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The Fatal Split in America’s Road and the Elections Leading to It

Ask yourself whether a highly fluid construct such as a viral pandemic might be a good mechanism to usher-in new draconian laws; to facilitate a one-world government; to justify the mobilization of assets, measures and resources otherwise illegal; to crash economies and stock markets; to undermine China’s economy; to instill fear and control the masses; and to replace the global monetary system with a global digital currency; and all the while the elite continue to enrich themselves at our expense?

That was written shortly after the 27 Dec 19 first US report of a viral outbreak in China on 07 Mar 20. Now look around you.

Question. Do you really believe another “election” or otherwise “politics” is the remedy to what plagues us – literally and figuratively?

Or is it more likely that the same politics and elections that delivered this tyranny will continue to do so? That’s a rhetorical question for the informed reader.

This article outlines in fulsome ways exactly why elections and politics as a viable remedy equates to fool’s gold for fools playing a fool’s game. What follows explains it fully while omitting most of the story, which is more suitable for a book.

The 27 Dec 19 [later revised to 17 Nov 19] outbreak officially received the “COVID-19” moniker on 11 Feb 20 while the world was preoccupied with conventional aspects of the virus rather than ones that may serve nefarious and ulterior purposes. Not Moonshine.

In truth, the pandemic was on the radar screen immediately on 31 Dec 19 because nothing ever happens between Christmas and New Year’s while the entire Western world is recovering from one major holiday in preparation for another. If something were to happen, it would certainly hit legacy media on a Friday.

For a former fraud investigator with a penchant for politics, those are two major red flags causing the elbow grease research to start right away. It really got going when the important and confirming bulk data sets arrived around early to mid-February 2020.

Since then, all of the work has all of us rolling in the middle of the road and facing a split on an expedited timeline.

If you were to ask me how we got here, I’d say an insatiable lust for power as a means to satiate greed and dominion over the people of the world. That’s the short answer. At Moonshine, we can also back-fill all of those evidenced details.

So, there is a split in America’s road and it is fatal one. It’s fatal because the United States of America was formed as a Constitutional Republic that permits We the People self-governance by means of our elected representatives.

In ways mostly unforeseen and drawing back almost two years, We the People now stand to face our infiltrated and hi-jacked country being finally and permanently transitioned into a brand of Marxist communism being that is being foisted upon us by a determined China and a full slate of compromised and leveraged U.S. politicians, officials and otherwise.

Confidently, we assert this finally and permanently for simple reasons presented as questions. Has there been any mitigation yet to the metastasizing technocracy permitting installed rulers from ruling? Or is it more constructed delay? Have you ever seen the people of China stand in unity and rise up against the Chinese Communist Party and this form of enslaving technocracy?

What happens if we walk all of the way around that corner? What happens if Joe Biden puts us on a bus and drives us there?

Heed the warning. If America takes the wrong route around that corner, it will be final and permanent.

If Americans succumbing in acquiescence to Chinese misinformation and disinformation to the extent they won’t fight back now – with the boot firmly on their necks – can you honestly expect them to fight later after their necks have been broken and all of the guards are paying fatally close attention?

Oh, we have kids. My mortgage. My job. My this. My that. The list is long. I’ve asked and I’ve heard it all and you have, too.

Please heed the warning because it will be final and permanent.

The informed eye saw early on that the attacks on all of us – the “system” of America – were immediate and direct. That includes the elections we’re talking about.

Forms included calls for the impeachment of President Trump while he was still candidate and it progressed to not one, but two fraudulent impeachments that are fully emblematic of the myth of two-party politics in America. The 25th Amendment card was even played early and often.

For those still walking in the dark – likely vaccinated and wearing a mask – they struggle to see it because their dogma includes “Orange Man bad.”

With a proper lens, the period of 2016 into 2017 appears as a true sign that things were fundamentally different, anomalous and apparently nefarious. America was entering a crucial period in her history and in exclusive ways no one else talks about. It’s January 2017 that is the most important timeline in contemporary US history and the most important date is 13 Jan 17. That’s when the outgoing Obama administration leveraged 1963-era and compulsory presidential transition law to insert an enterprise fraud construct into the incoming Trump administration. It would be named “COVID-19” by the WHO on 11 Feb 20.

Standing at the juncture, we see the two choices and where the one is paved with the politics of our timeline. Its destination results in the Marxist, communist America. Finally and permanently.

Let’s examine some important bricks in that road to understand how this timeline and options spells the end of it.

Remember that America first learned of the alleged 27 Dec 19 pandemic outbreak as it was reported by legacy media on 31 Dec 19.

In the months up up to the emergence of COVID, our work was focused on things like institutional preservation as a driving force with President Trump having to remedy it in order to make change, how it impacted things like his impeachment, how Attorney General Bill Barr was emerging as questionable, the Biden criminality in Ukraine, China, et al, NATO, the 5 Eyes intelligence agreement, FISA abuse [Russia], the Flynn case, Mueller, John McCain, cyber and election security, the 25th Amendment and a bunch more. It was everything that was important to that time and you know the list.

On 20 Jan 20, the first US case for a SARS coronavirus infection was announced at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett in Washington State. The bait is now in the water.

For important context going forward, let’s review something critical that I’ve never seen discussed elsewhere in this particular way. A couple of articles were written on it drawing back back to 25 Mar 20.

It’s this. The first impeachment was a fraudulently constructed deflection point away from COVID-19. It was designed to parallel the pandemic over time to simultaneously usher it in. Look here, fake impeachment; don’t look here, fake pandemic. Real enslavement, though.

The pandemic only had to be ushered-in until its official narrative were firmly in place at which time impeachment could go away and with no harm caused except for the gross embarrassment for its inept handling, which was by design or constructed. The hook is set.

This is why Pelosi attached a due date to impeachment – “before Christmas” – and it’s why Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee delivered it right on time. What happened between Christmas and New Year’s as we discussed? 27 Dec 19 – on a Friday – the viral outbreak occurred in China was announced to the world on 31 Dec 19.

It also didn’t matter that her no-case situation caused her to change the charges to an entirely appropriate diplomatic call between Trump and Ukraine. Or that she slammed on the brakes refusing to send the Articles of Impeachment to effectively calibrate the more important timeline – COVID-19.

And then Pelosi paraded around Chinatown calling the President a Xenophobe; as did many others, for desiring to restrict travel with China.

And then with legacy media complicity, Pelosi dragged the President through the constructed COVID slop for the rest of his term; being critical around every corner. So did everyone else.

And then Pelosi, et al leveraged it to remove the President in conspiracy with the balance of the Chinese-owned Criminal Enterprise [and treasonous one] at the heart of it all and as defined by RICO statute.

In fact, beyond COVID, several of the nation’s worst matters were constructed by Pelosi and the Criminal Enterprise: 4 years of obstructing a US president, 2 impeachments, a fraudulently constructed “Capitol insurrection” and a modern day gulag for political prisoners who were invited into the US Capitol by Capitol Police on 06 Jan 21. That’s the very short list.

If properly acknowledged through the correct lens, Pelosi’s assignment of a pre-Christmas due date for impeachment compounded by her erratic, extra-constitutional and unconstitutional management of it define the purpose of impeachment for us. In other words, she told us what was going on.

Once the purpose of impeachment was known, it permitted stitching together the rest of it. From there, the bulk data sets confirmed our positions as being valid. They remain so.

Those are all really, really important bricks needed to properly place the the bricks that follow.

These bricks derive from the broader short and incomplete list of investigative methodology outlined in the report, which isn’t public yet. The point is to demonstrate that COVID was examined through as many lenses as could be developed and it continues to-date.

With Trump’s impeachment acquittal in hand, the first formal COVID article posted on 09 Feb 21. The foundation for it was bolstered by the receipt of the bulk data sets as mentioned above that occurred around this same time.

The data sets confirmed the suspicions – that the Criminal Enterprise was harvesting COVID infection and mortality data from a seasonally available data reservoir of flu/pneumonia and other morbidities: diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

On firm investigative ground, we began to further develop and fit everything together through analysis. It has resulted in an unrivaled explanation of it all.

The 09 Feb 20 article opened the COVID investigation formally setting a course for patents, patent sharing strategies and agreements, closed markets, China, Gilead Sciences, Remdesivir as the only effective treatment at the time, UNITAID, the entanglements of George Soros and his network of NGOs, Bill Gates and more.

The New York Post published a recent article on 05 Jun 21 reporting on most of the same.

That’s a difference of 482 days.

The NY Post called its article exclusive. Moonshine’s archives begs to differ.

From 15 Feb 20 through 08 Mar 2020, the work went in several directions. We expanded on the coronavirus outbreak, China’s direct involvement and further tied it directly to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through patent sharing agreements for Remdesivir as it relates to the “2019-nCoV” pandemic.

It expanded to further enmesh patents and patent sharing, Gilead, Soros, UNITAID, etc. to encompass GlaxoSmithKline, the Rothschilds, several African nations, Brazil, Bill Gates and Event 201 [18 oct 19 including Johns Hopkins and The World Economic Forum.] In fact, a Rothschild umbrella arches over the full scope here.

It had firmly outlined the entanglements of Soros, Gates and others respective to SARS, the pandemic and the World Health Organization.

It examined the pandemic as a construct concept as overlaid with the Globalist entity The Trilateral Commission.

It examined CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and summarized CEPI’s origins from The World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, et al.

By 14 Mar 20 and only 78 days after the outbreak, the work was sufficient to permit publishing the first article specifically demonstrating how the acquired evidence could be arranged to demonstrate that COVID was a fraudulent construct of enterprise fraud.

With the direction that matters were trending, the work closely examined the perpetually slippery slope of constitutional rights erosion. On 16 Mar 20, we examined COVID as a means to usher-in a “new normal.” Here, you can see how these constructs are reciprocating and serve one another. Twenty-four rights areas were outlined. Today it reads like a virtually completed checklist.

A significant 17 Mar 20 publication outlined the steps that led to Barack Obama issuing a May 2016 executive order impacting presidential transition law and specifically permitted the insertion of a pandemic construct into the incoming Trump administration.

That occurred on 13 Jan 17 during transition meetings making it the most important date in US history that no one knows about. The actual slides from the transition meetings can be found on the Moonshine website.

Another brick is Harvard University Professor Charles Lieber, who was a participant in China’s Thousand Talents program, which derives directly from China’s overarching doctrine One Belt, One Road.

An enormous slab of Moonshine work rests on One Belt, One Road because we threaded it out through private equity, law firms and DC and to the Vanguard Group and BlackRock. The Vanguard Group is private, you can’t discover much about them and between the two, they literally own everything and by everything, I mean everything; not as an exaggeration or an embellishment.

Translated, put yourself on the list of things they own. Continuing.

This is all directly evidenced by Hunter Biden’s $6 million deal with chairman Ye of the now defunct CEFC China Energy Company, which was the economic arm of One Belt, One Road and whereby its political arm is the Chinese Communist Party, and his $1.5 billion deal with BHR partners. It’s all backed by the PLA.

One Belt, One is a pillar in all of this. It uses infrastructure and its legislation as the mechanism to apply Chinese political doctrine to its people in tangible ways. It’s how the affect real change.

This is why the Democrats refused to do infrastructure with Trump and insist on doing it with Biden. It’s why the bill doesn’t resemble infrastructure as conventionally understood.

That’s because the infrastructure bill will be the direct application of Chinese doctrine to the US or, in other words, the beginnings of the direct application of Marxist communism in ways yet unseen.

Lieber was caught smuggling vials of coronavirus samples with Chinese nationals who were Harvard students and CCP officers. It occurred in the immediate run-up to 27 Dec 19 outbreak on three occasions at the international airports in Boston and Detroit.

Not only was China paying him around $158k/month through Thousand Talents, his expertise is electrical and engineering; not virology or epidemiology.

Most troubling were the heavy agencies discovered while examining the evidence. The bear down in ways related to national security, national defense, bioterrorism and they invoked the FBI’s bio-WMD directorate.

The FBI has self-imposed mandates to communicated such events to all appropriate parties especially like the Department of Defense. It never did this. It didn’t advise Trump’s DOD according to procedure.

It results in the continually problematic FBI having knowledge of the viral outbreak in October 2019. This is confirmed in its own tactical intelligence report dated 13 Nov 19. Our 09 Apr 20 article details it.

By 12 Apr 20, we had firm understanding of how the constructing was financially incentivizing the fraud with federal dollars and otherwise. We continue to run down federal dollars, discretionary funds, grants, etc. continues to deliver astounding results. Stay tuned.

The timeline here is problematic for Nancy Pelosi. As Speaker of the House, she’s an ex-officio member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. That’s Adam Schiff’s committee.

Recall our timeline. With no room for an alternative explanation, Pelosi knew about the viral outbreak in China in October 2019. What did she do with that information to serve the American people?

She drove the fraudulent impeachment, danced in Chinatown calling Trump a Xenophobe and ushered-in the pandemic just as outlined. There is no other explanation as per Occam’s.

Then, two months and two days before the 27 Dec 19 outbreak on 25 Oct 19, Joe Biden made a public statement saying that Trump’s administration was not prepared for a pandemic. Nice timing Joe.

Fauci said the same thing – a “surprise disease outbreak” – at Georgetown University on 11 Jan 17, two days before the plugged the pandemic into Trump’s administration. Nice timing Tony.

Recalling that the HPSCI is Adam Schiff’s committee, this is where impeachment 1.0 becomes extra-constitutional. Impeachment is a function of the Judiciary committee and Pelosi transferred this authority to Schiff’s HPSCI.

Schiff receiving control is highly revealing because our broader base of work positions the Intelligence Community at the core of everything.

Mitch McConnell is an ex-officio member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and is enveloped just like Pelosi; as are all of the members of those two committees and the relative people and entities they touch. We established these respective positions on the Senate with more clarity on 31 Aug 20.

On 30 Apr 20, we examined what was occurring to America by means of the fraudulently constructed state of emergency. We did this by considering the whole landscape as a blueprint, schematic, plan, etc.

We then overlaid it with a document Obama inherited shortly after his inauguration in January 2009 called the US Government Guid to Counterinsurgency [2009.] This document is a literal blueprint. The overlay comparison of the two blueprints produced striking similarities.

The first article to formally levy charges of “treason” posted on 06 May 20 and it implicated former President Barack Obama. It also established a critical Moonshine position only 131 days out from the outbreak. It asserts that on October 2019 a release of a bio-WMD placed the US is in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared third world war.

In mid-April 2020 when the benchmark pandemic measurement was moved from mortality data, which was in decline at the time, to a made-up “new cases” data, the hook was officially set and the fish was on the line to be masked and routinely vaccinated forever. Getting reeled into the boat.

To evidence this, the 26 May 20 article outlines how the CDC revised away 94% of all its sole-cause mortality data for COVID. This explains whey they moved the benchmark to “new cases” – there were no dead people in this only 12th deadliest [*CDC] year.

You can’t have a pandemic without dead people.

But you can have a pandemic if you harvest fake COVID “new cases” from a reservoir of flu/pneumo in a construct of enterprise fraud.

Controlling for the 94% “error” slots 2020 back into a statistically unremarkable flu season in the neighborhood of 32+ thousand deaths. The CDC revision also cites the bad data as having leveraged an average of 2.6 underlying co-morbidities to deliver the “COVID” diagnosis.

Our 12 May 21 article details how the CDC made the same revision again. The revisions left only 5% of the sole-cause data as valid and elevated the co-morbidities to 4.0. Not surprisingly, that aligns with longstanding Moonshine co-morbidity harvesting position: 1] flu/pneumo, 2] diabetes, 3] heart disease and 4] obesity.

Fake pandemic, y’all.

Moonshine also predicted in writing and by a rough three weeks the summer riots of 2020 because these people play inside of a box and that makes them predictable.

Encroaching on the election, work focused on things standing disruptive to it and the broader landscape like China, Dominion, Hammer and Scorecard, CISA, Architecture and Art Project, the Flynn case and Judge Emmett Sullivan, Dark Winter, Tedros’ installation at the WHO and more.

In November 2020, we examined Bill Barr’s tenure at Kirkland & Ellis, the firm that oversaw Staple Street Capital’s acquisition of Dominion voting and its proprietary knowledge in 18 specific patents that made their way to China via HSBC Toronto. The work also examined Christopher Wray’s time at King & Spalding and later vectored in on Rod Rosentstein and his criminality while DAG under Barr.

Following the stolen election, on 30 Nov 20 a Moonshine article outlined the prediction that the Anthony Fauci cohort would pivot out of COVID and return the stolen data back to the flu. This would effectively begin to put the nation back on the track to recovery for the installed Biden.

On 20 Jan 21 and before the first hour of Biden’s inauguration had expired, the WHO followed-through on the precisely made prediction by reverting cycle thresholds for RT-PCR testing back down to conventional levels.

Along with a series of diagnostic memos from the National Vital Statistics System, the PCR test is a primary data driver for the enterprise fraud construct. The net effect of bad thresholds is that it produces false positive test results in abundance. It’s also a redundant system of control for the construct. They pulled that lever on inauguration day.

In March 2021, empirical data analysis confirmed the 30 Nov 20 prediction exactly as predicted. It was another prognosticated hockey stick line and it occurred at the hands of someone directly installed by China – Tedros.

This occurred because Biden is China’s proxy. They’re driving this rig and we’re all along for the unmitigated and disastrous ride for the moment.

Look no further than Biden’s statistically anomalous increase pay. In 2016 Biden’s income was $396,456. Between 2017-2019, at the precise time Hunter’s CEFC deal was set to begin paying dividends to the Biden family, the income increased to $16,596,979. Don’t have to be a fraud investigator to sniff this out.

All of this brings us to our point. Here we sit on the precipice of fully enumerated Marxist communism in the United States and about half of the country is ignorantly oblivious to it as per its proclivity to wear masks and get vaccinations. They fail to see masks and vaccines as weapons of war in the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared third world war I warned about on 06 May 20.

Biden has driven us to the fork in the road and here we are standing with it in view.

Before the Maricopa County audit results I posted the article predicting that we would get the “Comey line” that would permit them to continue leveraging delay strategies against us. Another accurate prediction.

So this trip is going to continue in a direction that has us bound to travel down the road to full-blown Marxist communism.

That juncture lies immediately ahead. The CDC begins peak flu every year on 01 Dec and runs it for two months.

That’s prime co-morbidity harvesting from our seasonably available reservoir of enslavement data – flu/pneumo numbers.

Do you really think they’ll give that up?

Do you really think that an election will fix anything now or moving forward?

Elections are agreements to play the rigged fool’s game until 2020 is fully redressed and President Trump’s incurred wrongs are righted.

We’re on a short timeline. Today is 27 Sep 21 and peak flu is exactly 65 days away.

Elections now or again won’t fix anything

Figuratively speaking, of course, I suggest fighting a virus like a virus and that’s starts with people consuming the truth so find it and spread it far and wide. Perhaps start with this article.

There’s a threshold of noncompliance out there. It started with a single person. Once it’s reached, they will have lost complete control and from there the country can be reeled back-in.

So start by spreading the truth. Moonshine for everyone.

On the house, of course.



  1. TakeBackOurRepublic September 29, 2021

    Another amazing article (as they all are). You can lead sheep to water but you can’t make them drink comes to mind. At this point, we are too deeply divided a country. The medical community, first responders, friends, neighbors and family who have swallowed the plandemic hook line and sinker are scared and vaccinated. This makes them 125% committed in their unquestioning belief of the narrative which is the platform justifying their position of fear and resulting choices. It also cloaks them in self-righteous indignation: it’s them against us who refuse the narrative and the vaccine who they now consider as the most dangerous threat to community health and their freedom to return to “normal”. They are all members of the new religion of what I called the COVID cult No way in hell that providing them proof assembled and presented from even the most highly qualified person will convince them otherwise because they have COVID faith. I pray that there are enough of us left to defeat the coming communist takeover because the cult will be in the pot until it reaches the boiling point.

  2. L V October 2, 2021

    Their whole plan does hinge on 100% vaccination level in America. Requiring them to have power to death camp vaccine refusers. But the Deep State has made a miscalculation. The Deep South will rise again. When men play God they forget sometimes that a mother in the Deep South knows God personally. And can wield the rod of iron like a woman shining like the sun. Sometimes persons overplay their hands. Not seeing the Revelation 12 rod of iron coming.

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