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Durham: Deflection and Clean Up or Delivery of Justice?

08 Nov 21

The most important aspects of the Durham Special Counsel investigation that few seem willing to discuss beyond the toothless process crimes charges for ancillary weasels who matter not are the timing and the funding of Durham. Is anyone asking why it is that Durham, who is in receipt of a tranche of declassified and other documents from former ODNI John Ratcliffe that delineate and evidence the crimes writ large identified as “Obamagate,” is only now seeming to gain traction? At a time five years down the road as the crow flies and with President Trump on the outside looking in, Proxy Joe Biden on the inside and incapable of seeing at all and Australia bearing as the litmus test for the new America that has its illegitimate and installed ruler driving mandatory experimental mRNA pseudo-vaccines for all? All of this despite the now clearly established and actual science evidencing their deliberately under-reported and globally widespread detrimental and deadly side effects; not to mention that the vaccinated are driving viral transmission and cases?

What about the funding? The disparity in the funding and the genesis of Durham’s scope and authority tell us everything we need to know and I just covered those angles.

What about Mueller? Mueller was the cover-up operation and it’s evidenced by the funding which also positions Durham as the clean-up. Durham is no delivery vehicle for the package we all want to see – robustly enforced justice for the Obamagate crimes committed against President Trump and where the most secretive and protected mechanisms within the federal apparatus were abused and leveraged to facilitate it all [FISA.] It begins with USSC Chief Justice John Roberts and his oversight of the FISA court, which I also positioned as a cover mechanism [04 Apr 20] during the pre-pandemic Harvard/Charles Lieber/China/CCP/PLA/coronavirus smuggling incidents.

No one has covered Obamagate better than Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, who is my go-to for the best technical analysis despite not having read him for sometime now, and this item from yesterday comports with our positions; and where CTH and Moonshine normally align closely with exceptions here and there. This recent item offers a good and brief recapitulation of Obamagate relative to Durham and it supports our positions while also sourcing the video that evidences the social media inclusions with this article.

What about the genesis of Durham as mentioned? The genesis of Durham’s scope and authority is Bill Barr and that, my friends, is the key to understanding everything as I’ve long argued and evidenced by placing Barr at Kirkland & Ellis at the time the firm guided Staple Street Capital on the acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems thus placing Dominion under Chinese ownership. Moonshine has had Barr dialed for you for a very, very long time and in tediously and exclusively detailed fashion. This more recent article is a gold mine for coming to understand former AG William Barr; who was first appointed by George H.W. Bush, who is the epicenter for our overarching dynamic of Moonshine positions.

Here we shift gears and I’m going to thread us through a slate of existing work to demonstrate the expansive and nebulous nature of this overarching dynamic and the confidence it affords in making the Durham prognostications. Of course, I’ll offer the standard and patented, “I’ll gladly eat my boot if I’m wrong on this.”

We’ll be using an article published today by Jonathan Turley to launch us and set the parameters. This will go Turley to Turley and right back to Durham through Barr.

The purpose of the Turley article is to demonstrate the relevance of The Brookings Institution and its Lawfare arm as an umbrella to the Obamagate crimes, impeachment, COVID-19 and more. As we do this, understand that I’m providing a glimpse of the full spectrum showing where it intersects with our work but not all of the intersections to be found. That’s more worthy of a volume of books.

Turley opens with my emphasis,

The latest indictment by Special Counsel John Durham has created a stir in Washington as the investigation into the Russian collusion scandal exposed new connections to the Clinton campaign.  The indictment of  Igor Danchenko exposes additional close advisers to Hillary Clinton who allegedly pushed discredited and salacious allegations in the Steele dossier. However, one of the most interesting new elements was the role of a liberal think tank, the Brookings Institution, in the alleged effort to create a false scandal of collusion. Indeed, Brookings appears so often in accounts related to the Russian collusion scandal that it could be Washington’s alternative to the Kevin Bacon parlor game. It appears that many of these figures are within six degrees of Brookings.

The fact is that Washington remains a small town for the ruling elite where degrees of separation can be quite small as figures move in and out of government. Moreover, think tanks are often the parking lots for party loyalists as they wait (and work) for new Administrations. The Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation play a similar role for conservative figures.

However, even in Washington’s inbred environment, the layers of connections to Brookings is remarkable in the Durham indictments and accounts of the effort to create a Russian collusion scandal. The effort was hardly a secret before anyone knew the name of the former British spy Christopher Steele. On July 28, former CIA Director John Brennan briefed then President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s alleged “plan” to tie Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.” Notes from the meeting state the plan to invent a collusion narrative was “allegedly approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.” That was three days before the Russian investigation was initiated.

Durham is detailing how this plan was carried out and many of those referenced are within not six but two degrees of separation from Brookings.

Jonathan Turley

Turley aligns Lawfare as an arm of Brookings according to our longstanding and established umbrella, which also envelops a host of others like Marc Elias, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, et al; you know the list,

Brookings played a large role in pushing the Russian collusion narrative, hiring a variety of experts who then populated media outlets like MSNBC and CNN stating confidently that Trump was clearly incriminated in a series of dubious criminal acts. While no such crimes were ever charged, let alone prosecuted, Brookings maintained a deep bench of enabling experts like Susan Hennessey (now a national security adviser in the Biden Administration), Ben Wittes (who defended James Comey in his leaking of FBI memos) and Norm Eisen (who then become counsel in the Trump impeachment effort). This included the Brookings site, LawFare, which ran a steady stream of columns on how Trump could be charged for crimes ranging from obstruction to bribery.

Jonathan Turley

Here’s what I wrote on 28 Dec 19, the day after patient 1 reported to a Chinese hospital with SARS-CoV-2 and just before legacy media would announce the outbreak to the world on 31 Dec 19,

All of that preceding information is critical to understand what follows. So, can we can agree that we’re seeing is a deep, broad, international, highly entangled and corrupt cover-up operation that is both malleable and with multiple contingencies set to trigger as needed? Just look at what the Lawfare Group has rolled-out so far: “impeachment” before inauguration, transition to Russia, transition to Mueller, transition to Ukraine, transition to impeachment with promises and threats of a second/continued impeachment; and with the 25th Amendment conveniently standing-by.

Here me loudly and clearly and that includes you, Mr. President – THEY WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY ARE MADE TO STOP. The criminally complicit are fighting for self-preservation and most of the rest of them, which includes ‘the good guys,’ are fighting for institutional preservation, which is really no different than any other cover-up operation. Those ‘trusting the plan’ ought to know that the window to pragmatically, logically and practically expect to see real justice fully delivered in stark sunlight is a very, very small one remaining slightly open and on a very short timeline. By all means, though, we should all continue to hold-out hope. Seriously. I just encourage pragmatism while doing so.

Political Moonshine

In the same article, I also said this, “Now consider the introductory paragraph from the Executive Summary (sourced below):

On December 18, 2015, Congress passed Public Law 114-113, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016, which includes Title I – the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (the Statute).9 The Statute was established to improve cybersecurity in the United States through enhanced sharing of cyber threat information.10 The Statute creates a framework to facilitate and promote the voluntary sharing of cyber threat indicators11 and defensive measures12 among and between Federal and non-Federal entities.13”

Political Moonshine quoting the Executive Summary on Cyber Security

Let’s translate the quotation by putting it into basic terms germane to the broader anti-Trump, impeachment, coup d’etat effort. This is the power structure – the Deep State – literally legislating the mechanisms that will be necessary for any loss of power (the Oval Office) contingency. They are putting in place the functionality to attack their opponent as dictated by predetermined plans.

The cybersecurity legislation is in part evidence demonstrating that they had foreknowledge of the precise tools needed to accomplish a specific task. In order to know the requisite tools, you must know the task. If the task is known, it speaks to a broader that plan has already been developed and put in place. The timeline here places all of this back to 18 Dec 15, well before any November 2016 election and well before Trump’s nomination 19 Jul 16.

Now, let’s put some context into place. The Deep State wished to use this legislation and the power of it’s authority to support criminal efforts in their broader cover-up operation. The eventual Target would be Trump and the plan would merge the cyber aspect with the removal aspect. The former serving the latter. This all makes me wonder if they considered what might happen if they got caught on the wrong side of their own fence. Hmmmm. What then?

Well, consider the purview, jurisdiction and compelled actions that would have to be taken if the federal government learned that the DNC’s servers had been hacked by a foreign power. What would compulsory actions would they be subject to if a foreign power had acted counter to their interests in an act of crime that’s contextually cybersecurity; especially as it relates to an election?

Political Moonshine

As you can see, the Lawfare Group has been on our radar screen for a while. Drawing back to this 24 Jan 20 article we latch on to Turley in Moonshine work and in so doing, we establish one of my favorite dead horses to kick and it’s framed within the context of lawfare the colloquial verb as opposed to Lawfare as an entity and arm of Brookings. I put it like this,

The President’s enemies will never stop until they are MADE to stop. They’re like petulant children who haven’t gotten their unreasonable way; but petulant children who are in fact trying to preserve their own life, liberty and freedoms. These America hi-jacking miscreants know that they are directly facing an incoming boomerang of criminal indictments derived from overwhelming acts of fraud, corruption, and other felonious acts.

Political Moonshine

That establishes a fundamental aspect that’s water-tight and we envelop impeachment to then expand on it and Lawfare the entity.

Why is impeachment so critical to our positions here? It’s for a simple and monumentally important and pillar premise that is also exclusive – no one other than Moonshine has evidenced to the world that impeachment was the cover mechanism to usher-in the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct; a deflection point away from COVID-19; a look here, not there objective.

I put the working position into writing on 25 Mar 20 and have since built and entire body of evidenced work around it. The day before, 24 Mar 20, and just months after the first report of the outbreak, I established a comprehensive initial delineation of COVID-19 as a fraudulent construct.

By 12 Apr 20, I was confident enough to brand COVID-19 “cause of death for sale” as the work continued in assembling all of the major components together in ways no one else had: Mueller, Obamagate, FISA, impeachment, COVID-19, etc. For an exclusive look at COVID now on an illustrated timeline spanning 2002-present that contains multiple sources for most entries and a full exhibit of graphic illustrations helpful in understanding the enterprise fraud construct design and function, see and bookmark this timeline, which continues to receive regular updates.

An expanded tabular version of this timeline intersecting with RICO violations was included in the recent 66,989-word RICO report submitted to inform the litigation of the Oregon RICO/COVID-19 federal grand jury case.

Several days after the 24 Jan 20 article in a 01 Feb 20 article, I said this,

Bolton’s book transcript was constructed as a planned last minute effort to preempt the Senate trial and shift the landscape back into their favor. With the transcript in play, the Democrats would argue for extra-constitutional witnesses and evidence.

Luckily and in accordance to tradition, the Senate shot that down. Do you really think; however, that just because the President will be acquitted on Wednesday his opponents will stop? Hell no they won’t. All this Lawfare Group does is transition from one CONSTRUCT to the next and don’t forget that other remedies for them are still sidelined but locked and loaded: 25th AMENDMENT, 25TH AMENDMENT ENTANGLED WITH IRAN , ASSASSINATION and others.

So then, with post-impeachment acquittal on the immediate horizon and the most important election in perhaps the history of the United States about 9 months away, what options does the president have?

Political Moonshine

Returning to Turley, he enmeshes the Trilateral Commission,

Brookings has long been viewed as effectively the research arm for Democratic figures and liberal causes. Yet, even in the Baconesque world of Washington insiders, it is rare to see a think tank connected on so many levels to a criminal investigation. Like much in our politics, these connections will mean different things to different people. For conservatives, Brookings looks like the mothership for this scandal with associates coordinating meetings and roles in the metastasization of the scandal.  For liberals, the connections simply show the influence of the liberal think tank and any highlighting of the think tank is gaslighting a new “Trilateral Commission” narrative.

Political Moonshine

Respective to the Trilateral Commission, here are several considerations from a much broader piece I wrote on 07 Mar 20, “Now consider how the Commission seeks to remedy the challenges it faces (EMPHASIS MINE),

The democracies of North America, Europe, and Asia must be revitalized in order to ensure that they—not the authoritarian regimes gaining confidence and establishing themselves more firmly on the global stage—are the ones that offer workable solutions to the dilemmas of our rapidly changing world. This democratic renewal will require new voices and thinking from all segments of these societies.

Political Moonshine quoting the TRILATERAL COMMISSION – 2019

From the same,

“Let’s now translate what it means to “revitalize” democracies; especially the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, in light of the 2019 time frame. In short, just examine what has happened to President Trump since his 2016 election up to now (Russia> Mueller> Ukraine> impeachment> COVID-19 coronavirus???????); especially given his STRONG PUBLIC OPPOSITION to Globalism and that a pillar of his political platform is literally undoing it. What they call “revitalizing” has taken the appearance of impeachment and a multifaceted and ongoing coup d’etat as led by the Lawfare Group.”

Political Moonshine

Continuing, “The Commission even taps its past to possibly prognosticate its future. Consider,”

Founded in 1973, the Commission’s original goal—to bring Japan into the umbrella of democratic societies when others would not—was controversial. But its purpose was also to buttress a beleaguered global trading order in the wake of President Nixon’s withdrawal from the Gold Standard and the Bretton Woods Agreement. Following Vietnam, the Arab oil embargo, and the diminishing share of global GDP generated by the United States, doubts had surfaced about America’s role in the world.

Political Moonshine quoting the TRILATERAL COMMISSION – 2019


There has been a long-sustained effort from the Globalist element to push the globe into a cashless society; one whereby digital currency would become the standard. As I posted the other day, since the coronavirus scenario began to unfold, I’ve been waiting for one particular HEADLINE centered on using coronavirus as the rationale for a remedy that will replace actual currency with digital currency so as to prevent the spread of the virus. Like with all else, it would begin to unfold incrementally, be billed as a temporary measure, be hailed as monumentally successful endeavor and then be implemented permanently and globally.

Political Moonshine

The same article threading through the Trilateral Commission gives the same attention and demonstrates the same coinciding entanglements of the Brookings Institution relative to early work into COVID-19 through individuals like George Soros, Bill Gates and others. It’s all in the family as per the norm.

On 06 May 20 and relative to COVID-19, I put in writing what no one else had done. I established that the COVID-19 pandemic was an act of war commenced with the release of a bio-WMD and with evidence, I drew it back to former President Barack Obama and treason stating that America was in the throes of an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared war with China and on the cusp of overthrow. In that article, I said this,

What did the headlines look like after the virus arrived stateside? Why did all of those same people – AFTER IMPEACHMENT; AFTER THE OUTBREAK; AFTER THE COVID-19 US ARRIVAL – then change their tune and drag the President through the mud publicly criticizing every single measure he took or didn’t take? Everything he said or didn’t say… almost as if it were planned that way.

President Trump was placed into a trap by his political enemies and it ravaged the country and all because criminal infiltrators are trying to steal back their ‘stolen’ possession. You don’t need me to tell you the consequences – you’ve been living them and consider yourself fortunate because they killed others, but not as many as they want you to believe.

Had Mr. Trump resisted his compulsory experts initially, he would have been removed with the 25th Amendment and the world as you know it would have ended FOREVER. If he deferred and played it to the letter of the law, which he has, they would seek to wreck everything he accomplished, which they did, and it almost worked; right up until they got caught.

The adverse forces that Mr. Trump has been able to withstand at the same time he worked to rebuild a broken and corrupt country presents a remarkable scenario; truly remarkable and historically worthy.

What people don’t understand; however, is that in so doing, he keenly managed an act of war without firing a single shot; and he did that against our chief economic, military and political rival. Domestic enemy combatants conspiring with foreign nations to import highly virulent bio-weapons of mass destruction into America for the express purpose of removing a sitting President and overthrowing the US government is most certainly an act of war. Thinking otherwise is again naive. Beware of China recognizing this and attempting to flip the script by rattling the war sabres. It’s already happening.

Instead, Mr. Trump sagely decided to braid a rope from the strands of impeachment, treason and war, which he then cleverly handed to his political enemies for them to hang themselves.

The virus – bio-engineered and weaponized to achieve political objectives – is as real as the people whom sadly lost their lives in this travesty. The rest of it; however, is FRAUD.

The only thing remaining for you is determining whether the case has been made for treason.

Yes it has.

Political Moonshine

Relative to our discussion here, I also said this,

When Americans elect a new president, we celebrate with a customary and peaceful transfer of power. Subsequently and in accordance with tradition, the outgoing leader retreats into private life and enjoys it quietly from afar. Not President Obama. Rather he moved about a mile away from the White House and opened-up shop in a small conference center in the basement of his walled estate. There, the Lawfare Group-inspired former community organizer organizes his co-conspirators and the resistance effort in what appears to be HQ. This also accurately depicts Obama as the point man in all of this – Obama running point and interfaced with Clinton and Soros.

This ‘Lawfare Goup’ referenced above is critical and credit goes to Conservative Treehouse. We will wrap back to it when we consider the Flynn implications near the end. Hold on to the name Eric Holder – Obama’s former Attorney General – as a Lawfare Group asset relevant to the Flynn piece.

[Further down] Remember how I asked you to hold onto the Lawfare Group reference as it relates to Flynn and Obama’s former AG Eric Holder? Well, consider this as astutely pointed out by my source. Flynn’s initial representation in this matter was handled by the law firm of Covington & Burling LLC. Eric Holder worked at Covington & Burling as a partner before he joined Obama’s administration and after he left and Loretta Lynch ascended to AG, Holder returned to none other than Covington & Burling LLC.

Obama’s previous AG was a partner at the same firm hired to defend Lt. Gen. Flynn. If you want to understand Flynn’s anemic defense, start looking there.

Do you now understand how Flynn could be set-up so effectively? Do you now see how and why Flynn decided to switch counsel and hire an absolute apex predator shark like Sidney Powell? The ramifications here are staggering. Eric Holder will need excellent representation and maybe he can find it at Covington & Burling LLC. They’ll likely do a better job for him than they did for Flynn.

Political Moonshine

The Lawfare Group is further entangled in this 13 May 20 item,

Take note – the granular details of Flynn’s emergence as a FISA warrant target can be sourced at Conservative Treehouse (best technical analysis around.)

Critical to understand is that Flynn was the subject of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation before formally attaching to the Trump administration. It was during this time-frame that Obama targeted him with the full weight of the federal apparatus and with assistance from foreign nations; some of them allies.

It’s also important to note here that the threshold for opening a counterintelligence investigation is lower than the one for a criminal case. By opening the former, it represents a deliberate circumvention of Constitutional protections. This is especially so given that the President’s investigation was actually inherited by Mueller (remembering that Mueller didn’t choose his team, rather the Lawfare Group team chose him) and then converted into a criminal one during that process. Again, it’s a deliberate circumvention of Constitutional protections and it was by design. Everything they do is ROOTED IN FRAUD!

As we sit here in state-mandated quarantine predicated on fraudulent infection and mortality data and as part of a broader criminal and treasonous conspiracy, understand what Obama did and the scenario he created with the FISA mechanism. It will re-write his entire Presidency, beginning with Flynn.

Using his own construct as the analog, Obama made Flynn the VIRUS, incidental collection became gain of function and it all resulted in a pandemic of spying across the entire Trump administration; and we now have the proof. Unfortunately, that’s the good news. We haven’t mentioned the rogue nuclear arsenal yet and the two matters are directly interconnected and enmeshed. In fact, at a high elevation, it explains why Obama targeted Flynn first.

Political Moonshine

The piece also ascribes the Lawfare moniker to corrupt judge Emmett Sullivan,

Conspirator Judge Sullivan has ruled to allow for discretionary, unnecessary and unwarranted amicus curiae briefs in a pre-planned and coordinated attack vector within the broader construct. It is driven by the Lawfare Group dynamic. Consider recent headlines understanding that this is a deliberate measure to obfuscate and delay. Again, this is a nefarious maneuver on a patently losing timeline.

Political Moonshine

As you can see, the Moonshine work into the parameters set by Turley – Brookings and Lawfare – are extensive, thorough, evidenced, sourced and cited [as they always are] and they directly thread through Durham via the entirely compromised former AG Bill Barr, who just happened to appoint John Durham as special counsel AND DETERMINE DURHAM’S SCOPE AND AUTHORITY.


Okay then, Occam’s leaves but one evidenced and logical deduction – Durham is clean-up, no?

So which is it for Durham? Deflection and clean-up or delivery of justice?

Bill Barr gives you the answer by the very nature of Bill Barr.

That is stated without hesitation and in light of the hundreds and hundreds of pages of sourced and cited work evidencing these outlined positions. Anyone caring to challenge them needs to put down some serious cards on the table recalling that the only cards that matter are indictments of people who matter and not the ancillary weasels doing their dirty work and the impotent process crimes attributed to them.

The evidence suggests that the cards everyone wants to see are not even in the stacked deck that’s in play.

Mueller was the cover-up. Barr was the architect. Durham is the clean-up. China is the beneficiary.



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    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

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