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The Intellectual Tug-of-War Over Tucker

09 Dec 21

Let’s start by directly putting cards down on the table and for one, I have not been shy about calling Tucker Carlson controlled opposition. I suppose it’s as simple as being realistic about the nature of legacy media and knowing that thinking Fox is somehow different than all the rest equates to fool’s gold; and Tucker is their employee. I suppose it’s as realistic as considering revealed communications between Hunter Biden and Tucker and other publicly available information.

It didn’t start out this way and perhaps the best analog for my perspective toward Carlson is tough love; like that to which a parent gives a child and in no way as to suggest any such relationship here; but rather only as a qualifier for the sentiment.

I also get after President Trump. I get after The Gateway Pundit, too; and its my homepage bookmark. I even regularly email the Hofts telling them to employ me because in important ways, I’ve been ahead of their reporting for no less than a year and a half.

I never hear back; from anyone. I never do. It’s as if they don’t want to know.

When such delinquent reporting inevitably happens like on 05 Jun 21 when the New York Post rolled out an “exclusive” article covering content that served as the basis of my very first COVID article back on 09 Feb 20, it’s problematic.

I’ve written close to 300 articles since then and about the same amount between mine and the NYP’s “exclusive” piece. Exclusive my ass. Late, yes. Real late, absolutely. Exclusive, no way in hell – you must be drunk on Moonshine.

That’s what has me at issue with Carlson now – delinquent reporting.

Begin with this.

The interview shapes up like a nice recapitulation of the broader Moonshine body of work. That’s important and problematic for what follows.

It’s not just delinquent reporting that is troublesome; it’s more than that. We reserve the right to get after Carlson on this particular matter for what follows because I sent it all to him; everything I had at the time.

I contacted The Tucker Carlson Show by email in May of 2020 and to the extent that I received back a reply advising that the correspondence was being moved up the chain to Carlson’s staff. At that time, I gave an explanation of who I was, the nature of the work, what I had, who my sources were and I agreed to provide any and everything to the extent I could.

I never heard back. I never do. It’s as if they don’t want to know.

So, when I see old stuff the origins of which were sent to Carlson in exclusive ways back in May of 2020; and it’s being rolled out as new, I have to question it.

Considering all of the factors, it causes me to lean in the direction of Carlson being controlled opposition.

This has been a bit of an intellectual tug-of-war in conversation with the Marco Polo group established by Garrett Ziegler. It’s overlapping the conversation on Mike Flynn in similar ways related to allegiance, cause and fidelity to both; and where the opinions and positions vary and in important ways.

Where I see controlled opposition some of them see opportunities for Carlson to be impacted by other forces; and with money and pressure being at the top of the list. They see him as otherwise on the up-and-up as they generally do Flynn; and leaving room for divergences in opinion in the group. If I characterized the summary of those sentiments poorly, I’ll return to correct the record.

I put it like this. I think it’s reasonable to lean one way or the other in light of the evidence in hand and when more or better evidence informs those positions, appropriate adjustments in our understanding can be made. For my nickel and right now and as much as I like Tucker and dislike thinking this, it’s reasonable to think he’s controlled opposition.

I hope I’m wrong. I genuinely like his persona noting I’ve never met or interacted with him in any way outside of contacting his show and so I can’t speak to his person.

I’ll go so far as to leave a door open for Carlson, which also leaves it open for me being wrong; and taking one of two forms. Here’s one. Tucker is what the Marco Polo crew generally put forth as described above and that doesn’t make him controlled opposition in as much as it makes him human; doing a difficult job; facing immeasurable pressure; attempting to be the purveyor of truth and doing it all while navigating a treacherous landscape with very real consequences.

The other possibility has Carlson walking through the same door I’ve left ajar for President Trump and some form of post-Biden inauguration remedy to recover our stolen nation. It’s barely ajar but it’s ajar.

In this sense, I’d leave plenty of room for Carlson to occupy a utilitarian role to deliver communications and evidence on a designated timeline that could account for delinquency in reporting.

To evidence this dynamic, consider how the opposition and legacy media sat on the unredacted copy of the Carter Page FISA warrant in their possession as they were reporting on the fraudulent Trump/Russian collusion narrative ad nauseam.

Well, perhaps two can play at this game, now it’s Trump’s turn and Carlson is playing along. That would make him a controlled functionary or a cooperating journalist; not controlled opposition.

Otherwise, the most plausible explanation is the one I have but don’t want – controlled opposition.

Maybe he’ll have me on the show to talk about it. I reached out to the show again today. You can find it all posted on Gab [and Telegram].

No better place to dish the Moonshine than Tucker’s show.

I’m not holding my breath, though; and it’s for this reason.

I never hear back. I never do. It’s as if they don’t want to know.

That along with my realistic expectation that no form of invitation will be extended to someone this irrelevant in broader terms.

That’s what’s wrong with the country – a democratically based constitutional republic will cease to function as such when no one listens to regular people; especially when those people are holding the receipts and hollering like hell.



  1. Jon Haffner December 9, 2021

    My school board campaign manager knows Carlson and others on Fox. He was able to get us a few interview with Brian Kilmeade and Ingraham.