I – War

14 Dec 21

During the astonishingly dystopian and ominous 2020 election cycle; the one that saw then candidate Joe Biden forego an actual campaign in lieu of a hula hoop operation to manage his tens of supporters and simultaneously steal the vote, Biden promised Americans a Dark Winter. Relative to the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19, this promise was entirely foreseeable and predictable because these people play inside of a box. For anyone not blinded by ones own conventions or swayed by ones own political dogma, seeing what Biden meant by that was easy as pie – just take him at his word because it’s going to be dark.

Look around. Dark is exactly right.

It’s going to get darker, too. Taiwan bears down on the post-holiday timeline and we’ll talk about that in Part II.

Given that most of America has missed the most critical angles on COVID and primarily that it is entirely a fraudulent construct, it’s not likely that Americans know and understand the role of oil relative to it all. This is a hallmark indicator of two things: 1-many Americans don’t know their history and civics and 2-they are repeating history to everyone’s demise.

Unequivocally, Proxy Joe kept his promise while a defeated and impotent Donald J. Trump, who seemingly abandoned America on inauguration day after earlier rallying Americans to the nation’s Capitol on 06 Jan 21, bailed on us writ large. It left all of us with no champion who mattered in the fight.

It now comes as no surprise that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s committee investigating the Capitol false flag construct of her own design and operation; and spearheaded by a functionary in Liz Cheney, is lining up to pursue criminal charges against Trump.


Here’s why I say good.

Aside from Trump continuing to experience the same retribution and targeting that conservatives the nation over now endure as a result of his policy decisions and abandonment of office in the face of a blatantly stolen election; and where Trump himself stated directly , “We caught ’em all; we’ve got it all on tape,” I say good for this reason. Perhaps this new direct attack on Trump will elicit a response from him that will broadly and effectively serve us all.

Who knows, maybe this is the thing for which he has been waiting if he is waiting for anything at all.

In any such trial scenario, discovery applies and that would permit Trump to enter into evidence his own fact sets and documents; perhaps declassified ones not yet published. Remember, investigations are opened to do one of two things: 1-reveal and prosecute or 2-conceal and lock away evidence of crimes.

Just like Bill Barr wasn’t dumb enough to undo himself with Durham’s appointment, I can’t imagine Pelosi was dumb enough to undo herself by permitting Trump access to the discovery process but it didn’t stop her for two previous fraudulent impeachments. I’m sure the normal and requisite changing of the rules might counter any perceived weaknesses and exposure they may have here; they regularly do.

Let us not forget how America is supposed to work. We are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic that elects representatives to do the fighting for us and so we fight at the ballot box. The fight was Trump’s, he asked to be there, he rolled-out his battle plan and and we put over one hundred million Americans in his corner. Then he bailed and there is no way around that for the time being and until something changes.

Therefore, he either left a contingency plan in his wake or he did not. There is no existing evidence of any plan right now outside of rhetoric, social media platforms and another election; and the military option has been culled into nonexistence by the Joint Chiefs and their chairman Mark Milley.

Trump appears to have chosen the path of abandoning office to pursue postmortem and derisive backseat driving that lashes out like a temperamental kindergartner who missed his snack and nap and prefers “I told you so” and “how do you like that” over “you’re under arrest and you have the right to remain silent.” Remember, according to Article II of the Constitution, Trump was the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and the Attorney General is accountable to him; the Senate confirmation process bearing down as an aggravating circumstance contributing to impotence.

Being honest with oneself in an exercise of shelving adoration in lieu of evidence, can anyone name a single campaign promise that matters, that Trump made and that stuck?

Were elections remedied after evidenced fraud in the 2018 midterms? Nope, the system was left untouched for 2020 and to the detriment of all of us.

Were any of the executive orders signed by Trump ever enforced or acted upon effectively with impactful results? Nope, absent the right leadership, corrupt systems don’t bend back on themselves to expose their own corruption and this dynamic continues to make victims out of all of us; institutional preservation applies.

Was the wall ever fully and effectively built to end illegal southern border immigration? Nope, illegal immigration is worse than ever and it’s being used to deliver the U.S. to Third World status via Cloward-Piven, leaving our nation a shit hole banana republic for all of us.

Has the swamp been drained? Nope, it’s only been further emboldened and fortified and with China’s steering, it is consuming Trump and all of us.

Are the people united? Nope, they’re as divided as ever and it’s never been this vitriolic between all of us.

Was the economy repaired for the long-term? Nope, giving up office meant giving up the economy and it’s never been worse for all of us.

Has the ‘Enemy of the American people’ been gutted and remade? Nope, legacy media continues to lie and propagandize about Trump, Biden, China and COVID in total disregard for all of us.

Did we take our country back? Nope, rather it’s turned us into hostages and Karens at the same time the country has been handed over to China on a silver tea tray adorned with a red silk bow; and along with it, all of us.

Only a fool playing a fool’s game embraces more campaign promises and seeks to redress stolen elections and a hijacked government at the ballot box. Voting in 2024 will be like stepping in the same pile of dog shit twice; only the second time, you’ll be barefooted.

Who does that? Feeble minded people afraid to assume personal risk and actually fight back, that’s who. Those and their spineless leaders hollering to forget 2020 because here comes 2024.

China is banking on it.

Maybe I’m wrong and the 2024 turn-out will be so large that cheating can be overcome.

That sure sounds good but remember this. 2020 was an historic electoral landslide of epic proportions for Trump and from 03 Nov 20 to 20 Jan 21, Trump was still the Commander in Chief and the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. Now look around you and I’ll ask this again. If we can’t prevent stolen elections while in power, how do we stop them while out of power; 2016 applying enigmatically?

What’s worse? Failing to learn history and repeating it later or failing to learn what happened yesterday and repeating it right away; rhetorically asked?

China, Proxy Joe and his handlers and diaper changers delivered Dark Winter and they continue to deliver it as Americans have tolerated it and continue to tolerate it; and seemingly all out of blind ignorance.

As Omicron persists in a fog of duplicitous, unreliable and manufactured narrative akin to what has gotten us this far, the Omicron fears are unfounded. The fear of it is unscientific. The real science stands antithetical to the narrative and mostly to the blind eye of a large segment of the public. This is the cyclical status quo and Americans continue to acquiesce and comply; psychological warfare applies as does its intermittent enforcement schedules that lets the slaves sip freedoms from time to time.

Moving forward, this timeline and the graphics below it could be opened up in a separate tab to help back-fill any gaps in understanding.

Let’s begin with the end because it’s old work – George H. W. Bush. When all is said and done, every bit of this can be evidenced to stack squarely on his grave. It’s no accident that Bush, Oil, Texas and politics fit together so nicely.

Let’s also acknowledge something that I and unlike any other reporting at the time exclusively put in writing on 06 May 20; only a few short months after the 31 Dec 19 legacy media first report of an outbreak in China and the 20 Jan 20 first U.S. case of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. It’s this. Since no later than October 2019, the U.S. has been in an undeclared, irregular and asymmetrical third world war against primarily China and other hostile foreign nations; including some that by treaty are allies. It has been permitted by the long-term infiltration of the U.S. and internal U.S. traitors across the American political and corporate [and other] landscapes.

I later further defined it as including China’s preferred warfare vector- biowarfare – and I have tied it all to Chinese doctrine and the ongoing application of it to the United States of America in the capacity to render America to a Third World communist nation by means of infrastructure legislation and the application of Cloward Piven.

With the course to oil set through war we ask if COVID-19 was out of China’s revenge respective to U.S. biowarfare waged against it during the Korean War. I put it like this,

The Korean War broke out in 1950 positioning the U.S. and communist China on opposite sides and it is here that we consider whether or not China’s October 2019 release of a bio-WMD against America constituted a retaliatory offensive attack.

After years of opposing view points, conflicting investigations and reports that dragged all of the way into the 2000s and according to evidence and contemporary thought, it’s reasonable to assume that the U.S. engaged in biowarfare against the North Koreans and China.

That consideration alone is not only a direct path to put the U.S. and China on a direct war footing; it’s an evidenced one. The historical backdrop to this is important. It will permit us to fast-forward and rewind our story line before moving on.

It’s reasonable to argue, as we have, that the U.S. biowarfare program derives largely from Japan and its program. The NIH will tell you the same, “The Japanese embarked on a largescale programme to develop biological weapons during the Second World War (Harris, 1992, 1999, 2002) and eventually used them in their conquest of China. Indeed, alarm bells should have rung as early as 1939, when the Japanese legally, and then illegally, attempted to obtain yellow fever virus from the Rockefeller Institute in New York (Harris, 2002).

Latch on to Rockefeller, too, because it’s oil we’re getting to through war.

World War I began with the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on 28 Jun 14. One historical and logically deduced position is that WWI never ended and rekindled into World War II. That is important for two primary reasons relative to our contentions here: 1-biowarfare attacks on the Chinese during WWII by the Japanese and by the U.S. during the Korean War and 2-Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into WWII.

Following the end of World War I and moving into World War II and then into the Korean War, the Geneva Protocol of 1925 prohibited what it termed “bacteriological warfare;” being emblematic of the consensus understanding of biowarfare at the time.

Any such violation of the Geneva Protocol by Japan or the U.S. against China as evidenced in WWII and the Korean War, respectively, supports our broader contention in that such acts would be considered war crimes in violation of the treaty.

Like I’ve suggested, it’s reasonable to believe China’s October 2019 biowarfare attack on the U.S. may be out of revenge.

Consider how I put it,

As it would stand, China is enmeshed in this backdrop so we can also front-load many important contextual points that lend toward the notion of Chinese revenge.

During World War II, China was the victim of a biowarfare campaign initiated by the Japanese, which included Japanese experimentation on Chinese prisoners of war, political prisoners, women and children by injecting them with cholera and gonorrhea or chaining them to stakes to endure plagued bombs dropped by aircraft.

The Japanese ruthlessly poisoned Chinese drinking wells with cholera and bombed Chinese cities with ordinance carrying plague infected fleas. Upwards of half-a-million Chinese were killed.

During the treaty process, where did Japan’s proprietary biowarfare knowledge go? It went directly to the U.S. So, not only did World War II deliver the Nazi biowarfare program to the U.S., it also delivered the same from the Japanese.

Prior to this and drawing back to World War I circa 1918-1941, the U.S. biowarfare program was fledgling, far from robust and in the developmental stages being focused on ricin, which is a toxin extracted from the castor plant. On the run-up to World War II, the U.S. essentially neglected biowarfare development while its soon-to-be World War II allies and adversaries initiated their programs beginning in 1933.

World War II finally ended in 1945 followed by the treaty process. By 1950, the Korean War was underway with the U.S. and communist China opposite; and bringing us full circle on Japan, the U.S., China and warfare; including biowarfare that links back to the Rockefellers.

We still have more war to discuss in Part II on oil; a lot more.

Given the war history here, who thinks China was properly motivated for revenge against the U.S. and that it may have embarked on a plan rooted deeply in Chinese doctrine to destroy the U.S. from the inside-out; beginning with its infiltration of the most important segments and institutions in the U.S.? The same ones that would come to bear upon the release of a bio-WMD in October 2019 and then be bent back against the American people.

I do.

Room is left above for the ‘Martin distinctions‘ respective to any release of a bio-WMD.

Onto oil we go in Part II. And more war.



  1. Eltio December 14, 2021

    Your work is outstanding, very few people has the full scope of this three D chest game. I tip my hat to you. Thank you for all you do.

  2. AC December 14, 2021

    Thank you for these eloquently written articles based in truth. I always look forward to new pieces!

  3. scott467 December 14, 2021

    “Since no later than October 2019, the U.S. has been in an undeclared, irregular and asymmetrical third world war against primarily China and other hostile foreign nations; including some that by treaty are allies, and in ways aided by long-term U.S. infiltration and internal U.S. traitors across the American political and corporate [and other] landscapes.”


    Does a war not require at least two opponents?

    Who, if anyone (on our side) is fighting China?

    If the answer is “no one”, that’s not a ‘war’, that’s just an aggressor relentlessly beating an unconscious victim, isn’t it?

    And considering that the criminal Joe Biden is a controlled China puppet, again, who is actually opposing China in this undeclared war?

    I am aware of the belief of some that DJT left the military in charge, that Biden is just a figurehead in charge of domestic policy but not the military, in which case the military could be secretly engaged in war with China and with the Executive Branch (China by proxy), but there must be a million holes in that theory.

    Which brings us back to the same question. If we are in an undeclared ‘war’ with China, and by definition ‘war’ requires opposing sides, who is opposing China?

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      The American people are the other side – that’s what everyone fails to understand. That’s why I’m so insistent about people assuming personal risk and actually fighting back in meaningful ways that deliver traction. We’ve been sold-out to China by most of Congress and our institutions, departments and agencies are largely corrupt and leveraged; at least in leadership and that’s where it matters.

  4. scott467 December 14, 2021

    “Like I’ve suggested, it’s reasonable to believe China’s October 2019 biowarfare attack on the U.S. may be out of revenge.”


    But with clear assistance from Fauci, Ralph Baric and Hussein the Usurper, which makes it an inside job, right?

    And coordination with Pelosi, the Senate Intelligence Committee, etc., with regard to Impeachment (1 & 2), correct?

    It’s hard to imagine so many people committing outright High Treason, if for no other reason than out of self-preservation, because if they are successful, once the country is in the hands of the CCP, what protection does the Treason Class really have?

    If you are right that Covid is a revenge biowarfare attack, then it seems the leader of China is not very smart.

    If Xi wanted revenge, he should go after the people who were in leadership and authorized the bioweapons attacks in the Korean War, exposing them (and everyone associated with them) on the world stage.

    The American People didn’t use bioweapons against anyone in the Korean War.

    This is the 21st century, not the 1950s.

    Taking revenge on the American People of today, for alleged crimes committed by government leaders (not by the American People) 68+ years ago, is like poisoning a stray dog because the Police Chief firebombed your house.

    The dog is the wrong target.

    It doesn’t hurt the Police Chief in the slightest. The Police Chief doesn’t care any more about the stray dog than the current Political Class cares about the American People.

    If Xi Jinping wanted revenge, he should expose the American leadership who did this thing, and then vilify and demonize the guilty in the court of world public opinion, and leverage that into political and economic concessions.

    That would be the smart thing to do. The Internet makes it easy to plead his case and present his evidence directly to the People of the World.

    Instead, they have attacked the population of the entire planet with bioweapons, and when that becomes widely known, the leadership of China will take the place of Hitler as the world’s most hated human being.

    No one will be happier about that than Hitler.

    China will become a pariah nation which can never make restitution, because there is not enough money in the universe to make the entirety of planet earth whole.

  5. Underdog December 16, 2021

    Regarding this point: “ Therefore, he either left a contingency plan in his wake or he did not. There is no existing evidence of any plan right now outside of rhetoric, social media platforms and another election; and the military option has been culled into nonexistence by the Joint Chiefs and their chairman Mark Milley”.
    Is the Devolution information provided by Patel Patriot evidence of the plan? Would value your insight!

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Devolution is dependent entirely on DHS. The same DHS installed by the Bush regime. See the graphics prepared that outline that process respective to devolution and I think it’s clear that devolution is a wild goose chase or at least it is for my nickel and based upon the evidence on hand. Those graphics are at the bottom of the timeline feature on the website.

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